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12:01 AM
if we added an interesting tab, how would we sort it ? (hot / votes / newest / active)
I would probably actually add an Interesting Button and then have the standard sort options.
or a link below "interesting tags" that says "all interesting tags"
the issue though is performance
it would be a beast of a query
a contains clause with 20 ors, I worry about that stuff
even cached that'd be painful
Well that's a good point, but you do it now in the 'My Tags' query under 'Unanswered', it would just have all questions instead of the 'Unanswered' ones.
Seems like it'd be less calculation for the DB, though higher volume.
@waffles - what about certain other annoyances though, e.g. not being able to link to a date range is somewhat annoying, yet easy to fix
all the user profile pages that only the user can see being sliding is very annoying, have to use a bookmarklet to link to "today" currently, so simple to add though
12:08 AM
@Nick I haven't had a chance to work much on that page, Jarrod did optimise the sql quite a lot on Friday ... I do think that area needs a refactor
a bigger issue for me is the random envelope
from favorites?
it's the reason i deleted most of my favorites a while back
Nope, I notice it sometimes only highlight on second load
also it requires lots of mental juggling
We could theoretically store the last date a person looks at a questions and then keep it highlighted till you revisit it ...
talked to @Jeff about it a few months ago but he is worried about performance
bottom line is that I agree, the /recent section can be a bit quirky and I think we should revisit it at some point
i think the denormalized rep it uses also makes it wacky, though probably most users don't notice
12:37 AM
Hmm, perhaps chat.meta is better than wave because it provides it's own 'context'? Too many of Google's products seem to get lost on the interwebs.
@nickcraver That doesn't necessarily mean you're not crazy. ;)
touche sir
now if they'd fix the unnecessary scroll of the context menu (when there's still space)...i don't know how that got past the testing team
It amazes me sometimes what gets past even the best of 'em.
1:18 AM
First 3-D Porn Movie Made In Hong Kong http://bit.ly/dm0ono
Right along with animated movies (like Despicable Me) I dunno if want to see something like that in 3-D.
Is that link SFW?
Let me double check, but it should be. It's slashdot.
Yup, looks clean.
Who would want to go to a cinema to watch a porno?
1:22 AM
@sam152 Weirdos?
I've never understood it either.
Nor watching porn with your buds.
...but it's 3D
Granted, that doesn't count if you or your buds are female. ;)
5 hours later…
6:38 AM
Another 2 stars this morning from people who think I should prioritise chat over my good lady wife ;p Thanks Scott....
@MarcGravell, I'd -1 it if I could :)
wait... the comment? or my wife? what did you say about her? ;p
I'm guessing that when you sold the job change to her you didn't say "yeah, so instead of spending 4 hours in the train, I'll be spending 4 hours chatting with people I've never met" :)
actually, she's pretty good at dragging me away from work/chat and spending time with the kids; especially as it is holidays at the moment
6:46 AM
I can't imagine how cool it must be to regain 4 hours of your life every day...
[thinks: is this is off topic...?]
8 messages moved from Chat feedback
Now, that's a useful trick.
wow, that IS cool :)
very ;p
So what was it, mods and room owners?
6:49 AM
Just one thing - I think that for posterity (transcript) sake, the comment on the 'source' chat should link not just to the target room, but also the position of the first post in the set
[thinks: rats, off topic again!]
mods and owners, yes; you must also have the ability to write into the target room
runs off to start a room of his own
7:02 AM
Ughh...I really like Jack Johnson's music...but the site is just plain hard to freaking read...wtf
7:16 AM
Test hello George
Test hello @GeorgeMarian
5 hours later…
11:59 AM
Any >10k users around? wonder where this question went, and why: stackoverflow.com/questions/3502049/…
12:44 PM
@marcgravell To be fair to those people, they spend a lot of time with chat, and none with your wife.
@Benjol seems you didn't get an answer yet -- the owner deleted it
@balpha, thanks, he's been asking a whole load of pretty-much-identical and very basic c# string replace questions,, so maybe he's seen the light. I was worried someone over zealous had zapped it
Averaged "The Tavern" daily profile, so you can see your busy times:
@MarcGravell, is that auto-translated to my time zone? :)
@benjol No.
What kind of voodoo magic would it be if it could do that?
12:57 PM
@devinb, well the timestamps are magicked, so I figured just maybe...
@devinb - well, we already do plenty of such voodoo...
it could be. But it isn't; at least, not today.
@marcgravell That's why I specifically asked for the kind of voodoo magic. Yesterday it was Jack Bauer themed.
Funny that the shapes are slightly different
@benjol Words not to say on a first date.
Feedback has an obvious hole when America sleeps, and another when Marc sleeps :)
1:56 PM
... good morning, gentle tavernfolk?
... good afternoon, have fun all, I'm gone ;)
Hm, back to Meta Stack Overflow Original Flavor, then.
Whoop, I take it back.
Wow, that is some delay.
Almost 40s.
Two more questions from that suspended SF user. My troll detector is swinging slightly back in the direction of "not malicious, but epic English fail."
I think 'troll' has a lot of negative connotations that I'd like to avoid labeling people with.
2:08 PM
This particular user simply feels wronged and is stubborn about it. He feels like if he changes, then he'll be implicitly admitting that they were right to treat him this way.
A plausible theory.
@populardemand The belief about trolls is that they are going fishing. Like teenage hackers who are malicious and obnoxious kids, intent on having fun with some "harmless" vandalism or tom-foolery.
People HATE trolls.
But there are also users who are simply very confused, and they want to try and make their point.
@devinb Yeah, that's why I'm really hesitant to apply the label to anyone, as discussed yesterday. But there are actual trolls out there. If being a psych major taught me anything, it's that identifying someone's true intentions/motivations/desires is really hard. Doing it online with people you don't know? Basically impossible. So, I'm going to be careful about it, and I freely admit I will make mistakes, but I'm not going to just not do it.
@populardemand I've made that comment MANY a time, I'm sure you've read, we simply cannot determine why someone is behaving the way they are. We can only (in my opinion) try to help them behave "correct" (that is, appropriate to these (admittedly self-indulgent) surroundings)
I remember when users were trying to pretend that Evan's improved behaviour was an indication of malicious intent.
2:24 PM
@devinb Yeah, but trolls are unwilling to be "helped" by nature. And a certain subset of confused users is unable to be helped by our limited means (and other issues on a case-by-case basis). So at some point, the expectation of benefits from the effort is such that it's no longer worth trying.
I think we're 90% sitting here and agreeing with each other, though.
... why won't Eclipse connect to SVN?
... I don't know
@devinb I was one of those users, and I stand by it :)
... Why are we whispering
@michaelmrozek I know. It's one of my core values which is why it was such a big deal to me.
@devinb Because I figured I'd hop on chat just until I synced up, but the server appears to be down.
@populardemand Ouch.
@populardemand My project is quite annoying right now. takes about 30 seconds to build, then 10 seconds to deploy. then 20 seconds for iis recycle, then 5 seconds to load the page.
2:28 PM
Right then, moving on to Plan B beta: come up with a Plan B 1.0.
Hah! My builds take six minutes (which is why I have so much time to spend on Meta answering questions and inching towards that [Copy Editor] badge).
But yeah, I can see how yours is worse; long enough that it's annoying to wait, not long enough to use that time for anything else.
d00dz, a full build of our system takes at least 30 min
and test time is worse
Mine is a rather fragile inherited system. Not the kind of thing that you can safely modify more than one thing at a time.
It was built... unusually.
@devinb Sounds a bit like my project now
@spoulson and good times were had by all?
@devinb Fiddling with GUI components. Infragistics controls (circa 2006), to be exact.
2:31 PM
sounds delicious.
@devinb And it compiles as a runtime loaded assembly, so I have to compile, open up the main app, replicate a bunch of test steps before my code runs.
@devinb And god forbid if I left the app open while I compiled... build steps fail copying the assembly to the target folder.
@spouls I just got out of a bug like that :)
@spoulson, that's horrible
i sympathize with you
I think I win though, mine was in IE6
I'm forced to use VS2005 because of third party dependencies. take that!
2:33 PM
I concede.
Well played, sir.
We have VS2010, but vendor says stick to 2005 because of Infragistics dependency. :(
@spoulson Is this the kind of situation where violence can solve it?
If not, I'm out of ideas.
Hm, closing this guy's questions is having no effect. He's only editing his post and using comments anyways, and posting new questions every once in a while.
I think he is just really bad with english
2:36 PM
Dammit. I can WIN this.
jjnguy, you did a phenomenal job.
Yeah, I figured I was done yesterday when he said "I was never notified" and proceeded to post the e-mail from Kyle notifying him.
@devinb I felt like i was making progress....and then today happened...
@PopularDemand, what's the user we're talking about here?
@jjnguy It looked like you were too.
@devinb I only wish violence solved problems.
2:37 PM
If it is trolling, there's no point in continuing. If it's not, although I consider myself to have above-average English skills, I don't think I'm good enough to resolve this problem just over the Internet.
I think someone is asking to be banned from meta ...
@devinb because then I'd come to work prepared
Q: I(vgv8) is blocked from writing in MSO - why?

user138194Sorry, I confused abbreviations in previous question forcing me to reopen it separately My account vgv8 is blocked from writing in MSO - why? vgv8 can still write in SO. What rules have I(vgv8) abused in MSO?

Duplicate #3
2:38 PM
ah, yes, him
@spoulson Depends on the problem. Office Space?
Q: I (vgv8) am blocked from writing to MSF - why?

user138194 Possible Duplicate: Why was my account closed in SF? and my posts there were partly deleted. Why? Which rules did I infringe in MSF from account vgv8? What is the sense of blocking access of users to meta-discussions? And why had not I got any notification about duspension? Also, i...

@devinb I see what you did there
He is clinging to this notion that Kyle told him to edit replies into his posts...
I wish Kyle would show up.
2:40 PM
Why did we close an exact duplicate as noise or pointless?
because it is
Both criteria apply.
Well it isn't noise or pointless. If it wasn't coming from him, it's a valid question.
But in his case, it's an exact duplicate.
Also, he's annoying.
The problem with him is that no mater what people told him, he thinks he's on the good side fighting the bad one.
I believed that "having it present on the site is actively harmful because it distracts from other more useful questions" was true.
2:42 PM
@devinb Was it an exact duplicate? I couldn't find one specifically about being banned from SO meta, just the one about SF meta; I tried before voting as noise for the reason Popular said
@michaelmrozek He hasn't been banned from metaSO
@holyvier Agreed.
alright, I concede this point as well.
I voted to close as Noise or Pointless myself. I guess i'm susceptible to peer-pressure
Meh, I just feel like filling out most question of my intern report with "The question is subjective and argumentative".
I feel like my tendency to use big words is a problem in this case.
@devinb As long as you only succumb to peer pressure when your peers are right....
@devinb I'm actually suddenly really interested in what kind of answer qualities get upvoted/downvoted/ignored.
@Popula It's hard for me to ever believe that other people are right. :P
Shog! Welcome!
It's a good show on Meta today.
2:48 PM
Big words: good, bad, neutral? Bulleted lists: good, bad, neutral? Paragraphs: good, bad, neutral? Long posts: good, bad, neutral? Short posts: good, bad, neutral? &c.
"Keep it simple stupid" (KISS) is what often gets upvoted for question and answer
question structure is a big deal. Use bulleted lists and headers, if your answer is long enough (re: mine) to warrant them.
Wall of text = DEATH.
While you are probably not wrong, I was really thinking more about statistics. I'm sure this is roughly quantifiable.
Also, @devinb I just upvoted an answer of yours to exactly 2x the score of an accepted answer; now we see if the definition of [Populist] -- "by more than 2x" -- is correct, or if it should read "by 2x or more."
(I didn't do it for that reason, I just noticed it when I was about to post.)
I saw that, I'm not sure, I'll tell you if I get the badge though.
Although I may have already had the badge for that post.
then Jeff got voted up.
@devinb 'morning
2:59 PM
Your [Populist] says "no reason given," and I can see that answer, so I figure it's something else.
Unless there can only be one [Populist] per question.
Which I don't believe is the case.
I can only get the badge once per question yes.
I was a populist, then I wasn't, and the I was again.
I'm saying that I think your existing [Populist] is for a different question. Although that brings up a good edge case. It's known that if you have a badge, and the criteria for it no longer exist, the badge stays but you don't get a new copy of that badge until you "make up for" the lost one. But now that we have "awarded for" information, does the "makeup information" get displayed over the no-reason-given text?
... did I just blow you all away with the incredible nature of that potential edge case, or is there a free waffle bar somewhere I'm not aware of?
@populardemand That edge case is "known". You'd have to ask @waffles, actually. He implemented the functionality.
But... he's not here.
give it time, my young friend.
3:15 PM
is this working?
Hello, @SergioTapia
I can see what you're writing.
Haha! This thing is great!
@sergiotapia Ah, you're in the wrong place. You want this room: chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/rooms/169/…
But I don't think this is confusing.
I have my first internship today.
3:18 PM
Started at 8am
@sergiotapia Yes you do. You'll realized eventually.
at least I'll be using C# thanks Baphomet.
Hm, team meeting in a few minutes, gotta hit the microwave. See you all in a bit.
I'm finishing my first internship this week, I got lucky to have a nice one.
programming or QA?
3:22 PM
Was in C# too
Hey, hey no chatting...I'm still trying to catch up. ;)
@georgemarian I (vgv8) read faster than you - Why?
So I'm guessing this page was built with some AJAX wizardry?
AJAX yes, wizardery I doubt
unless someone is hiding us something
@shog9 LOL Dyslexia's a bitch?
3:24 PM
asynchronous javascript is love
but the X has to go... XML is passe.
Whenever I hear the word asynchronous I shudder.
I still haven't dabbled in anything related to it believe it or not.
visit jquery.com immediately.
async is beautiful
I'll never build another website without it.
@Fosco AJAJ (Asynchronus Javascript And JSON) doesn't sounds good tough
3:25 PM
@HolyVier right?.. hehe... I made my own before JSON became popular.. I called it FMaj (or F Major)..
just used nested delimiters at the time, good enough for my purposes.
@holyvier 'Cause AJAX does? I always think of the cleaner.
I don't know why it needs a name...
It sounds better to me, maybe just because I'm used to it.
it's just javascript.
hey, is that the star trek sound effect?
3:27 PM
@GeorgeMarian Hello! What does the catchup tab say on chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/users/148384/george-marian
It's a fancy way of doing a postback to the web server without refreshing the entire page.
It's wizardry.
... what is the "pair off" option when you click on another user's icon?
@populardemand It says that I'm awesome.
As, I typo...lol
@populardemand Cyber?
Ooh, old dotted lines fade out. Never noticed that before.
I think that one of the cats just ran into the door jam.
3:31 PM
@PopularDemand It lets you create a new room and auto-invite that user to it (if you haven't already tried)
@michaelmrozek thanks, I hadn't. Wasn't keen on clicking a link with "off" in the text without understanding it.
By the way, if you're bored try reading DamnInteresting.com
What purpose does this channel server though?
Besides giving feedback on the -Exchange websites
The chat is "The 3rd place" as Jeff called it.
This... has changed a lot:
Q: Why isn't my display name on Meta SO the same as my display name on Stack Overflow?

user138194My name appears as user138194 even if on Stack Overflow my name is vgv8. My account is associated with the one on Stack Overflow and Server Fault. Also when I visit stack overflow with my vgv8 name I don't see a "meta" link. How can I use vgv8 as my meta stack overflow name?

@sergiotapia This channel in particular? It's for chatting with participants in the community.
3:36 PM
THere are other rooms?
@populardemand I (vgv8) like to edit things - why?
I don't think its meaning is really in line with the original question anymore.
They should delete the comments related to the first question
I solved it!!!!
It's not relevant anymore
3:37 PM
Give me upvotes!!!
@populardemand Wow, I was completely confused for a minute there; I had voted on that question despite not recognizing it at all
he still has yet to do it...
@populardemand meh. Original was a dup.
@jjnguy WOOO!
The user should come chat
that could be fun...
3:39 PM
@jjnguy He'd post one line, edit it continuously, and stop talking after the edit window passes
@sergiotapia Yes, there are. Though, they don't necessarily get much traffic. chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/rooms
and then post a complaing on MSO (@MichaelMrozek)
@shog9 why do you keep saying "I (vgv8)"?
I (HoLyVieR) think that saying I (InsertYourNameHere) is narcissist.
I (awesome) think it is simply a way of creating clarity. So you know who is speaking.
@populardemand I'm very open to ideas for a different name than "pair off" -- we just couldn't think of anything good, short, and catchy
Aww :(. For a minute I was dreaming of pasting my gravatar after every message I sent
other than "get a room"
"Pair off" isn't all that much better :p
"alone time", "private room"
3:44 PM
@balpha "Private room <sub><sub>that anyone could barge in on at any time, and that will be in the data dump</sub></sub>"
@MichaelMrozek if the image link doesn't end with .png or the like, just prepend an exclamation mark
@holyvier I (George Marian) disagree. Doing so may indicate a narcissist, but it isn't narcissistic itself.
I do like that it warns you. "Are you SURE you want to be alone with this person?"
@balpha Oh, that would make sense. Thanks
3:45 PM
Oh wait, you change the warning.
But why would you want people to think that vgv8 is your sockpuppet?
@populardemand I (vgv8) do not understand anything you're saying - please repeat it in greater detail, so that I may misunderstand/ignore it again!
@balpha Looking at it again, there's enough room for "start new room with this user"; that's not so horrible.
hmm yeah. probably right. but that's so boring :)
Well, so much it being a little cooler today.
3:48 PM
@Shog9(vgv8) He is asking why you(vgv8) would want to pretend that "Shog9" (a well-known hated user) is actually you (vgv8)?
@Shog9 You should be aware that I (vgv8) has now over 20 meta reputation and can come in the chat.
@balpha "Speak discreetly"?
@holyvier AWESOME!
@devinb well, it's not discreet -- the room is public
@balpha How about "code 8C restricted," then?
3:49 PM
He still has yet to fix his account name.
@populardemand How about just "cyber with this user?" ;)
someone invite him. Disguise a link to this room as an edit link.
"conference room"? "Meeting room"?
@populardemand much better
@balpha It STARTS discreet. Many things do.
3:50 PM
I think all those are less alarming than "pair off", which is sufficiently ambiguous to make people afraid to click it
@shog9 I'm not sure he would be able to handle it.
@devinb Rubbish! Look how well he's handled MSO!
@michaelmrozek I was positively intruiged until I realized it only worked on chat.
@shog9 It occurs to me that he treats MSO like it IS chat. So he'd be fine.
there's a two minute edit window here
how would he talk?
you know he communicates via editing
He would use this
-------UPDATE 1 He would do this
-----------UPDATE 2 @balpha This is what he would do.
3:52 PM
@MichaelMrozek not sure why I'm the model, but I like the text.
How can they suggest we pair off without checking our star signs?
@populardemand When I think "pair off with someone", you automatically come to mind
"pair off" sounds like it's a dating website.
I've often felt SO could benefit from incorporating as many aspects of online dating websites as possible
3:54 PM
"Before asking you [C#] question, we would like to know if you like long walks on the beach"
Turn-ons: 10k+ reputation
Turn-offs: Poll questions
@devinb You mean... our number of starred comments? Or the types of comments we like to star?
okay, wording is changed
@balpha You give in too easily. "Sidebar with this user" "Commune with this user" "Dialog with this user" "Kick all users but this one"
3:58 PM
@waffles, are you there?
@LanceRoberts No
last seen 6 hours ago
@devinb "Sidebar" is kinda nice.

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