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3:33 AM
Another morning...
Unfortunately, I've suffered a bit of an accident and am currently at the hospital.
Get well soon :(
Speedy recovery to you!
4:10 AM
Babaji is at home on all sites... Also: rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/magicShog9 ♦ 13 hours ago
1 hour later…
5:23 AM
Well, I am fine, just a few scrapes. Unfortunately, my film camera is damaged beyond repair and I've had to write it off.
5:50 AM
Had an #electricscooter accident tonight. Ended up with bruises on my face and a sore left leg. Thankfully, I was wearing an SLR camera that took the beating and got wrecked, and prevented more bodily harm. Be careful when riding in the night, you never know what can strike !
1 hour later…
7:09 AM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog ouch. Well scooters are dangerous...
7:24 AM
@canon holiday?
8:05 AM
Oops. I just burned through all my votes for the day voting on knitting submissions.
At least you get a badge for it.
Why is everyone voting so much?
I'm not.
I've voted twice today.
8:21 AM
@Tinkeringbell There are lots of good submissions!
Cool drawing = upvote
@Mithrandir I'll look. I already voted on the best one though :P
8:33 AM
@Tinkeringbell rep fest!
@Tinkeringbell 150 votes= hat?
Ohh. So just upvote everything because hat.
I sense a problem there :P Or do downvotes count too?
Not sure
I always vote a lot so doesn't change anything
@Tinkeringbell oohhh... the 150 votes hat. So nice, so spammy
So good behavior promoting :P
Anyway, it is the 14th today, so it is time you look at the calendar and get mad at me for today joke :P
You'll have to wait until I'm at my own pc, tonight :P
8:45 AM
Q: Has or does SE suffer from shills or cabals of special interest groups looking to peddle influence or control narrative?

AkivaExcerpt from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Why_Wikipedia_is_not_so_great Editors have learned that formation into "gangs" is the most effective way of imposing their views on opposite-minded contributors. It makes a travesty of the revert-rule when one individual can simply send an ...

Can we please change the room name to
"Cabal on the meta"
and the room description. We really forgot "IT'S FULL OF CABALS HATS"
Look at my hat!
Hi, Any update on this: meta.stackexchange.com/q/314941/206319 ?
9:01 AM
Q: Has or does SE suffer from shills or cabals of special interest groups looking to peddle influence or control narrative?

AkivaExcerpt from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Why_Wikipedia_is_not_so_great Editors have learned that formation into "gangs" is the most effective way of imposing their views on opposite-minded contributors. It makes a travesty of the revert-rule when one individual can simply send an ...

Anyone else expecting a long-winded rant when reading this title?
What do you know, sometimes they surprise you
For this hat, we have to cast vote on one site or it'll sum up casting votes across all sites ?
poor @TimPost.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ @Derpy already linked to it
Not only he will have to live with people expecting a swag for the knitting post.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ the bird look surprised in his avatar. :)
9:09 AM
he will also have to live with people expecting a custom shirt with the picture they submitted
@Derpy he can handle. He is used to it. :D
Should I post that question on main site since nobody is replying? ^^
@ShadowWizard I still believe that soon @Tinkeringbell will discover a little hidden clause in the Meta Moderator contract stating that she will have to crochet all the shirts herself
Shhh. Do not disturb, knitting in progress :P
I didn't understand that knitting thing either
A man with loads of questions>>>
9:16 AM
Maybe it will end up like Bethesda bugs? People with voice get the fancy stuff, while paying customers get the bare minimum at best.
@TheLittleNaruto nope.
@Derpy or else be appointed as mod on third site? ;)
Oh boy! @JohnDvorak Check this out:
in JavaScrıpt on Stack Overflow Chat, Nov 20 '13 at 8:23, by Jan Dvorak
@TheLittleNaruto https://github.com/honnza/drops/blob/master/czdvorak.zip
@TheLittleNaruto not as much as my kids. Especially during bath time when they are not attached to any screen or device. :P
9:21 AM
I just remember you lol
@JohnDvorak Voice? Like in Dune? Awesome!
@ShadowWizard lol That's why I love kids,
They'll ask all non-sense questions
@TheLittleNaruto because they do bath? :D
@TheLittleNaruto oh
I used to share some "pearls" on FB back in the day... maybe some even here.
9:23 AM
some "Pearls" ?
But some questions are really good, especially from my son who is only 5.
(soon 6 though!)
@TheLittleNaruto pearls of wisdom from my kids. :)
e.g. yesterday he asked "If the clouds are made of water, how come they don't fall apart?" or something like that.
@ShadowWizard or else be appointed as mod on Lifehacks
Or "When it's raining and the cloud take out its water, will it vanish?"
9:26 AM
@ShadowWizard That's a good question not non-sense
@Derpy no no, that's reserved for the most extreme cases!
I wield the spectacle hat
Where I can buy SO/SE stickers ?
You can't
9:30 AM
@TheLittleNaruto You can't. You can win them, though, by winning contests, or hitting 100k rep.
I think at some point they would mail you some for a stamped addressed envelope
Or if you're in Singapore I'd mail you some SE stickers, I have a ton
@Mithrandir I got Swag goodies once for one contest, but they didn't send any stickers with it 😬
@JourneymanGeek I am not in Singapore :/
@TheLittleNaruto next time, ask. They used to have plenty of left over stock so they usually would include a few if they already have to send you something.
@Derpy Will do! Thanks! But it's not easy to win a contest now a days
For example see this post: meta.stackexchange.com/a/316025/206319
@ShadowWizard btw, did you check the calendar today?
9:39 AM
I thought too much and did a little bit effort too
But when I was about to post it, so many good posts were already there lol
@TheLittleNaruto at least you didn't get stuck in a 25 jokes tour-de-force
@Derpy 25 jokes tour-de-force ?
link please
9:48 AM
@Shree casted!
A: Time for some more swag!

SPArchaeologistWell, considering the current season and that the theme is the passing of time, I think an Advent Calendar is most appropriate here. Run the attached snippet to see it. var today = new Date(); $(".dialog").dialog({ autoOpen : false, modal : true, show : "blind", hide : "blind" ...

@Derpy nop yet
@Derpy Yeah I knew that post. I gave up the time I saw that many cool answers.
@TheLittleNaruto I meant that I am basically working on "25" jokes instead of just sticking to one submission
and someone who basically wrote "Import Time" is far ahead of me:P
9:56 AM
@Derpy :O
Here I can't think of one. Shame on me!
@ShadowWizard have a look. Think the parrot will get mad :P?
10:09 AM
@Derpy Mad? Nah.
Most people probably won't understand the joke though :P
@Tinkeringbell you saw it?
@Derpy Yeah, you posted the link and I looked :)
@Tinkeringbell sorry, as soon as I saw one of the thousand videos with that song that get posted on youtube during this season... I knew it had to be done
It's okay :)
10:27 AM
>.< I found a thing full of clear water outside, so I wanted to try sticking my camera in it and getting a shot. But by the time I got the camera and came back, I found my little sister there, stirring up the silt and mud. Now it'll take hours for it to be clear again. :/
Try and knit something while you're waiting?
crochet and knitting are sometimes advertised as ways to meditate and relax :)
Oh, much too busy for that :P
10:50 AM
Why do I keep getting human verification messages when I try to search for posts? I mean I'm logged in... Clearly I'm human. Or at least not a stupid bot.
I never get any messages for making posts, just for doing searches.
Is there anything I can do to prevent this, short of using a private proxy?
stop searching
har har har
Sorry... I guess I'll be a bit annoying today :P
@forest hm. Never seen that before
11:00 AM
Well it happens on almost every site, especially ones I have no account on.
(Even though I am logged into the network and it sees that).
Erm. I have a theory... But I need to word it carefully.
You said private proxy - you on CGN or Tor?
(I can check but yanno)
Tor, but I'm logged in.
If so maybe someone is scraping searches off it or something
11:07 AM
Maybe, but people also use it to post spam, and I can post fine.
Ya. Probably Tor
So why would it allow me to post (when I'm logged in) but not search?
It clearly has the ability to authenticate me as human.
And I am so not going to help Google's AI solving drone surveillance footage.
Not sure what else I can say lol.
11:18 AM
Oh well
Does anyone know who implemented that 'redo knitting' button? I'd like to send them a basket of eternal gratitude :P
balpha, probably ;)
@Tinkeringbell I take paypal 😜
11:33 AM
@balpha Great! It was amazing not to have to redo the entire thing just because I messed up 1 tree :)
Now it's perfect!
someone put that on a cheesy christmas jumper
@ArtOfCode I'll cut you a deal :P if this one end up most upvoted, I'll crochet something using the pattern :P
It should make a nice ugly Christmas mochila bag ;)
@Tinkeringbell bag is better than bug! ;)
@forest maybe your IP keeps changing which raise some alarms?
11:43 AM
Nah the IP stays the same as long as I interact with the site at least once every 10 minutes. It's only after 10 minutes of no connections that the IP changes.
@Derpy lol nice! Question is if @Tink saw that? (and no, think she love getting attention so she won't get mad at you! :))
@forest hmm... so dunno.
2 hours ago, by Tinkeringbell
@Derpy Yeah, you posted the link and I looked :)
Meh. I'll write it down as bad site design.
12:07 PM
@Tinkeringbell mochilla?
Q: Can I have a pension?

anatoly techtonikI am getting old and I need money. I bet many people do, but for some reason they prefer not to speak about it. Over 8 years at StackOverflow I scored 11k rep and some medals. There are not many answers there, as you may see below. It is roughly 64 rep per answer. I like discovering things ...

0-0 :D want some money for reputation
@JourneymanGeek It's a way of crochet named after a certain tribe that crochets that way, lemme look up a link for you ;)
> It is about getting some money for my reputation if anything that I did has any value to anyone.
Oh man I wish I could make money directly just by posting on SE.
That'd be the life.
12:13 PM
@ShadowWizard you must claim money for 100k+ rep. :)
Why doesn't he just ask for donations in his profile?
I mean it's not like anyone would donate, but still...
And 11k? Really? I have almost 30k on a much smaller site and I've been here less than a year. And there are people with far more than me... What does he expect?
12:28 PM
I have 100k. :p
Getting donations feels crass thought. People have offered
Hey I'm fine with taking donations. :P
I just don't ask for them.
I asked them to donate to a local dog charity instead 😁
starts a GoFundMe for a new laptop
I recently got a scammer to offer to pay me money. Legit, not even part of a scam.
@Mithrandir Is it getting that bad?
12:32 PM
Convinced them I was a homeless child who needed some magic done (one of those silly spell caster scams). The scammer started feeling bad for me and admitted it was a scam and offered to just donate money. :D
Gotta love scamming the scammers.
(I ended up wasting the opportunity by asking for more than I should have)
> Why aren't you giving all this money to charity?
Why aren't YOU giving all this money to charity? It is your money.
Aka the Great Useless Hole Digging Kickstarter.
@Tinkeringbell Almost.
:( Well, crowdfunding a new one might work. People need you to mod SE :P
12:44 PM
@Mithrandir Is money the issue there?
Lol, so far the only smart-ass comment I see on that post is her Jon Skeet comment @rene
Yeah but you've got to admit it's amusing.
I wanted to make a joke about peers but it would be too obscure
I suggest that the OP delete their post before some smart a** answers and that post gets upvoted then it's too late to delete. The question will only invite more and more downvotes and possible humiliation. — Mari-Lou A 8 mins ago
I'm so sorry but I had to.
Smart a**
12:52 PM
Gone... no longer needed, there's an answer so... :P
oh, right, this reminded me I was going to flag a chat message.
Which message? I want to see! :^)
done. And no, I won't post the link
To whoever will handle the flag, yep I know it is very old.
12:59 PM
But I didn't like to get that image in the results when searching for another old image that was posted here
so... please, delete?
@Derpy I'm not seeing any flags... unless it was a mod flag on chat.MSE, which I wouldn't be able to see
I don't see any flags :)
Not just me then :)
a bird has tweeted that the flag is no longer there eh?
No, that I never saw it.
1:01 PM
@ArtOfCode chat message, pretty old. Just flaged as offensive. As I say, no one will see it again unless searching for old images....
@Derpy still not seeing any flags...
but that's was exactly what I was doing.
@ArtOfCode ?you can see chat message flags?
@Derpy is it on chat.MSE?
Ok so I have to scrape the chat archives to see it? :(
1:02 PM
this same room
@Derpy I'd be able to see offensive flags, cuz 10k
let me try again then.
Flags would show up like any other flag, even if it's old (AFAIK)
@Tinkeringbell will be able to look at flag history
nope, it clearly states I have already flagged the message
so it is there somewhere
1:03 PM
Is it something blatantly terrible like porn or a shock image?
Or just a subtle troll or what?
@Derpy I can't find it!!!
Not in recent-flags either..
@Derpy did you use the flag button that you get at the right-hand end of the message when you hover over it? Or did you use the message dropdown and click "flag for moderator"?
@ArtOfCode second one, from the transcript
@Magisch it's, uh, not exactly flowing over here at the moment
@Tinkeringbell recent-flags is ordered by message creation, not flag creation, so you may have to go back a ways to see it. What date is the message from, @Derpy?
1:05 PM
@Mithrandir Maybe you need a pension for your SE posts! :D
@Derpy so "flag as spam/offensive"?
@ArtOfCode yep
Wouldn't it be so much easier to just link it!
that's a blue flag, which I should be able to see... this is weird
what date's it from?
@Mithrandir Maybe you should start a gofundme then
1:07 PM
@forest sorry, if you really have to see it you will have to search. Not going to give it more exposure it needs
@ArtOfCode 2017-10-12
@Derpy recent-flags doesn't go back that far, it seems.
@Tinkeringbell Brilliant! Just Brilliant!
So you are telling me that is basically impossible to handle flags on very old items?
It shouldn't be.
The dead cow?
or even better - it is impossible to even NOTICE them?
1:09 PM
We should just get a nice bright blue indicator that something is flagged... that's not showing up.
Or whatever that thing is.
@Derpy blue flags should be viewable by anyone >= 10k rep on mse
I can't find literally anything offensive on that day.
Can room owner delete a message?
not someone else's
only mods can do that
1:11 PM
Or someone with DB access
@Derpy Hi :)
@PrincessLuna which is also a subset of "mods" :)
lmao you don't mean the pedobear meme do you
@ArtOfCode All mods can delete stuff, but does all the people with DB access also have an account?
1:12 PM
Or the troll face pushing over a cat :D
@PrincessLuna Given that they work for SE... gonna go with yes :)
guess it will stay there then. Unless I post the link to the chat message in a flag on Meta so that one of you can pick it and have it deleted
@Derpy easy way to do it. Raise a custom chatflag on a message from just now and link to the old one
tink & journey & chris will be able to see that and action the original post as appropriate
@Magisch exactly what I was going to do.
@ArtOfCode IIRC there were even facebook devs without a FB account, so it's not guaranteed
1:14 PM
@PrincessLuna No, but for a company like SE I'd find it pretty unlikely
To be fair, it makes total sense that anyone who knows the insides of Facebook would not be making use of it themselves.
also that
oh well
@Derpy no but they can move it to a inaccessible room
It's not even offensive. Unless I got the day wrong, I'd be amazed that anyone would get upset over a meme like that.
1:16 PM
@forest I do note you have greater tolerance than most for offense
I can't find anything?
@JourneymanGeek Yeah but even taking that into account...
Then again, I bet people here misunderstand these memes.
A room owner can iirc functionally delete a message given mod support
Though from the logs you were like "0_0" and someone else was like "XD".
Pardon me if this may seem a little harsh, but it is searching for an image that I said is probably "offensive" and not fitting the current site TOS really the most interesting thing to do now?
1:18 PM
@Derpy While I wait for a monte carlo simulation to finish so I can get back to work?
Yes, yes it is.
Is this some sort of weird "let's save it before it get deleted" treasure hunt?
It was going to be, but it's not as interesting as you made it seem.
okay time to not snipe at each other please
I can go on a diatribe about how unstraightforward calculating \multicolumn width is in LaTeX and how many variables are involved
@ArtOfCode Can we use shotguns?
1:19 PM
also, listen to art please
@forest for target practice, sure, though they're not renowned for their accuracy... just not at each other :)
@forest in 2017 thought, I was probably a normal user
I'll keep my pretty little .38 SIG Luger revolver instead. Much more fun. :D
1:38 PM
@Bart Yeah, but I'm obviously the one that is in the wrong here. So be it. I also had comments deleted on MSO so I'm a bit more careful.
Can't spell "wrong" without "rene" ... and some changes.
@forest where's the fun in that?!
Cannons are so much better!
1:54 PM
50 MW lasers are even more cool.
s/cool/ridiculously powerful WMD/
s/WMD/WMD, and cool/
I'll use my BMW instead :P
also a WMD, if you're not careful :P
Also coherent light is hot no?
2:06 PM
Pff, look at @TimPost being all helpful and supportive and swagtastic. It makes me sick! ... Seriously though, nice post ;)
@Bart which one?
On the pension plan
mildly miffed that one got -19'd so quickly. I mean yeah I get it but -5 would have made the point as well without rubbing it in more
2:18 PM
I'm free to use my vote on the usefulness on an individual post, no matter its score
I kinda feel his pain lol. My job's sucking a bit this week. And I'm not even old.
@rene ya, but we can feel sorry for the dude
Oh, speaking of which. I can verify that you don't need an actual teams account for the teams hat.
@rene obviously
cc @ShadowWizard
not that I'd advocate upvoting or undownvoting it
@Aibobot Sure, it is a kind of useless emotion for both me and the OP
2:21 PM
So nothing wrong with expressing 'dang, those downvotes" and there's no.. wassname...
obligation to vote in any way
@Bart that's nice. Also yay, that shows heart ;)
2:36 PM
I voted it down because I think it was pointless, and not a good question.
Although I am surprised at how encouraging Tim Post was.
@Aibobot wut
@Magisch lol it's -20 now, damn he's getting some shit.
Actually -21 but someone gave a pitty upvote.
And now it's closed.
(I agree that he should get into consulting. Consulting is fun!)
@forest duplicate. Special and non negative kind of closed.
To be honest this pension post proves how much SE and even MSE changed in less than a year. If posted before the welcome wagon it would have gotten tons of snarky comments and joke answers which are much worse than downvotes. Not to mention there was no hope to get such an answer from SE staff.
2:52 PM
I honestly don't think so. I feel like it's just the time of day.
@ShadowWizard well kinda sorta
Also this is MSE which is not quite as bad as (say) MSO.
Its not the welcome wagon, but slightly ironically - I think we've been feedbacking a lot on how things were and weren't working since
We gotta talk more ;p
but also from the position of "We love this place and gotta make it better" rather than "y'all are terrible corporate shrills"
I'm still waiting to see how the profile responsiveness update will turn out.
To see if the corporation is going to start listening to us.
This is their chance to start bringing back our trust!
@forest not really
2:56 PM
@forest its a process really
@ShadowWizard Well it's a start.
but its worth remembering that, thankfully, the folks who work at SE are human, other than the androids and cacti...
They asked what we want changed in profiles, and the overwhelming response was an emphatic "nothing!" My guess is that they'll change it anyway and thank us for our feedback, despite the protests. But we'll see...
and sometimes they probably listen more when they arn't getting yelled at all the time. Just some of the time.
Attitude like "they did not implenent my request, they are bad!!1!!1!!" is wrong, IMO.
2:57 PM
That's not what people have a problem with.
@forest tbh, complaining about changes is about as old as SE
I dunno, there are things people want changed and things people don't.
The difference is in the old days it was always Jeff's Fault.
The Twitter debacle showed that.
@forest actually I think that there's a marked change in how folks in the company react to us since.
2:59 PM
Negative or positive?
maybe cause I'm a mod, and there's a bit of a special relationship there...
@forest less distant
Well I hope it works out.
Well, its a start
Also you will have to wait a looong time, @forest. At least a year IMO until we get something done with the profile.
oh shi brb
2:59 PM
trick is keeping the momentum
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