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12:11 AM
@MarkAmery probably checking for "How do" and "work" combo, which usually hints a bad question. I've edited and changed title.
(SO isn't a tutorial)
yep, that's it exactly
Whoa! scared by sudden appearance of Shog
FWIW, there are two blacklist entries that trigger on the word "work"
one is particularly concerned with questions about floating point numbers though
The other one is this: ^(?=.{0,40}$)(?=.*\b(question(?!\s+mark)|doubt|problem|working|work|app|error|w‌​ebsite|(?<!(visual studio|vs|exit)\s+)code|my)\b).+
yes, "my" is a pretty strong indicator of a question that is not gonna do well
Heh. Wonder how many bad questions that blocked so far. ;)
So "My code exits in Visual Studio which no doubt causes a problem with my APP working with my website" is doomed, and uneditable.
12:18 AM
It might cause auto question ban ^
Even before posting! lol
Look what happened to Shog!
What happened to @Shog?
View avatar.
Can't see any change... ?
Check your pockets.
12:20 AM
@ShadowWizard 18382
Same floating head as always
@Shog9 how... ?! lol
You have log of the failed submissions?
@Rob It would not. Read the regex more closely...
Although... That title is kinda shit
Brown title
@ShadowWizard yep
@Shog9 cool
Well probably 18000 of those just submitted with some other title instead and same bad content
But still...
12:23 AM
Not that I'd ever ask that, nor am I regex literate.
@Rob joke missed, sorry! (if there was one?) lol
Attempted                                Posted
---------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Unknown JSON Syntax Error                my manifest.json file contains an error that I can't find
unknown syntax error in manifest.json    my manifest.json file contains an error that I can't find
How can show an error message in excel?  *gave up*
my macro not show me message error       *gave up*
still not show me the error message      *gave up*
Titles that got blocked in the past 24 hours
Along with what was posted instead, or gave up if nothing was posted
I have to confess, "How can I hack on raspbian jessie?" probably isn't an improvement
But yeah, this appears to work better than expected.
i.e. improve quality of titles.
The biggest problem with it is that it's static
Someone less lazy than me should really be analyzing titles on a regular basis
Who feeds the regex?
12:27 AM
Would a link to "How to ask a good question / write a good title" be a better outcome than 'gave up'?
Also, I probably should have... like... saved whatever script I used to analyze titles to generate that
oh well
the first one went 8 years without an update, the second one can wait a little bit too
@Shog something weird. "Why happened out of bound error in for loop? " appears 5 times, it means OP re-posted it 5 times?
@ShadowWizard they tried to post it five times
(questions can't have same title)
Or rather, they tried 5 other things before landing on that title
so five rejected inputs ended up producing a question with that title
12:29 AM
oh. I see now.
Kind of 1d nesting.
@Rob Every time they get blocked, I link to How do I ask a good question?
That link doesn't work here, but it does on SO
Also just because I link to it doesn't mean they read it
although that's probably self-evident
Well, some AI that will suggest a better title would be awesome.
I should link to Quora. but... I'm just not a cruel person
On mobile, when you are scrolled down to the button you hit it and sometimes nothing happens, so you scroll back up and discover that there's a problem that has a red border or message; so you fix that and scroll back down to the button.
@Rob uh... mobile-theme mobile, or full-site mobile?
12:32 AM
aka responsive?
thought I fixed that in the full theme, but... Wouldn't surprise me terribly if it was all fux'd in the mobile theme
Full website, desktop view.
hmm, let's try
I still find responsive weird, but nice.
it's getting better. It's The Way Forward
12:33 AM
No way back, for sure.
my phone has better screen resolution than most of the PCs i've used in my life at this point
would be a shame not to use it
Use it for gaming then. :D
Argh. "How do Ruby printf arguments work?" was a good title for that question; @ShadowWizard's edit renders the title kinda meaningless and would make me expect a crappy debugging question if I saw it in my Google results :/
But I'm not sure how to make the title clear and meaningful again without tripping the filter
They've changed things the past few weeks bit by bit. Might be no-repro now. Basically you needed to keep your eyes peeled and pedantically scan everywhere if something seemed amis. --- I'm used y it, I read my tiny screen with a magnifying glass.
@MarkAmery blame Shog and his regexes :)
12:35 AM
@Rob yeah, that should work now; just tested it on my phone, "my app sucks help" -> fill in body + tags -> Post -> scrolls back to the top & shows error
Yeah, I am very much not a fan of title filters
But see above, it block lots of really bad titles.
Also, feel free to edit with a better title, I didn't give it too much thought.
@Rob Jan 2:
A: Please refocus on the Title field if there is an error there when asking

Shog9This was apparently triggered by the move to inline "Stacks" validation a few months back. The editor currently supports both inline and old-style pop-up validation messages, but the checks on submission responsible for scrolling (and displaying the message below the button) weren't updated to be...

Aha! It took a couple of minutes, but I came up with something I liked :) stackoverflow.com/q/14505621/1709587
@MarkAmery nicely done. :)
12:37 AM
@Shog9 My phone is fairly great over 1 GBPS WiFi LTE4 GPS, essentially an uninterruptable power supply and a decent camera. It's an S9+.
yeah, those are nice. Except for the weird-ass Samsung software
It's 6 months old and has had 6 updates. Plus I get 20+ hours battery life.
PH-1 here. Very underrated phone. Big screen, lots of storage, battery lasts a day of regular use easy. Paid $250.
Yours is certainly more for the $
It got seriously marked down
12:45 AM
Mine was reduced in price ~$20 :( or :)
@Shog9 Upvoted, that's what was needed.
1:14 AM
I bet, the question about version tags have been discussed somewhere on meta.SE already.
Q: Angular 2 is a long time ago

BentThe angular2 tag is somewhat outdated. I don't think it is a good idea to make a new tag for every version of Angular 2+ but most questions these days are about Angular 6 or 7. (And soon Angular 8). We need a tag that identify a question as an Angular question and not an angularjs question. M...

@Shog9 "Need a code if exists" is the most entertainingly vague of these. Got a grin out of me.
Oh man, somebody successfully satisfied the filter by rewriting a title that was at least vaguely specific to their problem to "Give the solution for this" :(
FWIW - I studied at the first 102 lines of Shog's title filter data before getting bored. In those, I count (in my obviously subjective judgement):
20 questions posted with improved titles
16 questions posted with worse titles
16 questions posted with titles no better nor worse than before
8 crap-sounding questions abandoned
0 good-sounding questions abandoned

I guess you can count that as the title filter being a net force for good or evil depending upon how important you consider each of those outcomes to be. I remain anti.
(Caveat: a handful of those 20 "improved" titles I counted as improved because they changed a short, highly generic, SEO-friendly title to a long, obviously-crappy title that made clear it was a tedious debugging question. I still count that as an improvement because keeping outright bad questions out of popular Google results is a win in and of itself.)
1:44 AM
oh hell yeah
@NickAlexeev yes, lots
you can find the ones on MSE easily enough, but for your additional edification and amusement, please also see:
Q: Version tags considered harmful

Jeff AtwoodWe've noticed that a huge percentage of questions are tagged drupal-6 or drupal-7. This is a dangerous pattern for your community to fall into. Here's why: Version tags are redundant. The site is already called "drupal". We don't need to know that it's drupal-6, drupal-7, drupal-8, drupal-9 in...

Q: Numeric version tags considered ... OK

Jeff AtwoodAs a followup to Version tags considered harmful TL;DR -- my main point in that post: The danger of version tags is that they become de-facto requirements -- crutches to avoid thinking about what tags are actually useful on a question. Left unchecked, version tags will poison your tagging s...

2:18 AM
2:30 AM
le Fay
2:42 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Mostly dots in body (51): Что означает знак "&" в этой строке? С++ by user322459 on ru.stackoverflow.com
If I'm not able to downvote an answer until it is edited because I had previously upvoted, it, can I edit it to reset the counter and let me downvote?
1 hour later…
3:52 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer, potentially bad keyword in answer (61): Why does this question show 2 different close reasons? by Phương Ly on meta.SE
1 hour later…
@forest in theory yes. In practice that would be unusual
Kawoofed. Now I go back to sleep
6:07 AM
6:39 AM
@JourneymanGeek Well there's nothing against it I hope?
There's just an answer that I had upvoted in the past, but now I want to remove the upvote (I don't actually want to downvote it) because, in looking up the information further, it turns out the answer is not completely correct.
There's a good chance you'll anger the poster, but that's it
Also, it's not OK if you do it for tens of answers at once.
Yeah probably.
Not ideal either because I wrote an answer to the same question...
So it'd look like I'm trying to rep whore or something.
definitely would
Oh well. I won't do it then.
Can you make an actual edit?
6:47 AM
Well there are always things that can be improved.
A: Argon2 with SHA-256 instead of Blake2

BeloumiX If you take a look at the Password Hashing Competiton, you can see, that most of the schemes use Blake2b, some of them uses SHA-512, none of them uses SHA-256. Blake2b is optimized for 64-bit platforms and this property fits exactly the requirement of a password hashing scheme. SHA-512 would al...

It's an OK answer, but the conclusion is incorrect.
I.e. you could absolutely use SHA-256 as the compression function instead of just the reduced-round and modified BLAKE2b, though it would give the attacker a slight computational advantage over the defender due to a lower memory fill rate.
But yeah I won't remove the upvote even if it turns out to be partially wrong.
7:19 AM
7:41 AM
@Servy Well no, I am in fact not. — Moltas.C yesterday
I like this user's approach
7:54 AM
Last "year in moderation"?: MathOverflow
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Thats another fundamental misunderstanding wrt expectations there
A lot of junior devs today have the mindset of "I have to learn on SO, everyone does it" from there follows "SO has a moral obligation to help me learn (by tutoring, abiding bad questions, etc)" followed by anger when this doesn't pan out.
@Magisch No I mean the Moltas approach
Wait, you're saying you guys aren't my personal tutor???
No that is not what I meant, forceful period. I've said it all in the previous comments, go read them. I'm not proposing what I wrote in my question, it's pretty clear and obvious.
@forest It's OK, I personally deduce the fee from your account without your intervention.
That's good tutoring service right there.
8:01 AM
@forest I'm wholly unqualified to be that, having about 4 years of total coding experience only at this point
Deduct. I definitely did not make that mistake
I'm certainly a personal tutor of something that have yet to be decided on Anime.SE...
@andmyself Is that the name of an anime, because I wouldn't be surprised
8:17 AM
a future light novel, yes, it's on planning phase
It'd be self-contradictory for some completed work to be called "something that have yet to be decided"
And probably ungrammatical
No, the light novel's title is "I'm certainly a personal tutor of something that have yet to be decided on Anime.SE"
Title longer than body is a good sign for VLQ light novel. -1, VTC, get ze banz
Are Gravatars generated per email?
This guy over at ELL chat has a gravatar than changes faster than he changes underwear
8:25 AM
It comes from salted MD5 of the email.
OK well that's weird
Not really. The salt is secret (it didn't used to be) so it can't be brute forced.
The salt isn't weird, it's an ionic compound. I meant his changing Gravatars
So he's changing his email often?
It's also possible that he's just using Gravatar-like avatars, manually.
There was this old bug report where Gravatars decided to change but I saw a third Gravatar for that user so those are the only explanations other than a bug
8:30 AM
Meeting Norm (or any of his other incarnations) on meta feels strange yet nostalgic for me...
(I hope that doesn't come as creepy :x
@andmyself It wouldn't have if you didn't mention the possibility
I need a quick reply from one of the watch winners.
Anyone can help?
8:32 AM
Ask Evan
.... anyone else that can really help?
I'm out of time. BBL
then I guess I'll have to wait for the parrot... or maybe @ShadowWizard
@Derpy o/
@Mithrandir do you happen to still have the spam email that were sent? I have deleted them but would want to confirm a thing.
8:46 AM
yeah, still have em
@Derpy not this?
@Derpy I didn't win the watch contest...
@Mithrandir ok, based on the meta post that incident caused it seems that the first mail actually contained a transparent image. Could you please check the url of said image? I have the suspect that image could have been a web beacon.
@ShadowWizard I hear some went to spam, so check your spam folder?
I don't need a watch so decided to let others have fair chance... ;)
8:49 AM
@Derpy What are you suspecting?
@Mithrandir I... Umm.. Didn't even post.
I also still have the spam emails, but only at home
@Derpy one mo', checking on laptop instead of phone
Based on the amount of BCCs they did send watches to nearly everyone who participated
8:51 AM
Just shows a broken image thing, @Derpy
you can't see the url? OK, will have to see if I can track that somehow.
9:02 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Mostly dots in body, mostly dots in title (115): please delete..............delete ✏️ by JohnBorg on serverfault.com
Interesting stats here for Stackoverflow (assuming they're correct) : stackoverflow | -8.51% | -12.06% | -10.37%
if you don't tell us what the numbers are...
So Stack Overflow got 8.51% fewer questions in 2018 then in 2017, 12.06% fewer answers, and 10.37% fewer posts overall
oh, that.
Perhaps the quality of the site is simply degrading.
9:29 AM
didn't someone post a similar question on some meta recently?
Q: SO dying. What can be done?

bharalNote *I've modified the queries. Do check them - they look at unclosed questions, only looking at answer rates for the year in question. Let me know if I need to correct something please. Note2 This isn't a dupe, first that's a 2016 question, while it looks like a big drop in 2018. Second the me...

That's a lot of downvotes for such an innocent question.
@forest on the contrary. Better quality check, less crappy questions and less easy answers.
At least.... I hope so.
9:32 AM
I've always heard the opposite.
Then again I don't really use SO.
Asked one question there once with plenty of detail, never got an answer.
Also, with time there's "all questions already been asked" effect, so it's harder to ask "new" things.
So I spend my time elsewhere.
But did you get answer elsewhere? Doubt it.
I did. IRC is great.
It's not Q&A
9:35 AM
Yeah but Freenode has a lot of channels for programming questions.
@forest SO meta is prone to pile on downvoting
@ShadowWizard Time to invent a new language ;)
tis' a harsh place
@ShadowWizard But everything must grow! if you're not growning fast enough, you're worthless! an economist told me that so it must be true
That explains SE staff mentality.
@forest For instance, look at this: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/378835/…
9:37 AM
@Magisch Says the cactus :P They're not really fast growers, are they?
Is it a duplicate? Yes. Is it -15 worthy? certainly not
Huh. SO meta is weird.
@Tinkeringbell Maybe I'm growing my business right now as cactus enterprises ltd
Your question is composed by two parts: one is a rant about downvotes, and the second one is a real issue. If you remove the rant (remember: have a tear of rant in a post, and all others will comment on is the rant) then you may get a good question. But then I fear that you may have still a problem: either you are aiming at resolving what seem an impossible problem by asking for a feature that can't be done (how you would recognize a vote as "revenge vote"?) or you will ask for a feature where people would need to "justify their downvotes, probably with an anonymous comment... — SPArchaeologist Oct 18 '16 at 18:21
^ this one is the rule, @forest. Sadly, I can't seem to find an even older comment I made once
probably silently deleted - as usual.
or this is someone with a maybe BS story about serial voting, but -23? harsh meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/378788/…
9:39 AM
The inability to see deleted comments is an issue. :/
It basically said that one of the Meta/site rule is this:
> My annoying brother made an account just to upvote all of my answers, to try to get me banned
Oh yeah 100% BS.
@Magisch sure, that's why SO still exists and stable. :)
I'll note that this could have been avoided if you hadn't answered your "brother's" question within two minutes of it being posted, then voted for them just enough so that they cleared the 15-rep threshold for upvotes. Then your "brother" wouldn't have had the reputation to vote exclusively for you. — Brad Larson ♦ yesterday
> whenever an user post an idea you don't like, if there is a way to make it look like a rant... that is the perfect reason to dismiss any objection he may have.
9:41 AM
But decrease of questions amount is totally expected, and not a bad sign, IMO.
> Because we can totally tell if you're making all of this up, we have ways.
Now I'm curious what exact techniques are used for new accounts.
Browser fingerprinting? Nothing as complex as stylometric analysis for sure.
Unless this is just a case of "dumb sockpuppets are dumb".
if memory serves largely ip and usage pattern associations
So stuff that basic OPSEC would get around.
a metric ton of sockpuppet operators are in fact so bad at hiding it that you can even see something is up without moderator or employee access
@forest If post does not contain MLP reference --> not Derpy.
9:44 AM
> We have a person who works for us and part of her job is literally sending people spiders, when she's not managing our community team.
think they also recently implemented a similar check for @Shadow
Now I'm curious who that is
I know nothing about MLP.
if (chatMessage.status != uncouth ) --> not @ShadowWizard :P
Just that it's a kid's show about ponies.
9:45 AM
Thats the gist of it
That pseudocode made me die a little inside.
@Magisch cats shaped like ponies.
@forest $model = new XmlAbstractModel(new XmlModelView(new SimpleXmlElement($xmlString)));
[screams internally]
@forest $this->iteratorModel->iteratebyXml($model->getAsXml('special','utf-8'));
9:49 AM
ASL is a less horrific language than that. O_o
@forest :D
10:02 AM
@forest pseudocode is pseudo.
$command_array['value'][2]['value'][2]['value'][2]['value'][2][2][1][0][3][0] for when your array wasn't deep enough so you made it deeper
10:18 AM
mumble... maybe I could switch the current avatar for this one.
Q: Can an uninitialized bool crash a program?

RemzI know that "undefined behaviour" in C++ can pretty much allow the compiler to do anything it wants. However, I had a crash that surprised me, as I would have assumed the code looked safe enough. In this case, the real problem happened only on a specific platform using a specific compiler, and on...

This is actually a really interesting question.
Compiler optimizations are fascinating!
@Derpy Pick something that looks a bit happier :)
@Tinkeringbell would be happier, it that muffin didn't became an orange.
@Derpy Hahaha. I didn't even notice that. ;)
@forest That's fascinating
So CLang optimizes based on the string length of the ternary expression and the assumption that bool can only be 0x0000 0001 or 0x0000 0000 in memory
10:29 AM
@Tinkeringbell original:
I don't know... I don't like seeing sad avatars ;)
Makes me wonder if the person behind it is okay.
the eyes are dissonantly shiny in that picture
doesnt fit with the muted tone of the rest
@Derpy - If you want Derpy with a cupcake there is this:
@Tinkeringbell was the last one, now is an orange. You would be sad too.
@Derpy oranges are extremely tasty
I'd take one over a muffin
10:37 AM
@Magisch Well 0x00 or 0x01 since it's one byte.
@Magisch ^ notice that the box does not list the character name. You know why?
That looks like a person instead of a pony.
And why does she have lazy eye?
Herp Derp
I know that's a South Park reference but I don't get how it applies here.
(I know next to nothing about MLP)
10:43 AM
You can look up the definition of the word derpy.
> Used as a substitute for speech regarded as meaningless or stupid, or to comment on a foolish or stupid action.
I'm guessing it means that character is foolish/stupid.
> adjective. informal. Foolish or stupid. 'they say some pretty derpy things'
From the first result. They're literally all like that.
Oh, UD saves the day
> Not "all there in the head"; possibly lacking intelligence or common sense. The wall-eyed background character in "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", Derpy Hooves, is named after this.
10:48 AM
MLP did face some harsh criticism for disrespecting people with mental disabilities by making that character
lmao wow
That's some special snowflake stuff right there.
And it's somewhat offensive to assume walleyed people are mentally retarded in the first place, so if someone gets upset that it disrespects people with mental disabilities, they're being disrespectful themselves.
OK... seem no one has a clue.
Let me quickly explain.
Hasbro never made Derpy.
she is the result of an animation error in the first episode.
pretty much the first time I ever heard of MLP was because of a giant drama fest regarding the derpy character
I only heard about MLP through people being mean to fans of the show lol
I've never even heard of that derpy drama.
10:52 AM
So uh... what about Patrick from Spongebob? Or Peter from Family Guy?
Any criticism of those characters?
Yes, thanks for clearing that up.
^ see? She is the gray one in the background, just above Twilight.
ahahaha that's quite some production error
In a weird turn of events, when the MLP first episode aired, people noticed the error pretty soon...
and you know how internet goes.
It was instantaneously immortalized?
10:53 AM
one day later, she had become a meme.
Poh tah toh
@Derpy I mean, unsurprising. the eye displacement lends itself to uniqueness
and the fandom gave her the name "Derpy" because of her eyes and clumsy appearance.
also, people seem to really really like that show and its art style for some reason
The art style is neat but I don't get what's so fun about adults watching a kid's show.
I mean it's not like a family show for all ages, but a show specifically for little kids.
10:55 AM
Seems "derpy eyes" also can be used to indicate strabismus.
I mean obviously there's something people like, but still.
so, the name "Derpy" came from the fans, not Hasbro.
Problem arose when Hasbro later gave her a talking role in an episode.
With the eyes?
this was the scene they made.
notice that they intended to suggest that she has eyesight problems, something that the fandoms had made an head-cannon of since episode 1
That's still nothing to get offended about.
"We need a more realistic representation of people in shows, including people with conditions" "ZOMG you included someone with a condition in your show how horrible!"

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