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12:26 AM
1:02 AM
This sounds like the game of my dreams.
3:33 AM
You've earned the "Generalist" badge. See your profile.
@TimStone: I only need 18 more rep before I can finally create my own tags on Gaming lol
I was actually kinda surprised there wasn't a Godfather 2 tag. o.o
Yeah, I was about to say the same thing.
3:45 AM
I didn't expect that to be one of the games no one else had questions on.
Stack Exchange needs one of those surveys like the "What career would be right for you?" except it's "What other Stack Exchange sites would be right for you?"
2 hours later…
5:35 AM
@RebeccaChernoff: I was told I could post account merge suggestions (somewhere) here...
Sent an email to "Contact Us", which didn't yield any response.
...otherwise, let me know where to go with such suggestions, since there's no other way to flag it for moderator attention.
1 hour later…
7:02 AM
I have my oral surgery today... So if you don't hear from me... Ask questions... LOTS of questions...
Luckily you can talk here with your fingers :P
2 hours later…
9:19 AM
@balpha Indeed it is an excellent interpretation what I am trying to express , thanks for that, however post was deleted before it gets -30. Hoping to seeing it MSO deleted archive
1 hour later…
10:24 AM
Hi, currently absent people. :) I am wondering whether or not I should ask a question on Meta. I found that user Mara is only promoting ZooZ in the answers given. Although full disclosure is given as well. And what's more, the CEO and CTO have done the same, though less severely.
I flagged an answer by Mara for it, which was considered helpful, but no action was undertaken. And given the FAQ on promotion, I'm not entirely sure if there's anything wrong with what they're doing. I do however remember flagging quite a few questions some time ago by other ZooZ employees who did not give disclosure.
I would say, if you want to promote your product this much, buy some advertisement. But I'm wondering if I should address this on MSO, or should just let it slide?
11:10 AM
There's a hidden page on SE sites of 'hall of fame' questions - those that have made the biggest 'impact'. I can't remember what the link is, can anyone refresh my memory?
11:23 AM
@bart - A quick glance and those users and their posts really shows that they are trying very hard to plug their product/service. I don't have much knowledge on the topic so I can not comment on the validity of the posts themselves - but it looks like every post is dealing with their company and trying to promote it. If they hide their promotion within constructive and helpful posts and fully disclose their affiliation I do not think that they are harming anyone.
@fre - you talking about this?
similarly that should work for any SE site -
@fre - this might also interest you (if you havent seen it already)
Q: List of unlinked pages on Stack Exchange sites

WTP'--Here is a list of special, unlinked pages (they may be linked in questions and answers) on Stack Exchange sites. Most pages listed here are work in progress. Currently, this list is incomplete. /reputation - show your reputation and where it came from /review - list of posts that may or may not...

@Lix Yes, thanks!
@Lix I had found that, eventually!
@Lix That's why I hesitate to bring it up. Something about it irked me. They are almost fully in line with the FAQ though. So perhaps I should just leave it at that.
11:43 AM
@bar - 100% agree with you - they seem to be dancing on the edge... You already raised a flag as you said - IMO thats all that can be done ATM...
@fre - no worries :)
@Lix Fair enough. And I just noticed that casperone also deleted and later undeleted one of Mara's answers, so they are aware of the issue. I'll let it be for now. Thanks.
11:57 AM
i am not able to coment on stack overflow and moderator deletes my answer because it has be said in coment, now what to do.
is there anybody online to answer
@Jasonvorhees It seems you don't have enough reputation yet to comment, am I right?
@Bart yes you are rite
but its tough to get reputation fast here so why not we allowed to ask things through answers
That's not how this site works. Getting a reputation of 50 is not all that hard. If you add it as an answer, it will most likely be deleted. If you're lucky it might be converted into a comment, but that might not always happen.
but in my case moderator delete my answer and now i am not able to answer any question anymore
how can i undo this
Do you get a message saying so? If so, that message most likely contains a link?
12:04 PM
yes but that link is not helpfull
What is the link you get. Can you paste it here, so we're looking at the same thing?
Sorry, we are no longer accepting answers from this account. See goo.gl/C1Kwu to learn more.
i mean how can i make myself answer again
I see you've given 11 answers so far? I think the best thing you can do is improve these answers. Make them as good as you possibly can. Even the language of them. (Spelling errors and such). If you get a couple of upvotes, that might help to the ban being lifted. I'm a not a moderator nor developer though. So I can't say with 100% certainty.
ok thanx for trying to help
i though i can talk to moderators through chat, because on mails reply comes in more then 48 hours
the record in -100
12:10 PM
@GabrielLlamas Sigh...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
@moderators: are there any moderator in this chat room
Can anybody help me to get to the moderator
@jas - whats the problem buddy? They come in and out of here...
my answering are stop by moderators and i want them to say to undo it
They will tell you the same thing that bart said...
Improving existing answers or trying to answer some more questions is the quickest and best way to lift a question ban...
my answers are banned so i cannot answer anymore , and improved some of my answer previously
12:21 PM
sadly I do not believe the mods will lift your ban just because you ask nicely
They are automatic. The mods cannot intervene even if they want to.
Q: What can I do when getting "Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions/answers from this account"?

ArjanWhile trying to ask a question, one could get: Oops! Your question couldn't be submitted because: Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions from this account. See http://goo.gl/C1Kwu to learn more. Likewise, for answers: Oops! Your answer couldn't be submitted because: ...

ok thanx to help, some of my answer are upvoted so let me try again to answer
@Jasonvorhees Do spend some time improving your current answers though. It might help.
i am doing so, some of my improved answer also upvoted. May it un banned me.
GL @jas
12:42 PM
Thanx guys it helped
> +1 I like this, but remembering not to use d all the time could be costly. I'd forget my shoes if they weren't sewn into my feet :S – Curt 10 mins ago
lol :P
Maybe he is a puppet?
ba dum tss
1:05 PM
This guy...
Q: May I ask why my answer was deleted?

Brogrammercommented: @cdeszaq, Well well, How you are going to edit existing one if you don't own one, and the second thing is if you have rights to edit still the question could be way to older and it won't show it on recent feed. The thing about us is we never care to check more then first two page while looking for potential question to answer and sometimes as an OP you need answer straight away rather just wait for the old question to be found by someone. Instead stackoverflow should add feature in which if user found old question which hasn't been asked correctly then we should be able to flag it as NONSENSE!

This guy...
really confused me with the name change :/
Ooo... The gravatar got an upgrade too.... I like it!
@Lix Totally agree. Especially when the gravatar was not his normal one
Hehe - yea :P But I did a double take this morning :P YES!
More confusion :P
@Lix Yup, but I've gotten used to that one
Yea - me too - but the change happened during a comment thread discussion - that really confused me :P
@cde - now they will know we were taking about them :P
1:13 PM
@Lix :) I hope so. The more, the merrier!
I wonder if oneboxing a user pings them... somehow I doubt it
perhaps it should... like a blog pingback
I'm so used to facebook privacy mentality... Yesterday I wanted to showing a friend something that happened here in chat and was slightly taken aback when I saw you didn't have to sign in even to see all the chat messages and even listen in :P
@cde - na - I don't think that pining the user would be a good idea... They'd have to cancel that in the mod rooms also... I'm sure they talk about us behind out backs there ;)
@Lix Heh, yeah, SO is a pretty public place. I'm sure the dev team LOVES not having to worry too much about security things
@Lix Clearly. Those that hang out in the Tavern are probably on some sort of watch-list.
hehehehehe - "The usual suspects" :P
What's the difference between chat rep and network rep? Chat shows that I have 8k, but my flair shows only 6k
Right - now which one of you doesn't have a dropbox account yet? For every person I invite I get an extra 500MB :P Who wants an invite??
1:17 PM
already have one muhahahaha
@man - chat rep is your total rep... just like the global flair
want a bitcasa invite?
@lix that is my global flair
@Manishearth Chat (in here) shows your Meta rep.
ahh no no no - not at all - my number shows my meta rep...
1:18 PM
@jad - dropbox? ^_^
shows I have 8k
Although I do not use them, I imagine chat on SO shows SO rep, and chat on SE2.0 sites uses...I don't know. Per site rep or global rep?
Well, my global rep acc to flair is 6k
so where did that extra 2k come from 0_O
I could understand if my chat rep was less than the flair rep
@Lix Sorry, I don't understand the question =/
you have a dropbox account? Forevery one I invite I get an extra 500MB storage :) interested?
1:20 PM
@Lix Its only upto 8 invites
Really, try bitcasa. Unlimited storage
(free for a year)
You can earn up to 16 GB. FOR EVA! ;)
@Manishearth The difference is that your flair only counts your SE accounts with 200+ rep, while your SE rep is all rep (including sub-200 accounts)
@cdeszaq Aah, got it...thanks
@Lix Haha, oh sorry. I follow you now. No thanks man.
THough I fail to see where 6k came from
OK, it surprisingly adds up
1:22 PM
@Lix When I got my dropbox account, I just spammed literally everyone who had ever sent me an email... about 500 people :)
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Mornin'
heya @ama
@jadarnel27 That's only on MSO chat. SE 2.0 chat shows 8k. Anyways, got it
@cde proud of yourself for that? ;)
1:23 PM
Can someone make a rebuttal answer to this: meta.stackoverflow.com/q/98926/155556 I do not want Jeff's answer to get he bounty...
@Manishearth Oh, I follow you now. Sorry, I'm apparently slow this morning.
@Lix Heh... not really. I got so many emails from people who didn't know who I was that were rather pissed at getting spammed
heheh lol
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA On it
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Wait, a good rebuttal, or any rebuttal?
1:24 PM
@ama - I don't know if i'll have a change within the next 6 hours - but if so - I'll put my $0.02 forward :)
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA It won't, he didn't answer after the bounty was started.
True, it should just fizzle
@cdeszaq good one if possible
@TimStone Yea, but I just dont want the bounty to go nowhere..
Is there any way to tell (like, from the data explorer) what percentage of posts have a comment thread that gets moved into chat?
@cdeszaq check the chat rooms. most chats that are btw x user and y user.
idk abt data explorer
1:38 PM
I am amazed at how responsive the async voting updates are. I tested it out on two computers right next to each other with my brother yesterday, and he saw the changes to his rep pretty much instantly.
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Done
A: Create comment-spawned chatrooms for the question, not for the users

ManishearthI disagree with Jeff. On sites like Physics, sometimes a discussion between a truckload of people{*} is necessary. This is usually when we have to beat out the correct answer. Here's an example. Nobody really was sure which method was correct, and we ended up having cross-discussions between co...

I hate the SO-prejudice on posts on MSO
@jadarnel27 Funny you mention that, because I haven't seen it kick in ever, anywhere, on any question. In fact, I don't see any push-updates.
@cdeszaq The only thing I can think of would be to query for comments with the exact auto-generated link text. Even then, you can't really know if anyone used it.
@cdeszaq Are you stuck using a crappy browser? I had that problem at first.
@jadarnel27 Right, that's about as far as I got with what I could possibly look for.
1:40 PM
@amanaP I'm not sure of how useful the feature would be on SO itself (I avoid SO like the plague), but other sites (Physics,Math,etc) would love it
@Manishearth why do u avoid SO?
@jadarnel27 Nah, i'm on the Chrome Dev browser (v. 19 I think?). My guess is it has to do with the odd network I'm stuck in. There's at least 1 filtering proxy and likely other things in the way.
@cdeszaq Do you check this out: caniuse.com/#search=websockets ?
@jadarnel27 So fast that it notifies you of a new comment before the comment is completely posted: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/127513/…
@jadarnel27 Yes, my browser is fine, and I think i've gotten updates from other sites
1:42 PM
@Manishearth That's great, I had not seen it. +1 =)
I'm an amateur programmer. I program for fun and/or to make stuff useful to me. On SO, you get 10 answers to a question at a time, and they are usually better than mine.

tl;dr: too fast,everyone knows more than me
I don't feel too left out, though. Hitting Ctrl+r is such a natural response (almost like a tic) that I don't really care too much
@Manishearth naaah, eventually you catch up :-)
@Manishearth The trick is to answer stuff in niche areas.
bye guys - I'm off - see you later!
1:44 PM
And even "just OK" answers still get some votes
@Lix Ciao
@cdeszaq I don't have niche areas--amateur, right?
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Yeah, I guess so. In the meantime, Physics.SE and MSO are nice places to be :D
@Manishearth Amateur doesn't mean anything. If anything, it means that you are more likely to do things that most people don't. Most professional programmers are stuck using the same tech, and rarely venture outside that (the best do, but that's a diff. story)
@cdeszaq Yep, but I don't know best practices, etc. My knowledge has holes in it as well. My two good languages (JS, PHP) are trumped by the fact that I'm not too good at jQuery and PHP is just too big... I guess I need more practice (had to sort of cut down on programming due to exams)
@cdeszaq On SO if you post a valid answer, it gets downvoted anyways if there's a better way to do it. And I usually post the way I think of first..
@Manishearth Well, you can always ask questions instead of just relying on answers. Slower rep gain, but you learn more, and speed doesn't matter
@cdeszaq Good point. I'll try that. Once certain things are cleared up, I anyway have a plan to select certain SE sites, set a goal for them, and get there
1:50 PM
@Manishearth Good idea. I used the badges and the rep/privilege ladder :)
A: Small Grammar Bug in Stackoverflow User Questions Tab

GamecatRight now we have the habit of bludgeoning any pluralizsation complainer with a giant S. This is great, but kind of messy. So I have a counter proposal: Let anybody that wants to report a pluralization bug, bake a giant sized S shaped cake and get it to the SE team (fresh and complete).

@cdeszaq Yeah, I'll do something similar. I'll identify sites that I could answer stuff at (SO,SU,scifi,literature,English,Math,UX,gamedev), and set a rep goal based on how good I feel I will be at answering stuff there.
@Manishearth One think you could try is waiting for answers to fall off the front page, and answer those. You get less upvotes (typically), but can get a lot of rep from accepts. I will look at the "no answers" tab for a tag I know a little about. For you, that might be javascript: stackoverflow.com/unanswered/tagged/…
Then go down to the one's with 1 or 2 votes, and troll through them looking for stuff you can answer =)
Just a thought.
@jdarnel nice idea, ill try that later.. I do that on Physics at times, sorting unanswered questions by votes, finding the zero-vote bunch (these are neglected), and answer these when bored.
@Manishearth ah, that's a good idea as well!
I'm sure you're tired of people bugging you about how you should use Stack Overflow now, so I shall stop =P
1:59 PM
@cdes actually, I just realised that I already knew that questions get you rep.

My fourth best site is TeX.SE. Now, my TeX is rudimentary and limited to math formatting. I ask two, extremely simple/naïve questions there, and get to 260 rep. That left me O_0 ;P
@Manishearth It seems that the simple questions that every beginner asks get the most rep. The flip-side is that many of these have already been asked.
@jad not really, though I have to leave soon. I do want to start at SO, I just never knew how.
@cde makes sense...
On physics our only 100+ upvote question is on cooling a cup of coffee. Of course, the fact that it has an awesome answer helps.
Clothing and Fashion

Proposed Q&A site for people who are enthusiastic about fashion, and about clothing, tailoring, cobbling, hatmaking, haberdashery and bespoke or couture clothing items.

Currently in definition.

Fashion.SE? Close the whole website as "too localized" =)
2:18 PM
@jad clothing is fine, but fashion changes so often that the questions won't make the inter ne t better. :/
@Manishearth I apologize if it's too personal, but I've been wondering about your username for a while, what does "man is hearth" mean?
@DanielFischer It's Manish<space>earth
funny, second person to ask me.. First been asked on Wikipedia IRC
(My name is Manish)
I really should put a space in there :/
@Manishearth Right, that was sort of my (atttempt at a) joke. They should probably take "fashion" out of the name.
2:21 PM
That would prevent misreadings ;)
@jad oh, i got the joke ;-).. But seriously, I think I'll post a discuss.area51 thingy on that
@jadarnel27 - Just posted. Thoughts?
@jadarnel27 posted
Q: 'Fashion' against spirit of SE--too localised

ManishearthProposal: Clothing and Fashion One of SE's goals is to make the internet better. This means that posts on an SE site should be useful for a future audience. This is exactly why we have the 'close as too localised' option. Now, Fashion is pretty localised. It changes by the week, day, minute, wh...

@Moshe darn you did so too :/
2:37 PM
@Manishearth Huh?
@Moshe Rather entertaining :) (and that day sounds like it totally sucks, btw)
@Moshe oh thats a blog post. Np then
@cdeszaq Oh yeah. Was not fun. :-)
It's reasons like that that I always keep my keys in my pocket (and always in the same pocket, so that I can quickly check to make sure I have them)
I could totally write a longer piece based on the story, but I'm balancing between too many personal details and being details.
@cdeszaq Same here, except the lock broke. When I got the keys, it didn't help.
2:39 PM
@Moshe I thought you were talking about a discuss.area51 post, which I announced that I was going to post above.
No, no worries. :-)
@Moshe I would write it up into a longer story. Just change the personal details with fake info.
@Manishearth You have received, from me, a vanity upvote.
@cdeszaq Perhaps. I can elaborate on the walk from 89 to 389.
Lots of random things going on there.
I was just so beat, couldn't do it. I still don't believe I wrote that email last night.
@Moshe Haha, that sounds like it was rather disheartening.
3:03 PM
@jadarnel27 Yup. I was supposed to write a paper, so... Gotta do that this afternoon.
@jad Thanks :) Unfortunately, it seems to have been cancelled out by a downvote. :/ I dn't mind downvotes, but I hate it when they go by unexplained.
3:24 PM
@Manishearth The community on TeX.SE is pretty helpful and open to newcomers, hence the typical boost to low-rep users.
@Werner makes sense.. Yeah, I try to be a bit lax(not too lax--bad posts get downvoted) in my upvoting standards on newbie posts on PhysicsSE as well.
SO posts start appearing lower in search results in 3... 2... 1...
@PopularDemand Hey, I know that handsome figure to the right there!
@Popular related: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/128143/… and the two comments below that :P
4:11 PM
Just five more reps till 1337 on MSO. After that I'll ask the devs to lock my rep ;-)
Gtg now.
@man - cheers
@lix thanks ;) Now everyone PLEASE NO MORE UPVOTES! :P
4:27 PM
@Manishearth so.... tempted.....
Downvotes on questions are free. Just sayin'.
darn vote limit :P
I guess we could occasionally serial-downvote you to balance it out :)
I want my Electorate badge :P
4:30 PM
But really, 1337? That doesn't even get you edit privileges. Shoot for 31,337!
4:45 PM
@Popular no point editing on meta, is there? Though modding would be fun. Then again, anything goes on meta so not much to mod
I have the Copy Editor badge on Meta. Clean up. All. The posts.
Good point ... Aah, ill enjoy my exalted status for a day and get back to posting...
@PopularDemand No picture? Lazy.
That's already a compromise; I usually avoid memes altogether.
This world is cruel-I now have 1042 rep :/ commits suicide :P
5:03 PM
Dibs on his rep!
How exactly do you get the dev/mods attention on a feature-request when a bounty and plenty of exposure time fails? The attached tool says "It's Aiden Bell's fault." Should I blame him? :)
@ThomasShields Keep putting bounties on it and eventually it will get picked up.
In cases like that, I generally assume that the devs are aware of the request and are intentionally ignoring it.
Unfortunately, however, it simply may not be enough of an issue for the Devs to worry about.
Also, Aiden is still on the wheel? I feel old.
5:06 PM
@cdeszaq hm. okay.
but why haven't they ?
I don't even know who Aiden Bell is.
@ThomasShields Probably because they haven't made a decision on it one way or the other
And I recognize all the other names on that wheel I believe.
@cdeszaq hm okay. Well, I hope they hurry up. I don't really care about my meta-rep that much but I don't want that (granted, quite small) bounty to go to waste
Are "completed" and "declined" the only statuses? (And I guess "reproduced" for bugs.) Is there a status tag for "back burner"?
5:09 PM
@David yeah,
Ah, hadn't seen it used.
@david [meta-tag:status,deferred]
@ThomasShields I wouldn't hold your breath too much for that request. In general, unless something gets a lot of attention and a lot of people feel strongly about it, most requests sit fairly idle.
@cdeszaq okay. :-/
5:10 PM
A: How does Meta Stack Overflow work?

Jon SeigelRequired Tags When asking a question on Meta, you must include one of the four following required tags. This helps classify questions according to the type of response needed. bug You've found an erroneous or unexpected behaviour in the system that needs to be fixed. Your question will include...

Bit of a disappointing onebox, but that explains all the possible statuses.
@PopularDemand I think that the definition might be a bit misleading.
Looks okay to me... it's an FAQ answer though, so feel free to edit.
@cde how did you make a nonmod tag red? Or is it a mod tag?
it's a [status-magical] mod tag ;)
5:16 PM
I expected that :p
A: What Easter Eggs do the chat sites have?

Popular DemandMeta Stack Overflow/(any room): red tags Send a message consisting solely of [status-SOME_PLAINTEXT_STRING] and it will appear in chat like a moderator tag. Doing this as a reply to another message is okay, but other text or formatting will not work. Gaming/The Bridge: minigame Send the mess...

It has to be on it's own line, but [status-whatever-you-want] works
Leaving noe, by guys.
And whoever gave me that second upvote, DIE ;-)
5:28 PM
@GabrielLlamas Why? It's your own question.
because I want to bet the record
the current is -100 downvotes
wow, pass*, not bet haha
If you want downvotes on a serious post, you'll have to earn them.
You'll never make it. No one cares enough about your "discussion" / rant to bother with it. In general, people only care about things that seem serious
fudge.... :P
@Lix sounds tasty
5:40 PM
Pops's Perturbing Pedantic Problem of the Day: clicking "Reject" and seeing "This edit was already approved."
how convenient that I can ask you here and not make noise in comments... @pop - what on earth are you on about? :P
You either get it or you don't.
@Lix They're all synonyms for "face book"
the latter...
I think your auto suggest needs to be tweaked to support laymans... :P
5:58 PM
@cde - say that 5 times really fast :P
@Lix Result: Thtatuth-thethauruth
I should flag the both of your for being too chatty ;)
@Lix I'm not entirely sure that is a valid flag reason on Meta...
I'm not sure that's a valid flag reason for a chatroom.
6:04 PM
sure it is :P
6:15 PM
Q: Remove Punctuation When Checking for Duplicate Titled Questions

Popular Demandcommented: Now we're making progress, @IuliusCæsar... but perhaps we should burn the entire data center from orbit on submit. Just to be sure.

I am concerned about @PopularDemand's mental health.
That escalated from deleting information off of a magnetic disk to arson pretty quickly =)
@jadarnel27 Not just any arson... Space arson
Oh, like you wouldn't fire off a plasma lance if you had the opportunity.
@cdeszaq Yes! Space arson indeed!
@PopularDemand bucketList.add(that)
@PopularDemand Well, when you put it that way...
6:29 PM
You fellas converted pretty quick, there. I guess if software engineering doesn't work out for me, I can always strike it rich as a cult leader.
Wait, what does this cult do?
Are we a space cult, @pop?
@ama I need your expertise. Offline.
Well, HTML-wise anyway
6:48 PM
Does anyone in here play the piano?
Years ago, why?
I just posted this answer on the music site, and I was just wondering if anyone with more technical piano knowledge could confirm my thought.
Sorry, insufficient expertise.
I play the piano all the time, but I didn't take lessons; so most of my knowledge is based on sound and experience (rather than classical training).
@PopularDemand Thanks for looking =)
"Sorry, insufficient expertise" would make a great answer rejection message.
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