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6:00 PM
@user I wouldn't know. I've never eaten a human.
I suspect you meant equines (horses) and not equestrians (horse riders) :)
Or, I don't know. People have strange tastes ;)
@terdon I'm too proud to admit I'm wrong, so let's just pretend I'm a cannibal :P
Well, I used to be a cannibal before discovering the magical properties of waffles
Ah, a reformed cannibal. Wonderful!
Well, I'm a monkey now, so it doesn't count as cannibalism anymore anyway
6:06 PM
Dunno, code monkeys are a pretty wide category as species go.
I'd love to see a programmer ride a unicorn through an office building
@user Second does yesterday. Muscle fatigue, injection site soreness. Nothing else yet.
I hear unicorn meat is the best.
Perhaps the best meat, but surely not the best food
There's nothing like a waffle drenched in maple and chocolate syrup, with slices of a banana on top
I had the same reaction to both, tiredness, stomach issues, mild headaches. Less on the 2nd jab though. Passed within a day or so. I had the AZ jabs
Both times the reaction was a couple of days delayed.
6:25 PM
Moderna, and hopefully I won't have any more issues.
The word unicorn appears 46 times in the Stack Overflow codebase, 42 of which are to a function called formatUnicorn
One of which is to this adorable illustration
What about the last 3?
Two are something with some fake link generation with the editor, and the last one is just some test data in an automated test
It's honestly less than I expected
6:35 PM
The Complete List Of Unicorn Companies - CB Insights
I think we qualify as a unicorn company? 🦄
decacorn and hectocorn are interesting new words from that link
most definitely. one that delivers waffles.
@KylePollard Oh man... The temptation to remove some just so there'd be exactly 42 must be overpowering!
42 calls to formatUnicorn works for me :)
6:55 PM
@KylePollard that sounds like the Jobs mascot (RIP?)
it had a name... but I can't recall it
@g3rv4 It was in a developer story email, yeah!
:) I guess there are more unicorns in the Talent codebase
@g3rv4 I count 7 in the Careers codebase!
99 total across the entire organization
7:03 PM
yesterday, by Shadow Wizard Wearing Mask V2
7:17 PM
@KylePollard Yours? Does Marketing come to you for puns now?
@Catija Come hang out in #stackoverflowknows :)
... y'all have a channel for that? Oof.
Here's my latest suggestion for the next batch
Q: How does Mickey Mouse's "upslide" work?

corsiKaIf a magic slide isn't fantasy I don't know what is. I've been watching The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with my 21 month old and I'm becoming more and more frustrated by the "Upslide". When one person goes on the upslide, let's say Mickey, he sits on it backwards and the upslide pulls him up. When h...

Can you tell I've been watching with my toddler
Now that theme song is stuck in my head.
You are evil.
7:19 PM
That show is ... so repetitive and weird.
Ah, but you don't have PBS kids, so I guess I have to make allowances. :P
Yeah the greatest enemy of Canadian content: licensing restrictions
Trying to think of what else we watch on Disney... Oh Bluey... do y'all have that? It's adorable.
Haven't heard of it, will give it a go :)
It's Australian, I think.
Two sisters (who are, I think Blue heeler dogs), and their parents. They have lots of fun playing pretend and learn a lot of valuable lessons about responsibility and stuff like that... That said, the parents make me feel guilty because they're way better parents than I am. :P
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8:40 PM
I have a bad Friday. Why do I write two meta answers today, one on MSO and one on MSE that both attract pedants that think leaving comments make me change my mind much.
@rene That's the risk of writing answers on Fridays... Or Thursdays, Wednesdays, Tuesdays, Mondays, Sundays or Saturdays...
That's comforting ;)
I'm really good at that XD
At least I looked up the word pedants so I learned a thing.
9:00 PM
Q: Is this what 'No good deed goes unpunished' means?

FuzzyNavelIs this what 'No good deed goes unpunished' means? No matter how good you are or how many good deeds you do (or favors you do) for someone, s/he will always find fault with (bitch about) them and will not be truly appreciative. Could someone please cite an example of this idiom's usage, please?...

9:16 PM
@Tinkeringbell I like the way you went backwards there :)
9:51 PM
@DavidPostill Forward would make me realize how short the weekend is, but now I can be grateful for surviving the entire week :P
10:31 PM
A uh... Particularly fiery post that was self-deleted currently stands at two undelete votes. Should it be mod-deleted?
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