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12:04 PM
Is there a particular reason why this should not be migrated to MSO? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/211565/… To clarify, I requested that and it was dismissed as "helpful" but then simply closed ...
Nah, baby wraps are for the Cooking SE @JanDvorak
@Bart Why did you post it on MSE instead of posting on MSO?
@InfiniteRecursion I didn't. That was the old MSO
@JanDvorak Gone too fast, couldn't flag :(
12:07 PM
@InfiniteRecursion there was plenty of time...
@Bart nah, "baby carrier" sounds a bit like from the realm of GSM networking
Q: Will the remaining questions here that belong on MSO, eventually get migrated?

StijnThe last couple of weeks I've been closing some questions in the review queue that were asked before the split but currently belong on MSO. From what I understand, the point of that is to eventually migrate them to MSO. A couple people in chat confirmed this, but I'd like to get an official answ...

> If it's important, and still relevant - then go ahead and write a new post on MSO. Put the reinvigorated passion into the discussion that it deserves, if it's important to you. Let the conversation play out again, but this time, just for Stack Overflow.
Sigh, not going to do that again. I spent way too much on that post already.
@Bart you can just copy paste the post and answer to MSO if you'd like.
I'd prefer that they migrate all those questions, but well, that's not what the mods want to do.
12:12 PM
The person who's paying to mods should really have a word with them ....
@Stijn Was there any discussion on that? Question, answer, and most of the comments are by Bart, it looks like he was the dominant participant in that discussion.
@InfiniteRecursion I'm the dominant participant in any discussion. ;)
There, let's see if this sparks some discussion. Two bounties don't seem to do it, so there you go. :) — Bart Jan 23 at 22:50
remembers her mental note and doesn't comment
Hi @Krumia
Hiya @Inf, @Kru!
12:16 PM
Hiya @Unihedron
Hi @InfiniteRecursion, I met @Unihedron in another chat already. He knows that I'm about to spam you. :)
hovers over flag button
(silently walks away)
Your avatar suggests that that's only so you can shoot me from a distance with your bow ...
(follows Uni)
12:21 PM
But I don't have a bow!
@Unihedron crossbows are even scarier
luckily there's no such thing in Minecraft @JanDvorak
@Bart which modpack?
Oh, I'm sure there are mods for it
12:34 PM
gifts a bow to @Uni
So since nothing so special is not being discussed, if any of you are geeks who are really interested in science as a whole, check out this new Area51 proposal Scientific Imagination, and how it is supposed to be like.
waits for the shot and the scream
in Java on Stack Overflow Chat, 1 hour ago, by Unihedron
@Krumia Great proposal, followed.
also hello from the javascript room where you already posted it too
Yes I recognized you two. That's why I lurked for some time before posting.
12:40 PM
I didn't find it interesting, sorry. I expected Schrödinger's cat kind of thought experiments, it turned out to be star-trek kind of sci-fi
@InfiniteRecursion try to suggest it
@InfiniteRecursion: You are welcome to post some thought experiments their. I guess it's on-topic for the proposal.
@InfiniteRecursion Schrodinger's cat explained by Uni: 1. The theory is true. 2. The theory is false.
@Krumia reads a bit like XKCD's "What If".
@Jan: will wait and see how it develops.
12:45 PM
@Bart: Well it is intended to be like what-if xkcd. discuss.area51.stackexchange.com/a/17667/115322
@Uni: You are the geek! Please commit to the proposal.
@Inf: He has already.
@Bart: Did you get shot? wonders when Uni will use the bow
@InfiniteRecursion my diamond enchanted armour will keep me safe for a while
12:52 PM
@Bart against a bow? Maybe. Against a bound blade? Forgett.
(attempts to enchant the bow while no one is noticing)
slays @Unihedron while he isn't watching
wonders 'what if' Bart gets shot...and she gets the diamond armour
(respawns and cheats in ultimate weapons)
12:55 PM
@Unihedron creative mode is disabled on this server
did I mention it's a hardcore map?
stealth mode activated
(crashes the server with a null ping packet)
This is why we can't have anything nice.
12:56 PM
@Unihedron aw c'mon, the server isn't that stupid...
remembers feeds
@JanDvorak wait, really?
1:10 PM
Yes, yes and yes. There, now the "Is it possible" part is answered. How is another beast altogether. — Braiam 1 min ago
I don't like answering "Is it possible to ..." questions because most of the times in these cases OP isn't interested in learning, and they neglect the effort you spend writing the post.
Too broad/homework question
you didn't see the question header: Is it possible and if so how do I
1:31 PM
Why not just "How can I foo?"?
^^^ Straightforward and easier to answer...
"How you ask questions can determine your personality"
leaving time.. Cya mates.. :)
1:51 PM
Friends :D
1:58 PM
@InfiniteRecursion c-c-combo breaker
+1 for credible and/or official sources.
@AnnaLear i had an on-topic question for meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/269992/… :( should i ask here?
@Unihedron was the "noooOooOOOoOOoo" an attempt to check if anyone has the spirit speak skill?
Friends on the star wall today...old man to school teens
I was going to comment on this same thing. Its like they are using this new fashion of women in tech to get some free mentorship for their members, who have already paid a pretty penny. Next thing, they will start advertising "Free mentorship with StackOverflow members" as part of their package. If they were to donate funds towards education or a charity, it would be more appealing - at least to me. — Burhan Khalid 6 hours ago
2:08 PM
@Spa: We wanted to shoot Bart, didn't work out.
In regards to the mentoring program, I recall reading a while back that the first programmers "back in the day" where mainly women, programming on huge room-sized systems. Does anyone know how that changed to mainly men over the years? Or is what I read false?
I might be guessing, but women usually don't like surviving on ramen and pizza
Ada Lovelace was the first programmer, she was a woman programmer on Charles Babbage's computer, I know that much. No idea how it became male dominated. Ada language was named in her honor.
@Stijn After the first computer bug turned out to be a REAL bug, women escaped, fearing to be confronted by the "computer rat / computer snake"
Ramen and pizza are high calorie @Jan, I personally avoid them for that. Unless someone wants to be fat....
2:20 PM
I've never eaten ramen before. Is it good?
@InfiniteRecursion I've the privilige of being able to eat whatever I want and not gain weight. Then again at times I have to do my best to not lose weight.
Then you should try ramen @Stijn, it's yummy. I avoid calories. I have too many dresses which inspire me to stay away from calories.
@carrie I had locked it overnight because things we're getting a bit dire. Unlocked now. Ask away!
\o/ thanks!
do I get banned if I correct a mod's grammar?
@JanDvorak nope, you just get an arrow piercing. If you're lucky, it will hit your knee and not the head.
2:29 PM
No, I corrected Bill the Lizard's grammar and got a threat in the OP's "about me". No bans :)
@JanDvorak Go for it! (ducks)
waits for the hammer and the scream
@InfiniteRecursion that's is only your belief. This is actually a fake replica of the network to give to dangerous users the impression they are still active...
@SPArchaeologist AKA hellban?
2:31 PM
@SPArchaeologist You mean the treatment-which-shall-not-be-named?
Harry Potter joke :)
@Unihedron you cannot tell me that you actually though that a board like this could exist in the real world?
you were "taken to a short voyage" about one month ago. Your real "you" now should be floating in a suspended life state in a capsule somewhere under Stack servers room....
completely lost
2:35 PM
don't worry. Let me just restore the pre-conversation snapshot of the simulation and you won't remember anything about this little incident. Enjoy your stay ^_^
So we're all hllbnnd and are in the board for "inactive users"? :O
@TìmPost - when you have time, there are two new "users" here for the memory reset program testing. They have started making dangerous question about "the system"
Only one way to find out if it's true...
2 hours ago, by Krumia
So since nothing so special is not being discussed, if any of you are geeks who are really interested in science as a whole, check out this new Area51 proposal Scientific Imagination, and how it is supposed to be like.
▲For you @Spa
Oh that's golden...
2:48 PM
@InfiniteRecursion Evil mode: what is the difference with philosophy.stackexchange.com ? Just that the later requires LESS realism in your assumptions?
No, the former requires a rare gift of imagination which you seem to be blessed with.
You are more matrix triology inspired, which fits the former, not the latter.
@InfiniteRecursion Pinkie was a good teacher.
anyone can feel "rant" here? meta.askubuntu.com/a/11865/169736
A teacher's greatest asset is a student who can learn, for teaching is not the quality of the teacher, but the ability of a student. For those willing to learn, life is indeed the "best" teacher.
@Braiam no, why?
2:59 PM
@Braiam It's a critical statement, well done
@InfiniteRecursion a bad teacher teaches nothing to even the best students
case in point: w3schools
@Bart I'm not a natural speaker, and somehow people always read me as either pedantic or rantic
Okay, no such problem for me there @Braiam.
@InfiniteRecursion I'm self-taught programming since I was 8, I shall feel proud!
No @Braiam, I didn't see any rant in it either. Nice answer.
3:04 PM
@Braiam I don't see the point of the question under discussion, to be honest. Like you kind of said, the answer is "when it's the only editor that is installed and you don't have permissions to install another editor". I don't understand why OP is asking that question.
@Jan: I said that in a context (as a reply to @Spa's comment). And w3schools isn't a bad teacher, it's a bad site.
It's like asking, when is bread the only thing I can eat, where the answer is "when bread is the only food you have access to".
@Stijn exactly
Great achievement @Uni. Well done. You have very good reason to be proud of yourself :)
@SPArchaeologist black helicopters dispatched, roger.
3:07 PM
Hia @Tim!
Tim sent those helicopters for you and me @Uni. Hide!!
(Drinks potion of invisibility)
(Wears invisibility cloak)
(becomes undefeatable)
@Unihedron (patiently waits for the two victims to discover that stack staff is entirely composed by Nazgûl, so invisibility will only allow them to see their prey better)
3:21 PM
A: Volunteer to help mentor one of 16 women starting a career in programming

Ana HevesiThis post went on Stack Overflow because we wanted to give Stack Overflow community members the opportunity to give back in a different way. If that's not interesting to you, that's okay. We're also probably not all going to agree on issues of gender in technology. That's fine. My employer, St...

The main post is on 69 score. (facepalm)
It's still being downvoted...at 67 now.
and the flames goes on. And I am still offended that they discriminate by chosing only human mentors. My pet monkey can work with SharePoint better than any "human" I saw in my life.
And kittens...
And ducks....
3:29 PM
Seriously, they are still keeping on the whole "this is discrimination" war?
I'm a booby and I volunteered
> Should this question be closed as: off-topic?
@SPArchaeologist Let's ask that on Scientific Imagination!
on the mentor question
it's been unlocked for what, half an hour?
If someone here says it should be closed, I will vtc it...
3:30 PM
srsly... the first word gipsy kids learn isn't "mum", but "discrimination"
that's so deep, i'm lost...
That's very nice of you @Bluefeet. I am sure your mentee will immensely benefit from having you as a mentor. Good luck. Hope you enjoy the experience.
@Unihedron My kind side tell me the question deserver to live. That said, there is that little Discord inside me that keeps yelling "do it! enjoy the chaos! have fun for hours watching the flames flying"
3:37 PM
It's funny @TGMC, everytime Uni uses that smiley, you and ProgramFox appear out of nowhere - like magic. You three always do it in a row!!
yeah :)
If I'm online, I always have this tab open :D
3:39 PM
Actually I should write a bot that automatically responds to smileys :D
@Bart No, it's called friendship :P
@ProgramFOX :D
@Unihedron :P
friendwhatnow @Unihedron? Does not compute.
@Bart 1 / 0
thinks the old man may be right for once
3:40 PM
@Unihedron Is Magic
@SPArchaeologist OH GOD NO
To think after all this time and there's still no spam posts or smoke... Is it weekend already?
No, Jan became friendly and lost focus.
I guess I should restart my browser; notifications stopped working again
no, wait, they haven't
3:47 PM
No spam? o_O
there just isn't enough spam in the afternoon GMT
@JanDvorak Errmmm...
17:47 here
^ That's the activity chart of SmokeDetector, current time highlighted.
23:48 here
well... I guess the spammers retired?
3:49 PM
As you can see, the spam/crap peak is usually right now.
Smoke detector isn't very accurate; all he detects is shouting, and spammers don't shout anymore
I could announce shouting if you want, though
@JanDvorak It also detects spam; there is a spam regex in the source.
We should go hunt for bad posts... they might be getting around smokedetector now
@ProgramFOX it has a regex for spam, but it's rarely ever triggered
3:51 PM
I have a question
Why does it use the case-insensitivity flag ((?i)), and then list all caps-lowercase alternatives?
                       ^^^^          ^^^^     ^^^^ ???
@JanDvorak Yes, that's true, perhaps we should refine the regex a bit.
@Unihedron I... have no idea. looks at commits
Trust me, I have a bronze regex badge...
@Unihedron I don't believe I am at fault here. I could me mistaken, however.
@Unihedron I admire your courage.
@Unihedron I was the one that pointed out to use the ?i, it was originally case sensitive
3:53 PM
@Braiam oh
To consult Wheel of Blame!
Perhaps there was an update at some time, but the previous code was kept. Checking...
"Sumer"? Why?
@JanDvorak sumer is bad... and hot
@JanDvorak There was an offensive post containing that word once.
he was a dick, but he never included his name in the question title
@ProgramFOX once
3:55 PM
@Unihedron I admire your courage too.
Perhaps there were more reasons that I don't know of.
in Unix and Linux on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 1 min ago, by casey
Charter was a bit more helpful this time. They gave me a time and date that caused the flag and in my logs I found a massive brute force attempt at my mail server and via ssh (nothing successful of course) so I told them their "portscan" detection was me being attacked and they closed the ticket.
@Unihedron The v got replaced by [Vv] here while the ?i flag was already added (don't know the reason though).
3:59 PM
@Unihedron Why that question mark that you have added at line 10?
@Jan: Sumer has gone through smokey's code, he mentioned the regex changes on the day when he was shouting in the Tavern using smokey. So that might be a reason why he skips his name in his spam.
@ProgramFOX optional char
@Unihedron You might want to do the same for the second word too, then.
@Unihedron niga and nigga match, right?
@Braiam Ah, I was looking for that commit, thanks!
@Unihedron regex101 is trolling me, or I don't know py regexes
I'm using regex101 too!
I was using the complete regex... why the heck do they need to match \bnigga\b
word boundaries?
4:06 PM
oh, why they escape \ twice? here "\\b"
@Braiam "snigafication" isn't offensive
@Braiam string escaping
is quoted!
@Braiam literal escaping
python regexes are weird...
programming is hard.
@JanDvorak done
three more votes needed
Looking at the starboard: I missed a train?
4:16 PM
@rene yes
@rene yes
@rene yes
The fact that I'm home now makes all above comments obsolete. If I missed a train I would be in Eindhoven....
4:22 PM
translate: eindhoven
Feeds is dead
@JanDvorak Feeds doesn't respond anymore; use my bot in Shadow's Den.
in Shadow's Den, 10 secs ago, by ProgramFOX
>>translate auto en Eindhoven
Feeds died doing Santa's spanish homework
@JanDvorak "de gakste"
First argument is the input language, second argument is the output language and everything after those arguments is the input. My bot will post the output.
4:25 PM
If you happen to visit Prague soon, would you like some beer?
It's friendship day in the tavern today :)
:D !
4:29 PM
4:31 PM
4:33 PM
36 secs ago, by Braiam
staph already
Halp..Jan broke our train
I'm tempted to post a non-spam link as spam just to make @InfiniteRecursion happy... everyone else, tread carefully
silver review badge on MSE!
4:47 PM
@rene gZ!
Am an eternally happy person @Jan :) Thanks for your efforts though, I appreciate it.
thinks about changing her profile name to Sunshine
her? TIL...
Is it possible the server-side spam filter does hit harder now?
Yes, I am thinking the same. The server side filters might have been reinforced after the recent spam surges.
should I go and start saving another website now?
4:59 PM
Any other site worth saving?
Good sites are hard to find.
Never saw spam there. Maybe it has it's saviour.
no spam. I'm bored.
Let's play chess.
I wanted to say thank you to you Jan, for fighting spam so sincerely and making SE sites so clean. Before I signed up for SO, I never knew so many people were working so hard to keep it clean. I never saw spam as a regular user. Now I know a large share of the credit goes to you. A big thank you to you.
5:08 PM
yeah so many people like me working so hard to keep it clean ... :p
You all make this a beautiful place!
5:25 PM
@Jan: A post I once wrote and deleted meta.stackoverflow.com/a/265538/2982225
I was reading your deleted answer yesterday
why did you delete it?
How did you come across it? It was a pretty old post.
someone posted link of that question here yesterday meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/269992/…
2 mins ago, by Jan Dvorak
why did you delete it?
@Jan: Because there were other answers which were better. I liked Anna's answer a lot. So after reading her answer, I deleted my answer.
5:34 PM
I was going to ask the same thing @InfiniteRecursion. No harm done by leaving it in place.
In fact, plenty of users found it to be of value
No. It doesn't add any value to that post. Am happy about my decision to delete it. I remembered it today when Jan mentioned the "her".
Fair enough, your choice.
Still no spam? Go have a rest... :)
A well, long-deserved rest!
@Unihedron I could post some if you'd like
The spammers will soon find a way around the filter, SE will need its savior again.
5:42 PM
Until then, time is short, enjoy it :P
What will you sell @Bart?
Why, glasses of course @InfiniteRecursion
Ohh! I thought you would sell star tricks. You already sold a lot of glasses on SE. Every now and then a see empty glasses on profiles.
Upgrade to contact lenses!
That's not an upgrade. Glasses are awesome!
Optical illusion.
5:52 PM
Believe me, I need all the help I can get to distract people from my face.
@Bart lies. You don't have a face.
distraction accomplished
The best jokes are often the closest to the truth @Bart.
/me looks through past jokes .... sigh ....
/me steals your stars
6:58 PM
Thanks all for the help. I don't appreciate Bart's downvote or any of the other 11 members who downvoted, but that's besides the point. — user3605366 35 mins ago
Q: Is there anyway to further improve my bad question?

user1362166My question what do the characters used regexp command mean? {^([^=]*)=(.*)$} received a few downvotes, for reasons I mostly understand. I didn't read the guidelines clearly enough, and asked for resources and recommendations, but I've now taken the steps to edit those out. I'd like to seek hel...

User is gone!
Good night Meta!
Good night!
Good afternoon!
7:18 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: NODE NOT AVAILABLE FOR ALL PARENT on stackoverflow.com
7:29 PM
7:49 PM
@InfiniteRecursion didn't vote on it nor on any of the other posts of that user.
Well, I just did.
8:22 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: CONEXÃO NOTA FISCAL PAULISA COM SECR.DA FAZENDA on pt.stackoverflow.com
@SmokeDetector I think I flagged it VLQ.
@hichris123 gone
@JanDvorak he has a face, it's just 99.9% transparent and can't be seen by the human eye
8:57 PM
@iStimple But people with glasses can see it, right?
9:39 PM
Do you guys think that "best way" should be banned from titles?
@mehow "What is the b3st way..."
and all its variations
like PROBLEM and PR0BLEM etc.
Sure, because that's definitely possible
Yeah, let's not add more title filters
What's the bэst way, or the bəst way, or even the goodest way?
Trivia: "best" != "beѕt". The s is a different Unicode char.
32,562 questions seem to have "best way" in the title
user image
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