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12:44 AM
So I flagged a post as rude or abusive yesterday and it was rejected. I don't remember the flag, and as the post has been deleted I cannot look at it to see how I missed the mark. Can a 10K+ take a quick look and let me know if I just have no idea what I am doing or I was close but not quite? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/313649/…
12:58 AM
@StephenRauch someone probably deemed that the spam flag penalty was too much, and it was a user unaware of the awesome work Peter does
@Catija Out of curiosity, as an employee, do you have access to dev.stackoverflow.com?
1:25 AM
@JourneymanGeek Thanks, I remember it now. I am 0 for 2 on that flag on MSE. While I am 72 out of 75 on the 6 sites where I have more rep than MSE. I guess there is a higher bar here. Oddly enough 1/2 of my ROA flags are from SuperUser.
2:16 AM
SU kinda gets some odd stuff
2:35 AM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog To be honest, I didn't even realize that the text had changed yet... I can't actually make the changes, only talk about them.
Q: "No longer needed" flags still continue to show up as "not relevant" in my flag history, even after the name change was reverted

Sonic the Inclusive HedgehogToday, the change that modified the name of the "no longer needed" comment flag to "not relevant" was reverted. When flagging a comment, the option now shows as "no longer needed". However, after submitting the flag, I checked my flag history, and that flag still shows as "not relevant". Can thi...

@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog Yes.
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog I saw it.
@Catija Thought you were responding to my comment.
(which lacked a link)
I was. I still saw the question.
@Catija I believe I asked you about this before, but you didn't respond: can you migrate questions older than 60 days using the normal GUI as one with the staff bit, or does doing so involve having to tinker with the database?
2:39 AM
I don't know. I haven't tried and I haven't had time to look into it.
2:57 AM
3:32 AM
4:02 AM
@YvetteColomb Looks like I've surpassed you in rep :)
4:18 AM
heh, something funny happened on my site meta...
meta.superuser.com/questions/13231/… user suggests the flag was handled by a mod who had a late night and was bleary eyed...
the flag was handled by me, after a night shift ;p
5:04 AM
Tim Post on August 07, 2018

Thanks to some amazing efforts and collaboration between our veteran users and quite a few new faces that jumped in to help us with our inclusion efforts, our brand new Code of Conduct (CoC) is rolling off the press and going into effect across the network today. For those of you that haven’t been following along with announcements we’ve been making on our Meta site, we’re replacing our current ‘Be nice’ policy with a formal, far less ambiguous and way more informative Code of Conduct.

As far as our rules go, nothing really changes: we’re just clarifying that we don’t have space for belittling  …

5:48 AM
> Admittedly - I did have a late night, and was bleary eyed. How did you guess? If I felt I was too zonked out to process flags, I wouldn't - I had reasons.
6:00 AM
13 messages moved to Chimney
@Magisch You mean half an hour ago?
I was browsing earlier but didn't write
@Magisch err...
Q: https://stackoverflow.com/conduct displays 404 - Linked in the blog

MagischThe code of conduct announcement blog just went out, yet the link to the code of conduct page in it yields a 404 - page not found. Seems like a bug. https://stackoverflow.com/conduct This is on latest version of google chrome / windows 8.1

@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog in chat
I saw the Blog link ~5 minutes before heading out to my commute. I didn't write anything in chat at that time
I wrote that question just before heading out but got beat by 30s by someone else
6:32 AM
Are anyone having a problem in achievement icon? Earned rep is not shown in it.
"This comment was edited 1 time" sounds bad somehow
"This comment was edited once" would be better
@Magisch I didn't notice that change but "once is better"
Now is that change worth making a meta about
Yes, it is. When a capital letter and oxford commas are worth it, this is definitely worth a meta. ;)
btw, are anyone having the above bug? ^^
@NogShine just checked, norepro on latest firefox / win10
6:43 AM
Check again.
Q: Link to code of conduct broken?

ZetaThe recent blog post "Get to Know Our New Code of Conduct" contains a link to the new code of conduct, https://stackoverflow.com/conduct. As of 2018-08-07T05:27:38+00, that link returns a 404. Also, I cannot find any other link to the conduct yet, neither in the help center, nor in the site navi...

Ok upvoted!
7:03 AM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog I didn't know we were competing. I don't worry about my rep on meta. I've given away 1000s in bountys
@Magisch Ok I think I should ask it on site. badges are shown but reputation change is not.
7:38 AM
@YvetteColomb I tend to make matter-of-fact statements from time to time. Don't infer things from them. Just a tip.
8:06 AM
@NogShine apparently not just you. Meta it plz
Orrr not cause it has been already
Looks like a dev had a bad day
8:24 AM
@JourneymanGeek Someone was quicker than me. I was busy in something else. :)
@JourneymanGeek Btw can repro now
the +10 I got this morning on MSE didn't show up
8:59 AM
Search bar is the best way for finding dupes. It worked for 4 times in 2 days when I was about to post a bug.
2 hours later…
10:33 AM
Aug 1 at 16:06, by Somewhat Memorable Name
404 CoC Not Found
11:09 AM
Doesn't mean y'all can act like a herd of raging bulls though
11:31 AM
Hiya, raging bull here, get out of my way pls
Hey @Bart
Haven't seen you in here in forever
I was on a well-deserved break inbetween jobs after a year of structural overtime
glad to hear you're doing better
It is freaking weird to me at the moment to start at 9am and leave the office at 6pm. I have time in my day left :D
I start at 8.00 and leave at 4.30
And that even feels suffocating some days
11:35 AM
both AM? Please accept my condolences.
am -> pm
As for suffocating, it might also be in part due to the weather.
I have like 4 productive dev hours in me a day
The yellow fireball in he sky is by now my nemesis
I get everything done on time but it feels like I'm goofing off 1/2 of my day
11:37 AM
It's called "system processes".
4 hours later…
3:11 PM
@Fabby lol no reference, I just counted how many times the word "tit" appeared on the page. ;)
There was some discussion about avoiding "see this" type links in questions and answers. I can't find it now.
@Bart congrats! So what's your new job?
@ShadowWizard Does he work for big oil/coal? It seems like he's suddenly against solar. :P
3:28 PM
@ShadowWizard Senior R&D Engineer at www.artanim.ch. Mix between Senior Researcher and Senior Software Developer.
Worked for them before.
@canon my hate for solar is purely due to the involuntary release of liquid it causes as well as general overheating.
damn, now I'm afraid that I'll pee myself the next time I go tanning
although on second thought, sweat is a better fit...
Pee, sweat, with the current heatwaves I can't tell the difference anyway
the former only comes from one place :P
It's not about the source, it's about the destination ...
A bigger concern is the former is discreet but the latter is discrete.
3:34 PM
1 hour later…
4:41 PM
Vote to instaban
Q: How to process a file >1 GB or >10 GB in VB.NET

richard.larsenI am making an Encryption library in VB.NET and I need to be able to get all the data of a file at once in order to encrypt it. I am using AES Encryption, if it helps to know. And I am comfortable with C# as well, so any help would be welcome. Now I am using: Public Shared Sub CryptoRansomware...

Asking for help on writing ransomware on Stack Overflow. https://stackoverflow.com/q/51729758/492405
4:55 PM
never mind I'm taking it to meta
Thanks @SomethingBadHappened Good place to take it :)
5:14 PM
Due to muscle memory, I almost misflagged a comment with the 2nd option...
... looks like the new CoC just live now?
and someone probably need to remove the featured "2nd draft of CoC" MSE post since it's already final...
removed already by Joe Friend
ah, caching.... it's always caching...
Ooh. there's a message on the top too.
5:24 PM
I have learned well the lesson of the past year.
If you want something changed, you need people angry on Twitter about it.
Well, I'm wondering who'll be the first user to 1) flag "unwelcome" comment, and 2) get the "warning"
3) Give the warning too
Sometimes mods are not aware of this or passive about these things
hmm... since there's no(t yet) announcement for the new CoC, apparently it went calmly? I just checked some of the active SO chat rooms and no one mentions about it :)
3 4 feedbacks on MSE though...
and all of them are from mods.
Thanks @Glorfindel. Btw why do you always target me :) — Wais Kamal 2 mins ago
put a Thanks before the comment and a smile emoticon after the comment. It's not rude enough. Understanding from code of conduct. ;)
5:44 PM
May 4 at 18:47, by hey
@canon like this? "Welcome to Stack Overflow. Your question sux 😄"
@Shog9 If we're going to allow new users to flag comments on their own posts, can we at least fix this bug?
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog probably, but... I kinda think that's less than useful for comment flags
Critically... it doesn't show you or link to the comment(s) that you flagged. Just the post. It's often confusing even for experienced users.
Q: Link comment flags in the flag history page to the flagged comment, if it still exists

Michael KjörlingNote: This is not the same as Make comment flags link to the comment, which is about the moderator tool. I am talking about the flag history page that is accessible through the user profile at https://example.stackexchange.com.invalid/users/flag-summary/USERID. I tend to have a pretty good hit r...

Can we please implement that feature too?
I just wasted my 2-comment limit on an MSO post...
@SomewhatMemorableName There is?
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog yes
props if you can understand the flow of the comment thread
6:24 PM
I don't know what is "Invariance and Covariance" from New CoC . I am thinking of posting a question on Physics, Stats or English but they might come up with the same comment which I don't understand. :|
Q: Covariance, Invariance and Contravariance explained in plain English?

anonToday, I read some articles about Covariance, Contravariance (and Invariance) in Java. I read the English and German wikipedia article, and some other blog posts and articles from IBM. But I'm still a little bit confused on what these exactly are about? Some say it's about relationship between t...

Looks like I found a user who just flagged a comment as unwelcoming :(
Just wasting my time...
1 hour ago, by Somewhat Memorable Name
Well, I'm wondering who'll be the first user to 1) flag "unwelcome" comment, and 2) get the "warning"
@SomewhatMemorableName That was me; I was testing out the flag option so I could report a bug with it.
The message stating that your IP has been limited because of "too many requests" is unwelcoming in a sense
6:32 PM
Unfriendly and Unkind is going to get a lot of flags. Given that new users are able to flag now, mods might get unnecessary flags irrespective of the tone and content in the comment.
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog actually, I don't think I'm referring you... I'm browsing on MSO currently
@NogShine Which means the sites need more mods
but maybe you're the first user who did the flagging, so.. ;)
sigh [turns on VPN again]
[endures slow connection]
@Shog9 So, it is about Java. Invariance and Covariance is also present in Physics, Stats too. How can a user on physics thing it is related to Java?
6:35 PM
@NogShine not really about java, more about types
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog or more clarity on what is unwelcoming.
the Java bit is mostly about how shitty Java's generics are at handling these relationships
@Shog9 It has nothing to do with physics?
Looks like Stats to me, but not really Physics
Q: Invariance, covariance and symmetry

HamurabiThough often heard, often read, often felt being overused, I wonder what are the precise definitions of invariance and covariance. Could you please give me an example from quantum field theory?

Q: What is covariance in plain language?

stanWhat is covariance in plain language and how is it linked to the terms dependence, correlation and variance-covariance structure with respect to repeated-measures designs?

6:47 PM
ugh, too quantum for me... 😣
What invariance and covariance will the users from these three sites (SO, Physics, stats) take? What was intended?
Should I ask it on site @Shog9 ?
does it matter?
Well, understanding the CoC better.. which term should be taken while using welcoming language? Using Invariance and Covariance on sites which have nothing to do with these terms (like movies, SFF, religious).. is it needed?
That sentence looks complicated to me.
@NogShine would you feel better if it referenced widgets and whatnots? Foos and bars? Lorems and ipsums? :P
6:57 PM
oh great, the first drama after the new CoC
@canon Terms which are common and not specific to a topic are fine to me.
@NogShine Apples and oranges it is, then... at least for horticulture.se, cooking.se, fruit.se, etc.
@NogShine All the 'friendly' examples are much longer than the 'unfriendly' ones, ie. 'it is recommended that you spend more time on bad questions:' (
i mean... just act like nothing changed.
you'll be informed if there's a problem
*as soon as
7:06 PM
shields up; pew pew
7:22 PM
Is it really a rename?
how is it related to not constructive
Never mind, was looking wrong
about as related as "not relevant" and "no longer needed"...
7:51 PM
@ShadowWizard I guessed as much, but at least I made you smile...
I made one person happier on this planet!
8:45 PM
@Fabby :D
@canon lol
@Bart very senior! But.... what you actually do there?
@Bart weird, usually when it's really hot one pee less since the body is using all the water for sweat. :P
Unless.. you sit all day inside air conditioned room...
9:00 PM
@Bart And the amount of coal it takes to make a solar panel from sand...
Are the profile pictures from imgur not loading properly for anybody else?
@JennaSloan loading fine for me
@ShadowWizard Have you refreshed chat? If they're already loaded, they're fine... if you refresh, they die... for me, anyway.
It looks like it's infinitely redirecting the page
Oh, it looks like it's fixed now.
Well it was
9:17 PM
i.stack.imgur appears to be redirecting infinitely, as you said. I've also contacted alan, via the email address listed at i.stack.imgur.com, although I expect he has more important tasks than this to be honest!
Hopefully someone from Stack will get through to imgur asap
1 hour later…
10:54 PM
Someone please cast the final close vote on meta.stackexchange.com/questions/313775/…. Unfortunately, the target also has four circular close votes, so anyone casting a dupe vote would invalidate the votes.
Saw the new codes of conduct.
I have autism spectrum and I fail to comprehend such "norms" hidden in example. Eg. current example says “Are you speaking English? If so, I can’t tell.” It is a simple and direct statement, and I fail to figure out why it is offensive.
It is ridiculous to expect such teleological and figurative sugarcoating from autism-spectrum. suppose if I wrote "I can't answer this part of your question because I don't understand the quantum mechanics"... I have to face punishment!
The code of conduct is not inclusive.
11:13 PM
@AlwaysConfused Fellow autism spectrum person here. I've always, for a long time, since even before the very first push towards inclusivity, believed that the community should be inclusive to everyone. Before I get any further: do you tend to have a good theory of mind towards others in general?
In other words, can you infer how others are feeling easily, or is that difficult for you?
11:34 PM
@AlwaysConfused well - if op is writing something that looks mainly lik English.... It is the wrong thing to ask
If it's clearly french or Esperanto... You probably don't need to ask either
There's no situation where you need to ask someone if they are speaking English on SE ever

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