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12:13 AM
where do chat.SE bug reports belong?
Found my favorite moderator quote!
> "I will now note a much abbreviated list of the reasons you were suspended for ~3200 years:"
1:02 AM
Remember when JavaScript and Lounge<C++> were active rooms?
@Bookends About the user's own suspension, for a year on Math. A well known user in those circles.
Another account appears involved in the story.
1 hour later…
2:23 AM
@MSOGA I realized from their previous username and kind of wondered.... "what? how come?"
anyway, morning...
2 hours later…
4:21 AM
Google Drive, Gmail down with outage across parts of the world http://bit.ly/2u5IbF7
5:08 AM
Looks like we actually have an international SE chat room...

 The Terminal

For anyone who is passionate about international communities.
3 hours later…
8:22 AM
Morning! :)
9:10 AM
Interesting thought experiment: You could have a golden tag badge with only 201 rep
You could have a golden tag badge with 3 rep...
Technically. :P
CW answer?
@Magisch CW answers don't count toward tag badges.
9:15 AM
I was thinking you could have 200 answers in a tag, where one gets 1000 upvotes (within 1 day) and the other 199 stay 0 voted.
@Magisch Rep-capped you mean?
This leads to an interesting question: do users with a gold tag badge but not enough rep to vote to close get to use the Chaos Emerald (dupehammer)?
I wonder what happens if you get a golden tag badge under 3000 rep. Can you still wield the dupehammer but not close for other reasons?
9:17 AM
@Mithrandir Documented case where this was possible?
There's a source for this, but I don't remember where...
I could drop 3.8k rep on SO and find out
9:36 AM
Q: Can users with a gold tag badge but not enough reputation to vote to close use their immediate duplicate closing powers?

Sonic the Wizard WerehogIt's possible for users to have a gold tag badge but not have enough reputation to vote to close, such as if they've given away most of their rep in bounties, or if they started off posting a lot of highly-voted answers but hit the reputation cap, preventing them from earning most of the rep from...

@Magisch ^^
I wasnt that curious about it, just a thought exercise
@ShadowWizard you can only report up to 5 posts at a time, and after reporting more than one post you must wait for 30 seconds before reporting any more, to prevent Smokey from being ratelimited in chat
Allspam will only work for users with less than 15 posts - it can handle more because it has a built-in delay in message posting to prevent itself from being ratelimited
@Magisch I've been wondering the same thing all along; you made me remember to ask it
10:37 AM
is changing the team tag color a feature?
apparently it is ...
1 hour later…
11:49 AM
I am sure the answer is No: the gold tag badge has its effect after the vote is cast, by changing the status of the question. Without enough rep, one can't cast a close vote, making the badge irrelevant.
Yeah, I agree... the dupe-hammer only empowers the close vote, but without close vote privilege itself, it's more of a toy hammer...
12:04 PM
IIRC, this came up related to the Odinson hat at some point.
12:24 PM
I posted a question on MSO for once in a long time
1:07 PM
Thanks @Magisch :D
@SonictheWizardWerehog Yeah, they do. meta.stackexchange.com/help/badges/25/… The association bonus answer has long been a CW and I just got the gold badge for it last month.
:/ That's the wrong link.
Minor cleanup
looks like 4900 posts (including answers) actually, because post ID is shared between Q&A. (based of experience on traversing post ID one-by-one manually to find deleted post without mod privilege)
Interestingly enough, the notification I got from catija's prior ping gives me a server error 500 when trying to access it
@Catija That's not a tag badge.
Ah. You didn't say tag badge. :)
1:17 PM
4 hours ago, by Sonic the Wizard Werehog
@Magisch CW answers don't count toward tag badges.
@Catija Yes I did
Ah. Whoops. :D
Seriously, though... I've asked you how many times not to ping me when we're just messaging back and forth?
Sorry about that.
Please edit the ping out of that message.
@SonictheWizardWerehog It's not about the connection of messages... it's about the alerts. At this point, there's no reason to remove it.
I can imagine it gets annoying if you have volume on and the sound is the same as a ping from one of the internal chatrooms y'all use
Best to limit pings to urgent matters only and rely on the facts that they'll read it eventually in normal conversation
Well, I set the sound notifications on this chat room to 'none' because I'm easily distracted by sounds... but I can see that it's probably not a good idea for RO and CM
1:33 PM
A sensible setting, I wish it was also an option for main and meta sites.
(Meaning: turn off notifications.)
Currently, if one decides not to deal with site X anymore, the only way to avoid notifications from that site is to request profile deletion.
1:48 PM
The delete-undelete war in the name of diversity continues
just deleting something because you disagree with the proposed solutions or premise is a foul imo
We assume good faith, so we assume the user has asked this in good faith. There seems to be a real lack of that in the responses. I'm a bit disappointed.
Why aren't users prevented from voting to delete twice?
cause sometimes you need to delete something more than once
@MSOGA closed and deleted, that's why I missed it on the Filtered Questions...
and we actually rely on people to handle these things
1:56 PM
Locking would be the perfect remedy if it were an answer, but as it's a question, it would prevent it from being answered.
once again though, we could have someone take a look, let people know to leave things well is....
2:12 PM
@MSOGA There might be an explicit exception in the code that allows gold tag badge holders to vote to close as duplicate, and thus triggering the chain of events leading to an immediate closure.
I find telling people that something is wrong with their gender is rude.
The vast majority of SO users were born with the gender they currently have. It's not up to the OP to push them to change.
hm... what?
Sounds like a... misunderstanding of the thesis of that question.
The dev community is ~80:20 split. If SO is only 93:7, that means we're underrepresenting women. That doesn't mean we have too many men... it's subtly different.
@Catija 80/20 based on what?
(and that's important)
and the demographics could potentially vary by country
X being too small is exactly the same as 100-X being too large.
2:22 PM
@JourneymanGeek True. I'm guessing the stats I looked at were US based...
Anyway, if the OP wanted to change things, they could go to some mostly-female community to advocate participation in SO. Instead, the message is to the existing SO users: you are too male.
@MSOGA Not with percentages. You can have exactly the same number of X and increase the number of Y and you have two different percentages.
@Catija I half suspect, unscientifically speaking, that could be different in say.... india.
@MSOGA On the gripping hand its useful to know why people who want to participate don't
I don't mean the muckrakey types. I mean the actual folks who find SO scary
@MSOGA Is it? I'm male and I don't get that feeling at all
@MSOGA Who says they want to change things? I just read that question and it's just asking for an opinion of SO on whether these percentages are okay... no value judgments attached.
2:24 PM
I have a (male) cousin who uses SO a lot, but never really got an account cause he never needed it.
There's room for a nuanced discussion about if something adjacent about the Q/A format or new user experience is disproportionally off-putting to women without demanding that the men involved leave
@MSOGA The OP doesn't want to change things... They're asking whether we want to change things. We (internally) do. We want everyone to feel like they can ask or answer questions here and succeed by helping them know how to do that well. It's hard to hear that people you're friends with are scared to use your site - and a lot of that is because they don't understand how the site works... and I'm talking about men, even!
If we can figure out why people don't participate, we can find ways to address that when appropriate and make the site (network) more interesting to more people. And then we gain in the value of their participation. My husband spent an hour writing an answer to a question that's unanswered... and never posted it because he was worried about downvotes.
I'm getting a little irritated with every attempt no matter how respectful to discuss this issue being smacked down with "you're just trying to push your agenda"
I think my husband's pretty darn good at what he does and he's one of those people who loves to document and explain things... he's very deliberate. If people like that don't want to use your platform, that's making your platform poorer.
@Magisch that isn't inaccurate - just depends on what your agenda is ;p
2:29 PM
Meta.SO is notorious for being unfriendly and hostile. Not among women in particular. Among a broad spectrum of people. I know people here on the network who are scared to ever set foot there, and these are veterans of SE sites that know all of their mechanics. I don't want to be part of that
@Magisch In theory MSE has the same reputation with many
in theory?
(and this room. both are a work in progress ;) )
Downvotes on dupes here make me sick.
@Catija I'm notoriously sympathetic to dupes.
It's worth noting that for a large chunk of new users, they're not bad users, or slobs, or deadbeats or not intelligent. Even when they fail their first question or their first meta post. Thats a failure of the site to teach them well, and, to a small extent, a failure of us to teach them how to use the site
and ya
but not much to do
@Magisch and many of us started with much laxer rules
2:31 PM
I was that guy once, sift through my early questions and tell me I wasn't that clueless noob. I know I was. It doesn't mean just because I've seen 10.000 others since that I get to be caustic
@Magisch Exactly. And that's why we're working on the AQ wizard and JIT notifications for what to do in situations.
@Magisch I was that clueless noob ;p
I try not to forget that
My first MSE question was closed for being relevant to only a single-site.
And frankly if I'd been treated on meta like we treat noobs now I don't know I'd ever have started to participate more
(some people would see that as a net positive)
Hey, your question today is a great one.
2:33 PM
@Catija the learning curve is... a thing.
And least for me, apparently steep
This learning curve is more like a cliff you're thrown off and you better learned to fly by the time you land
I learn quickly, apparently. Even with that question, I don't have anything negatively scoring.
But I bet you I'd have it if I'd asked the question today.
Oh, wait... it's at -4. Somehow I survived.
So, I think there's a missing piece in this discussion: scale
One of the best things for MSE was splitting of MSO
For those with 10k and @Tinkeringbell who want to see my sad start on MSE.
@Catija ^And the ones with diamonds ;)
2:35 PM
Not because SO people weren't contributing, but simply because there were so many of them
@Tinkeringbell There's only one of you.
No CM's with diamonds and less than 10k? Wow :)
Well, I think staff can see deleted content without a diamond... think...
@Shog9 Risk of framing the discussion for what makes sense for SO rather than .... everyone else?
Though, that still happens, to some extent. I commented as much on an answer recently.
@Catija yes, but now consider MSO
MSO has developed a sort of sub culture that deviates quite a bit from main
2:38 PM
@Catija I had 7 years between my first question and my second apparently
how many questions on MSO are going to be interesting / relevant to everyone active on SO?
@Magisch just as true of MSE
I know exactly which tone I need to hit for my questions not to be downvote bombed. If I phrased this differently and made the exact same point it could be at -10 right now
@Shog9 a good chunk of folks probably won't even care about meta.
almost no one cares about meta
2:39 PM
@Magisch heh, I have a -8 on one of mine. And I'm proud of that one
@JourneymanGeek I only made it four months... apparently the meta urge runs deep.
it's like asking who cares about the church basement.
@Shog9 other than the nutty ones
@Catija I suppose I was too focused on SU, and only got sucked in around when I got modded ;p
@Shog9 Now imagine you tell people "If you have trouble fitting in with the church community visit the basement for advice and guidance"
@Catija Folks care about the AA group that meets there, or the ladies' auxiliary, or... They don't care about the room
2:40 PM
@Shog9 The ones who do their events in the basement?
The people who meet there may care.
they care when something is wrong with the venue
People in AA may benefit from a warmer, more welcoming atmosphere.
when it's too cold, or stuffy, or smells like mold, or the custodian forgets to unlock the doors, or...
@Shog9 like the walls are covered in blood?
and they really care when someone screws up and the AA group and aux group both show up on the same night
2:42 PM
In the end, it's going to be owner of whichever establishment that decides how they decorate and maintain it, and the kinds of crowds that will be their target audience...
and that's what I'm getting at: MSO has a lot of different functions pertaining to a lot of different groups, and they're all fighting for the same space
I feel like most meta regulars have good motives, it's only you get so tired of reading the same thing every week that you become jaded and snarky
Time to start redecorating then, and to fine the rough wedding party that trashed the place...
And then, because you've been doing this for 2 years, all the extremely specific procedural and cultural knowledge blends together into "common sense" which is neither common nor makes sense to anyone who hasn't spent 2 years on meta
> But I don't like that color, it's too orange!
2:44 PM
And suddenly you subconsciously expect people to respect your time by informing themselves before posting. If I wasn't here for half of them, I'd have no clue how to find the myriad of things that were discussed and have been "settled" since then
@Magisch Actually to me one of the hard bits of SE is...
how scattered and arcane a lot of our ways are
That question is probably relevant to folks working with HTML, DOM, XML maybe, JavaScript maybe...
It's probably not relevant to someone doing, say, SQL
@Catija There's entire venues that revolve around the idea of offering more than just 'an orange room'. You can rent another room then ;)
2:46 PM
52 questions in a tag is a lot for some sites, though...
this is the most popular question by score over the past 7 days - and I'd still wager it's not interesting to the vast majority of folks
I find a large part of meta interesting. I'm a glutton for trivia
I think though that the downvote = disagreement system is fundamentally defective
Huh. It's not really about SO Q&A, though... and I'm not sure that a "decision" there would even mean anything about how we change what we do... I mean, we have a catch-all bin for "don't see a job you like here, here's a general application to fill out"...
It just hides controversial posts. We never get to seriously have uncomfortable discussions
@Magisch I've said this before, but that whole notion is a red herring. You see this same effect in large, popular tags on SO
2:49 PM
@Catija concequence of SO getting... well more than Q&A
@Magisch Its more we're the only meta with meta voting rules and regular rep
Downvotes will always mean "I don't like this"... we just explicitly allow it on meta and even here we have it used rampantly for things that aren't really appropriate... like support and discussions.
You get too many people looking at something and a significant number won't like it. When you largely depend on upvotes from folks who find it later on, that hurts the score a lot.
But forget voting. We could turn off voting entirely and this would still be an issue, because folks usually want a useful response
if the folks responding skew toward "I'm irritated that I'm even looking at this", you have a really big problem
3:22 PM
FR: remove voting, allow every user to comment instead
It should up to the folks to manage their irritation. I manage mine by reading a book chapter instead of, say, reading SO posts or replying to comments / chat messages.
or... as always, GitHub Reactions
@Bookends I could see that working on metas
@StackExchange twitter account came alive with its first non-RT tweet in 3 years.
3:41 PM
Best arrow. Must upvote. — yivi 5 mins ago
Solution to our meta woes
Wonky voting arrows? You could also basically build a random behaviour behind a 'vote' button ;)
naw, naw... Reject posts without illustrated screenshots.
Ah. That might work, though knowing people... I don't want to know what they'll start drawing as soon as it becomes a requirement.
Did someone want to conduct exit survey of SO users? Your opportunity
3:50 PM
@MSOGA Ehhh... usually when twitter people are in that kind of mood, you don't drop them a message 'here's 20q's, can you answer them and explain yourself?'... it only makes them more mad ;)
just more evidence that people don't search or don't know how to or don't care to
Ehh, the tweet doesn't say what happened so that conclusion seems a bit flawed too
"does anyone know where the delete account button is"
what is unclear?
How that relates to not searching, not knowing how to search or not caring to search?
a quick search will give you that information.
3:56 PM
Oh, that kind of search. Sorry. My fault then... I was thinking this was another of those 'people on SO should search before asking if they don't want their question closed' kinda thingies.
In my defense, I'm half distracted with dinner preparations.
granted, there's nowhere on SO itself (other than the help center) where that search would give that information
if you didn't know about the help center's search that wouldn't help you
@Tinkeringbell what you prepare?
.. what's the use of the "recent tags" and "recent badges" on the right column on SO?
seems like it's just text to fill empty space
@KevinB You happen to be seeing that in lieu of HNQ? It was a temporary glitch reported a while back, and later closed as no longer reproducible. (Prior to the 2014 top bar, that's what used to be in that spot.)
i disabled the HNQ
through user preferences etc
4:11 PM
@KevinB I guess the prior layout exists as a failsafe for if HNQ fails to load for some reason. I guess there was a temporary glitch a while back which took it down briefly, and then your user preference setting is making it fail to load.
I'd like to see a module for that section that displays recent meta questions for the site you're on
I'm guessing those two modules are just there to fill in when there's nothing else to display
Anyone know if there is a sede query to get the count of deleted questions for a specific flag?
Flag information is not in SEDE.
Sorry not flag, tag
@ShadowWizard pasta
4:28 PM
@Dragonrage For a specific tag, like this.
Gets more complicated if you want such numbers for all the popular tags.
@Shog9 Let's not forget about the small proportion of users that do.
@MSOGA thanks, that worked for what I needed
that was fun
internet at work dropped out
whole building dead
4:45 PM
Why? Is the building powered over Internet? So called PoI ...
I figure all the people in the building died from acute Internet withdrawal.
No I mean our ISP had a outage
not even that funny we couldn't send some packets due to all our delivery notes being generated by an automatic ordering system for UPS
5:05 PM
your ISP had an outage, after Google had an outage, after Verizon had an outage...
If Google had an outage each time Verizon has outage...
5:26 PM
There would be an outrage.
1 hour later…
6:53 PM
"Hindsight is 20/20." But after the first 50 times one sees the same style of language mysteriously turn out to be linked to the same agenda, one begins to suspect that foresight can be pretty good too. — Nathan Tuggy 1 hour ago
Gotta stop seeing an agenda everywhere and take that as proof it's not a discussion worth having. We all have one. I have one that's personal to me and probably doesn't align with yours. Everyone has a opinion and underlying value system
An argument stands independant of its intent here. If it's a good argument, the intent doesn't matter
@Magisch I only have a Google Calendar. Does that count?
you are an inanimate pair of novelty glasses
Oh god, this is awesome! :D I get this as a comment on an old answer of mine, and then they go on to post an answer which is pretty much what they accuse me of :D
I love people
@Bart I'm sure people love you too
7:07 PM
:D I doubt that sometimes.
Btw, did you find your fountainpen?
Nope :(
Still missing. I'm afraid I'll be buying a new one this weekend, if possible.
:( What kind was it? I should get mine repaired, but it's almost not worth it.
Ehmmm. twas black, with a few gold coloured accents... a Parker, I think?
Haha, so I can get no recommendations other than "black with gold"? :p
I was thinking of just going to the bookshop where I bought it and see if they still stock the same one ;)
If they don't, I can get used to another fountainpen
7:14 PM
I have a Waterman Expert. Lovely pen which lasted for almost 20 years now.
Ah. I had one with a shorter 'tip'.
I'll find my pen, or buy a new one... The ones from HEMA just don't write that nice :(
Found an image of it, I think: parkerpens.net/parker95.html
7:35 PM
Oooh, lovely
Yeah, and not for sale online anywhere anymore :(
Or I should try my luck at Ebay or something
Q: Goodbye and thank you, Jaydles!

David FullertonToday is Jay Hanlon’s (aka Jaydles) last day at Stack Overflow. Since I’ve been working with him for nearly 7 years now, I wanted to take a minute to wish him a public goodbye. Jay joined us way back in the day as one of the top users on Area 51, where he was super excited about helping propose ...

Goodthank and bye you, Jaydles!
7:51 PM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ I almost suggested Gillette's, but that will come to a bad end
...I get concerned about filling out forms that come with a warning that incorrectly filling them out is against the law.
Tax forms tend to be like that.
Well, I guess "deliberate deception" is against the law?
I mean, it's understandable that the army wants accurate information, but having to fill out a form online that comes with such a disclaimer is slightly disconcerting. What if I misclick something and don't notice?!
8:02 PM
you better un-misclick it
Don't sweat it... just reconfirm your input 3 times before submitting it. I don't think you'll get into any trouble before having a chance to clarify it.
totally isn't paranoid and quadruple-checks all forms before submitting them anyway
as someone who has been called for interogation at airport and saw many people being called for confusing and misinputting the disembarkation card
Airline app: Please select your action
- Check in
- View reservation
- Cancel
Does the last one mean "do nothing" or "cancel my reservation"?
cancel reservation is what i'd assume
8:35 PM
It cancels the flight, even if it is currently flying ...
@rene 76% of airline crashes explained?
9:02 PM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ explains why you're not allowed to use your electronic devices on the plane
9:24 PM
@MSOGA let's see where we should redirect the app creators... oh, I found it!
btw, oh the irony...
2 hours later…
11:34 PM
The impression I always had, listening to the Stack Overflow podcast, was Jay was the one guy really trying to do good things for the community, in the face of, well, a bunch of people with other priorities. — Steve Bennett 2 hours ago
Under a post by another one of those podcast guys...
Anyway, VP of Community position is not advertised on /work-here: too important for public listing, or expecting an internal hire?

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