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1:40 AM
2:29 AM
@Catija A misunderstanding on how flags work. I cleaned it up
And now I'm gonna go build a dinosaur theme park. Video games are amazing
When will be the sticky Topbar come live?
@AdamLear Roller Coaster Tycoon?
@Catija Jurassic World Evolution
@NogShine Do we have any indication that it will?
@AdamLear Huh, not heard of that. Sounds fun, though... Enjoy!
it just came out today :)
2:33 AM
@Catija Is it only specific to MSO ?
re: sticky topbar outside of SO... no plans at the moment as far as I know.
@NogShine Always has been up to now and I've seen no indication it will change... BUT I REALLY WANT IT EVERYWHERE.
in theory it should just work with minimal changes, but I honestly haven't tried
:Puppydog eyes: PLEASE???
ugh morning
Wednesdays are truely the worst sort of mondays
2:35 AM
@AdamLear I thought it is a new change and I mentioned that as an excellent change. Didn't know it's only SO specific. :/
Ah, no, it's been on SO for ... uh... when did we last redesign the SO topbar?
@Catija meta request please, if there isn't one already
The SO change was February last year or so... and pushed to the full site in May-ish.
@AdamLear I don't think there is but I was thinking about posting it... particularly now that the top bar is more similar between SO and everywhere else.
So, there's this:
Q: Sticky top-bar across all Stack Exchange sites

Nicol BolasSo the new top bar is rolling out across SE. Well, kinda; SO's top bar is still completely fundamentally different, with a different color, the icons in slightly different places, and so forth. But the difference that annoys me the most is that the SE top-bar is not sticky. The SO top bar is sti...

I guess the closest answer there I see is this:
A: New top bar is coming to the Stack Exchange network

E.P.status-review Please make the stickiness persistent, at least from main to meta if not network-wide I know that a network-wide flip for the stickiness is an, uh, sticky point, but I was pretty surprised to find the top-bar to stick to the top of the screen on meta.SO after I'd disabled that fea...

Not sure I'm a fan of the dupe close but I guess it's been done, either way.
And I guess September is the new May :P
2:42 AM
At this point, I think it may be worth it to make a new request (and reference that post as well as the answer here so we can track current interest
So... is it fair for me to duplicate my MSO answer here: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/369323/4548692 here: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/311207/…
@AdamLear Are you going to protect me from a dupe-happy @Shog? :P
something something make it clear why it isn't a dup
and include it was requested so that we can fend off dupe votes ;p
@Shog9 "Adam told me to." ?
oh; you're gonna post on a different site? No dups then anyway.
2:43 AM
Nicol's post seems to include more unrelated stuff and let's be real, we're never gonna find those answers again
@AdamLear Yeah, that's my main concern.
I don't know that we're good about consistency here, but traditionally answers to an announcement post were seen as first-run reports: either they get fixed in the first couple of weeks, or they're fair game for posting as stand-alone feature-requests.
This is a bit weird because there are multiple announcement posts
> I don't know that we're good about consistency here
but whatever; re-post old answer as new answer, and if it doesn't happen in 2 weeks post as question.
I don't think anyone here is ;p
2:45 AM
Then bounty it
Then edit it compulsively
Then flag it
Then create a new tag for it and slap it on tons of unrelated questions badmouth me in chat
"then flag it"
It totally does happen
You can't hear me, but I'm singing loudly drunkenly while typing
Fiddler on the Roof has great music...
2:49 AM
I'm probably grateful for that.
My dad had a record of the cast recording with Zero Mostel and I probably wore it out, listening to it so much as a kid.
4 hours later…
7:03 AM
Hey! What is @Oded doing in my Google image results?!
You're Oded-ed ...
And it's not mutual... for Oded, someone named "Dan Homola" appears. So weird!
Chain of People.
That shows you're not mutual friends ...
I hope I don't disappoint you
Also Googling yourself is ... weird ... you know who you are, right?
@rene I'm weirdly weird
@rene nah, I know he's not in my league :D
@ShadowWizard I reckoned ... don't worry, we still love you ...
7:11 AM
Well, for anyone wondering for real, it's all because of twitter. Turns out it has huge impact on Google search results.
And it sticks forever even after deleting the twitter account...
@rene thanks!
That said, someone is trying to reset my Facebook password after I already deactivated my account several weeks ago. Now, that's weird.
It is part of the evil FB. If you click that link you're back in and can do the whole deactivation process again
hehe, not touching it with a stick.
@πάνταῥεῖ I'm fast enough for him. ;)
@ShadowWizard Assuming you get @Bart's stick ...
12 messages moved to Chimney
7:23 AM
@rene oh, I have it for long time!
Jan 16 '17 at 20:02, by Shadow Wizard
stealing the Smiting Stick from @Bart to smack @M.A.R. in his core chemical
Poor @M.A.R. got it hard.. and I still have the stick! :D
core chemical?
his only vulnerable part
1 hour later…
8:32 AM
@RobAu testing 1 2 3
(chat profile appears to be borked)
And we found @rene taking root?
The :visited colour of question links has changed on MSO, same colour as on MSE now. Anyone else thinks it's a bug? Looks kind of weird to me.
@Stijn I'm seeing #36649d both on current MSE and on a wayback machine snapshot from a couple days ago
@balpha Yes, but MSO now also uses that colour.
8:44 AM
oh sorry misread
yeah that's a bit weird
I've made a post on MSO
Someone else found another issue: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/369421/…
@Stijn I'm already fixing it
@ShadowWizard hello
good to be on the chat for once :)
@JoeFriend I posted this answer (maybe not the correct place) ..
A: Ch-ch-ch-changes: Left nav, responsive design, & themes

RobAuPlease announce this prominently to users BEFORE it changes Ok. This is a bit late, but Today I got the 'June 2018' UI change. I always need some time to adjust, and it would make my life a lot easier if I was greeted with a popup / hint / link somewhere explaining the changes; and ways to chang...

I would appreciate it if the bigger UI changes are announced more 'in my face'
Like for example gmail does
The reason is that I have to change my workflow a bit
And it is nicer to be aware that I have to, before I am forced to
9:01 AM
@RobAu always worth hanging out on MSE
A 'announcements on meta' section does not really work for me
I know I can find it there
But as a simple user I don't want to be in MSE
I just want to ask questions and answer them
hm ;p
I kinda get that
but also that dosen't scale across over a hundred sites
Maybe a small indicator next to the 'reputation' change location would be nice
like slack's little what's new boxen?
@RobAu well you were here before, years ago.... ;)
9:04 AM
I don't use slack :)
@ShadowWizard the good old days :)
lol and guess what? You previous and first visit here was also about design change.... :D
Dec 4 '13 at 19:59, by RobAu
Wow.. IT is reaaaly black
Guess I really am slow to pick up change ;)
Anyways, if I find time I will try to write up a feature request
that will save you from being disturbed my people like me :p
Not disturbed actually it's fun. :D
9:08 AM
ugh morning
ugh morning
ugh morning
Pita? Don't like chumus, though.
9:24 AM
@Mithrandir you go eat צ'ומוס, I'll eat חומוס. :P
@ShadowWizard eyeroll
(though the regular Hummus place is closed during Ramadan.... o_O)
@Mithrandir eyeball
10:14 AM
@ShadowWizard hourglass
oh, wait, I almost got a spell.
.... where did the "newest" sorting option went to?
Should the link in the Left nav design post point out to preferences on MSE rather than MSO?
@NogShine what post?
Left nav
@Derpy what page? I see it here, left most tab.
@NogShine it's now enabled on MSE too, so why point to MSO? Oh, that's what you meant. lol
@ShadowWizard I edited.
10:24 AM
So yeah, it's probably leftover from when it was still enabled on SO only.
10:47 AM
Many answers are flooding in to left nav post and many are either repeated requests or answered without checking the progress.
@NogShine typical for such feedback requests
Q: Help us test the shiny new "User Activity" page! (Plus a bunch of new features.)

JaydlesWe've launched! Please give feedback here. Today, we're shipping the new "Activity Page" of the Profile here on Meta SE, so you can test it out and hopefully share some feedback and suggestions before we ship it network wide. Hate words? Assuming you're signed in, just click your face up in ...

164 answers (!)
11:27 AM
@NogShine also an easy way to get rep
@ShadowWizard I was fooled by the differences in the menu between meta.stackexchange.com and meta.stackexchange.com/questions
@JourneymanGeek or lose
@Derpy well there was never "newest" option in the homepage view.
But yeah, they made the design of the tabs look the same, think it was different before.
11:44 AM
IME less likely but I am careful with my content if not my spelling
11:54 AM
@JourneymanGeek One answer said to remove "hide left nav" because it is not working.
What are we going to do for duplicate answers?
The new nav feels constricting
Like it just took away a third of my screen
I know it was just white before that but still
1/3 is better than half.
@NogShine downvote and comment, usually author will delete
Ouch! @Magisch you're thorny!
quite prickly indeed
I am going for the same plant vibe that @rene is, but I don't want to be picked as often
so instead of blurring for defense I have thorns
12:00 PM
yas :)
> Happy spines will help fluffing as it dries
12:22 PM
can we ping Grace?
or there is a no ping policy?
@Derpy Looks like Grace is fine with pings
in Let's get philosophical, Apr 6 '11 at 21:42, by Grace Note
Let's see what happens if I ping @Killbog. ♪
but not pingable here.
@GraceNote hey! Long time no hear or see.... what's up? :)
This might work. Or not.
@GraceNote Red Alarm! Another user is trying to steal your Official SE Cactuar status! I suggest a quick smite using your 1000 Needles attack.
@Magisch sorry, there is only one official SE "Cactus"
nah, that's too cute for cactuar
also, assuming Tim is Grace's boss, he can throw 10000 needles....
12:36 PM
@Magisch you can be a chestnut cupule if you want. Still thorny but should be unclaimed so far.
oh my, missing FF8....
But who is John?? You remember? @Derpy
whaat? Can we rename Squall??
@Derpy you can't onebox HTML, SE isn't smart enough to analyze it and extract the picture.
It's HTML page with .jpg extension.
Yeah, that's the actual image. ^
12:39 PM
@Magisch :D ... reminds me of my first job where I was a trainer for one of our in-house courses. After you had delivered three courses you were given a small cactus to wear on your jacket. As a sign that as a trainer you need to sting a bit to bring the best out of the participants. Back then I was pretty proud of it.
@rene and now? Ashamed? ;)
I'm not sure :) lots of the core-values of that company I still carry with me while the company itself was transformed to something I wouldn't want to work for today. So mixed feeling when I think about it overall, but not ashamed, no.
More, meh ...
whoa! $112 for cactus belt! And without a real cactus at all....
@rene I see. You still have that cactus? Or belt? ;)
oh wait, jacket, not belt... why did I read it as belt?! lol
@Derpy Good thing I'm not a SE official then
I'm just a cactus
@ShadowWizard Hmm, I might but if you don't mind I don't go looking for it ...
12:46 PM
@rene why? For old times sake... take a pic... let us enjoy it as well... :D
I shared my socks, you share your cactus! :P
BTW, @Derpy it's too late:
caCtus, London, United Kingdom
101 3
And one more....
SE is infested!
we're the most delectable of all the succulent desert dwelling plants
1:02 PM
@ShadowWizard grrrrmmbbbbll I'll take a peek and if I spot it I'll take a picture
1:23 PM
@rene yay!
1:49 PM
oh, BTW, @Mithrandir did you watch the flying heroes on our local TV?
I just found it won some global prize...
i don't watch TV
or have one in the first place
1:51 PM
Well, you don't miss a lot, but still, some good TV shows.
Nice mix of action, drama, and comedy.
And turns out it's arriving to USA soon. That's quick, think other TV shows took years before they were adopted.
2:45 PM
Steam's "upcoming" list of game is almost(?) unusable to browse convincing games...
Q: Greeting new users under their first question

SeraphinaI often see in the comments of a question (often by a new user) the following: "Welcome to xy SE. Take a tour around ..." I always feel like I have done something wrong when I read those under my question and I'm sure others feel the same way. Is this really a mistake on my side or should it...

After looking at many " not welcoming" posts, this is a refreshment to me.
3:05 PM
TBH, I have a problem with "blind welcome".... those who tell the OP to take a tour even though they already has "informed" badge...
Yeah. Can't help it.
... Question ban on SO doesn't prevent questions on MSO, right?
No? They're considered different sites?
@SomewhatMemorableName It becomes additionally annoying when you're not the new user and you just see the comment everywhere. "Welcome and thanks for a first good question/answer, please be sure to take the tour and read the help center."
Otherwise, if that's the case, we would have MSO free from "why am I question banned!?!?!?!?"
3:15 PM
Yeah, I figured but I wanted to double check.
4:06 PM
Interesting "answer".
Huh, it's an empty image tag.
Enough to be considered abusive.
Was already deleted. :P
4:41 PM
@ShadowWizard I flagged it not an answer, would rude and abusive been more appropriate in this case? What could be the reason for posting something like that - spam trickery?
nah... just boring user...
Thanks for that somewhat memorable answer!
@Catija why is your name in italics?
@AnneDaunted I'm a room owner.
4:48 PM
@Catija So I can feel safe in here. That's great!
Mods on chat.se aren't mods on meta.chat.se... but someone shoved the RO gig in my lap a few months ago. ;)
@AnneDaunted I certainly hope so. :D And if that's the case, I'm glad.
I'm used to room owners' names in blue color.
@AnneDaunted Ah, nope. ROs are always italicized. Mods are blue.
If one of the staff come in here, you'll see that they're blue here, too. :)
And if a mod is also RO?
Just blue.
You don't get both text decorations.
5:00 PM
@Catija That's mean... Maybe a feature request is in order.
Thanks for all the info!
HAHA. Well, they generally recommend not having mods be ROs since it's sort of pointless. Being an RO doesn't get you anything you don't already have as a mod - unless you're on a server where you're not a mod, like here for me or the chat.SO server.
That's understandable.
Didn't expect an answer to be a 6 minute read on a question that asks if comments suggesting to take the tour are welcoming ...
And I just learned I do it all wrong.
So that is that.
... are you talking about my answer?
5:13 PM
Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
@rene For how many years? ;p
@Catija Welcome to Meta Stack Exchange, +1 good answer :)
@AnneDaunted since 2010 ... on this site
@rene Better late than never
That is true
@Catija well, it is double but it is well written and in the end analyzed the issue at hand correctly, so ... but it is not how I used those comments...
5:16 PM
Hello! Was there any update on this question ever, or did it get lost in the crowd?
i was looking for some similar stats
Ah. :) I'm glad you found it helpful, at least. :) Maybe someone else will write a competing answer.
Hmm, seems to be a dupe of this another question
@GaurangTandon I'm not sure if those stats are easily available but I'm sure only SE staff can provide them. What is missing (partly) from that question is why those stats would be useful. If it is just curiosity I doubt anyone wants to spend time on it.
@GaurangTandon that is the same question ...
@rene Not just curiosity. I want to justify whether fixing this bug should be a priority for SE devs or not, we get quite a few confused comments from new users. Martin's comment says "the traffic coming in through the app is so small compared to any of the browsers, that there is little hope they will fix the app."so I was looking for some solid evidence
@rene sorry! dupe of this question
@GaurangTandon android app development is on hiatus so even if you throw a million stats at it, nothing will happen
5:23 PM
@rene hiatus :(
was there a blog post or something?
@GaurangTandon hmm, it seems related, not a full dupe.
@GaurangTandon you can start a bounty on it
@GaurangTandon nope, just some comments here and there on MSE posts, and probably here in chat
oh, okay
@rene doubt that would help considering that app dev is on hiatus
thanks for the quick info though!
no problem. I wish I could have brought more positive news
@rene Would you do me a favor and reply to that comment please (since I still can't):
"Total" what? Votes? How could the total votes ever decline? Votes per... what? Per post? Per time unit (which one)? What does this graph even say? Also your pic ends in 2014... — Lundin 3 hours ago
@rene indeed! :(
5:26 PM
@GaurangTandon there's an answer by the SE dev: Are more mobile app review or moderation features coming?
Here is an older post about the Android app.
@rene I think these questions can be easily answered.
Is there any Meta SE post which discusses "disclosure of authorship of a paper"? This comment made me think that I'll need to link to such a discussion for future references. Anyhow, is disclosure necessary?
@SomewhatMemorableName @AnneDaunted thanks! seems the answer is a no then...no problem
HP's query and graph are linked at the 1st comment on the question.
5:33 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ commented ...
THX a lot
@SomewhatMemorableName commented as well ...
removed my comment since it's unclear, upvoted rene's instead
@Some THX to you also
Comments like Lundin's bother me a bit, if I am not able to reply :P
perhaps better to edit the post to clarify it and make the comments obsolete...
5:39 PM
Probably. I still can't until 29th
I just did that
@πάνταῥεῖ ooops, I forgot that's the reason why you couldn't response to it >_<
I am almost unboxed, just a few days ;)
If you're not going to ask me to fix any of your C++ answers I think we're good for now ....
5:43 PM
There were just rare requests for minor fixes.
In fact there was a constant gain of rep observable throughout that last year.
A pretty good proof that votes for answers don't relate to the answerers rep (shown).
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog why close? Answer explaining the change is valid.
@AnneDaunted well, posting nonsense answers on purpose is kind of abusing the privilege to answer, so we can flag those as abusive. Pure NAA is when the answer makes some sense, but not related to the question, usually when user try to ask a new question in the answer. That's how I see it, at least.
7:02 PM
sd 2k
Weird, spammer has valid account on other sites. Maybe hacked?
7:13 PM
I'd say, honest mistake...
7:28 PM
@ShadowWizard No clue. The close reason used for it is the "no longer be reproduced" one which is specifically for bugs.
7:42 PM
@Catija I know, but I see four already voted. Oh well.
8:20 PM
shame on @rene for answering a question that one day would become unreproducible... tsk tsk
8:40 PM
Um... is this question OK for SO: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/311271/…
8:50 PM
@Catija can't see deleted posts on mse but title isn't looking so good
Does you being a cactus now indicate that hugs aren't welcome? ;)
Anyway, it wasn't deleted when I asked about it.
@TylerH >:\
@Catija This is actually a cactus plushie
well drier floof cactus
@Catija based on the title, I think I have seen related meta post on MSO...
or... on MSE that got deleted just now?
9:19 PM
@rene sorry, I will go plant 3 wild flowers as penance
2 hours later…
11:25 PM
Has anyone seen @kitfox in a while
I need to say something to her

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