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Aye it's on the moors
2:36 AM
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hi hi peeps and bleeps
3:03 AM
lol crickets tag 404ed
Mar 31 '12 at 15:14, by Crickets
3:21 AM
oh so the cricket button lag was nearly offset by timetravel? shiny!
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5:45 AM
... I think I started this room? Its been a really long time...
@TylerCarter It's definitely more Dutch than before
@SonictheWizardWerehog The Dutch are a good people.
@Shog9 I think I remember you from like ... 7 years ago or something. Crazy how time flies.
6:42 AM
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@TylerCarter waves
Good morning! :)
@TylerCarter That's the only correct answer to that remark :P
7:08 AM
@Glorfindel Do you still have that userscript thingy for unprotecting posts? meta.stackexchange.com/q/326036/369802 is being autoprotected and could use some autounprotecting :)
@Tinkeringbell sure, hold on ...
Thank you :)
@Tinkeringbell Shouldn't be an issue now that all the users who have posted non-deleted answers to that question have gone past 10 rep. It's stopped for now; it will only happen again if a fresh set of answers from <10 rep users get posted.
At the moment, it doesn't meet the system criteria for auto-protection, as it doesn't have five or more answers posted from new users within the last 24 hours. (The checks are performed based on current rep, and are run whenever any new answer gets posted.)
@AskQuestionWizard Looks like balpha got to retain his staff and network-wide moderator rights permanently
@Glorfindel That script won't work since the question isn't at least 24 hours old. It must be executed under a mod account. (cc @Tinkeringbell)
7:38 AM
@SonictheWizardWerehog oh, really? Then they need to change that ...
@SonictheWizardWerehog I'm doubtful of the former. I wouldn't mind the latter.
@JourneymanGeek The staff bit prevents mods from showing up in the list of moderators on /users, and normalhuman.github.io/employee says that they still have the staff bit.
@SonictheWizardWerehog shrug that dosen't mean its permanent. Just that is isn't done yet. No rush, right?
Besides, that should be between him and SE anyway.
Not really any of our business
@SonictheWizardWerehog I can't run it from here, I'm at work. I'll keep an eye on it manually, and then @Glorfindel can take over tonight. :)
@JourneymanGeek Maybe you could run Glorfindel's user script under your account? (It was requested by Tinkeringbell, not me.)
7:46 AM
@SonictheWizardWerehog errr.... not really
I switch computers a lot so it'll get messy
Normally it runs under Glorfindel's account, but 15k+ users can only unprotect once the question is 24 hours old, so for the time being it has to be run under a mod account.
@JourneymanGeek He actually runs it on a server, not his main computer IIRC
I don't think that's an option
Meh, it doesn't really matter now. As I first said, it's not necessary now unless there are at least five answers from currently new users (of which there are currently zero).
also, looking at the answers, we'll need to keep an eye on it anyway
@JourneymanGeek Is that the only one? Or has there been any more since yesterday? (I remember I was keeping eyes on about 10, but most seem calmed down now)
7:59 AM
@Tinkeringbell amongst other things!
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9:13 AM
This is interesting... according to a Dutch news article people a.) are more and more of the opinion that companies have more responsibilities with regards to climate and society, while b.) we start distrusting said companies more and more...
I feel this isn't going to end well :/
I mean, barring exceptions, you can assume a company to care about one thing only which is profit
they're not moral, and larger companies are nearly exclusively led by if not sociopaths then people who act like sociopaths
I kinda feel that it's problematic that people find that companies have a societal responsibility (I don't know if this translates well to English, but it's like you're expecting a company to fix problems that don't have anything to do with their business :/).

I agree that they may need to be a bit more aware of environmental stuff, but I don't expect them to fix the neighborhood
I think it's fine that companies are Amoral money machines. They just need to be treated as such by regulators
@Magisch That's one other thing the article mentioned, that governments are increasingly less involved in stuff. Like, a few decades ago old people would go to retirement homes, then they started focusing on having a nurse come to your home, and now the first question is 'is this something we can offload on family/friends/neighbours'?
The retirement homes were largely government funded, so is the home-care.
And I do understand that with an increasing number of elderly people things become too expensive, and that the government starts trying to see where they can cut costs...
The generational contract is kinda disintegrating
9:24 AM
But at the same time this thing is also somehow related to people looking more and more towards companies... (I don't exactly understand how, that's an interesting one to dive into tonight at home)
we have a lot of old people who will be living in absolute poverty because not enough young people exist to care for them properly
Probably. I'm already seeing it happen now...
It's showing in that we have a massive deficit in long term care facility workers but the pay is still hot garbage, hence no one wants to fill these positions
A profession that you need dedicated learning for, that is very demanding and stressful, and pays literally minimum wage
@Magisch Yeah... It's sad. If I see how much work my mom does that she just isn't even paid for :/
(She works as a home-care nurse)
One of my friends works as a normal nurse in a hospital, making a good 600 after taxes less then I do, and the work is infinitely more responsible and stressful, and he had to pass a state sanctioned exam to even start working as a nurse
between paid out overtime and night shift bonuses, he some months breaks even with me, but this is with rotating shifts, weekend holiday and night work. A nighmare compared to a cushy office job
9:43 AM
@Magisch Yeah, I'm kinda glad I never 'became a nurse just like mommy'
Funny story actually ;)
I always wanted to be a nurse, until when I was like 12? and grandma was in hospital. She had cancer removed from her intestines, and was on a ward with all sorts of people with intestinal problems.
One of those people had been given a large dose of laxatives because she had to be empty for a test.
They didn't even try making it to the toilet :/
After smelling that, I decided archaeology might be a better choice :P
the ward my friend works on specializes in people with complications from mismanaged type 2 diabetes
Ugh, that gets smelly pretty soon too :P
@Magisch Not really convinced there was one to start with
10:33 AM
anyway... when will the '90s end?
I have a script to kill them as I find them
sorry, shouldn't post above message...
(I hope mods don't check it)
@GetAnswerWizard Too late. I had read it before you deleted it :P
I still stand by that assessment though: it's the worst April Fools' for everyone. People had to wake up in the middle of the night to fix bugs, other people were bothered by the bug... Even the people that do like this April Fools' have some of their fun stolen by having to hear how it's absolutely not fun :P
How the Grinch stole April Fools
A little bit, yeah :P
11:14 AM
@GetAnswerWizard I guess plural. And they let grumpiness over $other_stuff leak over IMO
@JourneymanGeek I can understand that, to some extent, though.
@Tinkeringbell I have lots of views on what makes a community thrive... some of which are at odds with them, and some with SO corp ;p
and folks feeling my way or the highway as opposed to, well actually trying to go "Ok, this has worked so far, but not perfectly, how do we talk to people and get them to make it better?"
for example - I think in certain ways, SE is more than devs, and folks who come in elsewhere might end up finding other sites eventually friendlier.
And that getting new users comfortable with the site, and engaged is essential for the long term health of the community.
Oh sure... but I can also understand the spilling over of stuff into this April Fools' joke.
Because I know that it's hard to not do so ;)
Its spilling over all the time though
I mean, I've been frustrated for years with some of the things SE has done.
That's true... and it's annoying me just as much ;)
11:28 AM
(more so.. because it turns out I was actually right about some of it ><)
It will be spilling over for the foreseeable future too
I'm sure well see indignance and anger over 2018 things still in 2021
@Magisch Probably. Perhaps even more, if that news article we discussed this morning was right people are going to expect the company to be some kind of moral compass.
@Magisch thing is, at some point, you might forget what you were really angry about
@Tinkeringbell one thing about CSR is - its tinted by the lens of the people who run and use it.
at the same time, some folks are going to never be happy no matter what you do
I very much remember what I'm angry about, but my opinion on it has been duly noted so I don't see the need to keep bringing it up on unrelated accounts.
Is anyone here who can start build the new site revision? Needs to update fool's day translation.
11:34 AM
@JourneymanGeek True. But I see CSR failing more and more... This company I'm working for has some kind of CSR contest where people can come up with ideas to improve their society, and this year a big minority of those projects were meant for everyone.
@αλεχολυτ vaguely doubtful
@αλεχολυτ I sympathized with this...
@Tinkeringbell so, that's the thing. CSR as a thing to check off is... silly
@Tinkeringbell I mean, with stack, they had that expectation for years
11:35 AM
If you have management who actually feel we need to do good, rather than keep the PR folks happy....
@JourneymanGeek Even then good is primarily opinion based.
Stack has coasted off of being a "good" company with solid morals for a while to attract people to donate labour and time
@JourneymanGeek US devs are still lying in bed?
@Magisch I think they still have in a sense.
Just that they're kinda focused on devs and diversity in developers and...
@Magisch I think what I meant to say was: There will be more and more people pulling towards 'take a stance on < political viewpoint/moral issue >.
11:38 AM
If this was the EA of Q/A platforms people would leave no matter what gamifications exist
@Tinkeringbell ah yeah that's also true
companies are expected to be political and align themselves.
Which is not what you really want a company to do in most cases anyways... I wasn't around for the rainbow stuff on SO but I have heard the rumours about it and how people can still refer to it as 'makes me mad'.
@Magisch in a sense though, we have these arguements cause we care about this place. But we have different ideas over what's "best"
@Magisch to be honest, it's not that different. Many people have "boycotted" SO, the same as EA, Activision, Konami, etc.
The extreme outgrowths of this trend happen when certain companies are expected to police the political alignments of their employees
at the same time, I'm not going to let my annoyance over say, benign neglect of the rest of the network spill over. And I've basically been as vocal as I can about how the community team's kinda spread thin. (also been applying there as openings happen but... ugh, that's apparently not happening yet)
People tend to listen to you when you stay on point
AFD joke is ugly? Sure
11:44 AM
@Magisch Not only employees, but think of e.g. content on IPS...
@Magisch I hope not. But ya, that's kinda an offshoot of everything being political
Also, people getting James Gunned.
Well yeah. That's the idea of deplatforming. Making it financially, socially and societally ruinous to hold "wrong opinions"
Side effect of this is platforms that don't aggressively enough participate get thrown in the same bucket and equally put under pressure with boycotts, hitpieces, calls to stop investing in them or doing business with them, etc..
@Magisch but there's no real way to win those
unless you're also an extremist
I mean, with some of those conversations on twitter - there's no way to win.
That's the point. With us or against us. You're either of our opinion, or you're with the other, and then you must be destroyed
It's been happening a lot
But... you can't please anyone?
11:47 AM
Not that everyone participating are bad people. They believe the cause is worth destroying anyone that doesn't support it
I mean on the rare occation, I've literally gone "damn, we're going to lose $thingwecareabout"
@GetAnswerWizard you don't need to.
This is where we are in public policy. Social media & content filtering make it so you simply don't see stuff that doesn't align your viewpoint. Tends to make people more extreme then they otherwise would be
@Magisch Not just that, it also makes it easier to gather like-minded people. If you complain about a mod by using contact-us and no-one says 'you're right', it's easy to drop stuff out of context on a social media platform and find a few likeminded people to tell you how horrible you've been treated.
Those people may have no understanding of moderation on SE, they may have no further context than what the person posting the stuff discloses... they just see something they personally disagree with
It's a weird social dynamic. Part of the new "coolness" that used to be what middle schoolers distinguished themselves by is now a form of imperative morality, e.g. causes people care about are being used to determine in vs out groups in social settings. It's like the high school bully except they now have an additional army of bullies and real world consequences to wield rather then making fun of you
11:57 AM
@Tinkeringbell and SE has a problem of working well cause of how we do things, but folks are like "We want to be part of SE, but we don't like downvotes or any form of quality control or..."
@JourneymanGeek Oh, it can go a lot further than that... I've had people become upset because they were referred to using a generic he. Instead of just talking it out or editing, go gather a crowd of sympathetic onlookers on meta or social media and completely trash the middle aged guy that has never been taught to use other pronouns.
@Tinkeringbell that's just... being a mob ><
but that's the sort of situation that its really hard to deal with or engage
12:05 PM
(I've erm.. done that a few times. Luckily folks were nice enough to fix it)
But it raises interesting questions. Can we expect people to point out their correct pronouns over and over? Should a moderator accept an r/a flag if there's no evidence users have already tried to solve this themselves? Should SE have some sort of pronoun policy? Do pronouns on the internet even matter? ... and that's where people will start pulling on a company for moral guidance, preferably with their angry mob in tow...
@Tinkeringbell 1) they will/do 2) no - best effort works 3) I think we have a meta question on that 4) on the internet no one knows you're a dog....
@JourneymanGeek They were rhetorical questions :P
I can understand that if you have to correct 10 different people on your pronouns each day because you're not a generic he and are really bothered by people using it, your answer to the first one is going to be 'no'.
I can understand people flagging r/a if the answer to the first one is 'no', without trying to point out what are the correct pronouns in a comment or edit.
And in that case, people might start pulling on SE to implement some sort of policy to make their life easier.
And all of this is caused because those people do believe pronouns on the internet matter, at least a bit more than other people do.
12:09 PM
@Tinkeringbell on both sides of the debate though
@JourneymanGeek True.
I try to use the correct pronouns cause its common respect.
There's people on the other side that will answer those questions differently and will try to gather the angry mob of 'pronouns don't matter at all'.
But yanno. That's coloured by my experiences and those of people I know
@JourneymanGeek I try to just use singular they for everyone. That way I can't mess up by misremembering either ;)
12:18 PM
Oh that's safe
but I know a few people for whom using the correct pronoun means a lot
12:48 PM
Q: Aren't our minds as programmable as the machines we program everyday?

Venu MurthyMy Dear Comrades who fix the greatest of the bugs, My decade and a half stint with technology brought me to being the Lead engineer in ThoughtWorks who architected navigation system for the international airport, innovated the hybrid cloud driver and open sourced it half a decade ago to being a...

I'm confused
Apparently my programmed mind failed to parse the post
It just syntax errored?
Error: question mark ("?") not found on the question body.
I think I get it...
It's spam
I guess so...
I actually think its serious psudoscience
12:56 PM
Spam for serious pseudoscience? I really think that link looks spammy
Though you could argue they're disclosing its theirs so it's okay... but that way you can spam a lot of stuff on SE :P
> Spam for serious pseudoscience
It's an announcement on Area 51's Meta about a site proposal that he has made.
I want to use this quote sometimes in the future...
@GetAnswerWizard Hey, I am the parrot here...
1:49 PM
@Glorfindel Seems to work just fine already... You have 5/6 unprotects there already and the post is only 21 hours old ;)
thx for confirming
You're welcome, thank you for putting that script up again :)
... that means only the UI is disabled
not the function itself.
I'll update my feature request.
You need a screenshot of the timeline?
no, thanks
1:56 PM
Okay :)
You know where to find that actually...
1 hour later…
3:02 PM
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@M.A.R.TheChemicalWizard The answer to your question is simple, but not normal.
@Alex I neither have a simple nor normal comeback to that
@M.A.R.TheChemicalWizard That's a first.
You should always try new things in life
So I should post a question on StackOverflow?
3:41 PM
Aug 3 '10 at 23:46, by Chacha102
Hi @shog
3:52 PM
There's actually a type of candy here called Shogetten
its chocolate in single squares
@M.A.R.TheChemicalWizard as one of the top tags. It's a soc...ial engineering...
4:08 PM
Because today's comic is dynamic.
Randall did not bother to create a static fallback.
5:06 PM
@Magisch They sell that over here too. It's good chocolate, I can't count how many of those I ate back in high school :P
Great idea to have it in single squares, makes sneaking a piece out of your backpack a lot easier
5:32 PM
i heard choccah
5:44 PM
@Magisch how dark is the 'dark' squares?
6:09 PM
Help me out a little more, why do you think it might?
due to the needless rollbacks on the question
only one
there is always one, recently ... ;)
I'm talking about the pattern
@rene There's a sentence added and it was rolled back, and Art just added it again...
6:15 PM
Okay, let's see how long it sticks
Hmm. I'm going to drop this in the mod room too: There was also a lot of rolling back and stuff over another sentence. And we can get rid of the entire warning by just locking it :P
@Tinkeringbell I figured it was a rollback by a pretty new user - probably just another user who just got the privilege testing it out without seeing that note
Hopefully... but it will be annoying to have to keep cleaning that up. :P
6:53 PM
Is this an April Fools joke too?
that's... not a unicorn
My point exactly...
now lets not be splitting horns over a gag
what is the meta-tag "not" for?
or am i misunderstanding how this tag formed? meta.stackexchange.com/a/326088/505013
7:12 PM
(a questions tagged page existing is not an indicator that a given tag exists)
so what is the definition of a tag existing if a tag autoformats to a meta-tag page for one that doesn't?
A tag exist if it appears on the list of tags. meta.stackexchange.com/tags
(Some of those exist only as synonyms)
7:29 PM
thanks. i won't be creating a question for it then, just interpret [tag:*] linking to undefined meta-tag pages as a bug
Not a bug. It's a syntactic shortcut for creating a hyperlink with a certain style.
The ability to create hyperlinks is not contingent on the existence of the resource.
7:59 PM
@AskQuestionWizard is that a duocorn?
Bicorn, I think
It's a Twonicorn
8:26 PM
Check out the Candidates for Data Science Election - hint: two are Moderators.
@Rob It's a graduation election. We've always required mods to run in an election when the site graduates. :)
yeah, that
@TylerCarter I think it's just a goat.
although... I can't actually find any graduation-related note over there...
Because they actually graduated a long time ago and their first election failed.
8:29 PM
ninja'd you :P
I'm explaining why there's no graduation note.
yeah I found the post just before you said that
Q: Congratulations! Data Science is graduating!

Grace NoteYou've been cleared for graduation by the Stack Exchange Community Team! Data Science met our threshold for graduation-worthy sites and after a review, the Community Team determined that you're good to go. Reaching 'mature community' status is a big milestone, and you should be very proud. What ...

@Catija how can an election fail? ~ /me looks around the planet ... oh.
Graduated site elections need to have n+1 candidates... where n= available seats. So, if an election has three seats but only gets 3 or fewer candidates, it's considered a failed election ... we generally extend the nomination phase a week in that case... after that, if there's still not enough candidates, we cancel it and try again at another time... it's not super common, so we don't have a specific policy for it.
8:41 PM
@Catija - My point was that the "Candidate Score" seemed low on some of them, compared to 40/40 I've seen elsewhere. It doesn't reflect their true abilities, as some seem very qualified. Rather than be a smite upon them I wanted my comment to question the manner in which Candidate Scores are calculated.
Mods can't get some of the points and rep is generally a shortfall on some sites. If you're used to big site elections, yeah, having low numbers is rare but it's not unheard of. One of the mods on Apple was elected with very little rep but he's an excellent mod due to activity elsewhere on the network. There's only one 10k+ rep user on DS, though... which accounts for most of the low score.
generally, the more candidates, the fairer the election is imo
Many sites have great numbers but not a lot of voting, which depresses the rep levels of the users. When half the mod score is based on rep, it's easy to see that... but having low rep isn't bad. I certainly have my own issues with the candidate score... I don't think it's perfect by any means... but it's much better than just rep alone.
Perhaps total Flags (pass/fail) and Flair should be considered, along with the date of joining their first SE/SO site. I've seen Moderators with less than 1K and wondered, but when you check they are Moderators on a few other sites and have over 100K Flair.
@Catija oh, I'm pretty sure that the issue with the mod score is the attempt to represent something subjective such as the moderator's traits with something objective such as a number ;) :P
can't be made perfect, and also you have to account for e.g. beta sites
but yeah I agree that rep shouldn't be accounted as much as it currently is
8:51 PM
or if maybe it wasn't... a strict 40 points
if there was a possible 60 points, and it just capped at 40, where more in one area can overcome a shortcoming in another
I'd suggest that total number of times suspended be a subtracting factor but I understand that is something we forget unless it's scheduled to last for decades (centuries). Perhaps weeks absences could be a subtracting factor, so people don't visit once and come back with a 'one hit wonder'.
+2 Kevin
@Rob Flagging is a useful indicator of someone interested in moderation... it also leans pretty heavily on there being stuff to flag and flagging style... and it's more weighted towards people who are around more often. Should comment flags be weighted the same as post flags? If someone flags 15 comments on a post instead of flagging the post itself, that might be a problem...
suspensions over a year ago are considered "forgotten about", even if someone might have not really forgotten them (and, even then, you most probably don't mentally mark the user as "formerly suspended" mentally anymore...)
we also need to consider whether these targets cause people to behave differently because it makes them look like a better mod... if tons of flags = higher mod score... will people flag more? I don't know that's necessarily bad... just something to consider.
aren't there bots too that make use of people's flags?
8:54 PM
Charcoal, you mean? Yeah. I have a few flagging badges on sites I never set foot on (from before I worked here... the autoflagging doesn't work for mods).
@Catija correction: tons of helpful flags ;)
@KevinB Eh... I think that'd end up with more people having 40 and make it more difficult to differentiate. I'd rather increase the max and make it harder to get a perfect score (somehow)... Yeah, it's great to have a perfect 40 but if four candidates have 40, you know the bulk of the votes are likely going to be either "this username is better" or "this person was the first 40 score person I saw".
@EKons Flagging more doesn't mean the flags aren't helpful. Just means they're flagging for possibly more minor issues.
I was just removing the case where most of the nominee's flags are declined
Rob's message says that with the "(pass/fail)" I think... turns the flags into a ratio of good/bad flags. :)
yeah, traditionally we count them as the difference (pass - fail)
and what about the fail = 0 (i.e. superhuman flagging ability) case?
I'd say the ratio is better described as (pass/total), where if total = 0 then the flagging score is also 0
9:07 PM
@Catija I don't know if some people did behave differently and thus have all the Checkboxes to get 40 but I do know that the appearance of a high Candidate Score and being fairly well known (high Rep) on the one site wipes out other great candidates whom are mearly a blip on the Candidate Score badge. --- Autoflagging does involve some minimal skills: setting it up correctly so you get flags, being available in CHQ to field questions and offer advice, and responding to notifications
about Flag Conflicts.
...and also knowing your conditions
@Catija So...to be clear, after the site graduated, an election was held, but not enough candidates nominated, so the term of the pro-tem moderators was extended into graduation?
Didn't know that that was a real edge case. When editing FAQs regarding the topic, I was always clear to mention "once the site graduates and the new moderators are elected", though I was only thinking of the brief period of time while the election is still in progress.
@Rob It's unlikely (and in some cases not possible) for users who served as pro-tem mods to get some candidate score badges due to their inherent nature, e.g. Deputy and Marshal for flagging posts.
Also, if they spent more time moderating rather than contributing posts, they may have a low rep-based candidate score.
@Rob Sure... I mean, if you just need to offer a bounty in order to get another point, seems like an easily-attainable goal.
@SonictheWizardWerehog Yep.
@SonictheWizardWerehog Not sure what the and does there... example?
Pro-tem moderators losing their privileges due to graduation.
Thing is, from what I understand it's pretty uncommon that a graduation election doesn't have enough candidates. I'm not actually sure it's happened before.
9:20 PM
^ that is an "edge case" therefore
@SonictheWizardWerehog But that's still accurate. If no new moderators are elected because the election fails, then the pro-tems still have their diamonds.
@SonictheWizardWerehog It would be great to include that edge case when you have time available to make an edit. --- As to your other point, that is why we have been discussing 'Candidate Score doesn't reflect everyone's ability, and sometimes it overreflects one or two people well above everyone else'.
@Catija Yes, what I was referring to was that I ended up already factoring that case in, but I wasn't thinking of that case at the time; I was thinking of something different.
@Rob You mean, directly say "if there are not enough candidates in a graduation election"? I don't think that's necessary; the original text is concise and the goal of FAQs is to be concise.
I don't know the specific FAQ to which you refer, link when you have time please. I will review in in the next few hours it you want a second set of eyes to poke at the FAQ. It's important for Meta FAQs to include all the ins and outs so when people refer to them they have accurate information available. You mentioned that you had previously did some editing, I was only suggesting that if you have new information (now) that it would be kind of you to make another edit, time permitting.
It is possible to inflate one's helpful flag count by flagging every closeable question as "very low quality", so that the flag gets auto-dismissed as helpful once the question gets closed.
9:29 PM
flags do help
Arguably that is useful, and takes effort.
It might be low effort but it's better than no effort.
@Rob Last section of meta.stackexchange.com/a/75192/377214. (I did make a minor edit, but otherwise all info there is correct and mostly comprehensive.
just like flagging comments on a post that is about to be deleted, or flagging for closure prior to having the vote for closure privilage
Thanks I'll look at it later.
I didn't cast my first close flag/vote till after i had said privilege, same for edits
9:32 PM
One thing is, you can both flag as VLQ and vote to close the post.
so i have 0 edit suggestions
I often flag, and boom it disappears - it would have been mine or the next person - sometimes it's a race if the alert comes and you've got less than a few seconds to flag (especially on Meta, or Physics). :)
that makes me think though... maybe a better criteria for some of the privileges should be actually using the prior versions of those privileges "correctly".
Right, the existing model of privileges can be detrimental to users who mostly participate in curation and moderation rather than contributing content.
like, until you have n suggested edits approved, you can't unilaterally edit. until you have y flag for closure posts actually closed, you can't vote to close. but i can see that being problematic in newer sites where there are less (or in some cases no) users to perform the larger actions
9:36 PM
(As an example, when I was a Wikipedia contributor, I mostly participated in page curation as well as meta-moderation, rather than editing articles.)
A few dozen comments ago it was mentioned that Flag failures should count negatively.
Also mentioned was that effort on all the sites (and total Flair) should factor into the Candidate Score on the one site where the election is being held.
BB soon
10:30 PM
guys guys
I love this site design
Only one problem
There are too many PNGs and not enough static GIFs.
I also see a distinct lack of complaints about CompuServe. :P
Also, is the little "guestroom" thing on the bottom just for looks?
I think it must be, unless it's using web sockets.
10:47 PM
I can't even read ELU. Real funny guys...
> Wanted to ddos/troll @StackOverflow's April fool's guest book - until I realized it was all just fudged local content. The joke was, in fact, on me. -- Ryan Moore at 6:50 PM - 1 Apr 2019
Next step: switch "new questions feed" to be generated client-side using StackRoboflow
10:56 PM
DSSE election looked very sad until last-moment arrival of Stephen Rauch on the scene. Now, #1 and #2 are clear, it remains to pick #3... for me it's oW_
> There are so many better things for the devs to do.
It's a shame my browser doesn't support Comic Sans. :(
@SonictheWizardWerehog No more diamonds or employee status.
Also, the legal Adam is no longer an employee.
No LinkedIn update yet.
The "Privacy Officer" part of the Privacy Policy now needs an update.
11:08 PM
The number of posts is about the same as the previous Monday: 16593 on Apr 01 so far vs 16292 on Mar 29
Still 50 minutes left in the UTC day, but OTOH a bunch of Mar 29 posts got deleted since.
Apparently, clicking a random question to see the mouse pointer flare does not naturally lead to answering it.
> While the hope is that it will be several months, I would not be surprised if we don't have the [CEO] position filled next April 1st. meta.stackexchange.com/a/326190/302202
11:20 PM
Hm. Is Joel's move effective immediately? That's how I read the line "I’m stepping out of the day-to-day and up to the role of Chairman of the Board."
So it's a "when the replacement is found" thing?
@AskQuestionWizard by my count, total hits to SO were only up by about 3 million overall... But about 2 million of those were to the homepage.
@AskQuestionWizard yep
I'm not gonna pretend to understand CEO-hunting, but from what I've heard it's a bit like a Victorian-era courtship: lots of people talking delicately about how to get other people together.
I have as much experience in Victorian-era courtship as in CEO hunting.
we need more period movies about CEO-hunting
or... maybe not
I kinda feel like the bad accents and fancy clothing sorta make up for a lot
> In the relationship, intelligence was not at all required, neither any interest in the politics.
the more things change...
Taking a Stand too often puts a strain on the marriage
@AskQuestionWizard speaking of deleted posts, there are now a small group of moderators convinced you're running a bot to downvote and flag stuff. This to me feels like something best discussed in public instead of email threads, so I'm of a mind to start a discussion on MSE - anything I should know for context there?

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