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12:39 AM
Awww, it's locked; but I feel we dodged a bullet, as it's premise is probably best brought up on MSE.
There are a lot of good back and forths, ones even better than this, but I like it:
Eh... Hate to be so contrarian, @Cerb - but I'm pretty sure my posts have received more downvotes in total than the combined total of those from the other folks in this discussion... And my ego is HUGE! — Shog9 Feb 26 at 22:29
6 hours later…
6:58 AM
7 messages moved to Chimney
@JNat cross-site spammer : stackexchange.com/users/19174036/steven-jones (not linking to a site, just promoting the same product)
@rene spam comment got upvote... @JourneymanGeek can you detect sock accounts for this spammer?
7:28 AM
@Tinkeringbell he could watch it on a phone in his bed, this way harder to catch...
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating Hahaha. Sending a two year old to bed witha phone sounds like a bad idea.
@Tinkeringbell two?! Oh lol didn't get it.
Well my 8 y/o wakes up early on purpose to get more "phone time", but not 3 AM.... most early he's allowed is 5 AM, but usually he's waking up around 6.
TV in our house is right next to our (parents) bedroom so we can easily hear if one of the kids try to use it at night. ;)
@Tink is this your Covidiot brother?
7:59 AM
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating Yeah, he was cuter when he was young.
8:16 AM
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating no my son ;)
he started saying picka picka chuuu lately, and I honestly don't know where he got that from
@rene hmmm, it looks like Smokey neither reported this post nor spat out an error...looks like you managed to report it mid-reboot.
@Tinkeringbell but still a rascal... :D
@Luuklag so he doesn't watch TV in 3 am? ;)
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating nope ;)
I would be amazed if he did
he would have to climb out of his bed, open the gate at the stairs, and get down safely, then find the remote, and turn it on.
8:34 AM
@RyanM @Tinkeringbell can you hand me in private the link that was present on the comment here so I can add a watch for Smokey?
Is it worth migrating this to law? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/361636/…
@Luuklag I think we've got a few folks there whose wheelhouse it's in
@Luuklag sounds easy enough. :P
For my 2 cents, I think it's a reasonable question for Law.SE
@RyanM yeah I had the same laymans opinion. It is a decent question, and probably already asked bazillion times
8:44 AM
I couldn't find an exact duplicate, but there are some similar-ish ones
I would vote Leave Open if presented that dupe in review
@RyanM agreed
@Luuklag @tink @journ you agree?
@Luuklag I'll see :)
Hmm. Help center on law se isn't that useful, I don't know if this would be legal theory or asking for advice on a specific matter... I asked Law mods to take a look and let me know :)
9:01 AM
@Tinkeringbell cool :) Best not to migrate crap anyways ;)
IMO it's sufficiently abstract and hypothetical that it's not a request for specific legal advice - it doesn't ask what they should do, it asks what the law is
9:43 AM
Look who's here!
1 hour later…
10:43 AM
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating where?
@VariousAbove, but isn't this (one of) the dupe, on Law.SE:
Q: Who licenses Stack Exchange content to end users?

ArtOfCodeIf I take content that's posted on Stack Exchange (or, more generically, from a site that publishes user content based on a CC BY-SA license) and re-use it elsewhere, who is my license from? Is it the author themselves, or is it from Stack Exchange (from the publishing site)? Relatedly, who has t...

11:04 AM
@Rob I don't think so. The question was specifically about obtaining copyright on re-used code.
Which is different then licensing it.
@Luuklag Did you read the first sentence in their question?
Q: Does the originality requirement within U.S. copyright law mean that some Stack Overflow code snippets are not copyrightable?

KBurchfielI understand that code on Stack Overflow is licensed under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license, and that fair use doctrine may not apply to code snippets. I also recognize that it is ideal to rewrite code posted on Stack Overflow in our own words, both for legal reasons and for the learning experience it pres...

yes, but the precise question is this @Rob: "In other words, I am wondering if the originality requirement implies that some code snippets on Stack Overflow may not be original enough to be copyrightable in the U.S. Please let me know your thoughts."
That's not really different than us saying that you used words in your sentence that appear in comments visible above, amongst numerous other places, yet you didn't include attribution. --- Their (poor) example was can you include the file with an import statement; which if you didn't do it would be unusable; a better example would be to ask if you could copy some code from the included file. - Doing so is still subject to whatever terms it is offered under.
If the duplicate doesn't answer your entire question, then the correct thing to do is to edit to clarify your question and explain how the duplicate doesn't address it, not just send it somewhere else. — animuson ♦ May 22 '17 at 2:22
12:12 PM
@rene here!
@g3r hey! All back to normal with daughter by now? :)
1 hour later…
1:17 PM
@Spevacus Ah yes, the good old 'downvotes give me feelings so they must be bad' XD
(Catching up now)
Oh it gets better.
Hahaha yeah, it seems people are getting very bored during their lockdowns.
1:38 PM
someone should make this into a novel ;)
Once upon a time, a few kids were building a sand castle. Someone came by and trampled the sand castle. All the kids got mad at each other: The first kid wanted to punch the one that destroyed the castle, the second one wanted to kick, and a third one just wanted to snitch to a parent :P
Was it so he would get candy?
Cause snitches get snickers?
I think it was because he was too much of a coward for a good old playground fight.
2:20 PM
On the contrary, he clearly knows how to let other people to do the dirty work
Hmm. Sure, I think the novel can work with a narcissistic, manipulative, sociopathic manager type kind of charcacter too.
you guys don't like appeal to authority?
I do. It works great to overpower my parents in argument.
2:35 PM
Oh, same color scheme!
Actually, same game genre too.
Hmm, I don't recognize that one though. If it's a spoiler, I don't want to know!
no, simple a screen / ads for another dungeon crawler game
Ahh. Well it looks okay :) I still have my own to finish though :P
2:42 PM
Yep, I posted that one to basically imply the same but in reverse (I still have to find time to finish that one)
Finding time isn't hard here, finding the will to actually do it is :P
@JohnDvorak I appreciate the proper use of it
3:04 PM
Roberta Arcoverde on March 03, 2021
In order to get the most performant site possible when building the codebase for our public Stack Overflow site, we didn’t always follow best practices.
@Feeds duh. To have best efficiency, write it from scratch in Assembly.
C++ is also faster than ASP.NET, surely it can be converted to C++ application running on unix OS.
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating To make it really efficient: Make it do nothing :P
Next they'll be converting it back to Perl. - Feeds, give up on this line of articles.
@Tinkeringbell nah, it's hard to do nothing
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating I've been doing nothing for very long periods of time :D
Didn't find it particularly hard :P
3:18 PM
Practice makes perfect.
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating the fragrant smell of "cut the cost, let our human expendable resource handle the mess" in the morning....
@Tinkeringbell Expert: the one who knows more and more about less and less.
Therefore, the real expert is the one who knows everything about nothing.
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating Pretty sure its in C# cause that's that the team liked best at the time :D
3:41 PM
@SPArcheon indeed
@JourneymanGeek Team Jeff
I do wonder how Google keeps the search results so fast, searching billions of records in matter of milliseconds. That's magic to me.
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating the opposite approach. Throw hardware at the problem
@SPArcheon Probably true :)
3:58 PM
@JourneymanGeek still... must be some software magic sauce too.
4:17 PM
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating Spanner / F1:
Bigtable is a compressed, high performance, proprietary data storage system built on Google File System, Chubby Lock Service, SSTable (log-structured storage like LevelDB) and a few other Google technologies. On May 6, 2015, a public version of Bigtable was made available as a service. Bigtable also underlies Google Cloud Datastore, which is available as a part of the Google Cloud Platform. == History == Bigtable development began in 2004 and is now used by a number of Google applications, such as web indexing, MapReduce, which is often used for generating and modifying data stored in Bigtable...
Challenge: Look up "Google Search" using Google Search, and get the desired result above.
@Rob yes that's part of the magic.
2 hours later…
6:30 PM
My sister is bathing my kids, giving me some time off. :D
6:49 PM
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating you're learning how to delegate stuff?
7:01 PM
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating spend it wisely
7:17 PM
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating that is some pro delegation. I'm impressed!
At this point I would outsource them completely ....
@rene Half of society already does that, so why not? ;)
7:48 PM
@rene wordt aan gewerkt :P
The dutchies taking over again
We're the Undutchables ...
@rene he lives in the same city as me. How coincedental
@Luuklag I didn't realize we actually lost our territory :P
Good to see Rosie found her way to the tavern as well o/
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating I wouldnt trust my sister to do that. Not untill all 3 kids can swim ;)
7:57 PM
That would be a rude way to reduce the number of kids you have :D

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