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3:26 AM
Nippon for iOS will be free on Cyber Monday!

2 hours later…
5:33 AM
to calm my fury
ignore dear leader's winging
zen shuns the taker
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3:04 PM
Hi, sorry I do not know where can I ask this.. my questions got upvotes, but I get no rep. What can be the problem?
@RomanB which question?
that's not your question
oh.. sorry, I meant answer
I think it's not answer specific, since the same problem is with
A: Source SDK Compile Errors

Roman B.Assuming that was your code put class CVerifiedUserCmd to public section of the outer class. Otherwise you cannot use CVerifiedUserCmd since it is private inner class.

ah, I see
you have hit the rep cap
you can only get 200 reputation from upvotes per day
> You can earn a maximum of 200 reputation per day. Please note that votes for posts marked “community wiki” do not generate any reputation, while accepted answers and bounty awards are not subject to the daily reputation limit.
3:11 PM
oh.. interesting. then I have no more motivation to answer questions and can start working! thanks!
3:36 PM
@jcolebrand - Thanks for the heads up. I have a phone call with StackExchange Academics this afternoon.
Hey, this guy signed as "Jeff". Imposter!
raises brow
4:21 PM
Q: Normalize [firefox] versioning tags

abatishchev firefox-3 (85) firefox-5 (36) firefox-6 (1) firefox-8 (2) but firefox2 (12) firefox3 (1) firefox3.5 (40) firefox3.6 (111) firefox4 (203) firefox6 (21) and so on! I propose to use well-used dashed-form for versions.

11 upvotes, and 0 answers
moderators, take a look please
24 vs. 967
5:20 PM
A: How to post a picture on Stack Overflow?

Jeff AtwoodYou can also use HTML syntax, eg <img src="http://sstatic.net/stackoverflowmeta/img/apple-touch-icon.png">

I have a question in the comments there - probably faster to just get you guys to answer it.
Its probably not possible to do that
You can use the sandbox to try it out
Q: What HTML tags are allowed on Stack Overflow, Server Fault, and Super User?

Jeff AtwoodThe Stack Overflow site engine, as you know, uses Markdown for questions and answers. Per the Markdown spec, you are allowed to freely intermix HTML and Markdown tags. However, we do not allow all HTML tags, as that would be an XSS paradise. To that end, the Stack Overflow engine allows only the...

Your answer is there ^^^
(It's "yes" - but you must do so exactly as described. No re-ordering attributes!)
see that is funny - in my profile i tried <img src="somehref" height="200px" width="200px"> and nothing.
image didn't display. I also didn't save - this was the live preview.
ohh no reordering!
that i didn't see.
ahhhh ok my problem is it doesn't like the 'px'
yeah. That's CSS. Not HTML
HTML is always pixel units. You don't specify
as you can tell inline CSS is generally something I stay away from
that is good to know.
5:26 PM
Again, not CSS - old-skewl HTML
Like your gramma used to write on Geocities
@Shog9 yea thats what i meant.
lol - i was uber badass because i had marquee on my geocities page.
In other news, I have exactly 68K on Meta right now, and I'm rep-capped. Today's gonna be a Motorola day.
@Shog9 you could finish "testing your layout"
Naw. Testing ain't done 'til it breaks.
ok... lunchtime and i have $4.35 in my bank account - what to buy what to buy
5:34 PM
A boiled egg, a Snickers bar, and a Mountain Dew
11 packages of mr.noodles
quantity over quality
Someone I met wants to pay me a hundred bucks to consult on a startup but try want me to sign a six year NDA and non compete.
Six years! iOS X may be out by then.
goes by fast - i signed a NDA for 5 years in 2006 - time has flew by
Can you tell us what's it for now? :P
mine was for elearning enterprise system.
desire2learn.com <- employee #24
jumped ship when they got sued the first time.
5:49 PM
Oh man, eLearning and LMS...
yea - I was SQA lead on the grades project for 18 months straight.
F That!
The bane of my student existence. I'm thankful everyday my teachers are not tech savy enough to use them uch
Or maybe they are too smart for them...
the D2L LMS was actually good - 1000% better than anything else (WebCT/Blackboard)
I would take a course using it.. I just hated writing it. :P
@rlemon Not setting the bar too high there (My school uses Blackboard)
!@#$% frames and tables everywhere. Its 2011, for crying out loud!
so look at blackboard and take away all the crap and add usable widgets and functionality
lol. yea - Desire2Learn core LMS was a decent product.
5:52 PM
It took me 10 min to find the controls to change my password when I first logged in
Blackboard sued them for proprietary ownership of CMS (in relation to LMS) in the US
have you ever used D2L?
No, we had used another system before this one
Can't quite remember its name now, hang on..
Angel something?
I was a QA manager for a bit - so I had the benefit of working with the BA's and tested out our top 5 competitors.
some of them were weak, like "95 weak.
5:57 PM
I wrote a very long userstyle to 'deal with' the old LMS
They used an accordion system which was rubbish, I turned it into tabs
The new one is... unstyleable. That's how bad it is.
@YiJiangs独角兽 WHAT IS THIS?!
@TimStone Something I'm glad I don't have to use everyday
My eyes burn
6:03 PM
The old LMS was less of an eyesore
hahaha that looks like early days of the D2L Platform.
our biggest problem was it was 100% customization - you could change just about anything with how the application ran.
The promotional images on the Blackboard website actually looks much better
to the Nth degree - permissions, roles, security, and application settings / configs were insane.
I'm guessing somewhere along the way someone screwed up and we ended up with that
This was the old system
I thought it was bad back then, and wrote a userstyle for it
I was hoping for a new system, boy did I get what I want
i'm too lazy to pull out images but desire2learn.com/demos
6:07 PM
hate users that just come with a compilation problem and then disappear not bothering to accept the answer...
Flag/close as too localized, delete it after a week of no activity
To save future Googlers...
I mean, its not like SO isn't already littered with this kind of unsolveable questions
by SO you mean the Internet right?
I don't think it is limited to SO ;)
Well, SO is billed as a solution to that sort of problem
most of them are students working on homework
6:11 PM
We don't want SO to be part of it
with strange nicknames usr25342052435
What chu talkin bout @RomanB - Get a real avatar and then we'll talk about usr25342052435
:P You can get a unicorn if you don't want an image
i was tempted to replace mine with the 'broken image' image.
6:13 PM
but how to scale it to be the same size always - svg?
@rlemon Gravatar won't accept that
@rlemon avatar is no comparison to usr34569123412
And anyway, it won't work with all browser/OS combination
@YiJiangs独角兽 boo - would be sweet - small little torn paper, regardless of the image size - always perfectly centered.
> all browser/OS combination
you don't all just use IE / XP ?
it's even more fun seeing guru's are running to those questions writing comments using high professional language just to earn rep. SO did good job in turning all those people in free-of-charge-support....
I wonder how long it will last
6:17 PM
@RomanB Well, some people genuinely care about how they present themselves
I've got addicted myself.. :(
And want to help people. Its not hard to do that if everyone else around you act professionally
when answering a question i generally try to go that extra mile.
I tend to get too involved in the script / project that i'm helping with.
Its just that I can't avoid feeling that SO's quality has gone downhill
A: what is the best javascript library to display multiple pictures stacked on top of each other

rlemonWhy not just build one? it wouldn't be hard. Here is a small rotate prototype i've worked up (took maybe 5 minutes to write) Object.prototype.rotate = function(d) { var s = "rotate(" + d + "deg)"; if (this.style) { // regular DOM Object this.style.MozTransform = s; this.s...

6:19 PM
there are a lot of forums and were before SO. they answer here only because they get rep... and can shine with theirs 30k or so.
there was a good example of me having a little too much time on my hands.
@rlemon You sure do :P
Well, I constructed a new jQuery UI widget for another question
lol - yea longest i've worked on a single question was i think maybe 2-3 hours = got in a chat room and walked the OP through myanswer and fixes
Although I have to say, modifying Object.prototype? Isn't that a pretty bad idea?
yea - i thought i mentioned it somewhere in the answer
I just used it as a 'here you go - this is how it works'
the OP can create his/her own image class or change that to Element or whatever they want.
I could have also just made it a function - but at that point in my life I was obsessed with proto
6:23 PM
That'll teach those copy and paste coders :P
I often ask myself - are these people getting paid for this? Where is my flip when I spend 2 hours helping a guy get his image upload working.
I once was tempted to drill into the guys profile and try to get his employers contact. comes on the CSS chat room and (i kid you not) asks "Can you please just write the code for me. I have deadlines to fill and I have told my boss this would be done"
@rlemon on SO??
SO CSS chat room
ohh it was like 2 days - some guy ended up helping him . but I made sure to lay in on the fact that he's now getting paid for work i'm (or the other guys) doing.
6:27 PM
btw, what is PO?
thats beyond cookie cutter scripts.
PO ... you mean OP??? Original Poster/Post
ah, yes :D
2 hours later…
8:14 PM
is there a way to get SO questions on particular tags in real time?
Is this question subjective?
Q: Clang warning flags for Objective-C development

MacmadeAs a C & Objective-C programmer, I'm a bit paranoid with the compiler warning flags. I usually try to find a complete list of warning flags for the compiler I use, and turn most of them on, unless I have a really good reason not to turn it on. I personally think this may actually improve cod...

8:28 PM
@RomanB The "newest" sort on the tag page? I may be misunderstanding you.
@Moshe I'm interested in hearing what other developers have to say about this. is definitely subjective. It could probably be salvaged into some sort of useful question though.
@PopularDemand In real time, presumably through some sort of fancy ajax autoupdating thingy
As it stands it's mostly a polling question.
Oh, constantly. Hm. I bet George Edison has written something.
9:10 PM
@Popular I still need to refresh the page.
Q: Auto Loading of New Questions

Maxim ZaslavskyNOTE: This has probably been asked already, but I am unable to find it. If such is the case, please post a link to that question in the comments. Here, I will try to explain how I think this problem should be combated. A very useful feature that I think we need for Stack Overflow is automatic lo...

9:30 PM
@RomanB Yeah, I get that now. I did misunderstand you before. Sorry.
How long are items cached in /review?
I reviewed a few answers two hours ago that are still showing up for me now. I feel like they disappeared immediately in the past, but I'm not sure.
@PopularDemand Thanks. It seems pushing F5 on the main page is the only solution.
9:58 PM
Bueller? Bueller? balpha?
10:51 PM
@PopularDemand Does anyone know if this getting fixed any time soon/is a known issue? I've given up on review because most of the items that come up I've reviewed before, and no amount of refreshing or waiting makes some of them disapear
11:24 PM
when a new day starts on SO as per UTC?
@RomanB hover over your name in the header on the sites. utc time is shown there.
@RebeccaChernoff ah, thanks!

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