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1:09 AM
@balpha Can you please fix the NARQ game? stackapps.com/questions/1369/…
1:39 AM
Second post from this user that's just junk... Seems suspicious. meta.stackexchange.com/questions/311278/…
1:50 AM
I'm half tempted to answer that ;p
and point out how badly it can go wrong
ah hell
its a annoying day, might as well ;)
3 hours later…
4:43 AM
@Catija Chaos Control!
5:04 AM
I suspect that account is a sock puppet of the user that got suspended over this just recently.
5:58 AM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog huh?
@YvetteColomb Nothing
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog ok :)
pdf, rerouting, android @Bart @rene @JourneymanGeek @TravisJ
@YvetteColomb Any new animal pictures lately?
6:15 AM
@Catija suspicious indeed, seems like sock of someone who really hates HNQ and now suspended on MSE.
Worth checking by a CM and nuking of that account in such case.
(and extending suspension of main account as it's not nice to bypass it by using sock accounts.)
@ShadowWizard There's a ton of talk in CHQ about it.

Clickbait sockpuppetry

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@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog TL;DR?
6:22 AM
chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/11540?m=45149239#45149239 is a bit of an accusation to make without proof :(
I flagged anyway, too bad someone who worked for SE fell so deep. (maybe)
I mean admittedly I really hope its not true
@JourneymanGeek only CM can know, but come one.... such wording can't be random.
@JourneymanGeek That's just a pointer to the user
"they could be" is probably ok
"they are" to me kinda says... you're certain
6:24 AM
@ShadowWizard deleted
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog - I have new animal pictures :)
@TravisJ share! :D
@TravisJ thanks!
Got to feed him last Friday :)
for a moment I thought that was a dinosaur
6:35 AM
@TravisJ Driving to LAX tomorrow and generating another entry in my flight log
That's a lot of travel
You must be a very wise person. I always felt that travelling makes people wiser :)
@TravisJ you have a zoo at your yard? Awesome! :D
Beware the lions though, they bite.
@TravisJ Flying to Anchorage, Alaska
@ShadowWizard There is actually a lion visible if not for Mike's giant head (that giraffe is named Mike). He does bite. But he's super old.
I donate to the zoo and get small benefits like this from time to time. Really nice place. They are good to their animals. I mean... yeah, in the yard. Actually that is just the terrarium, the whole yard wouldn't fit in one shot.
does he still have teeth?
6:42 AM
The lion does, yeah. His name is chadwick. The giraffe still has teeth too, although he will not bite... just drool on you with his massive arm sized tongue.
@TravisJ that's very nice! Where is it?
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog What's going on in Alaska?
I want to pet and snuggle a lion but I also like living
@TravisJ think I read about a giraffe who killed a man by mistake by bumping into his car in safari or something like that.
And I also don't like lions being taken advantage of like that
6:43 AM
@Magisch same
@ShadowWizard Yeah their heads are massive, they could totally accidentally crush someone trying to push them out of their way to get to food.
@Magisch It is literally a once in a lifetime experience ...
I wonder if giraffes are generally civil
Seems like they have no reason not to be
Just depends on the environment they are used to. The ones at the zoo grew up in captivity and are very gentle. Even if you stick your hand in their mouth they wont bite.
seems like a bad idea to stick your hand in a giraffe's mouth
regardless if it bites that's just teasing an animal for no reason
6:47 AM
Sometimes it ends up in there when you are holding enough food, like lettuce for example. They are pretty eager eaters.
They slobber like the best of 'em
@Magisch thing is, it's not considered teasing for the giraffe.
Now I want to feed heads of lettuce to a giraffe
Tell your local zoo you want to do a giraffe encounter :)
Zoo's are actually a lot of fun.
we have a petting zoo but I'm unsure if they have giraffes
contrary to popular opinion emus are actually very huggable
6:50 AM
Oh, bummer. I guess zoo's aren't always that close.
@Magisch .... austrialia lost a war to them
Looks like only one zoo with giraffe in whole India, @Travis
I should make some time to visit the petting zoo again
6:52 AM
a "157-acre zoo" geez! That must be absolutely stunning
the alpacas there are very open to being hugged if you bribe them with the zoo food
I think our local one is like 25 acres at the most
Size doesn't always matter. :P
They have vending machines where they sell animal food that you can then feed to the animals
There can be no matter without size ;)
(this was a fun chess match)
7:13 AM
@Shog9 there is a huge increase in off topic questions on MSE due to the featured questions, any chance to temporarily increase the reputation needed to ask to 2? It was done before, with quite a success.
Just without bugs please... ;)
A: Users with 1 rep can't view any questions here on MSE

Shog9Long story short, pushing an inbox notification for a post here on MSE has brought in a lot of folks who don't normally visit this site. Which is good... Except that a whole lot of people don't realize they aren't on Stack Overflow anymore. This is mildly annoying for us (employees) to deal with...

The new nav design is also bringing tons of people who wonder about it, not as much as that inbox message, but still.... feels like increase of x5 at least in the off topic questions.
I don't see any left ...
32 messages moved to Chimney
@rene right
7:46 AM
There was earlier an off-topic question related to GreaseMonkey. Looking at that tag I'm a bit puzzled even after I updated the excerpt and wiki. Are these questions even on-topic? If yes, why are some closed anyway?
@rene agree, tag should be burninated. Questions like this belong on Stack Apps site anyway.
You'll start removing the tag?
Hmm, let's do a burninate post on MSE first to see if we miss anything?
Don't think ~20 questions justify this, but yeah... no harm in that.
(I don't mean close all those questions, just remove the tag)
@ShadowWizard oh, just removing the tag, yeah. That makes sense
@rene not sure this one is good either, but if we "must" have tag for something like that then yeah, it's more generic.
8:02 AM
so-addon is gone, now they are all tagged addon
anyone knows if there is an official explanation on how the chat room users are sorted?
It seems to sort by activity, last entered etc
I think its entirely arbitrary
By activity
@ShadowWizard I think the front page shows what I have been doing ...
8:26 AM
hehe, yeah. You're leaving a trail behind. :D
I see faded flowers on the homepage. :D
@Derpy it can become buggy when someone who didn't post a message for long time leaves, then joins... at first they'll be first in the list but then drop way down since they didn't have real activity i.e. posting messages.
1 hour later…
9:36 AM
@JNat cross site spammer, spammed one of the sites now. Thanks! :)
sd 2k
excel meta.stackexchange.com/questions/311294/… @rene @TravisJ @JourneymanGeek @Bart
10:27 AM
@ShadowWizard TBH, I also condemn clickbait title on HNQ.
so, the sock puppet might be mine(!?)
@SomewhatMemorableName but you don't go and troll Meta for this... yet...
@Some you also consider the whole Hot Network Questions idea to be a mistake without any real value? Or just the titles being usually clickbait?
@ShadowWizard for me, HQN is still a blessing and a curse at the same time. But I always attempted to edit clickbait title because it's annoying.
The conclusion is.... I hate Travel.SE :(
@SomewhatMemorableName well, when posting on MSE and got a "clickbait" title, I also append "normal" title after that to be fair with everyone. ;)
@SomewhatMemorableName so don't Travel there.... :D
10:53 AM
@Smokey you seem tired, maybe you need coffee?
I still believe there's nothing wrong with someone having email domain as their username...
@SomewhatMemorableName of course, but most of the times those are spammers
There are legit users with their company name/URL as their display name, but it's really rare.
... this meta post...
Q: Are these usernames security threats?

grovkinI just saw a post on the site by a user with the username "gmail.com". There is also an active user "yahoo.com". Is this not a potential security threat for some cross-site scripting scenario?

Smokey doesn't like ASCII?
oh, probably command name must be English only.
You borked Smokey!!
@ShadowWizard that's not ASCII
Did Trump ever explain what he meant by that, by the way?
@JourneymanGeek so what is that?
Its unicode?
ASCII is literally just numbers, letters and a few basic symbols
@JourneymanGeek alt code. alt-codes.net
I keep it in a file
Locked away safely. :D
mundo who?
11:11 AM
it's a video game reference
dang, jsfiddle becomes more and more irritating. Guess I'll have to stop using it soon.
Guess they became too big so as usual, cares less for the users.
2 hours later…
1:06 PM
I wonder.... did Shog mean the title here to be clickbait? It surely looks like one to me.... lol
1:59 PM
i mean... aren't all titles
2:33 PM
3:02 PM
All of my titles are clickbait
@ShadowWizard define "huge increase"
It's up maybe 10%
@Shog9 looks much more to me
And most authors have long time accounts on SO, without visible reason for post ban, so it all hints they reached via the featured questions.
> "Well that's the problem - the utter lack of feedback from the website itself. They asked a question and it vanished without a trace."
Usually the authors are totally new, or have accounts in bad standing on SO.
the above quote was taken from one of the replies.
@Derpy and?
How is this related to my question to Shog?
I can also quote random parts from answers....
but can't see the point in this.
3:07 PM
and ... I am not surprised at all that people fell that way. As for "how it is related"... nope, just side thing I noticed after reading the question.
Which ironically means that asking if the title was clickbait has clickbaited me into reading the post
@ShadowWizard usually the authors are asking duplicate questions
Well that's how it works to this day, people still don't get notification when their post is deleted.
@Derpy hehe, you see? :D
@Shog9 not today, think I checked most
oh, a rare blue appeared!
ooh, shiny
hello rossipedia
3:10 PM
Rare blue who never talked here... hmm... challange accepted!
Hey @ross what's up? :)
@ShadowWizard The less the people notice "bad stuff" happening to them, the less they will complain.
@Derpy I think that's no longer true
Sounds like Jeff, right?
@ShadowWizard right. I'm saying the norm isn't q-banned people asking programming questions, it's normal people asking questions that were first asked in 2009
@Shog9 what? Where? Now I'm confused. :/
There is something novel this past week, so... More questions
3:11 PM
We still talk about off topic programming questions on MSE?
@Shog9 more questions about the new design and left nav, sure, that's good, but I talk about more off topic questions on MSE though.
@ShadowWizard to be fair, never I said I believe that to be true in the first place. If anything I implied some may have perceived to be so. Which again, doesn't mean I think they are right.... but also doesn't mean they aren't.
@ShadowWizard not much. trying to start my day, but lacking coffee
3:30 PM
> Muffin, I say. MUFFIN!!
I prefer cupcakes.
@ShadowWizard there are always a lot of those
it's been getting slowly but steadily worse for years
3:50 PM
Random idea of the day: Put Retsuko in the next Animal Crossing game.
oh, look... a suggestion for replacing more text links with icons
Works for IKEA, why not everyone?
I can't remember if it was IE11 or Edge... but at one point the Microsoft browser dev tools had a sidebar of unrecognizable charms
rather than tabs with text descriptions, e.g.: console, network, etc
A picture can tell you 1000 words. That are 1000 different words for each user ....
it probably speaks to my age that I'm irritated by the tabletification of UI
4:04 PM
like when windows 8 forced you into tablet mode
A picture and max 140 chars, that is all we can bare
I still look at the 5 downvotes I got for that hybrid icon/text suggestion for the top bar... and I wonder if that was the design team.
@rene 280 now.
you're no fun ....
4:07 PM
I'm loads of fun! :D
@canon yes, the designer and their 4 sock-puppets ;)
lol, is there only one person on the design team?
well, damn... after last year there might be. Nevermind.
@Catija yeah, I hate to admit it but you seem funnier then I am.
More fun or funnier?
@rene I'm only funny when I don't try. :P
4:14 PM
@canon uh, oh ... is there a difference ... heads to ELL.se
@Catija that works best ...
2 hours later…
5:53 PM
I dunno how @peterh always manages to ask these kind of opinion based questions :-/
6:17 PM
> On its face, this post may look like an answer but it's not. It cobbles aspects of other answers together, out of context, and provides no attempt to answer the actual question. Please delete it. – canon May 10 at 20:56
> declined - flags should not be used to indicate technical inaccuracies, or an altogether wrong answer
and then it was downvoted to hell and deleted by the author anyway
so, beach justice
I KNOW IT WAS YOU, @YvetteColomb! You broke my heart.
@KevinB aww
@canon what are you talking about?
the declined flag
what declined flag?
6:27 PM
The one I quoted a few posts back. I was making a joke about it, that's all.
oh ok
it may have been me, looks like my MO.. but I'd have to check runs off possibly to never return
Still, when you visit our Mother, I want to know a day in advance, so I won't be there.
yeh I had to decline it. It's the old, downvote bad answers, we don't delete them.. Which I don't agree with, but I have to adhere to the site's policy @canon
6:30 PM
it was self deleted stackoverflow.com/questions/14028959/… which is good
to be fair, he edited after the fact
after some of my comments
and it's sort of an answer now
albeit, self-deleted
@canon ah I didn't check the timeline.
didn't you make a meta post drawing attention to it or something
talked about it here in chat
or do you mean the flagging policy?
6:33 PM
the answer
yeh I did
Q: Why was my custom flag declined? When should I use a custom flag?

Yvette ColombThis is being developed for the faq. There has not been a proposal for this, ergo it's not a duplicate. Every post or comment flag dialog has an option to raise a custom (moderator) flag: Every day, moderators receive a lot of custom flags that do not need to be custom flags. Custom flags tak...

I didn't see a meta post about that answer
it was here in chat
6:34 PM
I brought it up today because I noticed the post was deleted
I feel bad when I decline high rep user's flags (watch that comment make it to a meta post)
don't let the rep fool you
I'm not very active anymore
I just keep an eye on some of my popular posts
and make sure they're tended properly
yeh, but it does mean the person has contributed a lot to the site and a decline can feel like a slap in the face for people who have been around a long time
it did
@canon that's really good
6:36 PM
Shog warned me it might get declined. So, can't say I should have been surprised.
well I'm sorry it felt that way. I'm trying to remain detached from the flagger and follow the honour code of what should be deleted etc
did you ask shog before flagging?
I did
he said, "I'd probably decline it. But I trust you could make a compelling case."
it's like a lot of flags saying it's a duplicate of others
6:38 PM
I came back and he said, "was my faith misplaced?"
Yes; yes, it was.
well there's a lot of people who flag answers as dupes, but they are saying the same thing in a different way, which may reach some people where the other answers don't
and a lot of fuss over code being copied.. depending on the code snippet, there is an inevitable degree of overlap
accompanying exposition was copied :P
6:40 PM
particularly if people are quoting from docs
@canon the answers?
yeah, I quoted the docs and added a modification in brackets
that whole bit was copied
but that's not even the point
the point was the initial draft didn't even seem like an attempt to answer the question
the other concerns were just icing
let's not forget, though: the answer is deleted
all is right and well
@rene If I may ask, why did you flood the front page?
to me it looked like an attempt to make a much more compact and to the point answer rather than a novel
yeh that's where we need downvotes and it's hard, as people are penalised for downvoting answers
6:42 PM
@KevinB yeh a lot of unnecessary "cases" as it were
It looks like you were burninating the tag
@canon this discusses some of my concerns with the flags
I just earned my first downvote on my canonical answer
ZING... someone's doling out karma
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog yes, after I consulted with shadowwizard what to do.
how on earth could that get a downvote?
6:45 PM
you must've upset someone lol
@YvetteColomb I'd have to agree. Isn't that right, @KevinB? J'accuse!
I'm just jealous, that's all
and the more controversial you are on meta the worse it is - but you also get fans. so it evens out
@rene me too
also: too much jQuery
6:47 PM
trust me, I despise jQuery
but that answer was actually moved from a jQuery-specific question
js is such a handy language
by a mod
@YvetteColomb I edited one of your Meta answers; what do you think? meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/368693/…
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog reading it now
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog yep good point and maybe mention it in the flag
6:49 PM
@YvetteColomb I'd recommend including a general paragraph that "if this is a special case, be sure to clearly mention it, or else your flag may be declined".
@rene since that answer was migrated to a more generic, canonical question... I've drafted and redrafted plain-javascript versions like 20 times... only to discard them
the reason I posted that, was because there's a lot of flags that take a while to get through and if people used the standard flags where possible, the flags that had no other option would be handled more quickly
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog go for it. it's a wiki
I don't want to own it sonic
it was a kick start so to speak and we can add it to the faq when it's done
6:51 PM
@YvetteColomb I've mostly been conditioned by a user who tends to roll back my drastic edits to their posts
Even those with valid grammar corrections (e.g. correcting "its" to "it's")
@canon oh boy.
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog it's a community wiki. as long as the info is good,. there's no issue and you're asking people. so there's no prob
sorry I'm tired, so lazy typing
@rossipedia terrible! When out of milk at work I just bolt off to the supermarket to buy, no matter how much work I have to do. ;)
So why couldn't you make coffee?
@YvetteColomb Okay, I'll act just like Ano :)
6:52 PM
@KevinB you're of the opinion that this was an attempt to consolidate and simplify the answers to the question, "why can't a DOM method find my element?"
@rene the joy of having mod super powers to close and delete things is offset by the impossibility of making a dint due to the sheer volume. It's a bitter sweet thing
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog ano?
@ShadowWizard mm coffee
I'm going back to bed... night all
@Shog9 can't you run some quick search to compare amounts today vs. a week ago? Just to 100% disprove my theory?
6:53 PM
@canon i mean.. neither does 99% of your answer
@ShadowWizard it's like 80 vs 70 or something
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog Ano is good!
@ShadowWizard what theory?
there's an increase, but... It's pretty marginal
@Shog9 in a day?
6:54 PM
but that other 99% is covered by the answer you just linked to
@ShadowWizard week
in a much shorter form
increase in what?
@Shog9 no no... please try day...
@YvetteColomb off topic questions on MSE
ah k
6:55 PM
I'm pretty sure there's an increase in comment flags on SO
@ShadowWizard 29 deleted questions today vs. 27 a week ago
I got a feeling we have much more now due to the featured design changes post attracting people to MSE.
it's like playing whack a mole and I've never played whack a mole
Dec 5 '17 at 8:15, by Shadow Wizard
I have an idea.... we should find a name to our devoted Anonymous Editor. I suggest "Ano".
@ShadowWizard you just don't lurk enough to see the stuff others delete before you see it ...
6:55 PM
34 closed vs 23 closed a week ago
@YvetteColomb night!
night sha \o
@Shog9 Enable the interstitial page and test
@YvetteColomb my night just begins... :D
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog eh
I'd like to do something else
6:56 PM
@ShadowWizard that's a status by design being a shadow
@rene usually I catch most of them...
@KevinB I answered the question and provided options for avoiding the issue referenced. If you feel that the answer is deficient in some way, I welcome any feedback, e.g.: "too much jQuery" or "TL;DR"
@Shog9 carrot cake?
6:59 PM
sounds good to me
Jan 5 '11 at 19:04, by Shog9
speaking of which, time for carrot cake
@YvetteColomb I made that edit, and also added in a paragraph about closing posts with active bounties.
I like how an OP responds to my act normal with Maybe others have better ideas ...
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog yeh it looks good
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