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12:44 AM
James Wilson is not just a new employee, but a new diamond on Meta. Hmm.
And it looks like Mary Ferguson (VP of Eng) deleted her Meta account but created another one, simply as Mary.
Now every site's Meta is asking what to remove from HNQ. I don't like it; promotes cronyism. Where's Meta.Meta's question like that?
Also for the fact that I'm having to carry on conversations across a whole bunch of sites, all talking about the same thing, where everyone's too happy and forgot about the part where the HNQ demeans the site.
You are meddling with powers you cannot possibly comprehend.
We're going to start picking and choosing which questions demean the site?
If it shouldn't be on the HNQ list, it shouldn't be on SE at all.
Like at Arqade, where the top answer so far says, no ID questions (even though they're on topic) because we don't like them... duh, wut?
1:14 AM
You don't have to participate in any of those, which will be for the most part vacuous.
And there is a difference between "we don't want to show this to thousands of random visitors with their incompetent two cents" and "we don't want this question"
But that answer uses the first reason to suffice the second
Also, who are you with your 600 rep and vast SE knowledge? ;p
A normal human typing with my human hands.
Not an employee or something?
To me, HNQ is mostly problematic because of stupid votes on the question and answers, which distort both user reputation and the list of top questions on the site.
1:22 AM
"My son did this math thing".. "omg so cute have a hundred upvotes"
Agreed, "we don't want to show this to thousands of random visitors with their incompetent two cents" should be the default. The criteria with which it gets there needs to be reexamined.
Whelp, /end rant. Have a good one.
2:06 AM
Happy morning?
2:20 AM
@Mazura eh. Any new mechanic needs some time
Because some hate ID questions
If you want to say LOL and SOS at the same time, would that be LOS or SOL?
both work for Souls-like game
2:39 AM
@Mazura the ability to kick something off hnq is something we asked for specifically as mods. Both the ability to track and the ability to remove questions from hnq gives us control and lets us deal with situations like the Twitter drama better
It's a scapel not a hammer ;p
Yeah, hammers make poor scalpels.
Pro-tip. ^
@Shog9 we don't serve man?
whatever it might be that we do, we certainly don't answer questions about it
(also daaaaaang, that's an odd one)
suggests WorldBuilding.SE, maybe SciFi.SE also works
I was going to say Seasoned Advice, honestly. . .
3:22 AM
Q: How can I tell if a corpse is safe to eat?

Larry WangI am a human wizard, and I just killed a monster, leaving a corpse on the ground. How do I tell whether it is safe to eat this corpse? I leave the monster unspecified because I am interested in "how can I figure out whether this is edible," rather than whether any particular monster is edible. L...

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6:08 AM
@JourneymanGeek To be fair, some posts do give me the feeling that I'm being eaten
Q: How can I remind better the English fruit name in not native english country?

Jambo JetEverytime I want to start learning English coherently fruit name is one of big challenges that I have to take Ielts exam!

For me it's vegetables
I can't tell them apart in my native tongue either actually
Dang, how do people do it? How do they characterize them further other than bitter-tasting green things?
Well, descriptive title is descriptive
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7:47 AM
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9:42 AM
Uggh: stackoverflow.com/q/55194734 ... your question shouldn't be an image ...
10:39 AM
@rene but but rfhc!!
11:02 AM
@MSOGA For a short time during this site's early life, MSE did in fact have a set of dedicated volunteer moderators (either they previously moderated the UserVoice site or they operated external "meta" sites). What happened to them?
Did they all resign? Did SE revoke their privileges during the MSO era, choosing to only give privileges to Trilogy mods? Did they hold on to their privileges until just before the MSO-MSE split, when SE decided to only give access to employees?
It may not be the last, because I interacted with one of those users back in 2013 with my old account, but they may have just resigned early.
Wait, never mind; I never actually interacted with them. I thought I did because I was involved in the deletion of this answer but I've never looked at it with 10k-vision before.
11:32 AM
@SonictheWizardWerehog I vaguely remember one or more of them working at SE
@SonictheWizardWerehog My recollection is that they stopped being mods at the time of the split. Meta SO inherits mods from the main site, and they were mostly SO prior anyway.
@MSOGA Well, those four users were dedicated meta-only mods. Also, one of them (Tom Ritter) wasn't a mod in 2013, but it's possible they just resigned.
> Just ask Super User moderators random and Ivo Flipse, and the Stack Overflow moderators, who up until four days ago could quickly and swiftly take care of exceptional circumstances on Meta Stack Exchange. meta.stackexchange.com/questions/230038/…
So, only two remained at the time of the split. I suppose the rest left through the normal attrition process.
@MSOGA Er, I don't think you're looking correctly. The two users you mention held mod privileges on MSE by virtue of being SU mods. If you clicked on the link, it mentioned four users who were mods only on MSE (and not on a Trilogy site): Joel Coehoorn, EndangeredMassa, Kyle Cronin, and Tom Ritter.
The former two were previously moderators of UserVoice, and the latter two operated external "meta" sites, so Jeff decided to give them mod privileges.
11:53 AM
Is it recommended that an FAQ has only one answer? Is it advocated to merge other answers into the accepted answer on FAQ?
12:14 PM
@ɪBᴜɢ not sure where you got the idea that mods can merge accounts. They can’t. If it says that somewhere, it’s wrong.
I have a moust-ache...
12:28 PM
Mods used to merge accounts back in the days, until enough of them got it wrong.
12:46 PM
> Have you ever posted a (in your opinion) very good answer at #stackoverflow but never got much attention/upvotes? How about we use this thread to share those answers? I would be happy to support well explained and helpful answers w/ an upvote! #shareKnowledge #upvoteGoodAnswers -- Andreas 🙌 ⌨️ at 5:19 AM - 16 Mar 2019
What could possibly go wrong.
> . @StackOverflow is having a moderator election and for the first time I made a conscious read out not at the skills and presentations, but at the username. Holy crap so many white dudes! Looking at the list of current 26 mods - only one is non-male (probably). -- Eimantas at 12:19 AM - 16 Mar 2019
Not the first such tweet during the election. A few supported Zoe with the sole reason given being the gender.
@ɪBᴜɢ Yes; it's preferred. I've often seen them merged.
Voting for mods solely on demographic basis is such a cool and progressive thing to do.
12:50 PM
@Catija Er...that's not what he was referring to.
@MSOGA Tell me about it. I got called out on Twitter for volunteering at an all-girls school.
> They can merge user accounts.
No, they can't.
Sorry, thought that was a reply to the most recent message by him rather than his recent edit.
@MSOGA Read my reply there
@Catija It's all that possible that I read or misread that information from somewhere...
@ɪBᴜɢ Old posts. This was possible in the past, but it was removed because the network expanded and allowing it would result in weird oddities (with network accounts, etc.)
The reason for the change stated back in the day was that if a merge is made in mistake, one user's PII is given to another.
1:02 PM
Of course, a couple of tweets aren't going to affect an election of this scale. The real factor is Evan Carroll's endorsement.
I recall seeing a MSO post complaining mods merging their account with their colleague's, but I can't find it now.
Q: Dark hacking? My account name got changed from "Randolf Richardson" to "Complicated see bio"

Randolf RichardsonMy account name is "Randolf Richardson" but somehow my account name was changed to "Complicated see bio." The description was also changed (it used to begin with "I am a spam-fighter ... I'm also anti-RIAA ...") to "This account is a chimera of several user accounts following a stackexchange mix...

Now, there's a CM contact default message about it but any user can request it themselves and we generally discourage merging (or requesting merging) unless the user specifically wants it or is abusing it but deleting the account is somehow inappropriate.
> This account is a chimera of several user accounts following a stackexchange mix-up.
And if the user wants it, they should fill out the contact form themselves.
1:04 PM
SECURITY NOTICE: I didn't post that comment that begins with "For the other ..." -- someone else is using my account now. This is rather worrisome! — Randolf Richardson Nov 7 '11 at 15:43
@ɪBᴜɢ for example this post refers to it meta.stackexchange.com/questions/155583/… (and I'm sure others do).
@Catija Oh, then this FAQ answer really needs an edit... it says the opposite.
> I'd say that doing it yourself cuts out the "middle man" and arguably makes the experience all that much more seamless for a new user.
1:31 PM
@MSOGA Ah... hmmm I'll review it when I have a chance. Busy weekend for me this week.
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2:40 PM
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2:58 PM
@SonictheWizardWerehog Yes I've heard of the Unlicense but I prefer ask for a beer :)
3:09 PM
3:51 PM
@SonictheWizardWerehog It's Tuvix:
4:16 PM
Car parking system is way too normal nowadays...
1 hour later…
5:46 PM
Whelp. Whatever Android update @madebygoogle just sent to my Pixel 2 completely bricked the device.
A question for Android Enthusiasts coming up
If the site wasn't mostly a ghost town of wandering/lost 1 rep users
@MSOGA though, googling "pixel update bricked" returns too many results already
2 hours later…
7:23 PM
According to Google Photos, yesterday I visited
Cleveland, OH
New York
Topeka, KS
Denekamp, Netherlands
Worryingly, I don't remember 3 out of 4. Is this a Jason Bourne kind of thing? What did I do there
Extreme ways are back again
Nobody remembers visiting Denekamp
Whaaat?! Denekamp is fun :D
7:30 PM
It has the oldest natural history museum of its kind in the Netherlands!
Yeah Natura Docet. And the watermill in Singraven. Guaranteed school trips for us
We went to the trafficpark in Assen :P
Haha, true. Well, for us not on a school trip, but as a family thing
Hahaha... I loved that park :)
I'm too big for it now :(
We also went to the zoo a lot, and when we were older, theme parks.
It is socially acceptable for an adult to visit an art museum on their own. But a natural history or science museum? No way. Science is kids stuff.
7:36 PM
Dude! You know what was annoying? Being too big for Walibi Flevo or whatever it was called. All of their attractions back in the day had 1.95 height limits.
@Bart I never encountered that problem :P
Hahahaha oh that's bad. and funny XD
Imaging waiting outside attractions the whole day, like some dad waiting for his sons :D
@MSOGA You should drop by over here... you can do any kind of museum on your own :) If you smile nicely, they'll even invite you to try out the kids stuff if there's a lack of kids at the moment!
@Bart :(
The petting zoo didn't have height restrictions?
7:38 PM
Only if you wanted to ride the animals. :p
You tried to ride the goat? :P
I remember spending 50 cents on one of those feeding machines, only to have a goat push my hands out of the way as soon as I turned the knob, to eat the food right out of the machine :(
@Bart Poor things!
7:39 PM
talk about bad and funny at the same time
@Bart I never had much luck with petting zoos and feeding :P
As a kid, we visited Malkenschoten a lot (basically one really big petting zoo). When I was really young, you could buy a whole paper bag full of animal food. Of course, once entering the goat enclosure with such a bag, as a small kid you get overrun with goats.
So I get pushed against this fence, and hold the bag over my head because I don't want all those goats to eat it...
There's a donkey on the other side of the fence. One bite, bag gone.
Ooooh, please tell me there's footage of that!
Luckily, that was pre-digital camera and we never had a video cam :)
There's plenty of other embarrasing pictures that you'll never know exist though :P
Yeah, none of those at my family. There is no evidence of me as a kid in lederhosen. Na-uh
@Bart Try one dressed up as a little Black Pete....
If the internet ever finds that one....
7:42 PM
"Awww, who is a cute little racist?"
I was! :P
Okay. That's enough.
Have a distraction ;)
:D Glorious!
I knew how to be scary early on! :P
murder clown XD
"And here we see Tinkeringbell going through her first moderator training"
Those are the only two that are digitized, I think.
Other than that, the earliest digital pictures are of a trip to disney when I was like 16 or something
7:48 PM
Dude! It's a shame you guys don't live nearby. We're finalizing a VR experience for a museum here in Geneva. In it, you can be one of several characters. Yesterday I gave it a test run, and was assigned one of the small boy characters. Imagine a 2m tall guy with a "little boy" avatar. Talk about nightmares.
@JourneymanGeek Re. new feature needs time: Yeah, but it's like mods are asking how the water is, and they don't even have swimsuits on yet. I SE all over the place, so it's hard to add my 2c to an evolving situation that I fear will set policies that will be hard to disengage from; spoken from the few who have the time and patience to participate in meta.
@Bart I'd love to see that some day!
I did a thesis on AR and archaeology way back, and even what I saw then looked amazing already :)
It's this project @Tinkeringbell. On the history of Geneva, taking you back to 1850.
Cool. You now killed this conversation because I will be reading that :P
@Mazura We have nothing to fear but HNQ itself.
7:52 PM
It looks cool! but there's no Bart in the credits? shame on them!
Haha, not on that page. There I'm under "Artanim". But in the experience I am credited by name :D
Nice :D
It's that I don't have the time to go to Geneva, or I'd visit :)
I know the thing will be travelling afterwards, but I don't know if NL is on the list.
Let me know if you find out it is!
Will do
8:09 PM
Yeah, totally not!
I'm front and center XD
I was a happy kid :) Especially at every chance I had to get my face painted :D
(There was a time I used a green permanent marker to do 'facepaint' because we were playing soldiers and I couldn't find the normal facepaints)
There's some stuff mom won't ever let me forget, and that kind of stuff is the reason I'll never throw a wedding party :)
@Tinkeringbell Not going to make a terrible joke. Bad flower ...
@rene Hahaha now I'm curious :P
Come on, bring it on. I can kick you out of here if it's too bad :P
8:18 PM
Is it still on? ... cya ...
Hahaha sadly no... I have to use make-up to make my face pretty nowadays ;)
Not that permanent then. I'll complain at the shop if I were you
Hey, perhaps it still is permanently stuck to those dead skin cells I shed?
I hope you have shed enough of them since then?
Probably, as I can't see any residue anymore ;)
8:22 PM
It wasn't tattooed I hope ....
Oh no... tattoos are bad and evil and ... :P
It isn't my kind of thing either
Oh, I like looking at them. The bad/evil thing is more how my grandma/parents think about them.
I love how some people manage to put a whole lot of symbolism in a single picture
no "Stack Exchange" tattoo yet...
I'm anti-tattoo myself, though I don't mind them in limited amounts. Can't look like a ballpoint pen factory accident victim though...
8:28 PM
or Tattoo.SE (merged to A&C.SE)
@JohnDvorak The only ones I really don't have any appreciation for are those 'arse antlers'. Those look so cheap, no matter how much symbolism you put into them
@Tinkeringbell I sympathize with the parents thing ;)
Ah, tribal decor
Yeah, those... I mean, that's also the ballpoint pen factory accident kind ;)
@Bookends Be the first to get one! :P
Pro-tip: getting a tattoo of your significant other is a great way to have a divorce for unrelated reasons that day...
8:33 PM
Or a random name ...
That almost sounds like you're speaking from experience. I hope not!
Please tell me you have "Margriet" tatooed across your face @rene
I considered glasses but was afraid they would think I fancy Cody Gray ...
8:56 PM
@Mazura But... other than meta, (and a few other things) there's no real way to set policy
I mean, there's certainly going to discussions on various mod-only resources (but that's even more secret)
2 hours later…
11:01 PM

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