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7:00 PM
o/ @YaakovEllis
@Mithrandir That's kinda random
He's probably more of a hedgehog
\o @Yaakov
@Marshmallow Everyone knows wizards and rabbits go together.
I have 40 % idea on how to pronounce your name.
@Tinkeringbell Only from the Victorian era
@Marshmallow The comment's been deleted, so you're lacking context.
@Marshmallow with a glottal stop
The second one or the first one?
7:02 PM
@Marshmallow Exactly right
sorta in the middle
Unless Yaakov pronounces his name differently than the norm...
@Mithrandir So which "a" is /ʌ/ and which is /æ/?
@Marshmallow Are you calling me old?
Like YA'a-kove, if I'm not mistaken.
@Tinkeringbell I dunno. But I have a theory only one Dutch in this chat uses IE 6
@Marshmallow Oh, then it isn't me! :D
@YaakovEllis I prefer the Arabic version then.
@YaakovEllis I'm always of the opinion that apostrophes make things easier.
It's not from the heart, actually. It's so deep it's probably from the intestines or something
(Or at least more accurate in transliteration.)
7:07 PM
I dunno what they call it. Maybe rounded glottal stop?
Glottal parking lot?
Nobody knows how to properly pronounce the ע, anyway, so...
AFAIK it's only in Arabic. And maybe some Papua Guinean language.
Believe me I have heard every possible pronunciation
A Teimani friend tried to teach me, but I kinda failed.
@Mithrandir Figures. Hebrew and Arabic are basically twins.
7:09 PM
@Marshmallow About as similar as you and me... ;)
Some people get it, some butcher it. But the glottal stop and the ר (reish) throat thing and ח (chet) sound, if you don't learn it young, week be very hard later
@Mithrandir Try to sound like Arnold Shwazenegger in an awkward situation
My reish still calls me out as American.
Like accidentally entering the ladies room.
@Mithrandir Ew no, gross.
Imagines pranking @Mith old brother style
@Marshmallow yeah nah
@Marshmallow yeah nah
7:12 PM
Imma steal your pencil.
Go ahead. I've got my... number two right here.
@Mithrandir I have lived in Israel for 13+ years, and mine still does me in most of the time as well
7 now, and I arrived at age 10, so I have no excuse
The curious case of Mithrandir Button.
He grows backwards.
I think you'll be 6 in a few months?
7:27 PM
@Mithrandir done. I thank @Yaakov for that. ;)
You're welcome?
@Mithrandir I have a cousin who was born in Israel, went with family to USA at the age of 5, and arrived at age 25 for two years. Despite going to Ulpan and speaking Hebrew every day, all day (while in Israel), he still sounded as total American. That's just something one can't get rid of, at some point.
No he's @ShaWiz
One of the hosts
I lost my hosts file though.
@YaakovEllis thanks! Must admit, you are very brave. :)
Still missing context
7:34 PM
Some senior SE staff just said few days ago people have panic attacks when posting to Meta.
Oh that.
I forgot it entirely for the sake of the little faith I have left.
@ShaWiz not an exaggeration, unfortunately
It's obvious by now that they're, at least partly, trying.
You are.
Pronouns are confusing.
7:37 PM
@YaakovEllis I know. So what made you post?
These days, meta's main sourness, I reckon, comes not from the most regular folks, but people who's been barely paying attention
They've just picked up on the drama, and it's not so easy they'd let go of it easily.
While more regular folks are mostly done with the shouting and have chosen either of 1. having some slight hope for recovery, or 2. jaded nothing-can-be-done bitterness, 3. a sunken cost fallacy, or 4. mustering up the emotional burden of rationalizing the negativity.
Or. Since my "or"s are random in that message.
@ShaWiz stuff had to be said
And I think that I have a perspective that can be worth something in the discussion
Was that one of Pavlov's findings or later research that said the longer it takes for the conditioning, the harder it becomes to get rid of.
@YaakovEllis sure. But I must ask... Is your answer "official", i.e. represents the company in a way?
@YaakovEllis I guess just like Makoto said, the best thing we can do is wait for the glacier to melt.
7:43 PM
Anyway, thanks again for the answer, official or not.
The past few implementations that were in line with community expectations were met with vehement positivity, AFAICT.
@ShaWiz My answers are all official.
I represent Diabetes Inducing Candy Co.
I knew it.
@ShaWiz yes. And no. I am not a director of anything. But I am still an employee, dev on the community team, with a non-zero amount of influence on what is going on. what I wrote was reviewed internally by others and my message is definitely supported.
You showed all the signs, @Mar ;)
And yet you still can't resist this waving chocolate cake ice cream milkshake lollipop hybrid
7:46 PM
@Marshmallow that's one way of looking at it
@YaakovEllis thanks, must admit that's more than I expected.
@YaakovEllis I think, for the people that can be more easily won back, which might not be that easy anyway, it's more like eager anticipation
What's the next moderation feature? Flaggers: Endgame
. . . which I hope is not immediately negated by a step back elsewhere.
@Marshmallow not quite clear. Bunch of things being evaluated at the moment.
SE phase 4
SE 8k
7:50 PM
I hope Iron man doesn't die.
@Marshmallow 🍭
@Marshmallow ummmmm
Maybe Nick is Iron man. Shog is . . . Hawkeye?
Nah. Cap.
Joel is General Ross.
Who is Groot?
7:53 PM
I am Groot!
Maybe someone from the marketing that says "We are not animated ad."
Fun fact: groot is Dutch for Big ;)
Whaaaat lol
That makes a lot of sense
@Marshmallow Hey... You're supposed to be soft and squishy. Not mean.
7:54 PM
I mean, where else would they get it from?
Well in the recent movies he's not big, just annoying teenager lol
@Tinkeringbell I'm a very average person.
@ShaWiz Pronounced a whole lot differently, but hey, bring on the conspiracy theories!
Except a bit tall. And smart. And handsome.
And egotistical.
You're forgetting the above average number of kidneys.
7:55 PM
I do enter Beast mode while climbing stairs.
@Marshmallow small nose? 👃
@ShaWiz Apparently a big nose is a thing in our family, but my nose is pretty standard issue.
So . . . depends on the perspective.
Nose size can tell a lot
7:57 PM
I have gotten comments that it's hot, but not "ugly big nose idiot" comments. Yet.
bolting out
@ShaWiz Yeah I figure it's one of those rare body parts that shouldn't be big ;)
!!/blame nose
@ShaWiz It's Tim Stone's fault.
@YaakovEllis not fair, you have real Wheel of Blame at your disposal. ;)
7:58 PM
@SmokeDetector if he would chat for once anyway.
Enough about me. Makes me uncomfortable.
@Sha is your nose big.
You tell me
All I remember was that you have a slender figure.
Not too stick insect-y.
Had real pic as avatar for long time. ;)
@ShaWiz how do you know about the wheel of blame?
And images are blocked for me for an even longer time
@YaakovEllis Dude. Duuuuuude.
7:59 PM
@YaakovEllis we see shreds of it from time to time
Secret info leaks out
Shreds. Have you been watching horror movies lately?
It scared the **** out of me first day on the job
@YaakovEllis lol! It can be tweaked too, like Smokey?
@Marshmallow nah that's just the first word that jumped to mind
8:01 PM
"Scared the mush out of me"
Fun fact: "mush" is "mouse" in Persian.
No, the asterisks
@ShaWiz a password ;)
@Marshmallow huh. Mush is name of a friendly ox.
It's mush.
@ShaWiz Like a character or a breed?
It's how you tell sleigh dogs to go...
8:03 PM
@ShaWiz not really. At one point someone changed it to always pick on the newest dev, for a while. The scare came from that song starting unexpectedly on a random tab, at full volume in the headphones.
I have no idea where our "mush" comes from. Certainly not Arabic.
And shorthand for "mushlam" or "mushlemet" which means "perfect". (male and female forms)
@YaakovEllis Song? This is new info...
@Mithrandir I'm thinking music box sound.
Ahh. So there is something that you don't know about it then...
8:04 PM
@YaakovEllis rofl 🤣
Or maybe we're pretending
I heard about it once
The wheel of blame has a soundtrack. If you guess right, I might confirm.
People were obsessed with Rick Astley back in the day.
Hmmm. Roller coaster tycoon merry go round?
8:06 PM
Dream is Collapsing. From Inception
Joker's theme?
I can only think Hans Zimmer.
@ShaWiz no u
Alright, so western country-themed two-legged ox.
Sounds legit
8:09 PM
@ShaWiz Boes!
@YaakovEllis Obviously, it's the "It's not my fault!" section of "Hellfire"
I loved that one as a kid. Still do :)
In case you have trouble sleeping, you may find comfort in the fact that
Q: Does the average two-year-old pillow contain 17 different species of fungus?

HDE 226868In the New York City subway, I noticed a series of advertisements from a bedding company called Brooklinen. One advertisement had a surprising claim, which I found again on their website: The average 2-year-old pillow contains 17 species of fungus. I was a bit skeptical of this, so I did so...

I dunno. Thank God we don't have ubiquitous skin transplant companies. I would not want to know how many thousand species of bacteria are living peacefully on my skin.
. . . until my lysozyme kills off most of them.
Is lysozyme the name of your pet?
Guardian Dragon more likely 🐲
8:15 PM
No it's the neighbor's. I borrow it when I need it
@ShaWiz Time for some new inspiration!
8:36 PM
Hello Mr. Ellis
@SonictheAnonymousWizHog for you? Nah, you didn't promise anything
I'm trying to understand the logic behind this answer. Why wouldn't a mod want to see the reputation of the OP all the time? And I can only imagine it won't show in very few cases. Is it past my bedtime?
8:58 PM
@rene Left a note. If you want to leave the same note, ping me and I'll remove mine...
(There must be a reason to use this convoluted logic...)4
it is fine. I wasn't sure if I simply overlooked something
Brian went through all the hassle of coming up with that convoluted piece of logic, so there must be a reason... He knows why so to him it's redundant information whereas we're left scratching our heads...
(or he went off the deep end...) >:-)
Only scratching for 6 to 8 minutes
I don't scratch that long: when something seems to be making absolute sense to someone else, but looks totally bonkers to me, I ask...
two possibilities:
1. very informative answer back and you learn something.
2. Totally bonkers answer back and then it's time to shuffle away backwards while smiling and keeping eye contact and then turn around and run for your life!!!
@rene :D ;-)
fair enough
2 hours later…
10:50 PM
hands @ShaWiz I mean shadow rabbit a carrot 🥕 🐇
@Stormblessed chewing noises
11:07 PM
@JourneymanGeek nice
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