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7:00 PM
@Pëkka they are!
@canon can't have too much jQuery
@rene linky link?
Now we wait for Pëkka ...
@rene nah, he never responds here... :(
Even Grace failed to respond. :(
@ShadowWizard lol
@ShadowWizard here
My ping powers diminish... :(
@rene heh. Well, he didn't get any different replies just yet. And won't get from anyone I know, I think.
Maybe Evan, if he'll pop up and isn't answer banned yet...
7:05 PM
To be honest, that discussion has some merit, I didn't downvote it.
It's not trivial that we should do nothing, there is that primal instinct to go out and shout "I FOUND OUT THE SECRET!!1!!"
Heck, if I'll ever find proof of @Derpy's gender, I won't be able to keep it to myself.... :P
Unless they're really VIP of some sort, in which case I'll be forced to stay silent... :(
I'm a VIP. Where is my special treatment?
@YvetteColomb Am I allowed to reply to you here now again (no mail, just chat replies)?
@rene No swag received yet?
Something like the CCVO badge or so?
Think it's real gold ^
@πάνταῥεῖ in case she Ignores you, she won't even see the message
@ShadowWizard WOW!!!
7:14 PM
@ShadowWizard Beat gold is comparably cheap.
@πάνταῥεῖ but it shimmers
And edible.
I wonder.... does it get out gold too.... ? :P
Seen that with burgers, or at least liqour
@πάνταῥεῖ what, gold?
@rene glad you like it!
@ShadowWizard It should just pass your body without any transformation :-P
@ShadowWizard Gold foil
@πάνταῥεῖ sounds good!
eating gold ring
7:21 PM
You should give a bit more respect about your marriage :3
7:36 PM
They do put silver linings on some Indian sweets sold in India
Here in Europe it's gold ...
@ShadowWizard No issue: chemically inert though recovering it positively stinks!
BTW, this is how cosmologists see the periodic system of materials:
@πάνταῥεῖ Good one! What's your background? Chemist or Cosmologist?
I think the "Metals" edge ends with iron.
@Fabby Scientist
Software developer.
7:45 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ nah, marriage ring is white gold. Not tastly. :D
@Fabby hey, I don't stink! :D
@ShadowWizard Your shit stinks as bad as mine, though...
@Fabby not when I eat gold! :P
@πάνταῥεῖ Hah! The least exact science of the hard sciences!
@ShadowWizard Last time I looked, you did not look like Midas, so you turn gold to shit just like the rest of us...
;-) :D ;-)
The cool thing being a conscious and professional software developer is that you have to deal with all possible problem domains. Including Life, the Universe and Everything.
(sorry for the dual ping: spelling error)
@πάνταῥεῖ That's why I went from Chemistry to Software development.
7:52 PM
@Fabby wrong! :D
Well, I'm doing financial software ATM. But I've been already learning a lot about telecommunications, travel industry, TV broadcasting and all kinda stuff.
@ShadowWizard I have cookies disabled everywhere except sites I trust and it won't let me in...
My next job will be to find the right question for "42" using a network of RaspPi's :3
@πάνταῥεῖ Don't!
Then I won't be able to answer 42 any more to any dumb question!
;-) :-) ;-)
> Scientifically speaking, gold is chemically inert, meaning it won’t break down during digestion. “Most likely edible gold won’t be absorbed from the digestive system into the bloodstream, and therefore it will pass through the body and eliminated as waste,” Sass explains. “But this may depend on the size, amount, and frequency consumed.”
7:54 PM
Why not specifically? Douglas has gone so far to answer unfortunately :-/
@ShadowWizard :D :D :D
It will pass through your digestive tract all right, but it will be mixed up in said "waste" ...
@Fabby but it will still be gold!
It won't smell of roses...
(unless you wash it with rosewater...)
7:56 PM
@Fabby Well, I am wearing T-shirts to frighten PM's attending to me. Give me a minute, I'll post pics.
But we all agree it'll still remain gold.
@πάνταῥεῖ Really? Then I'm your worst nightmare:
I'm a PM, but I've been a developer, SysEng, NetEng, DBA, Storage Admin, Exchange Admin, System Architect, Linux Admin, Windows Admin, DCOps, IT Manager
aka Technical Project Manager
@πάνταῥεῖ So I would be surprised any T-shirt scaring me off!
Here's one of my favs:
@πάνταῥεῖ Some people have a sense of humour, fewer a sense of irony, even fewer a sense of sarcasm, and I've got a great sense of satire!
@πάνταῥεῖ Let me find the one I used as a DBA
8:04 PM
And here's another one (they're really scared about that):
I used to have that one but 'management' instead of ' users'
@πάνταῥεῖ that is a great one!
And sometimes I let them left totally confused with my very own designs:
@πάνταῥεῖ :D:D :D
Wow! Really your own design?
I believe I could get some revenue with this, but actually I prefer it's individual and unique for me :3
I only have a shirt with "F*ck Google, Ask Me", I got as a gift few years ago.... :D
@πάνταῥεῖ so sell it on SE to friends only! :P
Interested? ;)
Would be 30,0 EUR without shipping cost
8:12 PM
Not cheap!
But exclusive
I'll not publish that stencil. I took some significant work about it.
Searching the appropriate Koala pic, creating a stencil from that one.
If I order that tee at shirtinator I'll have to charge about ~26 EUR there.
Well, left a revenue of 4,0 EUR for me. Would you think that is unfair?
Well, I friend of mine has a hobby porous printing lab. If I'd ask him we could probably make a serial production, and lower the price.
But exclusivity would suffer from that ...
@Fabby Comparably lame ;)
@πάνταῥεῖ totally unoffensive
He's just saying that shit sounds like sheet
Black proneness of the word shit as a sheet. Quite often you can hear in the video from the ghetto and similar places.
8:23 PM
you see?
offensive in English, not in Russian
Seems so
Don't let me repeat U.S. president Trump about their opinion of some countries in the world :3
That would be equivalent to:
Wenn ich "shy" sehe, denke ich an Scheiße
(well, more or less)
Smoke! BRB
I am not "shy" gracefully ;)
@Fabby Are you privileged with smokey? Feel free to join please. Ask @rene or one of the other RO's if not yet.
8:50 PM
@Fabby LOL, looking at your profile, mentioning CP/M, really qualifies you being a greybeard. We had that at school. What's your age? (If I am allowed to ask such intimate data (I have a GDPR compliance, if you require me to send it)).
@πάνταῥεῖ We used to threaten people with endorsing them for VB6 on linkedin
Sorry for the triple ping
@Mgetz Did you ever see a "Blue Screen of Death" at an ATM machine?
That was a compliment, if not an accolade!
Not to mention there are still ATM's based on these kernels out in the wild nowadays.
@Mgetz There's not much room to threaten me regarding professional things of any kind.
@πάνταῥεῖ Only the EU Gov'mnt cares about GDPR. Most citizens don't
@πάνταῥεῖ I did
I've seen wrong silicon that was bought in terms of thousands, just for being the "cheaper deal". Plz don't extrapolate such failures for the currently running world wide politics.
@Fabby I guessed such, I'm going to get 54 in a few days.
@πάνταῥεῖ Are you saying current global politics is actually a good thing?
@πάνταῥεῖ i just turned 51 a few weeks ago.
9:04 PM
@Fabby Did I? Deals is the completely wrong approach IMO.
Well, we know communism failed, we know capitalism failed twice already, socialism in the EU is failing ...
Fascism failed miserably, ...
So we need something else...
@πάνταῥεῖ y'all are ancient :D
Anarchy is the thing to go about. I recommend to listen for people like Noam Chomsky, Grady Booch, his Holiness the 14 Dalai Lama and such.
@πάνταῥεῖ I'm a moderate anarchist.
@Mithrandir And worth to be listened at ...
9:07 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ We'll see. ;)
I appreciate youth, +
I don't want to bother younger people. How could I? My step daughter (15 tomorrow) would rip off my nuts.
@Mithrandir Yup. We're older than half a century, which makes us old farts.
@Mithrandir so how green are you?
@Fabby Not quite 16.
@πάνταῥεῖ yeah... might be best to avoid that imagery here
@Mithrandir Why?
She's German, of course she would!
@Fabby ya know, something about the line about "Avoid vulgar terms and anything sexually suggestive." in Be Nice and meta.stackexchange.com/q/309645/294691
9:12 PM
When we were kids, we were brought up with the ultimate freedom of speech when you could still yell "fire!" in a movie theatre and not go to jail for it... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@Mithrandir ----^
@Fabby Well, ole farts with motorcycles and all kinda cool things though ;-)
We're nice... just not native English speakers.
I'd put on my mod hat, but I'm already wearing it.
As English is only my third or fourth language, depending on how you count, nothing is insulting, vulgar, ...
9:15 PM
@Mithrandir :D Good one! :thumbsup!:
Not quite a BSOD, but you try and get any cash out....:) Taken at my local Tesco.
Windows XP :-(
@Fabby I mean... I am, quite literally, wearing my mod hat :)
@Mithrandir When we were kids, freedom of speech went together with freedom not to listen.
@Fabby <insert XKCD about freedom of speech>
9:16 PM
Yeah, you're a chat mod...
I'm always extremely careful about judging people as I've seen too many people misjudged in my life...
OK... well... if you want someone older and with a RO hat and a mod hat... I'm asking you to listen. Because Mith is right.
Right about what? That we're not being nice?
@Mithrandir Or you made a joke I misinterpreted...
Well, you may wear "hats" of all kind, and we ole farts might become accommodate with that.
We've already been "toggling the GPIO pins"
It's not about "being nice" you're being told by someone else that that sort of content is making someone uncomfortable and instead of saying "sorry, won't do that again" you're doubling down and defending it.
Let me google "doubling down"
9:19 PM
Not that you're not being Nice; that in this particular corner of the 'net, it's probably best to keep such imagery out.
@Fabby Indeed.
@JohnDvorak Somewhere I have a pic of an airport display with all the arrival/departure times displayed as 'NaN' :)
@Mithrandir Please explain...
Mods have literal hats that we're sent as part of being a moderator.
I am doing my best to be helpful. And as mentioned my step daughter helps me a lot to keep all that political correctness.
@Catija photo?
9:21 PM
@Catija Yeah, cool swag
@JohnDvorak See my top scoring MSE answer.
@Fabby SE mods are sent a hat when they become mods. I was joking about "putting on my mod hat" - i.e., enforcing the rules - but that I'm already literally wearing the hat.
@Mithrandir I get it now!!!!
9:21 PM
(djeez I'm stupid.
@Mithrandir thanks for explainging that.
@Fabby nah, you're not stupid. it was a slightly cryptic joke for those who don't know me.
@Mithrandir On the other hand I sometimes feel offended by "ageism". That's the wrong turn as well (I could even flag you for that reply)
@Mithrandir@Catija If I would like to explain where I'm coming from and post a picture of an actual product that is sold in the country where I was born but that contained the same word as was deemed offensive, would that be offensive too?
Highly intelligent people should try to discuss at a peer to peer level, regardless of age, gender, color of skin or other minorizing matters!
9:26 PM
It's not the word "nuts" to mean testicles... (at least, not for me)... it's the concept of a 15-year-old girl ripping off said nuts in retribution, even if metaphorical.
@πάνταῥεῖ Thank you.
above is a picture of an actual product of a chocolate bar that contains whole hazelnuts.
@Catija I meant my balls, but well ...
Sigh ---^ not helping...
@Catija What I wanted to ...
In my experience, people focus too much on certain "words" being deemed taboo. While that's true in some cases, usually it's not so much the words themselves but the concept or image being conveyed.
9:29 PM
So post ing the above picture to explain that certain words are not offensive at all to me is fire?
(or is that taking it too far too)
There's a lot of taboos here, and in other appearance in the interwebz public. I had to learn that the hard way.
@Fabby What? I'm not sure what you mean.
I might be old, but like I said: English it only my third or fourthe language depening on how you count...
What I was trying to convene...
(apparently unsuccessfully)
I've once posted a picture of great tits (the birds) and got shouted at and threatened with a flag.
People can't see you (I mean your real personality) with a message restricted to 140 unicode characters.
9:31 PM
@Mithrandir .. is that where I come from hardly anything is offensive...
@JohnDvorak Tits are lovely birds :3
they are
@JohnDvorak I have to google that aw well.
no clue what bird you're talking about
@JohnDvorak Cute!
Is it the one with the black head or the blue head or both?
Found it already!
@Fabby Sure. But here on SE specifically, we generally expect users to recognize that certain things are offensive to people.
Thank you for mentioning you're offended by that word in that context.
I will not use that in that context.
9:34 PM
Again... not the word.
You said context is important
Some of my points, regarding to appeal myself as being an "anarchist", is the need to break over taboos to teach others how to open their minds.
@Mithrandir So not in that context (Note: I never used it in that context) but still allowed as in the picture above...
The imagery of a 15-year-old girl mutilating her stepfather would generally be considered less than appropriate in most contexts that I'm familiar with. That's all.
9:35 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ I'm guessing you have a COBAL language endorsement
@πάνταῥεῖ nope
So if I'd like to point out that the Belgians have no clue at all why that product doesn't sell well outside of Belgium, I'm still allowed the post that picture, right?
Would it still be appropriate to (for example) ask on Skeptics whether such case of mutilation has happened as per a popular story?
@Catija Thanks! :-)
@JohnDvorak Probably.
@Mithrandir Are you a native English speaker?
9:37 PM
I've got a few decades left now to transfer what I've learned throughout. That seems to be a though (but still important) job to get that done without bothering anyone.
How many other languages do you speak?
@Fabby For what? I'm agreeing with Mith.
@Catija Wrong ping
@Fabby 1, for 2 total. I don't see how that's relevant, though.
9:38 PM
Ah. OK.
Sorry I wanted to reply to @Mithrandir thanks!
@Mithrandir Are both your native languages?
If not, it is relevant because you don't know the weight of words in the other language
E.g. "Bonne femme" in French means "Good woman" (literally) but is pejorative...
@Mgetz Not really. I learned COBOL at school, but ever hated that shit. If I'd really had dig into that I could have a Villa beneath the lake, a Yacht, pretty women and 120 grandchilds ;-)
@Mithrandir Do you see the relevance now?
@Fabby This isn't about you not knowing the weight of the words. We don't expect everyone to know them in every situation. The problem is that when it's pointed out that it's problematic, saying "oh, I didn't know that" is the right choice, not saying "it's not offensive".
@Fabby The language of our minds is the really relevant one. Google translate does most of the other things nowadays ;)
9:42 PM
@Catija I never used that word in that context only pointed out it was not offensive to me is alll i did.
I know that words can have drastically different "strengths" in different languages - calling someone a "maniac" here is a very serious insult. That's not relevant here, though, after you've been informed as to why what you said wasn't great here.
@πάνταῥεῖ yeah that pays supervillan money
I didn't say anything, only that I was not offended.
@Mithrandir In other words, don't mind the "anarchists", just listen. They're good for you.
That's great! Not being offended is a good skill. That doesn't negate the inappropriateness of certain things for certain contexts, however.
9:44 PM
I get that, so thank you for taking the patience to teach an old dog new tricks.
I hope that the young pup has learned a few new tricks too...
:-) ;-) :-)
I like having Fabby here. Classes up the place.
@Fabby I am glad to have my step daughter as a teacher.
Unlike KevinB
Hi Shog9
9:45 PM
with his toilet emojis
And I don't know how to interpret your statement...
I'm not prone to subtlety
Needle? Good-humoured?
take it at face value unless there's some other amusing interpretation
Humor is an essential skill!
9:46 PM
@Shog9 :D
Some people have a sense of humour, fewer people have a sense of Irony, very few people have a sense of sarcasm and I have a great sense of satire!
So Shog9 shall we talk about me being shamed in public and being on a pillory forever?
Or not a good day to talk about that?
(Everyone has one of those days every once in a while...)
i hate how when you reach rep cap you stop getting notified of upvotes
@KevinB Meta question???
@Fabby I mean...
I don't feel like talking
but that's not unsual
if you wanna talk, go ahead
Kevin, I hate it when people downvote my posts and don't leave a comment...
Satire and sarcasm are one of the most narrow channels to reach a bigger audience. That's just one essential experience for me personally.
If they pay for that, well that might be appreciated. Those who don't pay for it, are just likely not to understand it, and will feel offended about it.
9:51 PM
@Shog9 :D I'm basically a nice guy...
So are you...
You don't feel like talking?
I'll keep my big mouth shut!
;-) :-) ;-)
As an hobbyist actor, I've got some experience ...
@Fabby It's just @TimPost losing his keys again
he really needs to get a better keychain
I seem to have a limited number of words I can form in a day. Somewhere in the 2-3K range. No idea why, but I treat them as precious.
Or one of those RFID things that beep.
C-Type proms might even accuse you in the public to be "low IQ persons", no matter what.
9:52 PM
I keep my keys with a knife, so I make sure not to lose 'em.
@Shog9 You're US -based so still 6-10 hours to go depending on your TZ
But I should probably stop to delve in deeper :3
@Shog9 Ping me sometime when your word allotment is like reaaally low... ;-)
@Mithrandir Please explain: I understand the individual words, bit have no clue what they mean together...
Sorry! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
A: Should 'drive by' downvoting be more effectively caught?

Tim PostThe answer was down voted because I lost my keys. Please, stay with me, let me explain this odd chain of events. Earlier today I couldn't get to the store on time because I could not find my keys. That caused me to miss the opportunity to run over a golf ball, which would have bounced between a...

Because of want for a nail, the kingdom was lost...
9:58 PM
@Catija In fact I did that at a post yesterday, because I knew the OP for former posts, and hated their attitude to attend the site. I didn't really had the choice for a valid close reason, but all in all their question still looked like that "do my homeworks for me plz" kind of.
@Fabby if you're talking about your rep graph, I can pretty much guarantee no one looks at that
Doubly so anyone you'd want to work with
I'm not actively looking for a job, but once I start looking for one seriously,
If anyone is interested, I could publish that particular thing, to get more concrete.
I'm considering deleting my account.
10:00 PM
That's why:
I'm being publicly shamed, nailed to a pillory forever...
(Or maybe I'm exaggerating things, but it's not something I want a future employer ever to look at or find out. I removed my SE flair from LinkedIn already)
He's doing that again, and I again downvoted (close reason as "no Proofread" happily applies now):
Q: mithilfe+Genitiv OR mithilfe+von+Dativ?

Md Ayquassar Mithilfe von Wiederholungsanweisungen können wir Summen berechnen. OR Mithilfe der Wiederholungsanweisungen können wir Summen berechnen. ?

That's how many times anyone's rep graph has been viewed in the past 24 hours
10:05 PM
Ignoring another thousand for search engine spiders
:D I was wondering what you were trying to say! :-)
I'm not worried about those 2630... I'm worried about the one future employer sees it...
that's out of 26 thousand total views for users on SE.com
I hear ya...
And there are... 13 million accounts on SE.com
10:07 PM
@Fabby Don't rely on SE reputation attending to possible employers. Regardless of the Jobs features, it's not actually relevant.
I'm not relying on that.
I'm afraid my otherwise excellent CV might be questioned because of this if anyone ever found out.
E.g. I was once called by a head hunter while I was working on a job and they asked for the original copy of my degree
I told them it was kept by a company that I was in litigation with and I could give them an original copy
Eventually the cat came out of the bag:
I once won a competition with the rather famous John C Dvorak...
for creating a fake diploma in PPT format.
so if you googled "my full name diploma" the first hit was:
Really cool fake diploma Pize awarded to: "my full name"
I never denied my current suspension at SO to my employer, and even addressed that.
It's a frequent source for jokes about me, but nothing more.
They employed me for my skills, and my suspension doesn't even lower me for my "soft" or social skills. May be even just the opposite.
the acclaimed / controversial PC Magazine columnist and coiner of the term "perfect dog syndrome" not the John Dvorak who frequents this chatroom and whom I secretly hope starts talking about dogs
10:12 PM
The one that said the mouse was going nowhere, yes, that one
heh... there was a guy who mastered troll-journalism long before anyone used the Internet
Mice go about cheese smells ...
@Shog9 Just tried googling "perfect dog syndrome" and got zilch
@Shog9 :D :D :D
and still does!
@Fabby yeah... I may be the only one acclaiming it. But it was a good term, dammit
a while ago, he posted a column "Porn attracts readers" (or something similar containing that word)
one of his most succcessful comumns ever
@Shog9 so? Please explain the perfect dog syndrome?
(if your word allotment allows you to)
10:15 PM
@Fabby You got a Windows PC that works perfectly? All the built-in Microsoft features function exactly as they do in the marketing materials? You used the Binder app to great effect until they removed it?
Smoke! BRB!
You have a perfect dog: the sort that sits patiently outside the store, waiting for its master to get done shopping. No one else who sees that will end up with a dog that does this. Their dogs will run away, or bite other customers, or drop a duce on the mat. But your dog is perfect, and your Windows works.
You should write a short blog post about it...
Asimov thought the word "robotics" just existed...
.. and kept using it.
...this was, I suspect, a dig at fellow columnists who would review products with barely-contained excitement, lauding their feature-sets and well-thought-out UIs, in spite of the fact that everyone else who used them suffered from incomplete function and constant BSODs
:D :D :D
OK, I really need a smoke!
10:18 PM
...now you threw Asimov in and that made me think of Jerry Pournelle. God, I miss those old days of paper magazines and lengthy opinion columns.
@Shog9 hey, last ime I looked, Jerre Pournell was still alive and going stronn and still writing columns:
he gathered a bunch of people around him to keep writing his columns and they pay him 1$ a day for the privilege of reading them...
Well, John C Dvorak is still around and he still writes columns and has a "News Comedy" podcast
where people donate whatever they want to keep the podcast to continue broadcasting.
He does this with another curmudgeon calld Adam Curry...
I'm still waiting for Rudy Rucker's imaginations to become real.
We're probably already near that.
You really think so?
Anyway, I've got a long day ahead tomorrow, so I'd better get some shuteye...
Good night everyone!
10:34 PM
Sweet dreams, salt dreams, sour dreams, bitter dreams, Umami dreams...
Whatever takes your fancy!
The great thing about _tomorrow_ is my companies summer feast.
We certainly going to be on a rush with cool cocktails, great food and barbecue.
Our CEO is a cool guy to let have that event being realized yearly.
01:00 - 19:0019:00 - 23:00

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