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2:53 AM
I currently have... 3 monitors, a tablet (personal), a laptop (work) and 3x phones (personal, personal testing with a new telco, work...)
on my desk
I probably look like a movie hacker
3:10 AM
You are a hacker!
3 hours later…
6:00 AM
Anyway, it's morning Monday...
A: Move question info from underneath question title back to sidebar on wider viewports

Michael_BOn desktop, this modification does not help in terms of readability, usability or accessibility. First, it strays from a basic web readability principle: Multiple chunks of information presented as list items (like the page stats were in the sidebar) are easier to read, scan and digest than whe...

Huh, so those changes actually violate web readability principles.
Then it wouldn't make blunders like this when making changes.
uhm. SE actually does have professional web designers
not just people playing ones on the internet
Well, I mean they should have been consulted for these kinds of changes.
I know that it's not always practical to consult them for every little change, but still...
6:14 AM
SE has UX people and actual research surveys and people running tests and...
so - quite honestly, you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about
I didn't say they had no web designers.
I said they should have been consulted before this change.
Who else do you think designs things.
This change was obviously not done by a professional who is aware of standard web readability practices, even if they do deal with other UX aspects or other changes.
@forest citation needed.
I'm not an encyclopedia. This is just common sense. :P
6:17 AM
I mean, how do you say its obvious?
Are web readability practices immutable?
I mean, if a company had a policy to install Firefox on their computers as root, even if they had a security guy on their payroll, it'd be obvious that he was not consulted for that.
But this isn't that
this is something that's been in the pipeline a while, and implimented eventually
You're right. That's an analogy - a comparison which is not meant to describe what is.
which indicates a lot more consideration than you are saying
@Aibobot Well, it violates basic web principles, known psychological and perceptual phenomena, and appears to be an unpopular change at that. There may have been consideration, but no professional web designer was consulted (or at least, that's how it appears).
6:19 AM
Actually, its much more likely earlier designs were done by folks with less of a clue about web design
@forest every change is unpopular
Nah, plenty of changes are popular.
What is "basic web principles"? Who's decide that?
also, could we stop insulting the folks who design the sites please?
(IE, you're pretty much veiledly calling the design team unprofessional, knock it off please)
sigh you keep reading into something that isn't there. I haven't insulted anyone. Just because someone who does something is not a professional in that something does not mean that they are not good at their jobs. What I am pointing out here I believe is an oversight, not incompetence.
@forest once again, its something that's been in the pipleline, considered, probably reviewed by 2 different PMs...
So... you are probably assuming a lot more than you should.
6:21 AM
The specific choice of placement for the metadata?
Joe literally said it was meant to be there
I've taken the liberty to even link an answer which references it
So, if you're saying someone missed it, well, that's a lot of eyes.
Even the best teams make mistakes.
When bot speak I spellbound :D
Have you stopped to consider... maybe its not a mistake?
6:23 AM
So, here's the problem: those who don't like the changes will complain give feedback, but those who like the changes won't probably comment anything at all.
I can't consider that because if I do, you'll get angry at me for accusing them of "lying".
@MetaAndrewT. Then why isn't every change posted on Meta voted negatively?
@forest let me rephrase - have you considered a lot more effort goes into things than you realise?
Anyway I stated my opinion and referenced the opinions of others (including people citing web design principles). There isn't much more that will come out of this. Let's drop it for now.
Sure, end of discussion.
@Shree lol
Right. Cause a talking dog isn't strange enough ;p
6:29 AM
On the internet, no one knows you're a dog... Unless you use a dog as your profile pic!
BTW, Every tavern's know he is watch dog :P
1 hour later…
7:38 AM
Meta Bites when you don't know proper English :(
We / I are not native English speaker but we / I love SO/SE.
@Shree This meta? Where?
:( See time line and I aware for meta vote.
@Shree helping each other is a critical part of community
@JourneymanGeek Yeah but some of the comments there could definitely have been nicer. And I can see a lot of downvotes too from before the edits, which is indeed kinda... I understand.
I'm glad to see most people did try to help though :)
7:54 AM
I believe on community and MOD . I don't against them. If my question is so bad / off topic , delete that but but ...... after edit ...... I am not native English spicker don't mean i get DV :( I know how meta vote works but :(
@Shree not about English. SE is not responsible for userscripts written by others.
Userscript broke? It's 100% its author responsibility to fix it.
@Shree I didn't do anything as a mod
@ShaWiz eh. You can. Have an unpopular or wrong opinion and express it well enough to have people appreciate it
@JourneymanGeek No I don't say so. After edit I got upvote why ?
Honestly? Because it was clearer
But that's precisely the intent of the edits here
Is this about my language @ShaWiz
7:59 AM
@Shree nope... I'm pretty sure at least some downvotes are due to people who don't think SE should spend time on those things.
@ShaWiz eh. That dosen't explain the post edit votes
And it's pretty important for folks to be aware that stuff could/did break on it's own
@ShaWiz No. for this down vote is enough and I aware for that. But after edit mean ...............
@JourneymanGeek didn't say all downvotes... those who downvoted due to unclearness likely reverted the vote after edits.
I think it was -3 when Rene edited
who's Rene?
8:05 AM
The blur flower ;p
oh... Balpha's brother
I know that :P
@Shree if someone has something that's important to say - I think we owe it to the community to help them say it
Even. If it's wontfix or not obviously useful
You are legend :)
ohhhh. Thanks for all assist and reply.
Hey @JourneymanGeek ... you're terrible! There, a bit of balance. We can't go and call people legends all willy-nilly. Before you know it, it goes to their head.
8:16 AM
They'll start thinking they know how to read maps.
Dog drunk with power is dangerous, he might start chewing homework.
Monday morning and 3 printer breakages later in the office with a cold
Something in that sentence is missing?
Three printers broke, but who got a cold?
The office
8:26 AM
@Magi feel well! Have some....
yas mint tea
Talking about mint tea... did you manage to drink all of it already @Magisch?
BTW @Bart
in Shadow's Den, 45 secs ago, by Pseudohuman
@ShaWiz Short form of Bartholomew
@Tinkeringbell no,
around 40% left
I only drink 2-3 litres a day
@ShaWiz lies!
8:27 AM
@Magisch XD That's still a lot of mint tea!
@ShaWiz It's definitely short for Bartje
@Bart cakes!
Ooh, gimme
@Magisch of tea?!
@ShaWiz yas
spearmint tea
8:29 AM
Ugh, I will get myself a coffee then ...
Thanks Music.SE for finding this for me! :P
Q: Video clip of a song in a beach, big guy with pink sunglasses

Shadow WizardI've seen a video clip on VH1 a while ago, loved it and planned to download the song/clip, forgot about it, and now can't find it again. The video showed party on a beach, and what I remember most is a very large guy, think with a ponytail, and wearing pink glasses. He was not part of the band a...

@Magisch wow.... hope that without any added sugar?
@ShaWiz haha, well done
@ShaWiz no sugar
just tea
self brewed
"Tea, spearmint, hot."
@Magisch nice!
8:35 AM
These days I drink it cool
by brewing it when I get home, letting it cool and then refrigerating when I go to bed
Sounds nice :)
8:54 AM
@ShaWiz that's not Music.SE, that's MusicFans.SE! .-.
I mean, your question would be closed as off-topic on Music.SE...
@ShaWiz ?
throwing music on @Meta
(Sorry. That turned out long.)
@Mithrandir ?
9:09 AM
Q: Let's take a look at the interaction between staff and the "power users" of the network

MithrandirRecently, it was announced that the "Hot on Meta" questions would no longer show up on the SO sidebar. Sara Chipps elaborated a drop on why: Stack Overflow Employees have panic attacks and nightmares when they know they will need to post something to Meta. They are real human beings that are ...

@Mithrandir didn't @Journeyman post something like that 6-8 weeks ago?
Don't think so. If he did, I missed it, and he didn't mention anything when I asked him for feedback the other day.
@Mithrandir hmm.... oh well. :)
@Mithrandir Meh. The things about IPS were a bit different: It wasn't only the Tweet. Sure, that started the process of looking at IPS, but we did have a lot of meta activity saying HNQ was the bane of our existence, and they took that into account too. Also, I did know IPS was out of HNQ when you posted the tweet in chat, but it was told to us in a private moderator room and I had asked if I could share it but not gotten any answers yet. There was communication ;)
Alright, but that's still not exactly communication with the community.
9:16 AM
That's true... At least they fixed that the same day :)
It's a very good looking post otherwise :)
9:31 AM
@ShaWiz I was too late :( but this time I was beaten by another Dutch user ...
@mith thats a long post
Guilty as charged.
Good post though
@Bart I have a theory. You're actually Bartholomew van Glasses
@Mithrandir Let me favorite it first...
9:36 AM
@Magisch I can neither confirm nor deny that
That's not good
apparently we're getting converted from monitoring/l1 support to helpdesk.l1 support
and there's supposedly new team that just does monitoring.
what this really means is... we're basically having helpdesk added to our workload
@ShaWiz naw
@Magisch that's what I said ;p
@Aibobot awesome, isn't it? Finally real people to talk with ...
@rene we cover 2 of their shifts anyway
so basically its just the company cheaping out ;p
@Aibobot a for profit company cheaping out? Say it aint so :p
9:47 AM
@Magisch oh, we were told there would be new hires for helpdesk
what's practically going to happen is the new monitoring team will likely be vaproware
a dedicated monitoring team isn't a bad idea of course
10:38 AM
@Mithrandir I really like your post but I feel it either wont get a response or will just get a noncommital one.
The best we can do is to keep our positive support and our fingers cross...
@Magisch well, gotta start somewhere
Its important to have moderate, reasonable voices heard as much as the...
well less moderate ones
moderate is easier to ignore
@Magisch moderate is also a lot easier to interact with.
10:47 AM
@Magisch if you keep hearing only the bad stuff, how are you going to even know there's more moderate voices?
depends. If you've got fires to put out moderate is not as immediately important and will fall by the wayside easier
@Magisch that literally sounds like "There's no point in doing anything, and let the mean, loud people win"
I'm more or less convinced the current iteration of the community <-> company relationship is utterly beyond redemption
the earth has been scorched, salted and radioactive waste has been spread over it
Well, if those non-meta-regular SE employees have the same fright as a new user posting on main site, then perhaps there's a problem?
@Magisch well then there's no point in anything and we can give up ad go... where?
Or we can try reaching out, at least until everyone has given up
and encourage the folks who're trying cause, well, I assume its something worth fighting for
10:49 AM
@Magisch Fires to put out ... sure, putting out fires may take time away from the moderate interactions... but there's something in the metaphor of putting out the fire that's nice: If you create a fire, all that happens is you're going to be put out.
option 2 is to accept the relationship will be based on mutual distrust and disrespect into the foreseeable future and decide whether you want to stay here with that information in mind.
(excuse my words, can't think clearly after getting beaten by this SDK...)
@Magisch eh, that isn't the SE I want though
me neither, but I'm more of a realist then an optimist
and harboring false hope hurts more in the end
It's a bit like playing a game by EA or activision. You know you will never like the company and neither will any part of the community in that game, but the game might still be fun
I'm also realist, evenmore pessimist, and the best thing to do in this case is by saying nothing that may influence others negatively...
10:54 AM
still, I appreciate mith taking the time to write this up
it's an insightful and balanced take on the situation
Currently we're playing in Hard Mode: any trust restoration items are cut by 80%, and damage taken is boosted by 200%.
@Magisch so there's basically 3 approaches to this
And SE's trust health is probably... 5% right now.
It's a bit like at wikipedia
one is to do nothing. But the folks who're giving anxiety attacks to SE staff are... not going to be doing nothing
We can be just as bad as them and go on the offensive
but we're not that sort of people
10:58 AM
(see how depressing it was after I stated this... hhh...)
or we can, well drown out that noise with the sort of messages we want folks to hear.
And now I'm craving for salad
Ok. Now I want to know what exactly makes you crave for salad 0_0
the crunchy and tasty goodness of a nice salad, of course
I had mini salad
11:11 AM
I have full plate salad with beer can :)
I had... instant noodles ._.
one slice of bread with sprinkles, one with cheese, and milk. I don't like the salads at work, they're always skimpy with the dressings.
Y'all wore me down i'll get a salad later for dinner
was planning on omlette but salad sounds better now
11:37 AM
@Mithrandir I admire your effort. It's beyond perfect. But really... in three words: waste of time.
@ShaWiz amazingly true of what you think of it too ;p
I had my share
@ShaWiz and yeah, It probably isn't good for me but my food options here are limited ._.
Even burger is better
@ShaWiz I'm veggie
and there's literally no food options here outside what I pack (proper homecooked lunch with lots of veggies)
but its a 12 hour day so.... I do need something that won't go bad and stores well stashed away
11:41 AM
@Aibobot these days many places got veggie burgers
@ShaWiz er, there's literally nowhere to eat nearby.
Other than the work canteen
I really wish there were better options
@ShaWiz er...
My workplace in a place called tuas
@Aibobot ror?
there is literally nothing nearby but factors
11:43 AM
No delivery option?
massively expensive
@ShaWiz Maybe... but I'll do my best to procure a video of you eating socks.
@Aibobot ask for a raise
There are stores that sell edible (but not wearable) socks
Demand refund :)
@Magisch that's cheating
I'll eat actual wearable socks ;)
11:46 AM
make sure they're 100% cotton though
polyester in stomach is not recommended
@ShaWiz I would argue complaining nothing will change is a waste of time too ;p
I always waste my time :P
1 hour later…
1:04 PM
It's in times like these I'm especially glad I voted for yvette in the mod election
1:20 PM
@Magisch Spam rush hour?
nah the meta trash can fire summer 2019
yvette has a way with words that stops it from becoming even more of a trash can fire and uses the office of being a mod expertly to that purpose
meta is always a trashcan fire
But it's OUR trashc... no wait, still not good.
yeah but the size of a trash can fire is important in the consideration
→ 0 message moved to Trashcan
1:30 PM
@MetaAndrewT. Is that a hint? :P
54 messages moved to Chimney
Not to trashcan, but it clears the air :D
2:34 PM
→ 70 angels moved to Heaven
That's no heaven!
2:52 PM
@Bart prove
Proof: 404 Angels Not Found
@ShaWiz I've been there before. At best it's purgatory.
3:09 PM
Destroy user
What the fooke?
3:29 PM
@Stormblessed why? Weird user name is not reason to destroy users.
For such extreme request please give better reasoning...
Also, mod can simply reset display names.
3:48 PM
@Stormblessed Are they a spammer?
1 hour later…
5:07 PM
@ShaWiz spam
@SonictheAnonymousWizHog yes
@Stormblessed Would be nicer if you indicated that at first, so people wouldn't be confused about why you're asking to destroy the account. For example:
Jun 15 at 7:58, by Sonic the Bracketed Hedgehog
@JourneymanGeek Spam account: https://meta.stackexchange.com/users/552391/mary-phillips
@SonictheAnonymousWizHog well I mean mods can see everything is the thinng
@Stormblessed Other users in this room can't see everything.
For example, someone assumed that you're asking to destroy the account simply for the username.
Also, destroying the account here may not necessarily be the right action to take in all cases: in a few cases, mods here may need to refer it to a CM for reasons.
Welp. I completely smashed my phone screen. Looped out doing a manual and landed flat on my back with my phone in my back pouch...
my phone is becoming obsolete
5:41 PM
@ShaWiz, you're officially a rabbit.
5:53 PM
@Glorfindel all gone now
6:38 PM
@Sonic your edits here unnecessarily changed the style and tone of the post. It was perfectly fine before.
And, in fact, it introduced new typos and was generally not a necessary edit at all.
What even is the point of changing "instead if" to "rather than"? Or moving a sentence to be part of another when it was very clearly put on its own line?
@Mithrandir Ah, sorry, I didn't see the line break, since it's hard to see in-paragraph line breaks in the rendered output. I thought those were unnecessary whitespace and removed it.
In my opinion, however, very long paragraphs are difficult to read.
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