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12:01 AM
Inflating balloons?
@SonictheWizardWerehog much too much work for no game.
Ah. I see they basically managed to fill multiple things with the new cm. Language support and fresh eyes
@JourneymanGeek Yeah.
Which is cool ;p
He's also... like certified as a CM... so I'm expecting to be told that we're doing everything wrong. ;)
12:16 AM
At least on MetaSE there is a lot of difference between 1 rep and 101 rep.
@Catija maybe ;p
A 1 rep user showing up => Peer Pressure badge in the making.
But he is probably also going to learn the ways of SE and meta. So there's that.
A 101 rep could have 10K+ somewhere.
I have sub 200 on SO
12:18 AM
Downvotes don't hurt as much when you only have one rep.
Entirely from one question and assorted rep
I have 125 on SO. 🤣
Suggested edits
Also I've heard dreadful things about the gaming community so... I'd suppose he has some experience dealing with... The sorta stuff we see on the metas
@Catija someone was looking for a way to get a copy of a library that wasn't encrypted or something. I found a source code link. Someone found it was broken. Fixed it.
I check every 6 months or so ;p
12:25 AM
Being a CM when your initials are CM can be confusing.
@Catija Are requests by post authors to have the new contributor mark on their own posts removed honored? (I made an FR for this and it was marked deferred.)
(Also, thanks for the correction - there are in fact 2.5 privileges not awarded with the mod diamond. I've edited the FAQ to reflect this.)
> Skip lecture on how to ask (SO only)
I think it's "SO and Math" but I don't know if 10 rep threshold is in effect on Math.
Apparently Meta too, but that doesn't seem to have actually rolled out
Maybe change to "some sites" with another footnote?
12:39 AM
@SonictheWizardWerehog uhm. They could get some reputation
Reputation has no effect on NCM, AFAIR. meta.stackexchange.com/a/314476/302202
No. But the act of contribution helps
Also if something needs manual knob twiddling.. it should be critical
Trivia: March is the answeringest month of the year on SO. In 2017, there were 331,235 answers in March, no other month had 305,000. In 2018, there were 281,698 answers in March, no other month had 268,000. (Counting with deleted)
It's the same for questions, I just happened to notice this based on answers.
1:00 AM
@SonictheWizardWerehog I'm not sure why we'd do that. It's only a week.
@SonictheWizardWerehog ? What is this about?
1:50 AM
CM Morning
@Catija Two reasons: 1. if you want it to be gone earlier than a week. 2. It's actually permanent, it's only shown for one week; if you don't want SEDE users and employees with DB access to find it.
@SonictheWizardWerehog That doesn't explain why we would want to do it.
@Catija To answer your second question: it's about the interstitial page.
I mean, if we wanted staff to be ignored we could do that really easily but I don't really see a reason to make it possible for someone to request it be removed.
I often participate in per-site meta discussions, where I'm frequently marked as a "new contributor", and people don't take me seriously.
Other users may, for various reasons, not want their posts to be annotated as having come from a "new contributor"
2:02 AM
So... even if that's all something we'd consider... that doesn't really have anything to do with the original point... that Cesar only has one rep.... and the gist of my question was why would we (the CMs) want to do that. 1 rep, 101 rep, new contributor icon... all of that is trumped by the diamond (assuming people know what it means).
@SonictheWizardWerehog huh? I also participated on many per-site meta, and I only got 1 joke comment for being "new contributor". The rest, they didn't care if I was a new contributor or not. On the other hand, I usually state explicitly that I'm not a regular on their site if the discussion is about per-site policy.
@GetAnswerWizard It's always amazing to me how many meta sites I see you on. :D
@SonictheWizardWerehog Interesting, there's a site where I have never posted on the main site, yet all three of my Meta answers were well-received (and in fact are the highest voted).
It doesn't seem like anyone cared that I was a "new contributor".
@GetAnswerWizard I did that once. But I shouldn't have to.
It's also exacerbated by the fact that I use a different username on Meta than on other sites (which is intentional, I'm not gonna change that).
2:32 AM
But, was the real problem with being a "new contributor", not because of what you posted?
or expecting to feel that way?
@GetAnswerWizard Yes. The specific case was what to do with an answer that barely consists of nothing more than We don't.; in the end, the site mods opted to go with my suggestion.
Q: Is a two word answer to a complex question really acceptable?

forestRecently, I flagged a two word answer from 2015. OP was asking how we know a cryptographic primitive is secure, and the answer contained exactly two words. In fact, the answer was so short that hidden MathJax had to be added to keep the system from rejecting it! The answer contained nothing but: ...

@SonictheWizardWerehog FWIW... I also disagreed with your answer and upvoted forest's first comment. Not because you're a new contributor, but because of your proposal.
3:36 AM
@SonictheWizardWerehog That post should just be deleted. There's no such thing as a historical lock for an answer... by design.
Well, a few answers on Meta Super User were locked as "historical significance", resulting in an incorrect post notice (referring to questions) being applied. The situation was resolved when an employee manually removed those post notices, while leaving the answers locked.
Also, what I suggested was more of a compromise: the mods were loath to delete the answer.
It's a duplicate of the accepted answer, for all purposes... seeing as they both say the same thing. There's no reason to retain it. :sigh:
1 hour later…
4:51 AM
@Catija are you there?
Q: How fast can the Earth spin and support life?

MuzeIn prehistoric times, dinosaurs were so massive that archeologists wonder how they were not crushed under their own weight. Could the Earth rotate fast enough to make everything considerably lighter and retain an atmosphere? Could the slowing of the rotation cause extinction among the larger an...

How can I contact @Bass to talk more on this subject outside of Physics.SE?
@SonictheWizardWerehog ??
@GetAnswerWizard ??
5:03 AM
i mean.. that's up to the person.
@Muze Did you try searching meta?
but how do I contact him
other then in an unrealated comment?
43 secs ago, by Sonic the Wizard Werehog
@Muze Did you try searching meta?
Oh I see would it ping him @Bass
5:04 AM
If here is a member it should ping?
What does the Meta say?
Search for and find the relevant Meta post, then we'll talk.
5:07 AM
I tried not sure of terminology
The keywords you used here will help you find it easily.
Flag a user, ping a user, start chat with a user
Link the post here once you've found it
(hint: use [faq] in search to find the FAQ posts)
Now, which method does that FAQ recommend?
5:45 AM
A little ditty while we wait.
Hi o/
I deleted my login email. And set another. But now I am not able to login with the new email. And if try to login from old it asks me to create a new account.
Can anyone help me on this please ? :)
Create a new account and contact SE to request an account merge
B....but Shouldn't it set to new email when I set it via profile settings ?
6:02 AM
That's called "automatic merging"; it's not happening for some reason, so a manual merge is necessary.
Wakarimashtha, Arigatou! Understood, Thanks!
@Shadow Could you please change the closure of this question to the new form and change the duplicate target to the one I edited in there?
6:54 AM
Call this controversial, but I actually want the hand-waving icon to be shown on the comment for users who have never posted anything before (due to association bonus). Because it's strange that you get treated as "new contributor" when posting Q&A, but not when commenting for the first time...
Especially important on HNQ
28 messages moved to Chimney
bad bot.
A light discussion this time~
Q: The "Hot Questions" list at Stack Overflow seems a little... questionable

Travis JThis is not to be confused with the hot network questions list. I decided to look at the "Hot" list selection at Stack Overflow in order to perhaps answer a question. You know, in the rare case they are actually on topic. No luck. Instead I found this absolute gem: How do I initialize these arr...

> It goes on to list a through h of requirements, and to be honest I would have rather seen a spam post with a phone number and a promise.
1 hour later…
8:14 AM
I hope autoflagging gets fixed soon
I hope everything gets fixed soon :D
Though starting with autoflagging sounds like a good idea
I hope they don't send the report to here when autoflagging is borken ;p
1 hour later…
sniped via parrot
1 hour later…
10:44 AM
19 messages moved to Chimney
@M.A.R.TheChemicalWizard evil grin
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
@M.A.R.TheChemicalWizard Hey! The furniture did nothing wrong, leave it alone :)
It's also a repost
10:55 AM
@SonictheWizardWerehog done
11:23 AM
Auto flagging is back?
:7657862 K
@ShadowWizard Nope
hmm... spam appear to be nuked fast.
Too many tireless eyes staring at the screen
That's good no?
@JourneymanGeek Unless it's arachnids
11:29 AM
@M.A.R.TheChemicalWizard Arachnids are always welcome on SE too.
They keep other pests out ;)
To get as fast as autoflagging times, we'd need 10 people staring at Charcoal with super fast internet skills and Glorfindel-level magic
@M.A.R.TheChemicalWizard arachnids are my favorite type of insect
they eat other insects and largely mind their own business.
@Tinkeringbell Never marginalize arachnids. Their sting hurts even if it doesn't kill you
:/ They got rid of the ones at my office toilet.
@Magisch I kinda agree
11:31 AM
I have the cutest arachnid crochet pattern I still need to try...
Too much stuff to do :P
@M.A.R.TheChemicalWizard actually back in the day, I think I was about as fast as smokey
The only creepy ones are the ones who move too slowly
@JourneymanGeek You forgot the spells or where you put the spell book?
and some spider nets are actually pretty cute
compare e.g an orb weaver
these look fabulous
@M.A.R.TheChemicalWizard Out of practice
@M.A.R.TheChemicalWizard Actually... I find the opposite to be more true, the ones that move to fast to track are creepiest ;)
11:34 AM
@M.A.R.TheChemicalWizard Wizard arachnids don't hurt
TBH almost all invertebrates feel more disgusting or gross than average which is TBF an evolutionary response to be probable
Spiders don't look gross compared to others
some spiders can be outright cute, like the jumping spider
The slow ones or the ones that stare into your soul for half an hour are creepy though
(if anyone is arachnophobic... sorry, let me know and I'll edit. BUT THAT IS SO CUTE)
I love those
11:37 AM
Wasn't there one of those with rattles photoshopped into a .gif?
@JourneymanGeek I'm spinnoloadophobic
I'm sorry your internet sucks. ;p
@JohnDvorak :D
Apology accepted
11:39 AM
It does :)
a jumping spider :D
these fellas are very small and webless
Actually I don't mind the big ones as much as the little ones.
I'd rather not have an entire brood at home though
I have a reasonably big spider on my houseplant. The spider is a honorary pet tasked with standing against the flying insect menace
11:42 AM
Photo, pls
I think I'd like a pet spider...
Well the bird-eating ones as big as my laptop are kinda unnerving but they would mind their own business too, and I'd probably never ever run into one
or freeloading off of me for prime hunting real estate
I held a tarantula once at a zoo, it was very pretty, extraordinarily light, and very nice :)
@M.A.R.TheChemicalWizard and if you do, they'd be scared of you and book it unless cornered
11:43 AM
Though I probably still am going to try for an apartment with a bit of a yard/balcony and get rabbits.
Yeah I know, they're really shy
@M.A.R.TheChemicalWizard wise survival strategy considering you probably outweigh them 50:1 and are naturally inclined to dislike them
Also that's basically how they live and hunt
Their prey is faster and with bigger reach usually, so they'd starve if they just throw their weight around
Jumping spiders throw their weight around quite often, and they don't starve. But then again they know which direction to jump from.
Jumping spiders invited flanking before humans did.
@JohnDvorak Hey no fair, they got here first
12:06 PM
@JohnDvorak jumping spiders seem to be adopting the cat strategy of species proliferation
be cute enough that humans want to keep you around for entertainment
Wonder why babies haven't adopted that strategy yet :P
Works well enough for cats. I mean, that's what finally got Julian Assanje
I'm mostly interested in keeping them as living fly traps
@JohnDvorak Thats exactly why I tolerate the cross spider in my plant
minding his own business, content to live in a web of perpetually self refilling food supply
@JourneymanGeek They haven't said his political asylum was retracted because he didn't clean up after his cat :P Only that there was some tension about this.
12:10 PM
@Tinkeringbell We all know the truth.... ;p
It'll be interesting to see 1) if he'll be delivered to the US eventually, 2) if trump will pardon him and 3) if not, if he lands in gitmo
2 is doubtful
1 wouldn't be from the UK
But one never knows
Isn't the UK trying to extradite him to sweden?
And the US is seeking extradition from sweden?
But the charges in sweden got dropped.
@JourneymanGeek There was an article somewhere that said that technically they could be reopened?
12:15 PM
Probably saw it from the same source ;p
I think they dropped them on a procedural issue because getting him in for questioning was at the time unfeasible
Right now, Dutch news says he was arrested because of a request to extradite him to the US.
They also say that this won't happen if this means he'll get the death penalty
Well. he's not american
I think they want to try him via secret millitary tribunal
Torture is more likely
12:17 PM
so being honest while I think death penalty is a stretch, he can expect to land in gitmo
or a similarly unpleasant facility
You'd need something to death penaltyfy him...
2 hours later…
2:02 PM
See guys, you are so unwelcoming. You made Shog inbox feel bad.
If you were shog, your inbox would feel bad too after a 60+ long comment chain broke out in it
Source?! Poor inbox, it's already Shog's, why punish it with that many comments?
BTW, maybe we need a better algo for deciding when to start suggesting to move into chat...
Something about user count/comment count
@Shog60+ poor inbox...
2:09 PM
@Braiam To be honest, a mod could've just pressed 'move comments to chat' after the 30th one XD
Shog got a diamond
And pretty sure he's used to hundreds of inbox items per day... part of being a CM. ;)
Do other sites have these conversations?
inb4 they have 'mute' button on their own post
2:10 PM
Well relatedly
And too many comments raises a flag already for all mods to see
I've never had someone complain for/against gender stuff on SU
Or even MSE (outside the context of SO)
@JourneymanGeek not gender, but autism
(also not on SU)
@GetAnswerWizard WP and IPS?
@Tinkeringbell my comment flag requesting them to be moved got declined
2:13 PM
IMO all the comments there can be safely purged.
But again, that's up for Shog to decide/do, no need for any mod intervention.
@ShadowWizard Generally though even mods leave it up to other mods to moderate e.g. comments under a post ;) conflict of interest and such, to avoid being criticised for deleting criticism
doesn't do me any good now. And those two seem to have taken a break, so I'm happy.
Ah. He's summoned.
Not by me this time! :D
I can summon @M.A.R though.
And send him to Wadi Mujib.
Day 6 of stubborn HAProxy block, @Shog any idea whether this is gonna be resolved or should I bite the bullet and do massive DNS changes to get a new IP?
2:19 PM
@ShadowWizard Surely it was your fault, you said his name last
Ok, yeah... I like having the discussion in public, but if it's just gonna be you two going back and forth all morning maybe take pity on my poor inbox and jump into the tavern? — Shog9 ♦ 57 mins ago
@Undo uh, hang on
Let's have !!/beer
@Tinkeringbell nah
See? @Tink ^
@ShadowWizard I don't believe a silly bot.
2:20 PM
@Shog9 poor Undo is hanging for too long... ;)
@Tinkeringbell careful, smokey can punish those calling it silly.... :P
At this point the "lets just suspend everyone." really works for those who use API...
suddenly seeing @Tink posts reported as spam
Or better yet... when auto flagging works again... used to auto flag those who dare insult Smokey.... :D
... or autoflag Smokey's own chat message...
@Undo nick sez: "on my list to get to shortly"
2:25 PM
2:41 PM
@GetAnswerWizard Not well enough sometimes...
3:13 PM
A thing I'm building with some friends. Very close to Stack Overflow: sklivvz.com/posts/introducing-badgie (sorry-not-sorry for the spam) :-)
@Undo hey sorry we've been slammed - I've confirmed what's happening (the bot was legit banned, temporarily...which is somehow not releasing). We're digging into what behavior changed in HAProxy here...it was't intentional in our upgrade process at all.
@NickCraver my personal IP is blocked too
Yep - aware from logs, something changed and I'm on it
3:31 PM
Nick's craving the logs
\o/ thanks :)
@Sklivvz it's going to be released in 6-8 weeks? Unsure if it's a reference to this or not.
3:48 PM
I was looking at all the Memes of Meta and I feel like I understand stuff now
4:21 PM
@NickCraver Thanks Nick appreciated
@Script47 You must be new here :-) There's another pretty obvious reference in the post, can you find it?
4:41 PM
@Sklivvz can you try now?
@NickCraver Is metasmoke autoflagging also working?
I'm unbanned, thanks @NickCraver
I honestly don't know - we haven't solve it we're just investigating
Yep, unblocked from MS server
Thanks! \o/
HAPoxy had 400k+ IPs in the ban table tracker and when we query it, it cleared out
I think we have found a bug in HAProxy
4:43 PM
Heh, that's 0.01% of the entire IPv4 space
we're contacting them to get this resolved long-term
@NickCraver Thank you very much for resolving the issue! If you could please post a message in Charcoal HQ, that would be very nice.
yeah no problem - note: not resolved, just temp fixed, please don't hesitate to ping me if it repeats as we do have a weird workaround atm
@SonictheWizardWerehog I've got it
@Undo Would be better if a detailed explanation of the issue came from an SE dev
...and of course make him pingable there
4:46 PM
CHQ knows how to follow links
It's like 99% of what we do
Smokey volume here should be a lot smaller now.
1 hour later…
5:53 PM
According to his LinkedIn, CM has "Unfished BS in CS that gives me my technical background to understand the basics of coding, reading logs and makes me able to speak and understand tech." — Ask Question Wizard 39 secs ago
New hobby: referring to the new CM by initials whenever possible.
... it may be a short-lived one
@AskQuestionWizard I do hope you're referring to the hobby there...
6:13 PM
unfinished what in computer science?
6:24 PM
@JohnDvorak I've been told a BS is not a big pile of male cow dung, but a bachelor of science ;)
@JohnDvorak It's not unfinished, it is merely unfished.
No fish were harmed in the process of that BS.
@AskQuestionWizard that raises even more questions actually...
I like how @Glorfindel's edit restored a broken SO logo image in this post, especially because it's the old time SO logo.
The 6 bar logo is a symbol of great old times.
6:28 PM
Like the Confederate flag to some people.
And possibly as controversial to others.
Just look at all those 6 different colors. Nice.
6:55 PM
So many Julius Cesar puns
Is the name that uncommon?
@M.A.R.TheChemicalWizard never met one over here...
@AskQuestionWizard It reminds me of Windows XP
Everyone knows northern Europe is all Frederick Tink
@M.A.R.TheChemicalWizard Frederick? Hmmmm.
7:19 PM
Question: An answer on SO pretty much links to the answer's own resources and samples it looks like spam... but is that actually spamming? stackoverflow.com/a/55639696/332733
@Mgetz self-promotion plus link+only. Add a comment reminding affiliation disclosure and the how-not-to-be-a-spammer help center article + flag as VLQ/NAA and ask for context tailored to the question
Used to be VLQ when I flagged those things. I think it's NAA now
2 hours later…
9:41 PM
@BoltClock Wait... there can be MALE birds? I thought it was the same as with cats and dogs.... cats are girls and dogs are guys. right? RIGHT?! — Patrice Nov 10 '15 at 19:44
Tom is not female
So cute cats are female but annoying ones are male o.o
Although sometimes Jerry was the arsehole
I think one of Firefox's tracking protection features blocks images from FaceBook. — Alexander O'Mara 2 hours ago
Ha, probably called Sanity
Q: What languages were used for coding 50 years ago?

ketanWhat were they coding 50 years ago? And still, they using Stack Overflow and do programming?

Is reminded of hieroglyphs and papyrus
A better question would be how in the world they got to program when they had to keep an eye out for dinosaurs?
A: Deal with toxic manager when you can't quit

MonoandaleJust have a very short 1:1; tell your manager that you fell in love with him, that you have finally given up on having a relationship and just wanted to take this off your chest. Practice a lot so that you can say this with a straight face. Once you have declared your love, he will no longer be ...

10:04 PM
it has 5 upvotes

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