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^ This user keeps doing retags as suggested edits without fixing anything else in the post.
I just saw 6 in the queue.
I should also mention that it's the same retag every time.
Q: How do you write a java prog for polynomials

user3247083Honestly it feels like I've been thrown into the deep end of the pool without being taught to swim with this class. We've never worked in java before and now we're supposed to know everything about it. They could have at least told us over the summer to learn the basics for it. Sorry for the rant...

12:18 AM
smile @hichris123, you are being featured in meta!
A: What percent of users visit meta sites

Braiam Shog9: 294,542 users active (post/vote) on SO during the past 30 days. 6,845 of them active on MSO. So, a hair over 2% Note: "30 days" being April 12 to May 11 Shog9: 4515 10K users active (post/vote) on SO during the past 30 days, 1090 of them active on MSO hichris123: @Shog9 How ...

> poke Shog
- @Braiam
(poking @Shog9) Because^
Good Evening.
1:12 AM
Do you guys ever talk about things besides stuff you want closed or deleted?
@GnomeSlice sometimes we talk about spam and cats
1:19 AM
@GnomeSlice what else is there to talk about?
Positive things
Like closing bad questions?
That's a good (positive) thing
Enough positivity now, shut up.
I need my Siamese kittens to attend to.
1:34 AM
@animuson Another locked post needing deletion.
well, that was weird. A user just posted a huge rant on meta.SO , I fixed a couple spelling errors and added the rant tag, but now he deleted it within 2minutes of posting?
How do I get the CloseAsOffTopicReasonType for an already closed post in the data explorer?
@SantaClaus I don't know, I tried recently but failed.
PendingFlags doesn't work. It only seems only contain flags/closevotes on unclosed posts (as the name suggests).
1:49 AM
maybe it's possible to do it by doing like text/body/description/something contains text like %tool% or whatever ... but I think I tried something like that but couldn't get it. You could start a meta.SE question , if doesn't give any answers i'll likely start a bounty
@SantaClaus last time I heard someone trying to do it, it has to go to the PostHistory and search for it (or maybe it was looking for who closed what)
if anyone wants to auto-nuke some comments, here you go data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/221663/…
@Qantas94Heavy yep , mine is < 61 chars so probably like 99.8% are worth nuking compared to 99% of the other one :)
1:59 AM
@iStimple: I sort via shortest comment so the most likely are nuked first :)
@Braiam Yay? :P
30 mins ago, by AstroCB
@animuson Another locked post needing deletion.
^ If that gets deleted, the entire tag family will be gone after a month and 2500+ questions.
@AstroCB ... you really edited all of those posts?
@hichris123 Yes: Unihedron and Sam did 200-400 each, but I did the rest.
I don't know @AstroCB, if you were very bored last month or you really like removing tags
2:08 AM
@AstroCB ... y'know you could have just cleaned up the crap, and then let Shog press a red shiny button, right?
@hichris123 By the time I cleaned up all of the questions, I would have edited them all, anyway.
I was on top of the weekly editors' board once... :P
@AstroCB By crap I mean questions that shouldn't be here.
@Braiam Removing tags is quite interesting.
Not stuff that just needs "thanks" removed.
2:09 AM
@Unihedron is the top voter this month stackoverflow.com/users?tab=voters !
@iStimple /s/week/month
@hichris123 I had the help of a few userscripts I wrote.
@iStimple \o/
@AstroCB That's... kinda when you know you're doing too much work.
When you need a userscript to make things faster... maybe think about not doing it.
@hichris123 True, but I just got carried away doing it: if anyone wants them, I'd be happy to put them on Stack Apps, but I think they're kind of dangerous.
2:11 AM
@Jamal is the top voter this quarter stackoverflow.com/users?tab=Voters&filter=quarter !
I should vote more.
I'm only on the 4th page for this month: stackoverflow.com/users?page=4&tab=voters&filter=month.
@AstroCB I sure hope your workplace/school didn't want anything done in the past month. ;)
I guess downvoting all those non-answers and tutorial questions has really paid off...
@hichris123 I can burn tags at a rate of about 60 questions/minute: one adds a "burn" button to tag pages, and then you can say whether you want to replace the tag or just remove it. It goes through all of the questions and does that, which works great as long as you don't do it too fast and get IP blocked.
Sounds like it happened to you once or twice.
@hichris123 Summer vacation + summer work complete == time to burn tags.
2:14 AM
@AstroCB Uuuhmm.... sorry, but what? You said you were doing more editing to them... but yet all you did was remove the tag?
@hichris123 Userscript s: that one is for extreme cases where you only want to do a mass retag/removal. I did at least a thousand manually.
So, for example, I mass-migrated and to before there was a consensus that should be burned as well.
@Braiam I can get who and the CloseReasonType, but I can't get down to the off-topic reason level
1 hour later…
4:10 AM
Goodnight! Yay for 3-day weekend!
Since there isn't much room activity, please recommend a time management app for iOS.
@bjb568 Google Calendar?
@bjb568 the built in Calendar app? Maybe alongside the built in Clock app?
4:43 AM
Night @Uni
^Looks like a promotion attempt by OP
@AstroCB: Congrats on completing the burnination of hacking
@JanDvorak: that was quick
@Qantas94Heavy quicker than I expected, actually
yes spam, it's not useful or relevant but promotional
I'll do their survey, poor things...
BTW, that would have some rather biased results by not asking people from the area
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: DIVISION PROBLEM GRADE 4 STUDENT on math.stackexchange.com
cv-pls ^
Are division maths really that hard?
5:13 AM
for whom?
Grade 4 students
It's obviously 350.
No, 200.
Unihedron is correct

8 pi rLet $x$ = amount youngest brother got. Then: $x + (x+100) + (x+200) + (x+300) = 1400$. Thus: $x = 200$ pesos.

5:16 AM
It appears it's hard to understand sarcasm across the 'net. ;) chat.meta.stackexchange.com/messages/2361278/history
that guy not only answered... he also "fixed" numbers to use mathjax without touching anything else...
It's just... September.
September came early this year....
@Qantas94Heavy closed
This guy posted a sequel to his rant meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/270270/…
5:49 AM
@Lix Adding sugar in water helps keep flowers fresh due to osmosis. However, individual factors such as the composition of the water that you are using contribute to the need for adding solvents - hard water, soft water etc. Just wanted to let you know that the reason is osmosis, the sucrose doesn't benefit the flower in any way. Just as adding salt to water kills the flower due to reverse-osmosis, adding sugar benefits the flower depending upon the constitution of the sap and the water.
Earned Pundit badge on MSO
@Qantas94Heavy also, the answer is not an answer
@JanDvorak: already flagged VLQ
@Uni: Congrats! another blue badge :)
6:31 AM
@cyphar You have stackoverflow! Hello! — Monacraft 8 mins ago
^ too chatty
@Unihedron too minor
@InfiniteRecursion thank you :))
ok flagging
@JanDvorak flagged , gone
"taweez" seems to be a non-standard translitelation of "तावीज़", which means "talisman" in hindi.
yup correct
"stipend for employment"? What's that?
@JanDvorak gone
^ both done
8:16 AM
TOO MINOR @InfiniteRecursion! :p
Removed by author
8:56 AM
@Bart: Your scare quotes scared her, so I am knocking them out of your post. Seriously, how many major edits do I need to do to salvage your post? :(
I do not think the scare-quotes around "their stuff" are appropriate. — tmyklebu 5 mins ago
@InfiniteRecursion My glasses is something similar to Bart. he has sold.
user image
@TGMCians It's all part of his election campaign. Use with caution.
@Jan: Please add the keywords glasses and Bart to your spam filter.
yup :D
@InfiniteRecursion send a pull request complete with example spam it would have caught
9:15 AM
Shall I do the honors and set up a glasses company, then spam?
@Unihedron not worth the effort
9:28 AM
Ehm, why @InfiniteRecursion? As soon as content is posted you have licensed it perpetually and irrevocably. So it's no longer "their stuff" to take away.
9:39 AM
On second thoughts @Jan, I don't want to spend this beautiful Sunday morning composing example spam, so let it be.
@Bart: Cody has rolled back the edit, so it looks good now. Sorry, I didn't realize the emphasis was to indicate the ownership of the content.
I'm subtle like that :)
Scary-quotes are hardly subtle :)
Also, I still wonder why Cody and you behave like twin glasses, rescuing each-other's posts...
Perhaps Bart has a smelly sock?
The real question might be "which one is the sockpuppet?" @InfiniteRecursion. — Bart Aug 14 at 15:50
thinks Jan is right
@TGMCians you should clean your screen
9:57 AM
A: Stack Snippets Sandbox - Try It Out Here!

Shadow Wizard $(function () { $.getJSON('http://anyorigin.com/get?url=' + encodeURIComponent('http://chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/rooms/info/89/tavern-on-the-meta') + '&callback=?', function (data) { parser = new DOMParser(); htmlDoc = parser.parseFromString(data.contents, "text/html"); var a = htmlDoc.getElementsByClassName('username'); ...

Ewww; that looks horrible in onebox
(it's a wheel of blame in stacksnippets)
Also: I demand cookies
@iStimple hmm
10:25 AM
why is noone flagging ^that?
I did.
Because of reasons @JanDvorak . You are not questioning the reasons, are you?
so, are you another guy that refuses to create flagging accounts?
Errr... yes.
shame on you, then
10:39 AM
I have to say that I never have ran out of flags on this account though.
In other words: Create more spam for me to flag @JanDvorak
@JanDvorak flagged
thanks. One+ more flag needed.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: RATIOS AND PERCENTAGE on math.stackexchange.com
@JanDvorak Flagged; I want to make money online though :(
@JanDvorak gone
10:45 AM
@rene thanks
and the site's a scam
2 days ago, by J. Musser
Wasn't he the one that did nothing in GL but edit one question near the beginning of July? It looked like his glasses, if I remember correctly.
Gardening & Landscaping
Yep, seems to be me. 1 edit, 1 flag
10:47 AM
@ProgramFOX My dad would say: the earth is already flat, lets keep it that way
With so many glasses around on SE, how can one say "It looked like his glasses" :o
Oh so now we "all look the same" @InfiniteRecursion? How glassist!
Glasses confuse me :(
@Bart is known for his stars, how he gets few stars before his comment post here
10:55 AM
Actually, if you find all my accounts and arrange them well, it's an animation.
It isn't an animation, it's a confusion.
Stop selling glasses!
I starred that so it lines up nicely on the starboard
11:11 AM
I actually wonder how many sockpuppet flags moderators have had to handle because of this :D
Well, it was Infinite Recursion who said that... We don't take them serious, now do we?
Better to flag and be wrong than to let a sock find his foot
When in doubt flag it out ^ ^
Why do I keep finding these comments spamming about CR proposals? o_O
You might be interested in this stack-exchange proposal. It's almost ready to begin beta, just needs a few more. — greatwolf Jan 18 '11 at 9:28
@Unihedron ultimately to a good ends
@Unihedron ^ help flag as obsolete if you want
11:25 AM
Can I use one of those glasses to decipher a captcha?
yes use it. if it doesn't work then blame to Bart
11:36 AM
@rene You flag or I flag?
@rene but thats all from the same person i think
@TGMCians You are right, I just scrolled through the star wall and saw the earlier messages of the tavern. @Bart's messages are indeed frequently starred. The strange part is that the earlier users of the tavern seem to have left since we started visiting here. Even the messages have changed, earlier there were discussions about why a user was downvoted and attempts to ignore Jan, all these made me realize that the earlier ecosystem has been disturbed by us. Sorry for that.
@Unihedron I flagged them from the 18th
@iStimple looks like it, yes
Is that a problem?
@rene Moderator flag with the query or obsolete flags?
Hahaha, I'm not entirely sure what ecosystem you think was in place here @InfiniteRecursion
11:39 AM
@Unihedron just an obsolete on each comment...
@rene nope, just unusual that s/he's the only one that's done that
@iStimple maybe he became a mod on that site?
Well, the users and discussions were certainly different @Bart. You may not have noticed since you have been here longer.
I now recall that SPArcheologist visited the tavern the other day and then left :(
Users come and go @InfiniteRecursion. Some leave for a while. Some never come back. There is nothing to disturb here and no need to apologize.
@rene I understand. I'll flag too, then. :))
11:42 AM
^^^^ @Bart!
stackoverflow.com/q/4154637 typographical error - see OP's comment on accepted answer
@Bart We need a new word for that: Evolution!
Good idea @rene. I would have gone with "absence-of-laszlo", but I think yours is better.
lol... he left a few comments earlier this week, despite not being a self acclaimed active member anymore...
11:46 AM
"left a few comments" <--- started spamming his blog
You must have noticed I have no opinion on the case. I leave that to you. ;)
And yes, that is the easy road...
A lot could be said, but some fights are not worth fighting
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: husband vashikaran specialist +91-9950211818 on english.stackexchange.com
16 flags available on ELU... flagged
11:50 AM
@SmokeDetector gone
BTW, Happy New Year!!!! — techexpert Jan 1 '11 at 8:13
Happy new year guys!
@Unihedron Happy new year, champagne!
@Unihedron Happy 2011 to you!!!11!
What?! I only have 35 flags left! :(
12:06 PM
The mods are not happy with those type of targeted flagging sprees...
Just do a couple and then go find more recent stuff to clean up....
I flagged chatting ones like "Thanks! This was very helpful" as well.
12:20 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: RATIOS AND PERCENTAGE on math.stackexchange.com
Hmm, this year they're teaching ratios and percentages.
50% of one,1/2 of the other @Unihedron
Don't vote me down plz, just answer, If you can't answer, don't blame me. I asked because I don't know. — Ehsaan 18 mins ago
What do you think about cats?
12:36 PM
@Qantas94Heavy I like kittens. Also auto-commented for you.
-14 rep today for voting down posts :/
@Unihedron Any particular types of kittens?
-489 reputation overall for voting down posts for me
Is that seen on /reputation?
@Unihedron: yeah. Search for (-1)
108 overall for me
What happens when you flag a question as VLQ?
@Unihedron: it gets sent to moderators and review queue, like VLQ for answers
if the flag is marked as helpful, community gives a -1
Moderators are more likely to decline VLQ flags on questions though
12:52 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HOW TO PUBLISH / DEPLOY A RUBY ON RAILS WEBSITE? on webmasters.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector rake ?
Do you really think I'm interested in [object Object] in my Html DOM tree? Yes, jQuery, I'm talking to you!
please write my website for me — Unihedron 8 secs ago
@Braiam Brilliant.
Especially love the part about Mathematica. xD
1:34 PM
1:38 PM
1:41 PM
/ ^ \
1:50 PM
\ ^ /
/ ^ /xm
[ SmokeDetector ] SmokeDetector started at rev 1653494 (@Undo)
yay for git revision detection!
Yay for my PR merged!
2:01 PM
Yay for a yay chain!
Yay for continuing the yay chain!
Yay for the sake of it!
Yay Yay!
Not yay: Flying home today, with a stuffy ear. Wish me luck :/
2:02 PM
Aww. Good luck!
Yay for Undo's stuffy ear!
(runs under the table and ducks)
@Undo That's annoying :( Good luck!
(shot down all ducks)
(Good thing Inf isn't here)
2:04 PM
(RIP Bluefeet 31/08/2014)
2:23 PM
Is it fairly safe to say that most sock puppets have low rep?
Sometimes the sock puppets has more rep than the main, then the situation changes.
I mean, has anyone seen/heard of a sock having >1K rep.
Who shot the ducks? :X
It's @Braiam! I was there!
@Unihedron Um, I'm not a duck
2:28 PM
@bluefeet :O gasp plot twist
@Sam This guy really must be a >1K sock: stackoverflow.com/users/2619912/programfox
@ProgramFOX lol :P
@Sam Sophisticated ring with 12 users and tons of rep, sure.
@bjb568 Ok, but that's not common, right?
2:44 PM
@Sam Not particularly.
Hmm, ok. Thx.
3:33 PM
Today's Listening | Dubstep / Drumstep / Breaks (Mixsets day 31)
3:46 PM
guys, I just saw an add of Apple's swift and some challenge worth $500,000 but unfortunately page reloaded.. where can I find that ad? It was on my homepage
@bjb568 thanks... shouldn't it be "purrrr" lol?
Purrrr is when you're happy...
And I'm not
@bjb568 Why? Is DuckDuckGo down after Braiam shot all ducks? :P
3:54 PM
@ProgramFOX No, they have backup hamster powa, they're regenerating their ducks currently. Ugh, DuckGo just isn't as good.
Stop shooting the poor ducks! It just isn't fair.
shoots all googles
@Unihedron brand new xyce album cheapbeatsmusic.bandcamp.com/album/nova

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