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4:02 PM
@ShadowWizard it was not exactly a welcoming, friendly comment.
If that were my first encounter with a site I'd walk away too.
not every quit is a rage-quit. sometimes/usually it's a oh-bugger-this-quit.
Yes. That was walking away, not rage.
4:20 PM
Sometimes its a "I just do not have the frame of mind to engage constructively with this"-quit
If Tim will rage quit, we are all doomed. O_o
A Tim rage-quit would see the site deleted, not a mere answer.
@ShadowWizard Unless someone goes onto his children I don't believe he'd consider doing that. He's one of the calmest and coolest guys I've ever experienced.
@ShadowWizard company.
@Oded Being an employee doesn't prevent from rage quitting, no?
4:31 PM
How do you mean?
I mean in general
Rage quitting what?
@PaulWhite more likely all sites, and all accounts including staff hard deleted from database... ._.
Let's hope Tim rage-quits Twitter then
4:34 PM
@Oded Leaving The company, all it's established sites, leaving time bombs in the code, etc. Well, we're software developers and know how to do all of these things
@Oded IPS
@Oded nice! Big company?
@PaulWhite I well appreciate his twitter contributions.
@πάνταῥεῖ I mean deleting Twitter as a whole would be a good thing
@πάνταῥεῖ luckily Tim isn't a developer (I think) but he probably does have access to db, etc.
hey @Oded
how's things?
4:37 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ even more than Journeyman? ;)
@PaulWhite You shouldn't judge that service by it's worst contributors. I don't think I need to spell out particular names.
I judge it as I see it.
@ShadowWizard Attribution of more or less doesn't really apply. Both of them are cool guys. :3
@PaulWhite The service is a service, just as newspapers and press agencies are.
@πάνταῥεῖ Please stop pinging me. I'm not interested in replying.
Sorry for that!
4:41 PM
I was just making a small joke. I didn't intend it to turn into a debate.
#stackoverflow @StackOverflow Let's continue this discussion at Twitter ...
@πάνταῥεῖ getting laid off and being cut off immediately from everything doesn't leave much time for rage quitting.
@ShadowWizard ~50 employees. Startup on its way to becoming a big company.
@Magisch all good :)
@Oded They did pay severance right?
I always assumed they did cause of the whole pro employee attitude
They were very decent, actually. Much more than the law requires.
They want to treat people right - as much as possible, even in a bad situation like they had in November.
Fact is, I would still recommend it as a great workplace for any developer.
4:52 PM
thats like the strongest possible recommendation if you've been previously laid off from the place
It is just no longer a place I would want to work at. At least for a while...
I would need to get over the... feels.
my career has been taking a detour away from pure software development, not sure if I like it
Still same place? No option to find work in a different, less dysfunctional company?
nah, but I'm a DPO now
@Oded I truly believe that. Seems to be a great workplace. But as usual product management and marketing goes with weird ideas, and devs and support personnel is charged to fix their s**t.
4:54 PM
it's like half software dev half data protection stuff
Ugh. Being responsible to how developers treat the company data :(
@πάνταῥεῖ not really. Marketing and product management are actually really good at Stack.
not just the devs, but yeah
If I'd open my own company, I'd likely trap into those same pitfalls as well :P
As far as I am concerned @πάνταῥεῖ, what happened was a massive management fail.
@Magisch DPO => CIO?
Data protection officer
4:56 PM
@Oded See my prematurely posted comment :3
basically the legal construct in GDPR where you're not a lawyer but supposed to advise the company on data protection law stuff
@Magisch did you get some training for it?
I completed a quite expensive certificate training program
Kinda meant that the career progression can be from DPO to CIO
@Oded Well, short people. No offense to anyone here ;)
@Magisch Congrats!
5:00 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ as the saying goes: when the sun is setting, short people make long shadows.
@Oded :D, good point!
@ShadowWizard don't honestly care I just don't want to smell it. It seems to save on prison costs. Like most things kids probably shouldn't use it
Let's say if you're already rich enough, you'll get less interested into the real world problemz, but more affected about what your rich neighbors are used to do (e.g. flying 1st class vs just take your own plane) :3
I've taken this from a recently published scientific study.
And I am (as not being to considered rich by any means), I had a hard laugh when some of my colleagues said: "Well, end of the month coming, I had to take my bottle deposits 1st, before I could buy the gasoline for my car".
I am totally off experiencing such problems.
@ShadowWizard You know my opinions about that. Instead of pumping money into the criminalization and the p'lice hunting adult weed users, that money could be well better spent for awareness training and general addiction prevention of juveniles.
I'd say do it like tobacco
i find this video pretty compelling as an examination of that subject
legalise & tax it and then spend some of those tax revenues on addiction prevention and awareness
@Magisch yes
and regulation
It's weird seeing marijuana PSAs from the government everywhere all of a sudden.
5:21 PM
there, you stopped intruding on the fundamental freedoms of the citizens, raised tax revenue, lowered consumption rates and saved a lot of money in not imprisoning people
and lowered crime because the illegal trade ain't there to fund it anymore
I dont even care myself I'm pretty strictly not using any drugs myself but the current system just screams ineffective
It seems like it's going to be many months until the legal distribution channels here can actually satisfy demand, so they're continuing to be tolerant of illegal distribution in the meanwhile, but I'm expecting a massive crack-down in ~a year.
@Magisch we did it like alcohol
@Magisch That's the best way to go for from any reasonable economical stance, totally agree!
since it has similar effects
Personally I favor decriminalization in general
not necessarily legalization of everything
@Mgetz You mean "the alcohol prohibition" totally failed, and just turned out to fire back the initial intend?
5:31 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ no I mean we regulate it like alcohol here in colorado. The same places and activities you're not allowed to be drunk at you're not allowed to be high at
@Mgetz "decriminalization" meaning only fines for possession of small amounts, but mostly the existing framework for prosecuting distribution?
@SomethingBadHappened no fines for possession of personal use amounts, it's not a crime. Distribution is still a crime
it's a public health issue
not a crime issue
@Mgetz Organized crime, is probably the least thing you want to support from politics.
@πάνταῥεῖ not following the connection, also that happens anyway
@Mgetz Makes sense. Just wanted to clarify, because "decriminalization" is vague and I think in most places they still do have penalties for possession, just much lesser ones.
5:33 PM
if you have fines then it's still a crime
albeit a misdemenor
I'm not saying it makes sense, but that's how the term has been used in most places.
Speaking as a resident of a place where legalization has been in place for a few years ... Having a legal framework for growing and distribution is a huge win for everyone.
Crazy Colorado cowboys...
speaking as a resident of the same place as shog that's what I was getting at
5:36 PM
@Mgetz I think their point was that you need to legalize distribution to stop it being a source of funding for organized crime.
Which is a pretty good argument for legalizing everything, which I am not 100% sold on but pretty sympathetic to.
@SomethingBadHappened yes my point was that not everything should be legalized for distribution because it's extremely harmful and addictive. Those items should be controlled and distributed to addicts only
in safe environments
They may never get clean
but if they can integrate back into society they can at least not be in jail
@Mgetz I feel very healthy regarding consumption of cannabis. I am grown up, I know what I do. Regardless, kids need to be informed what could go into unhealthy directions doing so. Also a juvenile brain might react in different ways, and serious harm could take place, when consuming cannabis. All of these things need to be sorted out in 1st place, rather than banning the substance at all.
Weed is a lot less harmful than alcohol.
5:38 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ agreed
And is not particularly addictive.
Creating a black market just lets you feel good. Doesn't help the folks afflicted.
@Oded Good point, been there and know well.
I'm generally more okay with people high on weed then drunk people
@Shog9 and increases violence
5:38 PM
they're more mellow and less aggressive
Aye. Neither should be driving (I can't believe this is an argument that needs to be had, but I've had it so many times), but one is a lot more prone to cause problems than the other.
though on a personal level I can't really summon a care for what other adults do with their free time
other then sympathy for addicts who need treatment
Hey @Shog9 - long time no see.
Hey @Oded, nice to see you back around!
5:41 PM
@SomethingBadHappened Well, being on cannabis it's more a question of flying, and have a call back to the tower :3
@Magisch and yet so many people make it their point to put their noses where they don't belong (to use an english colloquialism)
@Magisch Spend money on treatment for underlying conditions then, vs demonizing folks who self-medicate
@Shog9 yeah sure
universal healthcare means a lot fewer drug addicts around here
because using stuff like heroin to dull the pain is not cheaper then going to the hospital
@Magisch having a non-profit healthcare system usually does
We have SO / SE addicts here, consider how wrong and worse that is actually :3
@Magisch in many cases here it's due to prior addiction to prescription opioids
I like having big ugly warnings on the packages.
Hey. I can stop any time
Can you... are you sure?
you almost never get prescription opiates here though
5:44 PM
@Magisch That's because you don't have a for-profit healthcare system
and any doctor caught taking bribes would face jail along with the company paying them
I am using a lot of plain CBD stuff like hemp tea (which is legal) as well, and it gives me a good relaxation.
I guess I found out what's better than meta drama. It is meta + twitter drama.
6:01 PM
@SmokeDetector f
6:21 PM
A wild Something Bad Happened appears!
And disappears!
Maybe you were not welcoming enough ...
6:41 PM
I think they should outlaw cold calls and telemarketing
7:00 PM
@Dragonrage Nah, they just need to implement a "press 9 now to murder the person on the other end" feature for those calls
7:19 PM
i just don't answer them. If it's important enough they'll send me an email or leave a message
ive gotten 4 spam calls since i posted that message
wait, my bad. one was an irs scam
i always get "The warranty on your truck is about to expire"
(it expired 7 years ago)
I get those too. I like to mess with them. "My car? Which one? You tell me the make and model and I'll give you more information so that we can renew that warranty". 90% of the time that gets them to hang up on me. When they don't though, then they find out I have either a 20 year old car with less than 1000 miles on it or a year old car with almost 200,000 miles. Or it's a really expensive car, or that I have a boat but not a car.
I really like those particular scammers. If they don't hang up, they get so flustered
i dont like any of them
they waste my time
and im on the national do not call list so they legally shouldnt even be calling me
7:32 PM
Eh. If I answer, I've got time to waste. Might as well waste their time so they don't get someone that is going to fall for it.
and most are robo calls anyhow
just have some machine that dials thousands of numbers and plays the same message to them
and then the next day, they switch their number and do the same thing
8:03 PM
I yelled at what I thought was a robocall and it turned out to be a person. :|
9:26 PM
Hi everyone, I´m just testing the smokedetector
> This video contains content from Fremantle International, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.
that one works :)
but that's not the same scene, baaah! (it's edited)
> This video contains content from Fremantle International, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.
It's okay
9:39 PM
@KacosPro it works?
I guess it would be easier to use a crappy free VPN :D
9:57 PM
@Jorgesys Oh yes :D
Is Rutte going to ask how the Canadian's managed to legalize that?
Rutte formed the wrong coalition if he wants to make steps forward on that topic.
@rene uuuh isn't weed technically legal already?
To buy, yes.
Not to produce it
Ah. And it's legal to grow your own in Canada now?
10:26 PM
@rene He made some vague comments about "looking into it" but it was pretty hedged.
@AndrasDeak It is. But IIUC in the Netherlands it's also that though there are many places for customers to buy it legally(ish?), those very stores have to buy it illegally.
Heh. They are looking at legalisation in the region. Singapore is all 'if you smoke it anywhere else it's a crime'
@SomethingBadHappened yeah, he has a majority of 1 vote so it will not pass
I see, thanks
@JourneymanGeek I've read that a few counties have made statements like that. Pretty hard line. :/
@rene Ah, that contextualizes his comments nicely.
@SomethingBadHappened I don't think there's any other way to describe our drug policy
10:55 PM
"Happy hour"...?
is happiness compulsory? :P
Yes. Sadness is banned. Violators will be subjected to the kitten room
welcome home to Happiness Hotel
11:10 PM
let me find a Grinch gif...
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