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3:00 PM
@forest is this a codename for something? ;)
The cynic in me says the changes coming down the pipe will be the easy things that help engage new users, while the tools to help curators properly curate content will be coming in, "6-8 weeks".
@fbueckert well not really much that would do either in profiles
profiles really is a tool for power users an gawkers
@fbueckert And the other part in you?
@ShadowWizard The rest of me is debating packing it in.
3:02 PM
New idea: we should beg for bugs to be fixed. :D
@fbueckert honestly - I think the 'smart' stratergy here would be to port the old prodiles to the new one
@ShadowWizard if Q&A is the core product, more likely it would happen
@JourneymanGeek This isn't really related to the profiles thing @forest was talking about.
It was more just a general comment about my entire exhaustion about the whole, "welcoming" debacle.
@fbueckert actually I think that its a symptom of a lot of things.
and the welcoming debacle was just the summer of love again
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, which is why I'm exhausted about it. I feel SE is moving further and further away from the whole reason I joined.
@fbueckert which is?
3:12 PM
Content quality.
All this focus on users means feelings are now more important than maintaining standards.
Not really. You just don't get to be an ass about the standards
tbh, content quality in the old days was... sometimes cringeworthy.
I actually think the big issue with how we deal with new users is that we really have no idea how to get them up to speed with the unusual way SE operates
@Bart There are tons of ways to maintain standards without being an ass. At no point am I advocating for being rude, mean, or an idiot to other users.
and we're big enough that people will find here with no clue.
@fbueckert I'm not saying you are. Just that it's not some zero-sum feelings vs standards balance.
3:15 PM
@Bart I would star that would it not be that I don't want ass to show up on our starboard ...
@rene save your stars for an orphan who needs it most this time of year.
Please welcome @ArtOfCode to the team of Room owners everyone :D
Talk about declining standards ... :p Welcome Art!
I am honoured to have this privilege bestowed upon me, etc etc... and my first action as evil dictator room owner will be to unpin my own message :)
Was thinking I should poke someone about that earlier :)
3:17 PM
efficient work-offloading
evil laughter
@ArtOfCode Always feel free to poke. Just expect to be poked even harder in return.
poke poke
parrot beaks are pointy
just not with a pointy stick
3:20 PM
@Magisch They're good for cracking tough nuts ;)
@Tinkeringbell are you calling me a nut?
@ArtOfCode everyone in here is nuts
@Tinkeringbell It makes life more interesting.
It does. You won't hear me complaining :)
3:22 PM
Could you imagine how boring life would be if everyone was perfectly rational and logical?
except about coworkers
Vulcans. Booooooring.
@fbueckert Ehhh. There would be even more arguments etc.
@Magisch Just 1 :P
I'm really glad there's not 2 of those running around!
3:46 PM
@JourneymanGeek summer of love with sharper teeth.
@ShadowWizard I don't think there's particularly any teeth
Suspending unwelcoming users isn't considered using teeth?
We've always done that
As far as MSE goes, the one difference is we're ostensibly neutral.
There may come a point though where we'll have to yell at an employee, and that will be.. interesting
and yes, I do actually think that's something we're expected to do if an employee is not nice.
3:49 PM
Yell at employee?? Plz elaborate! :)
You mean Shog and the language he sometime using?
Lemme quote Tim
> Sometimes, we as employees need to disengage, or dial it back, or whatever euphemism you want to use for calm the heck down and think about the goals and the people helping you meet them.
@fbueckert sure. Did you watch Matrix?
> Our appointed moderators will have full agency to correct any chain of correspondence that appears to be going off the rails, no matter who was originally driving the train
@ShadowWizard if you see it, flag it. ;p
this is a critical thing here.
and something a lot of people don't get it seems - that we're actually expected to go "Hey dude, not cool"
Cause I think the CM's are fairly familiar with my tendancy to politely bite ankles as needed.
3:54 PM
You mean when employee is being rude/unfriendly?
IDK what's the internal or external process
we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
oh in general
@ShadowWizard Did you see Agent Smith?
It was perfectly logical and rational from the computer's perspective.
Then you introduce humanity, and all hell breaks loose.
4:11 PM
@fbueckert heh. Well I meant the scene where Smith says they made a perfect world for the humans (in their VR) and it resulted in mass suicides all over. :)
@ShadowWizard Yeah, that was the point. We don't want utopia.
Utopia is boring.
People were just bored to death, literally.
The human condition is to struggle, to strive, the drive to meet and overcome challenges.
Without that...the human body just shuts down. See retired workaholics; they don't know what to do with themselves after retirement, and the body knows it.
my dad just watches cricket the whole day and refuses to do anything he can avoid ;p
Play poker with friends all day long? ;)
4:17 PM
that involves actual socialisation
As long as you have something you're passionate about. The body literally needs something to live for.
Cricket is cool though :D Well, if they're not test matches at least.
(blasphemy, I know)
he watches those too
@JourneymanGeek I don't have the patience for those.
They can test your patience yes
2 hours later…
6:01 PM
Tonight is fun
/me has no idea what's happening elsewhere and is getting contradictory instructions from different teams...
I love contradictions.
No you don't
also the instructions we were given for the new servers don't work
Well I'm the top asker and the top answerer in .
so I totally got a service account password over whatsapp at 2am
oh well, at least I'm awake
6:19 PM
6:42 PM
heh, Might be true of SE too ;p
(see alt text)
7:07 PM
25 messages moved to Chimney
7:55 PM
@Catija Seeing that you are currently online, would you mind to chime in the MathOverflow chatroom if you happen to have a bit of time?
TIL there's a MathOverflow chatroom
8:16 PM
Don't go there, you'll overflow it!
If I go there it will be a math overflower ...
@Shog9 0_0
Makes sense though
8:32 PM
I mean, they have lots of chatrooms - discussing posts via chat seems to have been one of the best features of moving to SE 2.0
but somehow I didn't realize they had just... a general-purpose room
@Shog9 but every site needs one
I could argue otherwise if I had the energy
@Shog9 well it's a social space, helps me engage the community and get things that don't quite fit into normal qa done
9:03 PM
Has the dates ever change on when the Winter Bash begins and ends? Will the Winter bash ever be extended?
@Shog9 who is the software designer and where can I submit my ideas?
for SE?
@Muze Might want to read meta about that
9:09 PM
@JourneymanGeek I used all my questions and screwed up my account beyond repair.
@Muze honestly? Totally your fault
Yes for not reading and knowing the system.
"not reading"
that's actually a great start
all the rules
I don't know all the rules
9:10 PM
does and don't
I bet shog dosen't know all the rules.
i didn't know enough to avoid long suspensions.
totally my fault. maybe if I was smarter then
@Muze Well, what have you learnt from that?
but I would love to see the hats last longer
9:12 PM
If the lesson is "the system is unfair"... IDK
ah! But half the fun is in the rush
maybe not unfair just strict
Well, there's less strict alternatives
the strictness is one of the things that helps differenciate us from say... Yahoo answers or quora
I like the people here and the format nine the less. I 'll live with it
still would pay a donation then wait a year. that could be changed. What is a day on SE worth?
9:16 PM
Who do I got to bribe?
what your paypal account....kidding
Actually I can't do anything about a question or answer ban
Q: What does constructive criticism of a design change look like?

Jon EricsonLast week we rolled out the new network theme to several sites. Some of these sites had beautiful designs previously and now have a less striking look. Unsurprisingly, the response to these changes has been somewhat very negative. Even before Joe posted our master plan back in March, this has bee...

@JourneymanGeek Somebody got the power to do it. I did learn to space my posts out, some grammar, not to have extra accounts, up vote to many times (10) on 1 person a day even if they have all good questions, don't roll back moderator edits, edit to much, create work for others, ask dumb questions that gets locked in, stay professional and others. These are reasons I got suspended and for the most part will not repeat but the damage is already done so.. I wait.
hey, it's Muze!
You're famous!
well... infamous
9:27 PM
almost the same, really
I donno. I just see your name come up a lot.
yes that is good
bad muze
You got like... 25 "moderator contacts user" records in your history. That's pretty outstanding
@Muze see, all those things...
9:29 PM
I'm not trying to
over multiple sites I hear.
Anyway, read that post I linked to from Jon. TONS of good advice there, if you're thinking about proposing a design change
yes longer hat time
@Muze on the contrary. You need to keep trying (to be better)
what's the case you would make for longer hat time? How does it benefit people?
I look forward to it all year.
9:32 PM
oh! There's another post I should link to
hang on
and? That's what hats mean to you. You gotta pitch your ideas to a bigger audience.
You gotta sell the idea.
A: Can we talk about the voting culture here on Meta?

Shog9So I've been kinda chewing on this since your email, because... It's one of those simple questions that defies a simple answer. You're not the only person to raise this concern, of course: several respected users, moderators and even co-workers have expressed dismay upon seeing reasonable questio...

@Muze There. Read that too ^
Now, I'd make the point that "the time limited nature of hats makes them more valuble"
The author has a cool hat, so you know he's not full of it
specially since its a "cheap" (sorry!) way to get your core users active during a traditionally quiet period
9:33 PM
They are like medals for doing something right and make me feel good when I see a new one.
That's the goal!
But that's what badges are for
Plus, of course, giving Brian an excuse to sneak a recursive CTE into the code
hides embarassingly big pile of reversal badges
@JourneymanGeek hey, I'd totally add a Red Barron badge if I could
9:34 PM
@Shog9 CTE?
@Shog9 in theory... you could!
they make me happy to but not like the hats.
@JourneymanGeek @Taryn's most favorite thing
Red Baron
one "r"
get it together, Shog
If you can't remember how to spell your favorite pizza, what will become of you?
wait, no... My favorite pizza is Tombstone. All is well.
@Shog9 you end up eating cheap imitation pizza made by a sketchy dude in a back alley who speaks nothing but Pyongyang accented korean.
... which would likely be an interesting experience come to think of it...
9:38 PM
@JourneymanGeek We went to exactly such a restaurant this evening :P
clearly the lack of sleep gives me clairvoyance.
sketchy dudes, not really a back alley but in the middle of nowhere, and most of the staff spoke heavily accented Dutch :P Oh, and the food was cheap and some of it was clearly imitation :P
Didn't try the pizza though :P
close enough
I had a mental image of something like the noodle seller from blade runner
just making pizza
I can make a mental image of a noodle seller, but I don't know blade runner :P
9:43 PM
@Shog9 Are you really not qualifying that with "frozen"?
that scene always makes me hungry
@Catija you gotta rank 'em together
+10 points for good cheese, +20 points for price, +100 points for not having to drive somewhere, drunk, to obtain...
No delivery options?
@Shog9 heh, I used to eat a lot of frozen pizza when I was in the UK
heated it first of course
9:45 PM
+30 for reminding you that your life is finite and all you do here will be forgotten, right on the box
my mom would probably be horrified.
I haven't eaten a frozen pizza in... at least 10 years.
and damn it. I kinda want pizza now.
Possibly 20.
heh, about 10
9:46 PM
Good ol' "As for man, his days are like grass" pizza. Now with new "Brick oven style", for those who intend to be cremated!
there's this german brand, Dr Oetkers or something...
@JourneymanGeek Dr. Oetker, to the ER please :P
@Tinkeringbell I always thought the name was odd ;p
or the time I made pizza on a prata base...
which was strange but good
@Catija ah, but that's "30 minutes or less", while it only takes 20 to cook a frozen one
9:48 PM
@JourneymanGeek There's this brilliant (Dutch) comedy sketch using that line :). But yeah, the name is funny. No-one knows how to pronounce it either over here :P
probably best to assume it rhymes with "doctor"
(apparently if you stick prata in an oven, its basically puff pastry)
@Catija ... why did the whole center fall out?
Did you ever eat the other cauliflower crust pizza?
@JourneymanGeek No pan underneath, it seems.
because he forgot the rock
9:50 PM
@Catija still shouldn't fall off that neatly...
@Catija no; my breaker tripped and half the stuff in my freezer defrosted. Probably for the best.
@Shog9 Actually, it's either oo as in 'boo' or uh, as far as I'm aware.
@Tinkeringbell how do you pronounce "boo"
@Catija you can't eat all your mistakes... ;p
9:51 PM
@Shog9 Boe? :P
(like the time my mom made okra pancakes, that tasted like soap...)
@JourneymanGeek Dunno. It's a pretty well-known photo... Looks like it was a fresh crust, not a par-cooked one.
Like a ghost would. BOO!
Bookter Oetker
But it's not the only example:
9:52 PM
Hope you got one of those fancy self-cleaning ovens...
When I was a kid, I thought "self cleaning" meant that it was also something like a dish washer... it was a sad day when I found out that it just got really, really hot.
there's nothing fancy about that ;p
@Catija adulthood is full of disappointment
So true.
@Catija Sad? Those days are the best days. The kitchen gets really warm too :)
9:54 PM
I've never actually used the self-cleaning function on an oven...
like how I found out the cool keypads in total recall's villanous minions were... common calculators.
hey, dishwashers aren't all that great. They can take care of minor soil, but burnt-on goo is generally beyond them
@Catija in theory if it gets really hot... you could make pizza in it
But given sufficient heat and time... Almost anything can be cleaned.
The self-cleaning oven takes the long view
@Shog9 We have a brand of dishwasher that does handle even burnt-on goo. It's called 'dad'
9:56 PM
@Shog9 Yeah, but when your mental image of a diswasher is the same as of a car wash - particularly when you're a kid and riding through a car wash is fun... it's not about how good it is at its job... it's about the fun factor. Dish Washers are a water park for your plates.
Reminds me of my wife's expression when she found me cleaning glassware with a blowtorch
@Tinkeringbell I've never met an indian with a dishwasher.
Did anyone ever stick a go-pro in a dishwasher yet?
9:57 PM
@Shog9 0_0
@Tinkeringbell internet says yes
Still the best use for your dishwasher:
Q: Is it possible to cook a whole fish in a dishwasher?

AttilaNYCI heard that there is a way to cook a whole fish in a dishwasher - any techniques, tips??

@Tinkeringbell I'm sure someone has. They have marketing videos with dishwashers that shows you what it looks like on the inside.
@Shog9 My dad loves to talk about this... as far as I'm aware, he's never actually done it, though.
@Catija I've always thought those were fake...
@Shog9 I think Alton did that, on the mythbusters too
I'd be surprised if Miss Yeah didn't try
@Tinkeringbell Next you're going to tell me Santa isn't real, too...
9:58 PM
Y'all a bunch of skeptics. Next you're gonna suggest that those oil ads aren't actually made by putting a camera into a running internal combustion engine
@Catija Of course there's not Santa. Only Sinterklaas! :P
they also have dishwashers with plastic doors...
@Shog9 OMG... did you see Tim's tweet from a couple weeks ago... how they make food look pretty in ads... the pancake syrup is motor oil!
@Catija heh, yeah I've seen that one
I'm not... Entirely convinced that's true as a regular thing
but I'm sure it's been done
some of the other stuff, like spacers between pancakes - yeah, that's plausible
@Shog9 for photography? Almost certainly true
10:03 PM
@Catija lucus works best
10:17 PM
spacers between pancakes
somehow makes me picture pancake code
\pancake \cardboard{2mm} \pancake
11:06 PM
I see we're all super happy today.
yay! :P
somebody kick the killjoy... ;-)
kicking isn't very happy
well, for the kickee
can be joyous for the kicker
let's be honest, a good kick can be very pleasant :P
11:52 PM
Kickball is fun...
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