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This isn't the Elitist Jerks room.
Sorry. I'm sorry. (Sec.)
So weird accessing this site on a blackberry browser which dpes spmerhing other han suck.
@mootinator Wow.
WinPhone is the new BB, btw. (IMHO)
I have a winphone and playbook now. Least mainstream possible.
1:26 AM
You have a WinPhone? Which?
LG Quantum 7
Slide out keyboard, yes?
Right but not well designed so I dont use it much.
The keyboard that is.
Ok, I never had a keyboard phone. Went straight from a number pad flip phone to an iPhone.
MS Propoganda dept sent this piece of awesome.
The tiny BB keyboards were actually really nice.
1:30 AM
I dunno too much about them, but I hear they were good.
My wife won't use a non samsung phone. So she has an android now.
@mootinator Samsung Focus Flash It's Samsung.
The vertical scroll in this room is buggy on this browser.
Yeah we bought it awhile ago :)
1:32 AM
Bought what? The browser or the Focus Flash?
I don't see any WinPhone apps for Google Voice texts. Am I missing anything?
her android phone
Ah, ok.
Haven't looked.
Ok, I have, couldn't find anything. Might want to write one.
Well, so much to do.
@mootinator What do you think about me signing a 6 year NDA/noncompete?
For whom?
1:40 AM
A guy I met over the weekend. He was staying in the area.
He has a "business related" idea. I'm not a fan of NDAs but a 6 year noncompete seems much for a petty hundred bucks.
Yeah seems a little paranoid.
What seems more normal?
That I don't know. Never signed one.
@Moshe For perspective, I'm a CTO, and responsible for developing a large part of the company's IP, and my non-compete is industry-specific and capped at two years.
I tend to prefer working for people who aren't obsessed with the numerous ways I could screw them if I happened to be a jerk.
1:46 AM
Lol, me too.
On the phone now.
So now we're down to 2 years and a 2 hour cap.
"I'm all about speed, getting on the phone, talking it out..."
@TimStone What's "industry specific"?
1 hour later…
3:21 AM
3:36 AM
@mootinator Ergh?
Yeah, my BB app world account is still bugged.
18 mins ago, by mootinator
I set up and put away the Xbox, Kinect is cool, but my room is too small to use it.
I thought it was erghworthy.
Is there a way to kill a process without starting a process O_o.
3:48 AM
-jailshell-3.2$ ps
-jailshell: fork: Resource temporarily unavailable
Well yes.
4:00 AM
4:24 AM
4:36 AM
for ((i=2; i<65536; i++)) do kill $i; done Well, it got my sites working again anyway.
7 hours later…
11:18 AM
If I edit someone else's answer, will he get a notification about it? (Hoping for a yes answer.)
Sort of
Not a notification in the inbox, but it will appear under the 'revisions' row in the mini popup thingy that appears when you roll over your display name in the top bar
谢谢 ;-)
12:09 PM
"mini popup thingy that appears when you roll over your display name in the top bar" is a wonderful name for the feature
12:24 PM
Q: Question about prototypal inheritance need to be disambiguated from questions about the Prototype JavaScript library

Yi Jiang's 独角兽It's really annoying that a major JavaScript library decided to name itself after a language feature (imagine the confusion if there was a library called 'Array' or 'Strings'...) but that we have to work with now. The problem is that there are a large number of questions about prototypical inhe...

I think this needs resolving. The problem has gotten a lot worse since I wrote this
12:44 PM
1:24 PM
Exactly the same answer posted on different questions 5 minutes apart, but from different accounts: stackoverflow.com/a/8311272/115845 stackoverflow.com/a/8311196/115845 . Sock puppets being bootstrapped, perhaps?
Q: Make [windows-registry] to be an alias for [registry]

abatishchevCurrently registry (1231) has following wiki entry: Windows registry is a place to save the configuration for hardware, software and the operating system (Windows). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Registry so it's supposing that all the posts under it is related to Windows Registry. I...

and please take action for
Q: Normalize [firefox] versioning tags

abatishchev firefox-3 (85) firefox-5 (36) firefox-6 (1) firefox-8 (2) but firefox2 (12) firefox3 (1) firefox3.5 (40) firefox3.6 (111) firefox4 (203) firefox6 (21) and so on! I propose to use well-used dashed-form for versions.

and dump please (14) into (255)
i have 20k but DAMN!!!! i can't propose a synonym
what a freaking restriction!
2:10 PM
Hi all
Q: New reputation area. Recent changes

A Man A Plan A Canal PanamaIn the old reputation area when you got any recent rep the line was highlighted. In the new version all i see is the text bolded (and nothing highlighted) and it is hard to tell the difference between the two: Can you find the new one here? Well its here: Now I have noti...

2:20 PM
2:35 PM
Hey, @AManAPlanACanalPanama. Mazal Tov, btw.
Today is Occupy StackExchange day.
@Moshe haha thanks :-)
@Moshe what does that mean?
@Moshe :-( i was at sheva brachos and ddnt get to download nippon :-(
@AManAPlanACanalPanama Well, I think a wedding present is order then. ;-) I'll get you a promo code soon, I have to run to class.
@AManAPlanACanalPanama Gotta pick up swag later today for a Student Ambassador event.
@Moshe lol i hope its worth it :-P
@Moshe funn
@AManAPlanACanalPanama - Are you ready to grab this code before I delete it from the logs?
2:42 PM
(Copy and paste and tell me when to delete.)
@Moshe go for it
although MODs can still see it :-P
(i think)
Heh, so use it quickly.
hehe might not be able to till later today lol
when i get home
The code is good for one use or 4 weeks, whichever is first, so on second thought, take your time.
Ok, class. Now. closes tab
1 hour later…
4:12 PM
Back. Should've stayed out of class.
Hit me up on google talk.
4:33 PM
Q: How does SOPA threaten Stack Overflow?

UnicornaddictToday's Stack Overflow system message reads: SOPA is a dangerous law. It breaks the Internet and threatens sites like Stack Overflow. Protect the Internet! How is it a threat to Stack Overflow?

The sign of a quality company: "When I try to login to your site, it goes into some sort of demonic redirect loop and hangs my browser."
Reply: "Uh, yeah I guess you'll have to create a new account with a different e-mail address and lose all your previous purchases."
@mootinator Ugh.
Sorry, our developers are too busy developing new features to fix existing bugs.
Oh, I should write cover letter before going to SEHQ.
@Moshe Not that I actually had any purchases I can use still.
But it's the principle.
4:36 PM
So when professor decides to talk about religion in a politics class, can anything good ever come from that?
Hey, @AlexMiller.
@Moshe Hello
What brings you here?
Meandering through chat
@Moshe Yes, the politics arguments and the religion ones will cancel each other out resulting in perfect harmony.
Cool. I might meander down to you guys later. Participating in the Student Ambassador program and I need to pick up swag.
4:40 PM
Yay swag
@mootinator Lol, not really. I like to keep my mouth shut, but when you're sitting next to three other guys of the same religion who are the most vocal in the class...
Not that anyone actually argues about politics at university, they just all agree with their communist professor overlord.
Can't go wrong with swag. Or chat meandering, for that matter.
@AlexMiller If anyone spots a 5 foot something fellow wearing a Brooklyn College zipper hoodie and an SO tee later today in Manhattan, let me know. I'll want to know where I've been. I'm looking for me. :-)
hahah - will do!
5:05 PM
I expected chat to have been taken over by a raging SOPA argument by now. (I'm not trying to start such an argument, just saying I'm surprised there isn't one.)
@pop you're wrong. :p
Oh, about sopa.
Why would there be an argument?
Can't we all just agree with our elite overlords?
@PopularDemand Arguing over what? I've yet to actually talk to anyone who doesn't think SOPA is a terrible idea. Banner arguments are playing out on meta...
Did someone die?
@Shog9 I'm stunned by how many people are saying "shut up, and go away, I'm not in the US."
5:12 PM
@PopularDemand Perhaps they're really happy with the performance of askdev.ru, and wish for SO to move to Russia?
Mind: blown.
@PopularDemand Shut up and go away eh!
@PopularDemand Shut up, go away. I'm not in the US. What DO you want me to do? Call your Senator for you? Organize DDoS attack against Congress' website? Fly to Washington DC to camp outside the White House?
@YiJiangs独角兽 I want you to email them the screenshot of that website you posted in here the other day, and tell them this is what the internet will be reduced to if they allow that to law to pass.
@YiJiangs独角兽 Spread the word. You may not be in the US, but the issue affects you. If you don't know people in the US, people you know may know people in the US. I am in the US, and I can't think of a single person I know who doesn't have relatives (or at the very least, friends) in at least one foreign country.
5:19 PM
@TimStone Oh that is brilliant.
5:41 PM
@Shog9 Can we also drop the tag from the town hall digests so they won't show up on the Meta sidebar
@YiJiangs独角兽 Do you still see posts in the sidebar? I haven't seen them listed there in ages; I had assumed they were removed.
@JeremyBanks I'm quite sure the digests are listed there because they carry that tag
@YiJiangs独角兽 I mean that I haven't seen the Featured list in the sidebar at all, recently.
@JeremyBanks Um... Open up MSO and look to the right of the front page. Should be called "Frequently Asked"
I don't think I follow?
5:45 PM
@Shog9 The footer says those are questions, not .
@YiJiangs独角兽 If I recall correctly, the sidebar used to rotate between displaying featured questions and FAQ questions (and possibly something else). Lately, I've only seen FAQ questions in the sidebar, and I was wondering if featured questions had been removed from the rotation.
@JeremyBanks 6/10 of those questions there right now are
The number will decrease somewhat as the election related posts are dropped
@YiJiangs独角兽 Ah, so they are. Maybe the lists were merged, or maybe I mis-remember.
Ah, I see what you're talking about now.
5:48 PM
@YiJiangs独角兽 done.
Strictly speaking frequently asked questions should be the ones with the most inbound duplicates ;P
6:18 PM
Social advocacy? Puh, that's not the Singaporean way
All I know about Singapore is "caning".
@Shog9 People don't usually get caned. Unless you rape someone. Or vandalize something. Or pirate some CDs. Or eat chewing gum.
(The last two aren't true, eh)
I've thought it would be interesting to have a "most controversial" sorting option for meta, like Reddit has.
shiiitee almost 10k views in 2 hours
Q: How does SOPA threaten Stack Overflow?

UnicornaddictToday's Stack Overflow system message reads: SOPA is a dangerous law. It breaks the Internet and threatens sites like Stack Overflow. Protect the Internet! How is it a threat to Stack Overflow?

6:32 PM
That'll be two gold badges for his second meta post. Not bad.
@JeremyBanks and a couple silvers
its #1 on hacker news
That'd do it.
how do things get up so high there?
@JeremyBanks WoW bc he posted the link
but how did it get so high?
6:37 PM
I am amazed that people swarm meta to complain about an extra sentence on a web page.
It's no wonder that most sites don't have such a feedback mechanism. Damn there is a lot of butt-hurt arguments over nothing.
@AManAPlanACanalPanama Posts about Stack Overflow do well on Hacker News relatively often. When you take a political issues that people care about and a site they care about, I guess the votes come flooding in.
@JeremyBanks I guess lol. but how do people find them?
I tried once and failed
all this sopa sounds very bad
want to write something sarcastic but will not
7:18 PM
There's no shortage of people who will tell you exactly what you should or should not do with your own site.
Q: Meta sites should have a badge for insightfulness/controversy

Popular DemandMeta sites across the SE network — just meta sites, not regular ones — should start awarding a badge for any post that meets both of the following criteria: earns fifteen or more upvotes earns fifteen or more downvotes These criteria indicate problematic posts on normal SE sites, ...

@PopularDemand I would have quite a few of those.
All of this SOPA business leads me to believe that my secure & anonymous communication platform could become viable. With my system, nothing would actually be "hosted" and thus it would be immune from copyright requests.
If anyone is curious... I'd love to discuss it with more people... gfosco AT gmail .... it get's such a mixed reaction (between horrified and supportive)
7:50 PM
Freenet is a decentralized, censorship-resistant distributed data store originally designed by Ian Clarke. According to Clarke, Freenet aims to provide freedom of speech through a peer-to-peer network with strong protection of anonymity; as part of supporting its users' freedom, Freenet is free and open source software. Freenet works by pooling the contributed bandwidth and storage space of member computers to allow users to anonymously publish or retrieve various kinds of information. Freenet has been under continuous development since 2000. Features and user interface Freenet is di...
8:05 PM
Yeah mine is quite a bit different than Freenet.. a totally different paradigm completely lacking any sort of storage.
@Moshe Nerd.
Nice.. why were you there?
8:47 PM
Student Ambassador program, getting swag to distribute. .
Lauren and Seth were excellent hosts. Got to meet Joel too, but he was focusing on something.
Was it SOPA rage?
Not sure. I wasn't reading his monitor.
That place is awesome. The orange on the walls - no jokes - same shade as the orange in my bedroom. Now you can call me a nerd.
I'm just going to pretend he was in the middle of writing this since I have no idea when you were there then :P
I was there a few minutes before I posted that picture.
Say about an hour ago.
Oh, stupid internet. All immediate and stuff.
8:53 PM
misses bus by half a block
It's healthier this way. Need to walk off the can of soda.
Seriously. First sugar drink Ive had in quite some time.
I require more minerals.
You must construct additional pylons.
I never really ran into that problem.
Then again, I was never very good at SC either.
9:00 PM
Well StackExchange is awesome. Respect.
I think SE is lame. I just hang out here for the free cookies I was promised.
Someone on a forum I visit gave Stack Overflow a cookie for helping him with PHP. I ate it on the community's behalf.
I kinda feel guilty for fixing the spelling and grammar in this
Q: Why doesn't Stack Exchange move outside the US to protect itself from SOPA?

EliI'm from Lebanon, and don't know anything about the US. I read the system message we all read, did some research and found out that it's nothing but a good thing. That made my day! I wondered how SOPA would affect this site, and then I read this. Why doesn't Stack Exchange host the sites outsid...

9:12 PM
Thanks for the emails.... replies sent.
@moot that answers when I was there.
@Moshe That message confused me, since I am currently listening to 4chan's moot talking on the podcast stream.
I get that a lot.
9:19 PM
2:38pm eastern.
did google just break?
Uh oh. Three y/o brother saw the swag.
"I want a cup."
Truth is that there is prolly an extra one for him, but I'll wait until after the event.
9:46 PM
@mootinator - Heck, I'll star you calling me a nerd. I'm man enough. And, it was funny.
9:58 PM
10:43 PM
@mootinator Are you around to help me with C#?
I'm trying to integrate a library into a WinPhone app but I don't know where to start.
My thought would be: 1. Download, 2. Add reference. 3. Hopefully not have it whine about missing dependencies.
What does "Add Reference" entail - is there a specific place to add the reference to?
In the solution explorer in visual studio.
Right click 'References'
Left click 'Add Reference'
@mootinator Ok... and then find the folder with the framework in it?
Well, given that that package has the whole source of the project with it you can also put the project in a subfolder, add the project to your solution and add the reference from the 'Projects' tab, then you can make changes if needed.
10:56 PM
Let me see what works.. I'm a total noob here. The demo project didn't want to log me in - that's not helpful either...
Otherwise, you can just find Google.Voice.dll on the Browse tab in 'Add Reference'
Wait, I can just build that DLL and add it? I forgot about that. :-)
"Dll"s shakes head
I'm going to assume that this is the right DLL version.
I need to change this to build with the Windows Phone assemblies... Ok, let's do this...
Is that "target framework" in the Properties menu?
11:02 PM
Not found. Ugh.
If I get it to build before you do I get a cookie?
@mootinator Yup.
I don't know how to do this yet, so I'd certainly appreciate some help.
I created a Windows Phone 7 app, tried to add the compiled DLL, the trick is a working Windows Phone version of the library.
Looks like Visual Studio completely differentiates between Windows Phone OS and traditional.
See the difference?
You also get different tabs if you're doing a Silverlight app
11:12 PM
Is there any way to change them?
And you don't get tabs at all if you're doing C++
You just have to know what to do to the .csproj file =)
@mootinator Do you know what to do then?
I got it partially working by replacing <targetFrameworkVersion>3.5</...> with
What's not working?
11:14 PM
The tabs are still different.
Though the target is now correct.
@mootinator Does it blend? (Er, build.)
ok thanks
@Moshe Fails on NameValueCollection in non-existent System.Collections.Speciallized namespace.
That shouldn't be too difficult to find a substitute for.
So you have it building as a WinPhone project now?
11:20 PM
It is building for the correct target, yes.
I have a better idea though.
@mootinator What would that idea be?
I'll just make it build.
Then send it over somehow.
I'm going top ask on SO - if you get it working. So you can get some repification for your effort.
Too localized for SO, I think.
"How do I convert a Traditional Windows project to Windows Phone 7?"
Not localized at all. I think others may have the same question.
11:27 PM
Okay, but my solution is:
1. Create new WP7 project with same namespace. 2. Add source files from other project. 3. ??? 4. Profit?
That would only apply in simple cases.
Did you build it, or should I just follow your steps?
Just follow my steps, I guess.
Ok. If I have trouble I'll let you know.
Ideally you'll want to use HttpWebRequest where the library uses WebClient under WP7, because WebClient is slow and buggy (though that info is several months old so I actually have no idea).
Ok, so there's tweaking to do... Let me see if I can get it to work... (Opens a new project.)
11:32 PM
But that seems to be the only other code not supported.
WebClient.UploadString/WebClient.DownloadString specifically.
Where do I define/find the original namespace?
Ah, ok.
I assume you just need that .dll
I hope so. knows nothing about this
11:33 PM
I made my project Google.Voice.WP7 just to be different.
It's like starting something from the beginning.
Windows Phone Class Library?
Is targeting 7.0 a good idea, or should I stick with 7.1?
Do I need just the .cs files, or also the bin and obj folders along with it. (Guesses no.)
Just the .cs
Then drag into VS?
11:38 PM
Put them in your project folder, then add existing in VS...
Then just build the DLL?
I'm thinking you can probably use List<KeyValuePair> in place of NameValueCollection.
Which "add existing" am I looking for? I see one for "Add existing project" but nothing for files.
Easy enough with some LINQ anyway.
No, that doesn't work.
Ah, Add Existing Item
I see those four errors on build. I have to run though.
11:45 PM
Replacing NameValueCollection with Dictionary<string, string> seems to work fine.
Course now that I've fixed that I see a ton more errors. Doh.
Back, just going to be in and out here helping mom w little siblings.
Oooh Dad's home.
Dad is home.
Dad knows C#.
See Spot Run.
Spot does not know C#.
So, that Crypto .cs file can be safely removed apparently (unless you need it for something else).
And you just need to use the asynchronous versions of UploadString and DownloadString
Then it should compile.
Is Crypto used for logging in and out?
I don't know about working, but it should ocmpile.
Lol, ok.
Let me delete crypto first.
11:52 PM
It just has an encrypt and decrypt function. It looks like you might have to throw that whole chunk of code out.
CryptorEngine, you mean?
I'm sure WP7 has crypto calls of some sort, just not those ones.
and where's Upload and Download that needs to be fixed?
Ah, found it.
11:54 PM
return new Response(webClient.UploadString(url, "POST", "")); becomes:
System.web is not part of the mobile Framework.
webClient.UploadStringAsync(new Uri(url), "POST", ""); // Wait for worker thread //return response
@Moshe Right, but it doesn't use anything from that.
So you can just take out the namespace;
Ok, done.
I ended a sentence with semicolon;
Wait, still need to replace the collection thing.
@mootinator remove the return, or just make it async?
11:57 PM
Well, you do actually have to get it to return the value.
heh, right
So those collections...
But you probably have to use some C# construct which I can't recall at the moment in order to get it.
Literally just replace every instance of NameValueCollection with Dictionary<string, string> and x.AllKeys with x.Keys;
Seems to supress the warnings just by adding Async

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