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8:00 PM
(also it's not like there's a great many commands, wasd/arrows, space, left click, right click and escape.)
@moguzalp I've edited your question
please look at it and see if I understood correctly what you meant
it wasn't easy :)
@balpha Thanks
If it really is just "implement this other thing", that doesn't really warrant a new post. Put a bounty on the other request if you want
@MichaelMrozek How many of them, even put bounty useless
Well, if they're all there's not much you can do about it. Posting another question that says "no really...do those other feature requests" isn't going to convince them
8:14 PM
Q: "waiting for cdn.sstatic.net" waits too much

moguzalpWhen I open a question at stackoverflow.com it comes at a normal time (instantly or 1 second), but if I refresh the page by F5 I wait for about 5 seconds, sometimes more. The browser status says: waiting for cdn.sstatic.net Is there something wrong with the Content Delivery Network from sstati...

cdn does not work and that is not the first time asked
and no work about it
@balpha you did really good edit, thanks again ):
@moguzalp I can understand you being frustrated (to a certain extent), but StackExchange is a business. I'm sure alot of things (that we are not privy to) go into the priority of various bugs and feature requests.
@jadarnel27 meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/121547/… I know about business part, but it should be good business
@moguzalp I agree. I'm just saying that we cannot see the whole picture, and they can.
My understanding of CDNs isn't that deep, but it sounds like you're basically asking them to put a server close to you. Based on the somewhat old data collected at this blog post and this one, declining that request seems like the right move for them.
@jadarnel27 Come on, you give your very valuable time to SO and it is becoming facebook
@PopularDemand if you read the CDN questions comments, it is like Eurovision :)
8:24 PM
I rarely use facebook, and I have it blocked on NoScript 99% of the time, but it doesn't seem anything like Stack Exchange.
@moguzalp Hmmm. StackExchange treats their users better than most companies I've ever seen. There's a huge amount of transparency (via meta) that most other websites / companies can't even compare to. And, they make nearly constant tweaks, changes, and improvements. I'm not sure what you're complaining about.
@moguzalp While I sympathise with your situation, it does seem more likely that the problem is between you and the CDN, rather than with the CDN itself. Otherwise a significantly larger portion of users would be complaining.
and my time is really not that valuable. Maybe yours is, but I just like coming here
So everybody semms to be happy with new trend SE of becoming facebook. I asked my question, some people understand me. I worried not a site become become facebook but there so many precious work inside, even if we ignore all, JON SKEET
@moguzalp I think you're operating from a false premise. You have to get people on board with you on the "SE is becoming Facebook" front. Perhaps you need to make a better case for that?
8:28 PM
No, that's not what we said at all. You're the only one who thinks SE is "becoming Facebook," whatever that even means.
> I asked my question, some people understand me.
I hope you don't mean me by that
I understand that we have a bit of a language barrier, but I start to get unhappy when words get put in my mouth.
I certainly didn't understand how you're constructing the facebook thing
@PopularDemand Sorry sorry, that is not intention
It's cool.
8:31 PM
I, for one, won't be happy until SE lets me unfriend people.
@PopularDemand I know people are here genius and philosophies meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/116345/… and as I already told to many work
I am trying to very respectful
Do you mean by "becoming Facebook" that Stack Overflow is somehow disregarding its user base, putting importance not on issues that the users bring up, but on their own agenda? I'm very inclined to disagree there if that's the case, but.
Related to all this discussion: oh that Cody Gray.
and when I see sliding animation on SE , "oh no!"
@Shog9 Why waste the devs' time? You've done a fine job of that all on your own.
8:35 PM
@TimStone It is about making site modern in "facebook" way, "do we need it?"
@moguzalp You're forgetting the most facebookish aspect of SE: comments. Each and every post, its own festering little "wall".
@moguzalp Just because Facebook has used a particular UI technique, doesn't mean that technique is inherently evil.
I'm a busy man, @Pops - there are too many unfriends to be made for this not to be automated.
@Shog9 Let's bring back the "pressing enter submits comment" discussion to reminisce about the good ol' days.
@jadarnel27 first: share icons then sliding animation next ??
8:36 PM
Cody really needs to start publishing a newsletter so that I may subscribe to it. As well as stand for moderator in the next election.
@Shog9 I dont get you
You misspelled repfarmville.
@jadarnel27: Replace that "FARMVILLE" link with "BIEBER MUSIC" and I'm in!
@moguzalp I'm just a simple man, a simple man who hates prejudice. Especially prejudice against inhuman websites. Facebook has many fine features we could and should strive emulate. I particularly like the ability to close (not delete) my account; in fact, that was the single most useful feature I ever did find on ol' FB.
8:41 PM
Oh nice!
@Shog9 I just tried to express my observations, probably I am wrong but I am saying again, it is not acceptable that share icons. By the way I keep my facebook account because of my applications and my profile pic :)
@PopularDemand lol
@animuson Haha, you would like that, wouldn't you?
@moguzalp I don't find the "share" icons particularly useful either. Then again, I don't much like the pop-up "link" feature - what's wrong with right-click, copy link... or just copying it out of the address bar? However, these were heavily-requested features - folks find them convenient, and they encourage something we like - sharing posts with folks you know.
@Shog9 and also making the site is a risky. everybody loves stack over flow and stack exchange. As looking in business way, why that risk?
8:45 PM
making the site modern is risky, I mean
@Shog9 Wait, someone requested that annoying popup thing? Who was it? There's some shins that need to be kicked...
@Shog9 I can guess this feature requested by new users, but in this answer meta.stackoverflow.com/a/80910/168587 there must be more explanation
What's the importance of getting rid of those links? (Unlike that annoying link popup -_-) They don't actually interfere with your use of the site. :/
Q: What's a good UI for sharing permalinks?

Vitaly MijiritskyThis is from a post on the SO Blog: So how do you share questions? I mentioned in an earlier post that we support a shorter URL form specifically for sharing: http://diy.stackexchange.com/q/970/123 You can access the shorter URL form using the twitter and facebook sharing ...

@TimStone Google already serving totally to Stack Overflow :) "do we need it :)"
8:49 PM
I couldn't care whether they stayed or went, but if I posted something on Meta for every little thing I found mildly objectionable...whew.
The 1 pixel inconsistencies, argh!
Oh @TimStone: They just made it so that your voting fraud reversal isn't expandable. It's just plain text. So no nesting issues. :)
@animuson Ah yeah, I saw that was completed :)
@Shog9 Son of a...
That popup totally link-blocks me.
@TimStone I know. Need to paste it into the address bar, hit the enter key, and then copy the link again to get the one I'm after.
8:51 PM
I want to click-thru to the canonical URL so that people can get the title slug on mouse over when I link intra-site, but I have to open in a new tab instead.
But then, I'm picky like that.
Exactly that, yes.
-19 votes and counting, I think I should study on a constructive question which is topic "Stack Exchange and Facebook" :)
Actually, I have no idea why I haven't just userscripted that away. The hell is wrong with me?
@TimStone 'cause you can ctrl+click it and avoid most of the annoyance?
8:53 PM
@moguzalp Well, someone tried to vindicate you:
Q: Intended purpose behind the recent Stack Exchange homepage change

phwdIs the revamp of Stack Exchange and realtime update of questions related to any social/marketing plans of Stack Exchange and to an extent CHAOS (External Relations) work? Did the previous page layout prove not be beneficial to users? moguzalp* and maybe others have noticed a modernization to Sta...

@Shog9 Yeah, but I have Chrome-crashing many tabs open as it is.
I'll put that on my todo list after everything else I've been trying to finish up recently, argh.
@TimStone Damn, that's cool, I already meet with that user on other topic, he is expressing the issues very very good way
Some stupid life insurance company keeps trying to call me for an interview. -.-
I get the impression you're not interested. :P
Maybe they know something you don't about your future.
It must be positive if they're willing to hire him.
8:55 PM
Haha being a life insurance agent. That's like wanting the world to hate you...
He never said it was a job interview.
Point taken.
"We're just interested in how someone can score so incredibly low on our insurability scale. Are there others like you? How have you survived this long?"
It apparently isn't the greatest place to work if they're that insistent on getting people to come interview...
Oh...I was doing work like an hour ago, wasn't I?
8:57 PM
@PopularDemand: HAHA that actually matches me pretty well. Me and my 16.8 BMI, with my birth defect with my right kidney which the doctors kept saying "we can't believe you're not in pain!"
Hang on while I refresh my memory about what BMIs are considered healthy.
under 20 is underweight, over 30 is overweight
My doctor has only explained this to me every single time I go to see him
Last time he even showed me the computer monitored and pointed at some red flashing text, said "See that, it's flashing Patient is Underweight"
Like doctors really need a flashy-ma-jig to figure out that 16.8 < 20
Hey man, even the people who click on "YOU ARE THE MILLIONTH VISITOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" banners have to see doctors at some point.
I've still never received my 4 reputation for the suggested edits :(
9:22 PM
user image
@team, Jin is sleeping on the job! (That is what that icon means, yes?)
Does Google really need to email me to tell me I have a new voicemail on my phone? Come on... That just makes my phone buzz twice for two alerts representing the same thing... -.-
@animuson You can turn that off
@PopularDemand ha.. i haven't slept in 30hrs.
had a terrible migraine lastnight, couldn't sleep
9:32 PM
You should probably not be replying to me, then. Go find a bed for real!
I'm spending more time in the review panel. :P
I'm starting to think that Nick Craver is being punished for something.
I'm starting to think Nick Craver is the only one who knows there's a hidden treasure underneath the stack of red tags in the SE warehouse.
@PopularDemand: I didn't know that you had edited as well, or I'd have probably rolled back to that instead. :P
10:21 PM
1 inform moderator flags remaining - I have to make it count!
10:51 PM
Q: Your New Beta Theme

Robert CartainoYour site looks a bit different today. The design changes are a "sneak peek" at the new Stack Exchange Beta theme. Yes, we are getting rid of the 'Sketchy' look and replacing it with a more-polished and finished design for sites in beta. We chose Judaism SE to premiere this new theme because we ...

@YiJiangsProble_ Yea, i just saw that
@YiJiangsProble_ :o
Its waay too polished :-P
Man, all sorts of updates. I feel like a slacker now.
10:56 PM
@TimStone: Get with the program, man!
I know, -1 to me.
A: Your New Beta Theme

NaftaliOn the bottom corner of the chat the logo seems forced: Maybe remove the white box from around the logo, or lighten the general background (I am not sure of the way to go about this, but there must be some way so it fits seamlessly)

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