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7:07 PM
@jadarnel27 Continuously pitched instruments (eg. string instruments like a violin) are so much easier to do a glissando on. Just slide!
My music professor would know that probably. (I say that without having looked at the question).
@cdeszaq Too true. I rarely use glissando's on the piano unless I'm trying to elicit some sort of crowd reaction. People go nuts over a well-placed glissando.
@jadarnel27 glissando?
@Moshe When you drag your fingers upwards or downwards across many notes on the piano. Typically on just the white keys or just the black keys.
@Moshe A Glissando (or "gliss") is essentially a single continuous note that goes from one pitch to another (I think). It's roughly used to emulate a vocal slide, since that's where all instrumental music comes from anyways.
7:12 PM
@cdeszaq Or some brass instruments, like the trombone =)
On a stringed instrument, it can often be done just by sliding one's finger along the string to change pitch, but on a keyed instrument, one must quickly key successive notes to give the illusion of a continuous pitch change.
Well said.
@jadarnel27 Very true, but there aren't too many others that can, other that strings. Tympani, trombone, trumpet (a little, if you're good). Wind instruments can to some degree by changing the lip vibration speed, but it's a very minor level of control in most cases.
(yes, I was a music nerd in high school. Musicals and show choir as well, but shhh...don't tell anyone)
@jadarnel27 I'm not sure if that's all 100% accurate, but it's my understanding anyways :)
@cdeszaq Other than "since that's where all instrumental music comes from anyways.", I think it's all good =) I'm no music history buff, but that doesn't sound right.
@jadarnel27 It's close. Stringed instruments, in particular, exist so that those who can't sing can still "sing" with their hands. Violin == soprano, viola == alto, cello == tenor, bass == bass. I just extrapolated to wind instruments ;-)
7:27 PM
@cdeszaq Those specific stringed instruments sound pretty vocal, but most other stringed instruments do not (I don't think).
@jadarnel27 Very true. I guess I never thought about that when my orchestra teacher was filling my head with BS :) (though I still think there's at least a nugget of truth in the idea that instruments were invented so that humans can mimic other sounds)
@cdeszaq I do agree with that "nugget of truth" sentiment. My twin brother majored in music, so he probably knows some about it. I should really ask him.
Anyone here playing Draw... whatsit... something... Something!
@Moshe I try to avoid being on my iPhone more than it's utility requires, so no. I have too many other things to do than to play games (at least on a device with a small screen ;-) )
For those looking to learn a bit more about REST URL design:
A: Clean url vs Queried strings - Web service request from my iOS Client

cdeszaqURL Construction One of the most critical things to remember about REST URL construction is that each URL should identify a single resource. In general, this means that URLs are typically broken down into parts: Lists of top-level objects: /users and /photos Top-level object instance: /users/1...

</blatant self promotion>
@Moshe I have played it some.
7:37 PM
@cdeszaq Haha.
is there any moderator i can talk to
@cdeszaq I've been doing iOS and REST for a while. Will def look into that!
@Moshe My brain is chock-full of REST info, so if you want to dive really deep, let me know. I don't have a blog up yet, but if I know others are interested, I'd be more than happy to start brain-dumping what I can for others' benefit.
@Jason_vorhees There don't seem to be any mods hanging around currently, but perhaps we lowly plebes can help you out?
@cdeszaq Please do. Actually, maybe we can chat about a project of mine in another context.
one of my post is targetly downvoted and i am loosing my repo so i need to talk to moderators about it
7:43 PM
@Moshe Ok, I'll get on getting something going. And I'm more than happy to chat about just about anything. I'm a gmail user, and my screen name is the same just about everywhere, so feel free to drop me an email or whatever.
@Jason_vorhees Which post?
@cdeszaq Thanks.
Q: Is there any method to catch users who never select answers?

Jason_vorheesSome users on Stack Overflow or Meta post their question only, so many users take their time to answer them but they do not bother to select any best answer, and some don't even take time to upvote any of them. So my question is whether there is any mechanism on the SO site to catch users with ...

Q: Is there any method to catch users who never select answers?

Jason_vorheesSome users on Stack Overflow or Meta post their question only, so many users take their time to answer them but they do not bother to select any best answer, and some don't even take time to upvote any of them. So my question is whether there is any mechanism on the SO site to catch users with ...

@Jason_vorhees There isn't really anything mods can do about it, but did you read the comments on your question? They might explain some things to you.
like, about how Meta votes tend to work
Specifically, this comment:
thanx for your help but i think its my mistake to ask something on meta
7:46 PM
Jason, it's at -8, your answer to the other is at +4, so today you are at +24 rep. One good answer and you can forget the unhappy experience.
@Jason_vorhees No, it never hurts to ask. Just don't be scared away when others don't agree with your idea
It's not nice to be downvoted, but that's how meta ticks, people don't like your idea, you get a lot of downvotes, people like it, and you get a lot of upvotes.
ohky thanx for your time, now have to go.thanx
But do come back.
7:48 PM
now its -9 and i think it will make my repo to 1 soon
I always imagined Jason Voorhees being tougher than this.
@cdeszaq Just added you on Google chat.
:92791 each down-vote is only -2, and an up-vote on an answer is +10. All you have to do is answer a single question and you're back in the black.
hehehehheh....jason vorhees is tough always...its just a discussion which i am making
7:52 PM
@Moshe Cool. My work firewall block GChat though, so you may have better luck via other channels. I'm on Freenode IRC (same user name) and also on Skype (look for "gogzmer"), so you may have better luck via those routes. Or just plain email :)
Ah, skype
Class is over in 5 min, but I'll add you to skype
@Moshe k
@cdeszaq Added, please confirm.
Q: Does a MacBook Pro need a power adapter to work in the Bahamas?

MosheA classmate asked me if the US MacBook Pro adapters are usable in the bahamas. It boils down to the type of electricity and outlets there, but being that I have no clue, I'm asking here. Does a USA compatible MacBook Pro adapter require an adapter for the Bahamas?

@Moshe is that really on-topic on that Apple.se?
Don't think so... not sure.
8:07 PM
@jadarnel27 It's about Apple things... where else might it go?
The real issue is that a quick google search gets the answer :)
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA FAQ says questions about apple hardware are on-topic.
@cdeszaq Even ignoring the Google search thing (which is true, good call), that's a question about...power adapters. I don't think it has anything to do with "Apple hardware"
@jadarnel27 It's specifically about "US MacBook Pro adapters". The question title isn't particularly good, but it does specify the MacBook Pro power adapter.
It's on the edge, but I would say it's squarely in the realm of "questions people ask about Apple products", so I would call it on-topic. (and as you can see, I'm answering things on that SE site all the time ;-) )
@cdeszaq Haha, yes I see that =)
It's just speculation on my part (I participate there slightly less than you =P)
Hey... put that link back! I didn't get to click it!
Link stealing... <grumble /> <grumble />
8:18 PM
maniacal laughter
@jadarnel27 I believe you meant: maniacal laugh... maniacal laugh.
I was trying to subtly pick on @TimStone for doing multiple Data Explorer ahead of mine by linking to the Wikipedia article on the Queue data structure.
Implying that he does not know how a queue works. See what I did there?
@jadarnel27 :) well played.
user image
Gosh, I am hilarious. I should go into stand up comedy.
@jadarnel27 I think the same thing all the time. And then I drink my morning coffee
8:21 PM
@cdeszaq Hahaha, I love that picture. Fantastic.
@jadarnel27 It's one of my faves
In computer science, a priority queue is an abstract data type which is like a regular queue or stack data structure, but additionally, each element is associated with a "priority". * stack — elements are pulled in last-in first-out-order (e.g. a stack of papers) * queue — elements are pulled in first-in first-out-order (e.g. a line in a cafeteria) * priority queue — elements are pulled highest-priority-first (e.g. cutting in line, or VIP service). It is a common misconception that a priority queue is a heap. A priority queue is an abstract concept like "a list" or "a map"; just as a list...
@TimStone @jadarnel27 Burn
@TimStone slays jadarnel27 with Sarcasm of the Ancients
8:27 PM
I do believe, sir, that he just called you old

8:43 PM
@jadarnel27 Hey, didn't I post a comment much like this recently? You thief! ;-)
Q: Adding a chat module

jadarnel27commented: "Certain queries and question require immediate attention" - If they really require immediate attention, you should probably go to a paid service. The folks on Stack Overflow are volunteering their time and expertise.

@cdeszaq Did you really?
I'm psychic!
Slightly more words, but same idea:
Q: May I ask why my answer was deleted?

cdeszaqcommented: @Bro - In fact, anyone can suggest an edit to almost any post. And even better is the fact that questions with edited posts (either the question or any of it's answers) are put back into the recent feed as if they were just asked. Adding a bounty to a question is also a very good way of getting answers. Also, poor questions can be flagged. Lastly, if you need an answer right away, perhaps you should not be reliant on a free service like Stack Overflow but instead should pay better programmers who better know what they are doing.

Haha, oh yeah I read that earlier.
Ok, so, not the same at all, but w/e
:) It was a fun one
9:13 PM
Project, wanted to get your feedback.
2 hours later…
10:55 PM
@NullUserException: Read the last sentence of the last comment on my post carefully: More that 192-244 had less than 50 K
@ConradFrix: Can you please clarify this to NullUserException because he simply still doesn't get it and even locked the confusing version of your question. Check if this revision is fine and tell him that it is so. Null User Exception was pretty ignorant and just nit-picking on me, hence he doesn't understand what your question is about...
@TomWijsman His question is perfectly fine
I understood it from the start
@NullUserException: The question is not about the 1 difference or about what cumulative means, it is rather about why More that 192-244 had less than 50 K is not visible in the image.
No you didn't, you were asking me to define cumulative and asked for clarification yourself.
@TomWijsman Your reading comprehension skills fail you
And then when there is clarification (that is supposed to be edited into the meta question so that anyone can benefit and I can remove my answer) you simply ignore it.
> it is rather about why More that 192-244 had less than 50 K is not visible in the image.
11:01 PM
@NullUserExceptionอ_อ It's not my problem if you aren't clear enough, you seem to be pretty confused in your comments and actions.
@NullUserExceptionอ_อ It's what his comment says.
@TomWijsman I am not confused at all. I was trying to make you understand.
In fact @ConradFrix has sent me a comment the moment you locked the post telling that my edit was fine.
Sorry that you got dragged into this, @ConradFrix
11:02 PM
The question, as I understood it is:
What does this number "244" represent?
> I don't think the OP cares about the 1 difference. S/he just noted that 190+54=244, but doesn't understand what "cumulative" means. It's a meaningless number.
Exactly. 244 is a meaningless number
It's cumulative in the sense that it adds the other two up.
11:04 PM
That's simply what cumulative means, we pretty much all understand what that means with a dictionary.
So, your comment was meant to be:
> I don't think the OP cares about the 1 difference. S/he just noted that 190+54=244, but doesn't understand what the number represents.
@TomWijsman Same thing
No, it's not, because understanding what cumulative means is out of the question here.
@TomWijsman I think it's safe to assume everyone knows what the word "cumulative" means
Then after that, you keep on dragging about that, while the meaning of that word it is completely irrelevant and known.
@NullUserExceptionอ_อ Not everyone studied academics or is a good native English speaker.
Then, after all that dragging on you actually did what you were supposed to do and get clarification.
Then he clearly stated More that 192-244 had less than 50 K
But after that you simply ignore that that string can actually benefit future readers, which is why I edited the whole question to represent that.
@TomWijsman I am telling you the question became more confusing after the edit
The reason why I said
11:09 PM
Removed the 1 difference confusion, removed the wrong calculation confusion and clarifying that that 244 mismatches with the image.
@NullUserExceptionอ_อ Why?
let me finish this first
the reason why I said
> but doesn't understand what "cumulative" means.
is because the tooltip says "Cumulative users: 244"
@NullUserException: As a foreign visitor, I read stuff like that literally.
Yes, and I first told what that means, it's a simple sum.
@TomWijsman Yes, but what does this sum represent?
@NullUserException: I think you mean respresent instead of means, and that in the context, not really about the word.
Now back to why I think the edit is confusing:
you state "This is a result of the following computation"
11:12 PM
I don't really care about my answer or it's comment thread, I deleted it after the clarification came.
What computation?
Okay, you can leave that out
@NullUserExceptionอ_อ It is pseudo code to a computation.
R<(100K) - R>(50K) = ...
R>(50K) = ...
Or well, you could reform the last to be dependent on the other stuff, depends on what input you have available.
@NullUserException: But is there anything else in that edit confusing? Because according to the time that seemed more like a reflex.
@TomWijsman I am editing the question
@NullUserException: And Random's edit summary is pretty pointless. But well, not your business I guess.
Cooks the book? :/
@TomWijsman "cooking the book" is an expression, see:
> to record false information in the accounts of an organization, especially in order to steal money (usually in continuous tenses)
11:21 PM
@NullUserException: I'm OK with your edit, [raises white flag].
Yeah, clicking the Dutch link on Wikipedia made it immediately clear with the title.
@TomWijsman This is probably a bug
Indeed, now I understand it it definitely seems to be so.
@NullUserException: The table itself is showing the cumulative counts, whereas the tooltip shows the cumulative of the cumulative counts.
Yeah, the query is just returning a different type of sums than the view code expects...I don't have a good explanation for the off-by-one issue, though, but. shrugs and goes to get food out of the oven
> I think that this is easily solved by just getting rid of the tooltip or making it accumulate in the other direction, because the table itself already shows the cumulative counts. That's why there is a + in 50,000+. Perhaps they were using a table helper that adds cumulative tool tips by default?
Placed that as a comment.
@TomWijsman It would be nice if the tables actually showed something like what the OP has in his question
11:28 PM
@NullUserExceptionอ_อ Amended that in my comment.
Hmm, they actually just have to subtract the current tool-tip number from the last number in the table.
100K+: 100 users
50K to 100K: 150 users
then have the tooltip give us 50K+ (100+150 = 250)
I'm not entirely sure, but I think it used to be the case that the numbers in the table were the count of users between that rep and the next higher listed, and the 'cumulative users' tooltip showed the total number of users with at least X rep. Can anybody confirm or refute?
@DanielFischer IDK, maybe that's the way it used to be
that would explain why this bug is there now
I think it was, but I've never cared enough about those numbers to be sure.
@DanielFischer It's interesting how less than 1% of registered users have more than 3K
11:34 PM
@DanielFischer No idea, I remember it being + but haven't looked at them much so not sure.
We are the 1%! Yay :)
It used to work that way... at least the time I complained about the user leagues meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/109980/…
@NullUserException Yes, the average rep is astonishingly low.
Thanks for the edit and sorry for interrupting, see you... :)
:The term "Pareto principle" can also refer to Pareto efficiency. The Pareto principle (also known as the 80–20 rule, the law of the vital few, and the principle of factor sparsity) states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. Business-management consultant Joseph M. Juran suggested the principle and named it after Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, who observed in 1906 that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population; he developed the principle by observing that 20% of the pea pods in his garden contained 80% of the peas. It is a ...
11:42 PM
@TomWjsman subtracting the tooltip from the previous row wouldn't actually work except for the first two rows
Yeah, but it's rather extreme with less than 1% above 3K and 3% above 1K. How hard is it to achieve 1K?
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