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12:01 AM
Tis not working still. More warnings/errors.
Here's an example of using an async call:
Error 1 No overload for method 'UrlEncode' takes 2 arguments c:\users\moshe\documents\visual studio 2010\Projects\Google.Voice.WP7\Google.Voice.WP7\GoogleVoiceClient.cs 37 20 Googl‌​e.Voice.WP7
Yeah, just remove the second parameter.
UTF8 or whatever.
So now we're back to that Async that can't be returned as is.
See my link.
12:07 AM
So I need a delegate of some sort?
And this one.
Q: Faking synchronous calls in Silverlight WP7

CACuzcatlanI'm porting some code from the full .NET framework to the WP7 version and I'm running into an issue with synchronous vs async calls. string response; string requestString = GenerateReqString(); HttpWebRequest req = (HttpWebRequest) WebRequest.Create("endpoint"); req.Method = "POST"; req.Con...

@mootinator - I don't quite know what to do with these bits of information.
<--- Knows no C# yet.
<--- Is learning right now, apparently.
@laurengundrum and @rogers_seth are super nice! Thanks for the warm reception today. Sorry I couldn't get there earlier.
12:28 AM
This sedentary programming lifestyle is more flippin' dangerous than they tell you.
@mootinator Why's that?
And why haven't I gotten this working yet?
This sciatica crap I got from sitting on my butt all day is more painful over time than any running injury I've ever had, for instance.
@mootinator - Do you have a working build?
Er, a built build.
Going to try something else then...
12:46 AM
No stopped for dinner.
Oh, ok.
Same here.
Wow, the steam is way up for 60 degree November.
In an hour or so, I need to boot back into Mac and work on my papers for school.
@mootinator - Cookie if you get it working. :-)
I do need to see what's up with the login code, but that's a seperate challenge.
1:02 AM
Back on mac. HW to do.
1:34 AM
@Moshe Well, I got it to build.
It's not thread-safe per se.
Is a good link if you like things which are inexplicably buggy.
Can anyone suggest how I would find meta.so posts about how to handle how-to-spam type questions?
I saw an SO question about extracting large numbers of email addresses that have been obfuscated to prevent spamming, and it made me suspicious
1:50 AM
There was a very famous question about that.
I figured there must be, but all the [spam] questions have to do with spamming stackoverflow. It's the wrong level of meta :)
I think a downvote or 'not welcome in our community' flag are appropriate, but I can't find a reference :/
Ok, FWIW I flagged it for moderator attention, described my unease, and my flag was marked as helpful
Yeah, on second thought "not welcome" is probably not right either.
@mootinator Thank you. Do you think you could send me a DLL?
1:55 AM
Okay, I have to figure something out for work though right now.
Ok, at your convenience.
Sorry to barge in, didn't mean to interrupt
@daxelrod No worries, all are welcome.
@Moshe Want me to share a DropBox folder?
Yes sir, please.
2:04 AM
Q: Questions with nefarious intent?

MiffTheFoxWhat is the idea based around questions for "evil" purposes, such as writing spambots and malware? Should the be answered or downvoted/flagged/closed? (Also, pardon my noobishness, I'm not sure if there's already a rule for this or not. I don't have a high enough rep to close questions and the...

Found it by searching for "evil"
@Moshe Do I have to figure out your e-mail address?
@mootinator moshberm at gmail
I picked a very me-centric shared folder name there. Heh.
Lol, I doubt it will log in and whatnot, but it's worth trying to build.
2:35 AM
FB thinks I'm spammer!
Rate limiting.
Ok, there goes my Facebook for a week.
3:29 AM
...wait for it...
I rest my case.
It's aliive.
Hey, @jcole you're alive!
1 Yatta! = -1 Oy.
What is Yatta! + Oy. equal to?
3:38 AM
@Moshe I am not
@Moshe meh
damnit Kevin, slow your ass down ;-)
So here's a fun one for you guys
It's a mathematical truth.
I have a deteriorating disc in my back, between L5 and S1
3 hours ago, by mootinator
This sedentary programming lifestyle is more flippin' dangerous than they tell you.
3:41 AM
well, I imagine I've been doing it to myself my whole life
yeah, so my left leg is mildly on fire atm
@jcole - sorry to hear that. :-(
@jcolebrand I have the exact same (pain) since Friday, but haven't been to see a Dr.
Speaking of thanks, thank you for the tip off about the student ambassador program. I visited SE HQ today. Was EPIC!
Of course, I also have swollen chimp lips and pinkeye.
And I haven't whined about them in the whining room for days.
3:44 AM
@Moshe you're quite welcome
@mootinator I suggest going to see a doctor
Speaking to afriend on the phone with his own developing medical question. I quote: "there's no such thing as a dermatological emergency. Nobody's acne gets that bad."
That's what everyone keeps saying...
@Moshe Flesh eating bacteria.
@Moshe Remind me to never show you the things that would keep you up nights
3:47 AM
I would scar you for life
Really. Robl
B = bed
I don't think there's prayers to get rid of some of the stuff I've seen (from your mind)
Heh, you're probably right.
The folks at SE were super nice.
Well, best of health to both of you. I need to get some sleep.
3:57 AM
4:57 AM
Hmmm, does the new profile page not have a 'main user' link for SE 2.0 Metas now?
Found the link, its on the top right hand corner now
oddly it's parent user, as compared to "main user" for SU
5:09 AM
Q: SE 2.0 UI: Jargon in the interface. Getting rid of "parent"

OcaasiI'm continuing my collection of minor UI tirades. Today's rant: getting rid of "Parent". Parent is the name for the core Q&A side of StackExchanges sites. (It's the alternate of "meta"). "Parent" suggests a superior. "Parent" is a coding term about inheritance hierarchies. "Parent" is n...

3 hours later…
8:21 AM
I spend the rest of the day feeling handicapped whenever I use all of my votes before morning.
11:55 AM
3 hours later…
2:35 PM
@Marc may I ask you to take a look
Q: Make [windows-registry] to be an alias of [registry] or vice versa

abatishchevCurrently registry (1231) has the following wiki entry: Windows registry is a place to save the configuration for hardware, software and the operating system (Windows). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Registry so it's supposing that all the posts under it are related to Windows Registr...

that's what I mean
Q: Normalize [firefox] versioning tags

abatishchev firefox-3 (85) firefox-5 (36) firefox-6 (1) firefox-8 (2) but firefox2 (12) firefox3 (1) firefox3.5 (40) firefox3.6 (111) firefox4 (203) firefox6 (21) and so on! I propose to use well-used dashed-form for versions.

Q: Make [wcf-service], [wcfservice] synonym to [wcf]

abatishchevCurrently wcfservice is a approved synonym for wcf and wcf-service (45) is just proposed. Please accept.

tag hell yea
3:19 PM
Has there been a religious war on the StackExchange network yet? just asking... english.stackexchange.com/questions/50126/…
@Fosco Actual religious wars, not emacs vs. vim type wars? Well, I think Christianity.SE has had some
Ooo.. that's a site I'll avoid.
Yeah, so do I, but it spawned at least one Meta thread over content I believe
4:02 PM
Q: What is considered "hate speech"?

hammarThe description of the offensive flag reads: This [post] contains content that a reasonable person would consider offensive, abusive or hate speech. The definition of "hate speech", according to Wikipedia: Hate speech is, outside the law, any communication that disparages a person or a ...

4:26 PM
@JeremyBanks Yeah, there's at least one guy on Christianity who hates my guts now because I didn't care to listen to him go on about how we should delete stuff on site on his say-so.
I am going through the flags and came across this question that I do not believe is a proper fit for SO, but I don't know if it would be on-topic for another site. Can someone smarter then me take a look at it?
Q: A two player game over the intranet

SantwanaI am a student of 3rd year engineering and only a novice in my programming skills. I need some help with my project.. I wish to develop a two player game to be played over the network (Intranet). I want to develop a simple website with a few html pages for this.My ideas for the project run as fo...

Oh, I just noticed its from 2010... hmm
2 hours later…
6:02 PM
I'm nearly certain this sub is delicious.
Too bad all I cn taste is burning.
hi all
lol i like it how this Q became the main one: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/113333/… when mine was the original
Q: New reputation area. Recent changes

A Man A Plan A Canal PanamaIn the old reputation area when you got any recent rep the line was highlighted. In the new version all i see is the text bolded (and nothing highlighted) and it is hard to tell the difference between the two: Can you find the new one here? Well its here: Now I have noti...

mine was asked a week earlier
maybe i ddnt phrase the title correctly?
Q: Badge for X number of days visited in the X amount of time

A Man A Plan A Canal PanamaSome users on the Stack Exchange cannot visit the site every day (sabbath observers and the like). Can there be a badge that if a user visited X number of days in Y amount of time they would get the badge. Kind of like the fanatic and the like, but does not have to be consecutive. Expansion of...

6:20 PM
@AManAPlanACanalPanama The title could describe the specific issue (broadly)
@mootinator I know, but the Q with all the votes was a dupe lol
It was also migrated.
@mootinator ehhh still could have been closed as a dupe and merged
Yeah, but "How do we get alerts back" still actually describes the problem.
Hard to tell yours was a duplicate unless one read it.
One wouldn't have read it if one doesn't read posts with very generic titles.
@mootinator hehe i guess im not good at wording my Q. but i had diagrams :-P and the other one ddnt
6:24 PM
lol people are already downvoting my new Q with no reasoning behind them
I thought it was a good idea
in addition to what you said, the current badges are a little too addiction-supporting.
hehe i can never get those badges
i can never be on on saturdays
6:26 PM
Would the Mona Lisa be as famous had it been entitled "Painting"</trollol>
@JeremyBanks lol i saw that, and made a comment abt it
hehe the norepro makes no sense
I also liked Random's edit, adding , and, for some reason, .
@JeremyBanks lol
@JeremyBanks rrrg
can u vote to reopen?
@mootinator reopen?
6:39 PM
Reopen what?
Q: Badge for X number of days visited in Y amount of time

A Man A Plan A Canal Panama Possible Duplicate: Shouldn't weekend be excluded from consecutive day count? Some users on the Stack Exchange cannot visit the site every day (sabbath observers and the like). Can there be a badge that if a user visited X number of days in Y amount of time they would get the badg...

was closed for all the wrong reasons. (see the comments)
I don't have reopen votes on meta.
I feel bad when a question is closed as a duplicate of a particularly badly asked question
6:41 PM
because it screws your chance of getting support, through no fault of your own. You got my vote.
@JeremyBanks I know! and by a MOD so its his vote or the highway...
@Moshe u there?
@Moshe vote for reopen :-D
Meh. It's obviously a dupe of the question you linked to in your own post
@YiJiangs独角兽 ha! not at all
It absolutely is
@YiJiangs独角兽 again. the link in my post asked for a change to the badges that already exist. i am asking for a new badge or badges
6:49 PM
You asked for a new badge, they asked for a new badge
They wanted the criteria changed first and foremost, but in lieu of that they put up the idea of a new badge.
@TimStone read the answers though. they are not relavant to my question
The answer explains why doing either of those things defeats the point of the existing badge.
they are based on users ability to access the site
They are relevant
i am saying i cannot acces it one a week
have no option
6:50 PM
So too bad for you?
it has nothing to do with my willingness to go on the site
It certainly isn't impossible for you to access the site, it's just that you made a perfectly sane choice to not value a digital, valueless badge over maintaining your beliefs. Creating a new badge just to compensate for being rational is, well, a bit irrational. Admittedly I'd also agree with yoda's comment that the existing badges (fanatic and the like) are themselves also useless.
7:05 PM
@TimStone :-P I know, but its fun to gloat
but i agree, they are all kinda pointless
7:30 PM
@AManAPlanACanalPanama - You actually happen to be in a pretty good situation in this case.
Use time zones to your advantage. The counter is based on UTC.
So just get on before sabbath and then afterwards. Shouldn't be too hard. I'm at around 25 days or so. No religious violations in that regard.
If I'm going to purgatory, it won't be the fanatic badge's fault.
@Moshe lol one month i was on every day except sat and the monthly view in the profile looked funny lol
7:47 PM
I just get "493" reputation. Does it mean that the old highlighting of "new reputation" is back?
8:11 PM
@JeremyBanks DUPE! :-)
2 hours later…
9:49 PM
Doing some testing there, um, Jenks?
Could I have someone's opinion on this question I just posted?
Q: While iterating through a dictionary inside a dictionary, more that one key gets modified despite the break statement

TrufaI found this very weird bug that I can't understand. First of all inside this function I unpickle: tableOrders = pickle.load(open("\\\\VIERNES7-3\Documentos c\sharedTableOrders.p","rb")) If I do pprint(tableOrders) I get: {1: {'blink': False, 'canceled': 'no', 'orders': [{u'availab...

I would like to know whether the problem (the question) is clear or not.
I had a hard time explaining it so I'm afraid it might be hard to understand
I do have the feeling that I'm going to facepalm in about 5 minutes
Hey dog, I heard you like dictionaries...
10:04 PM
@Trufa: Anyway, the only bit I get hung up on is that you're doing this within the framework of some sort of GUI, and I don't really know how that fits in. That may or may not be relevant, but if (for example) event.widget.delete triggers an event that hits the same code again without reloading tableOrders, you're gonna get all kinds of funky results.
Q: I just stumbled upon Eliza

A Man A Plan A Canal PanamaI just happened to be looking through the chatrooms on meta and I noticed this one: http://chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/rooms/438/the-couch It seems someone on the SE team has created a chat bot called Eliza Is this some sort of ploy for SE to take over the world? Is this bot going to be the ne...

@Shog9 Before the question I commented out that part just in case, and the result still doesn't vary. I though about it good and I'm 99.99% sure this isn't gui related. I'm editing my question to reflect that specifically. Thanks for the advice!!
10:27 PM
Got an email today that Movies.SE went into private beta... Asked a question, answered a question, gave a meta answer. I'm #1 on both main/meta. lol. This is likely the only time I will ever be #1 on anything StackExchange related.
@Fosco lol
1 hour later…
11:50 PM
DAmn it's nice when a bug is gone!
@Shog9 thanks for the help!
what'd I do?
@Shog9 you kiddin'? nothing would have bee possible without you

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