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7:00 PM
I'm not entirely convinced it was an answer, but the fact that y'all are not in perfect agreement on that is sufficient evidence that it was at least a grey area.
@AmalMurali I reviewed that NAA flag and declined it because it was in fact an answer to the question - a suggestion to the OP to use preg_match
VLQ - a short, tangential partial-answer-at-best with bad punctuation and spelling... Someone basically too lazy to pick up their own trash. That's VLQ.
@AmalMurali I also deleted the answer because the accepted answer here went into significantly more details besides just linking to the preg_match documentation
@bluefeet: Ah, I wasn't sure why you declined the flag and then deleted the answer. Thanks for the clarification! :)
@AmalMurali sure no problem, happy to explain why I did it.
7:06 PM
it just sucks when you get declined flags. :D
further reading:
Q: Why does flag marking as helpful/declined not always correlate with moderator action?

Won'tI flagged a post and (choose one) my flag was marked as helpful, yet nothing was done my flag was marked as declined, yet the post was deleted/edited/closed Why? Return to FAQ index

(only tangentially related here)
I think I've read that one before. (/me goes to read again)
@bluefeet: Is there some guidelines / meta-post on "how to correctly flag a post"?
@AmalMurali oh boy there are probably a bunch of them.
Q: How do I properly use the "Not an Answer" flag?

Robert Harvey What is the "Not an Answer" flag? What is the purpose of this flag? When should I use this flag? When should I not use this flag? Return to FAQ index See Also What is an acceptable answer?

1) You probably don't need to flag. The system gives you a bunch of tools to handle stuff yourself - use them!

2) If there's a serious problem that you can't fix, make sure you understand what it is before you go any further.

3) Pick the flag that best describes the problem you've observed. If NONE of them match particularly well, choose "other" and describe the problem in detail.
Generally when folks have problems, it's because they screwed up on #1 or #2. Examples:

- Flagging wrong answers. Correct it or downvote it!
- Flagging things that need to be edited. Just edit it!
- Flagging when you didn't get an answer or your answer didn't get accepted/upvoted. Make your posts suck less!
7:15 PM
> - Flagging things that need to be edited
That I've noticed.
"Make your posts suck less!" :D
@AmalMurali IMO deciding what is flag-worthy comes with experience
tl;dr: if the first question you ask upon viewing a post is, "should I flag this?" then you're doing it wrong.
I usually just flag from the 10K moderator tools. Rest of the flags are comment flags.
@AmalMurali I can say that when I used to go through the 10k review queue - there are many things incorrectly flagged in and users just pile on more flags because it is in the queue already
7:18 PM
@bluefeet Current status ^
@bluefeet: You're right. I used to do that, but now I've stopped.
Is the number of declined flags too much? I remember asking this before, but I'll ask it again since I can get a direct opinion from the moderators themselves :P
@jadarnel27 I get how sharing that with the people in this room could provide some support, but after such significant events it's often wise to seek professional help.
7:40 PM
Thank you, @Bart. Seeing this in the hot questions list made me feel better:
Q: Probability of Brownian motion to have a zero in an interval

Laurent BienvenuI have what should be a very simple questions for Brownian motion experts... Let $[a,b]$ be a given time interval. Let $f(x)$ be the probability that a linear Brownian motion with initial value $x$ at time $t=0$ has a zero in the interval $[a,b]$. I want to argue that $f(x)$ is maximal for $x=0$....

it is gone
I have one question for you rene
stackoverflow.com/questions/10495904/… IMO it is off-topic, what you think ?
Already vtc by ThiefMaster @TGMCians
hmm I saw
Thanks @ThiefMaster
Today I have gained 80 reputation on meta
8:00 PM
I think SE chat should have some emoticons
@TGMCians I would have said it was Off-topic as well by the way
No one showed any positive response for this few hours back here
@TGMCians You didn't yet reach the rep-cap on meta?
@3ventic (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)
8:03 PM
OMG @TGMCians You still talking about that question?
No, just after few hours
The CVQ is empty for my filter. Where can I collect my prize?
@rene no
8:06 PM
Wow, That is always something I wanted! @LowerClassOverflowian
@rene Your welcome.
Oh sure, now it's his welcome.
jealous again @Bart?
@hichris123 I don't have any more close votes
@LowerClassOverflowian I just started reviewing for the day.
Just out of school or what?
Yeah, just out of school.
I'm still trying to figure out why I get 100 flag votes a day, and only 50 close votes, when there are like at least 80times as many things to close than to flag.
8:27 PM
So true.
A fast frontpage, and tags that are not all that popular.
True... wait, why do we even have the and tags?
@Bart And lack of close votes
9:35 PM
Where is the canonical post on the filtering in the queues work?
You would expect it to be here: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/161390/…
@hichris123 And then close it with the find favorite off-site resource reason :-)
9:50 PM
@rene Yep. :D
10:15 PM
Hey I think the Community Wiki FAQ is wrong for the number of edits that a post becomes CW: it says "The post has been edited† ten (10) times by the original owner."
@Radiodef do you have a counter-example?
Yes, 1 sec
But I have this answer (edited 10 times) which is not community wiki and this answer (becomes CW on 11th edit).
So it seems the FAQ should read "The post has been edited† more than ten (10) times by the original owner." Should I edit the FAQ or ask a meta question about it?
I wrote up a question about it but figured actually maybe I don't need to ask it and I should just edit the FAQ.
The FAQ says itself it could be outdated/wrong.
it's actually likely a bug
the edit summary says "[made Community Wiki by Radiodef editing at least 10 times]", so the intent is clearly 10+, not 11+
/me sneakily goes to post a bug report on Meta, claiming to have found two posts by a user ...
Maybe I'll ask the question then. It has the bug tag on it right now anyway.
lol @Bart
10:21 PM
@Bart Just randomly found those examples.
The 11th revision should have made it CW..
@hichris123 Fun fact, that's how I got most of my Meta rep. Ask me anything about the site. I don't have a f*cking clue.
@Bart How do you get reputation? "Steal other people's bugs and post them on meta."
Yep. Heck, have a look at my highest voted question. That was "coincidentally" the same question as asked by another user at the same time.
It's even more surprising when you realize that I don't really speak English at all. I've just learned all these phrases by heart. So far I've just been lucky.
10:29 PM
@Bart Wow. I'd guess you're a native English speaker, as you're extermly fluent in English.
@Bart You too, eh? I've been getting by on random phrases for years.
Twelve monkey are proficient on a diswasher upside down in the weather @AnnaLear. For sure.
11:11 PM
Random hello from the long long ago.. Quite a few of the same people in here. Cheers :)
hey there :)
11:53 PM
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@Fosco five minutes later, the Tavern
throw new 404LanguageNotFoundException();
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