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2:43 AM
Looks like Robert is back since yesterday, Area 51 is safe now...
> Ontology Network is no longer welcome to submit an application to create a Stack Exchange site.
Looks like there's a blacklist for some proposals
2:58 AM
3:39 AM
@GetAnswerWizard An epistemology on the phenomenon of Ontology is phenomenologically unepistemic.
4:21 AM
I'm confused...
Q: Help with approach when designing a site proposal

JeffI am trying to sort out a design problem before proposing a new site. Problem: there are two main flavors of questions one would ask on the new site: technical and functional. They are distinct yet related. Technical would always deal with programming, i.e. code. Functional would always deal w...

2 hours later…
6:04 AM
@Rob I see I have completely no idea what you did there.
6:34 AM
Rejoice, IE users?
Q: Ads aren't displaying correctly in IE11

WolfieUnless Slack is trying some really covert recruitment tactics, there seems to be rendering issue with some ads in the sidebar: I've also seen ads where text doesn't wrap, and you only see half of a sentence where the logo is in the above ad. I'm using IE11 at work (to my sorrow), which is app...

7:02 AM
29 messages moved to Chimney
Sunshine! :D
But there will be more clouds this afternoon/evening, I understand.
... it just thundered over here...
Ohh, nice!
I hate you
7:24 AM
And now, the sun shines as bright as MS SQL
7:45 AM
@GetAnswerWizard why, is it brown?
2 hours later…
9:21 AM
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9:52 AM
Just purchased an adapter to convert my Bose QC25 wired headphones to wireless...having used wired headphones for a long time, I find the lag very noticeable
10:09 AM
Here I am again, trying to figure out how to hyperlink in chat
@ahorn It works! We also have a Sandbox sort of room to try that kind of stuff :)
Also I can never remember so I use the help to remind me
120 and counting for non-SO/SE meta
Q: Can we please be more generous to elementary beginners?

JackThis question: Given that $\arctan(1/5) + \arctan(1/8) = \arctan(1/p)$, how to find the value of $p$? (now deleted again) was originally closed as "off-topic". Here is the original title: Tricky Trig question - Given that arctan(1/5) + arctan(1/8) = arctan(1/p) find the value of P. And h...

@Tinkeringbell Next, try rollover text...
10:42 AM
Turns out you need to disable asynchronous reporting services before you're able to connect in sql server single user mode
which is necessary to restore master db files from elsewhere
10:52 AM
I've put bag of apples on a previously unused spot on my table, and a cobweb spider immediately bolted under my stack of DVDs. She has now returned to her usual resting spot, and touching the bag moves the spider. I'm contemplating if I should leave the bag to her as a new home decoration.
@JohnDvorak how big is a cobweb spider?
0.5cm body length, approximately. It's a house variety steadota triangulosa female (I think) adult.
And not too interested in running away from my breath.
11:36 AM
@JohnDvorak "Maybe if I don't move the giant predator will not detect and eat me"
I'm not really into eating spiders, but don't tempt me twice. The moment somebody starts selling them in my locality as food, I'll be in the line.
12:09 PM
I guess nobody missed me, but I'm back on-line
the houseplant has arrived
o/ leaf
@rene I read you message in the Den, so yeah, didn't miss you :P
@rene Took long enough to fix though, must've been boring.
Yeah, I went to the office y'day so I could at least get some stuff done ... today the planned time was 10:00 to 12:00. KPN showed up at the door at 13:00 ...
12:19 PM
Of course..
took them a hour to fix as the cable was beyond repair ...
Poor cable.
Did you ever try KPN-FON?
I did, I want my 5 euro back
Had the weirdest issue with my Internet connection a few days back. Our building management sent out a memo regarding the ISP coming to everyone's apartments and installing new Wi-Fi routers, so we wouldn't have to install our own.
Unfortunately, I couldn't switch over, as I have a printer that uses the same LAN and so I must stick with my own router. After the change, I completely lost my connection.
I tried connecting to my router local IP to see what the issue was, but it wasn't connecting. So I decided to connect to it using a cable, but my 2016 laptop doesn't have an Ethernet port, and I couldn't find my adapter.
So I quickly rented an hourly car and drove to the local Fry's Electronics to buy a new adapter, and briefly contemplated buying a new router.
@rene Never. What is it?
12:32 PM
I got back, hooked up the new adapter, and the router was working fine. But there was no connection. Turns out the issue was that of the two Ethernet ports in my room, I just needed to switch it to the other one.
@Tinkeringbell some local wifi that is offered by means of KPN customers sharing their band-width without them knowing. And it is due to that unstable (to put it nicely).
@SonictheWizardWerehog lol ... one of those days ...
So I'd effectively wasted money on the car rental and on the new adapter...thankfully, I didn't get a new router.
@rene Heh...I've seen that in Canada, with at least two companies (Shaw and Telus) doing such a thing. Here, a company called Spectrum is rolling out a similar thing, but it just hasn't caught on as people are demanding free Wi-Fi.
@rene I used FON for years - the deal in the UK was awesome for a while. Free access anywhere in the UK (ish) as long as you shared yours. So when connectivity was expensive it really helped. Now it still exists, but not as important. My car happily connects to them wherever I drive though, so that's nice
When I lived on campus, the management there began an unofficial policy of disallowing personal Wi-Fi routers, but I got around this by naming my network as if it were an auto-generated network made by a printer/streaming device/etc. And even if I got caught, there was no such provision in the contract, so I technically couldn't be sanctioned for it. (Of course, to avoid complaints, I set the Wi-Fi channels appropriately to avoid conflicts, and reduced the signal strength.)
@SonictheWizardWerehog yeah, I'm close but not close enough to a reliable free wifi.
@RoryAlsop the problem here was it connected and disconnected at will. And as I paid for it I expected it to be at least reliable in connecting while not expecting great speed.
12:43 PM
Isn't there a big security flaw, in case one operator decides to perform a MITM attack?
I ... used a vpn to counter that ...
1 hour later…
1:54 PM
There is a Brexit joke in here. Maybe many voters tried to put two check marks on the ballot and now they have an unexpected result ...
2:25 PM
Closing is good.
2:44 PM
@GetAnswerWizard depends what
closing all @Get's questions
finally new keyboard
@Magisch Now if you ever make a typo again... :P
It's the same keyboard as before, but new
I first tried to get a decent keyboard, with lighting and macro keys and all, but found I didn't like the feel of the keys at all, so I went back to my 15€ cherry keyboard
now I have a 20 minutes used LED macro keyboard gathering dust
3:05 PM
@Magisch :( Couldn't you try it out in a shop first?
that would require going somewhere
@KevinB Exercise is good! :P
Parrots that don't get enough exercise get really annoying ;)
3:31 PM
@Tinkeringbell I bought it from a local store
Anyone know charities that can meaningfully do something with a macro keyboard? I already asked my friends, none of them want it
its one of those
1 hour later…
4:34 PM
do birds work in microgravity
Birds don't sow or reap. Their heavenly father feeds them instead. (Mt 6:26)
@JohnDvorak True, though in this case it's mom that still cooks for me :P
1 hour later…
6:00 PM
6:15 PM
Am I the only one experiencing meta.stackexchange.com/questions/326711/…?
@MarkAmery Nah, it's blank here too. What was in it though, I can't really remember, stuff to do with formatting, right?
Pasting images and post preview are also broken
Indeed... trying to ctrl-v an image in chat doesn't work anymore :(
Also... give me some time and I would've written a comment XD
@MarkAmery Same here.
Now fixed for me
6:25 PM
That feeling when you come online exactly when the issue was fixed and can't say "yeah, reproduced"
@M.A.R.TheChemicalWizard Awww :( You always seem to miss all the fun!
Is it just me or are things almost always fixed by 'reverting the build'?
Except the ones that cause unscheduled site maint
How do you fix errors that were caused by a code revert? By reverting the revert?
Ask Schrodinger for help
@JohnDvorak That should have a trigger warning. Don't ask, I had to do that once.
6:39 PM
Q: Immediate up-voting of answer

RutendoThe answer in question I have deleted, a user pointed out to me that I did not understand the question properly and upon further inspection they were correct. One thing I can't seem to shake is the fact that the answer was upvoted almost instantaneously, it would have been impossible for someone...

Rare sighting. Asks about upvotes
What's the P(asked about serial upvoting | got serially upvoted) though?
Mythic sighting
I mean, do people not ask about serial upvotes because they don't get serially upvoted, or because they're OK with getting serially upvoted?
@M.A.R.TheChemicalWizard I've had a few cases like that.
in V'dibarta Bam on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Jun 17 '18 at 5:38, by Alex
I just posted an answer and it got upvoted within 30 seconds. The answer is really really long so there is almost no way someone could have read the entire thing in that amount of time. Do people upvote based on only reading part of an answer? Or do they upvote based on the person posting it?
i haven't been serially downvoted in a while... i think it's because i decided to leave less comments
serially upvoted? happened a week ago from someone in chat
6:57 PM
> "shouldn't" and "don't" are different words.
never noticed difference
@rene Doesn't surprise me. Non-English European languages have a LOT of letters they don't pronounce
schphthch -> ʃ
Q: Draft: Planned maintenance scheduled April 17/18, 2019 at 11:00UTC (8:00pm US/Eastern)

Taryntl;dr: Planned service interruption that will impact all Stack Overflow/Stack Exchange sites, Jobs, Chat, and Teams. All sites will be read-only for up to an hour during the maintenance. Enterprise cloud hosted instances will not be impacted. Short Version: There will be a service degradation f...

4 hours later…
10:40 PM
I am reminded again why I should avoid straying outside the computery Stack Exchanges for the sake of my sanity. A tangentially relevant joke about how men suck at teamwork is not to be removed from this Skeptics question, apparently: https://skeptics.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/34092

I can't help but think that if the genders were flipped there'd be a mod message or suspension doled out for the same thing.
I don't think the author of the question made that post
FWIW, this is the kind of crap we're getting from Twitter right now too - essentially arguing that because Skeptics allows questions to contain dodgy crap (so that answers can confirm / refute it), the site is implicitly endorsing dodgy crap.
Yeah, @Shog9 - I realised that after suggesting the edit. It's still nothing but a sexist joke with no reason to be present, though, being preserved by a mod. I don't grasp the rationale.
I see the argument, but... "Someone on the Internet posted something bad - is it legit?" can be an actual question.
of course... it can also be a thinly-veiled attempt to just promote "something bad"
Is the quote not just as effective as the image at portraying the argument being asked about?
if not moreso
@Shog9 The comment about men and teamwork is not the subject of the question, though. Its presence adds nothing.
10:45 PM
it embodies the controversy represented by the rest of the question
Enjoying some 4-buck chuck pinot noir poured through an aerator... not bad...
Yes, the question could be asked without it, but it does serve a small role in justifying the notability of the question itself
which is a thing that Skeptics tries to do
because of that "fake question" thing I alluded to above
@AaronHall like... Those faucet things?
that's a new one to me
the mods and core users on Skeptics have a hard job, and frankly every decision stands a good chance of pissing off a bunch of people. And... Sometimes for good reason, but... That doesn't make it any easier.
it's like a spigot you wedge into the bottle with little holes. seems to do the trick. quite drinkable in just a minute of sitting...
I think I'll stick with cheap whisky
@Shog9 if I'm going to kill brain cells, I'd rather do it in style...
makes note to surprise Shog with some good stuff a few years from now...
10:50 PM
I've seen some pretty stylish bar ware...
I got some pretty classy Anchor Hocking canning jars now. Can't help but look stylish drinking whisky from an Anchor Hocking jam jar
I want one of these:
that does seem like a good idea
I always spill too much beer
just trying to get back to my seat
@Shog9 I suppose I can see this rationale if I squint, but I am not convinced that adding in insults targeted at demographics to as a way of framing questions is... entirely healthy.
so I end up standing like... 10 feet away from the beer stand, hurredly slurping foam
@MarkAmery almost nothing about that question is healthy
10:53 PM
Well, I agree with that too :P
unfortunately, Skeptics doesn't always get to decide on what topics are healthy targets for skepticism
I have a lot of faith in Sklivvz, Odd, Mad & Co - as rough as it can get, they're among the best to handle it
...Jamie. Jamie's the one I couldn't remember off-hand. Gettin' old :-/
If I were them I'd have closed it as opinion-based, honestly - there doesn't seem to be a specific factual claim at stake. Notably, while both answers provide some facts, you can reasonably summarise either of them as "Yes, the media falsely gave her credit and Big League Politics is entirely correct" or "No, the media were right and BLP is nonsense" depending upon your political inclinations.
The sad thing is, I gotta wonder how many folks are reading this sorta stuff on Facebook or whatever who have no idea what software dev is like and think any of this matters at all
@MarkAmery factual claim: Bouman was not responsible for as much of the work as the media is claiming
answer: claim is incorrect, metrics are inappropriate
@ArtOfCode I dispute that that's a factual claim, because "as much of the work as the media is claiming" is not well-defined.
11:01 PM
it's defined enough
This is why Skeptics doesn't really do "the media says" or "people say" or "I've heard" as notable claims
You have to nail down a quote
from a reasonably notable source
else... You're just asking folks to settle a bar dispute for you
there certainly are sites that have claimed Bouman was responsible for all/most of it, and there certainly are groups of social media users attempting to use certain metrics to disprove those sites' claim
question also contains a quote and notable source, and it's a recent and widespread/notable issue
seems to be a perfectly good fit to me
the image seems to be used not as an insult but as another illustration of one side of the claims being made
I, uh, disagree with literally every message you've sent since the one I last replied to, which is kind of impressive. But I figure I should go and do something more worthwhile than argue about it - as Shog says, it matters little.
meh, sure
As the metasmoke problems have been sorted out, the stars on this message should be cleared.
11:16 PM

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