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9:15 PM
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Q: Hats Should Be Available Year-Round

Jeremy BanksMaking hats available year-round, rather than limiting them to Winter Bash, would be a natural and powerful extension of Stack Exchange's gamification systems. This remains true even if hats are disabled for anonymous users and easy to disable for registered users. Why Would You Suggest This? T...

brain dumped
I'm familiar with the word, but didn't expect to see in that context...
HAHAHAH OMG... now I have to read it.
@SFTP "here are all my thoughts on the subject in one place so that I don't have to remember them any more".
... and so that others may benefit from them...
9:35 PM
@Catija referring to that comment by Robert Cartaino
Ah, sorry.
I'm not actually sure... the OP of the question used it first... Maybe an eggcorn for "cobble together"?
Ah, I didn't notice the OP's use of it...
> I could use the others to better copulate a this proposal.
Probably a typo/autocorrect then.
9:41 PM
"formulate" likely.
well I'm glad that was taken seriously
Community develops antibodies to change in really annoying ways.
I currently participate and moderate on SpeedRuns.com.
Community content, curation, moderation, and funding.
And donors get a little flair they can choose displayed beside their avatar.
9:53 PM
Meta.SE community in particular, which is a special thing quite different from user population on SE sites.
@Catija Maybe you're right and it shouldn't be related to the badge/winter bash system exactly.
I was hoping that angle might make people flinch less, but it may have made them flinch more.
@JeremyBanks I don't know... the two really negative comments you have are both about the pay for flair.
@SonicWizard I would appreciate the "-1 I disagree" vs "-1 bad post" distinction right now, but what can you do?
10:08 PM
I don't understand why I keep getting upvotes and you keep getting down.
well I can no longer complain about being closed as a duplicate of a lower-rated post, lol:
50 minutes until Happy Hour? I'll start early.
idk about hats
The dupe is at -8 now...
10:11 PM
but if se had one of those t-shirt subscriptions where they send you a shirt every month, I'd buy two of them in bulk
The SE tshirt looks really nice and professional to wear to work
I'm wearing mine right now...
No one seems to comment on it, though.
Andy stole my Nalgene.
my boss was like "you're really a fanboy aren't you"
because I have my SE notebook, SE pen and SE waterbottle
and there's a charcoal and SE sticker on my phone, and a SE button on my backpack
Technically, the water bottle is SO... and the pen... the marker is SE.
10:13 PM
well yeah
This is like the programmer version of having band merchandise everywhere
Oh, yay, finally a downvote. :P But four upvotes means that I'll stay in the black for a while.
At least this time of day on Friday is pretty low-volume. :D
10:36 PM
Good Friday, everybody!
Literally, I suppose.
@Magisch I try to sport a lot of brands who have hosted meetups and held tables at the conferences I go to when I'm at work. I like it to be known that I do get around.
10:55 PM
@AaronHall You're a professor in NYC
What could you possibly wear that makes you come across as more worldly
Oops well, I'm trying to find a place where I can get help then. The creator is offline(unresponsive) for the whole time on GitHub so I don't know where to get help. — Kev9200 27 mins ago
MSE - the best place to come to get help on GitHub.
11:13 PM
@Magisch I also work full-time in a financial services firm (Python, all day long!) so I try to get as much... synergy out of my activities as I can.
@AaronHall how do you have time for anything
I get emotionally exhausted working 8 hours a day
Emotionally? Are your co-workers really that difficult?
Oh, happy hour. Time to sleep~
@Magisch It helps to have an environment where you're respected as a knowledge worker and have specific long-term deliverables, which, as long as you deliver, you're given free rein to work on things as you prioritize them.
@Catija interacting with people irl is hard and exhausts me more then programming could
I can't lock myself in my office, I'm also data protection officer and part time sysadmin
11:16 PM
Hats! Lots of hats!
I don't hate my coworkers, I just get easily exhausted interacting with people
Like internet better, the ten thousand nuances of an interpersonal interaction are lessened by the fact it's just chat
I think of myself as an introvert, but i'm in the 80th percentile towards extraversion...
If you clean the bathroom afterward, will the charge still be applied? :/
11:19 PM
@YvetteColomb Was a specfici mrs colomb involved in generating the reason for that sign to be necessary?
But I have no problem not talking to anyone all day long...
I wonder how that works
@Magisch Uh... Yeah, because the utter lack of tone of voice doesn't make things more difficult at all. :P
There are thousands of nuances and signals you gotta pay attention to talking to people
It's really complicated and unintuitive for me
@Magisch No! promise :) I'm curious as to what sort of bathroom fits a horse
11:20 PM
Yes, but when it's in chat, you can go back and dwell on it for years.
But you have time to process it
@AaronHall same - I love being by myself for hours
@Magisch I took a sales path in my early career, it probably serves me well in those sorts of situations.
Except that sometimes, re-reading stuff lets you re-interpret things... then you've got five different ways to interpret what they just said and you can't tell if they even like you any more.
@Catija Then again, I'm not normal in that respect
I get really bad headaches if a couple people talk at the same time
11:21 PM
@Catija yeh honestly - that's half the battle with online communication - followed by cultural/language differences
I highly recommend having the experience. Not sure if I can recommend actually getting the experience.
I get easily exhausted when talking to people for long time... either I'm an introvert, or I have a problem with my breath/lung.
I've been told I can communicate well. It's because I've had years of practice trial and erroring my way there in school
I don't enjoy it though
even with close friends face to face talking is more of a chore
I'll take face to face over the phone most days,
@Catija ikr and I look at how I've misinterpreted things and it becomes downright embarrassing
11:23 PM
@HTTPS lol
I hate texting. Talking on the phone. My voice mail is disabled and my phone is usually on silent. Even hearing a text message of phone ring stresses me LOL
How different people are :D
what's worse than talking on the phone is socialising
true enough... I enjoy talking with close friends, but in the end, I'm the one who try to end the conversation because I get tired :/
@HTTPS same. I find it exhausting. This type of communication is easier
11:24 PM
Stack exchange is really nice because it's really rigid and professional in comparison to most places online
@YvetteColomb I got rid of my cell phone because the only people calling me were people I didn't want to talk to. I'm on Google voice, which I use to screen all calls.
I don't stick out like a sore thumb here
@AaronHall I guess that's a function of being in a high visibility position
@Magisch not at all, I did that before I got any sort of visibility. It's mostly people trying to get me to sell stuff to clients for a business I no longer have. I listed my cell phone in the yellow pages at one point...
listing your phone in the yellow pages is pretty visible in my book
I think that part of why I don't like phone calls is that I often times am not really interested or engaged in what the other person is saying... when I am, it's great... but half the time I'm splitting my attention and since I can't re-read what they just said, I don't really ... get good comprehension. With text-based stuff, I can ignore it for a minute and then catch up without any trouble.
11:27 PM
@AaronHall oh grave error
SE is also nice because it allows me to continue practise english in a programming context
meaning my english doesn't suck quite as bad as it used to. Not native speaker level by any stretch but it's an advantage looking for a job for sure.
@YvetteColomb hind-sight is 20/20... but if you're an optimistic young financial advisor trying to get enough clients to pay for (cheap) groceries, you're thinking you've finally arrived...
when my husband died I had approx 300 phone calls in one day. I was literally on the phone all day. One call would end with another one on call waiting. Then people bombarded me to see if i was ok. They were trying to help. since then I've changed my number literally dozens of times, if too many people get it, I change it.
@AaronHall we were listed when we were in business, but it wasn't a problem back then. Long time ago
Anyways, my cell phone would be set to vibrate. I would feel phantom vibrations at random times. It made my heart race every time, especially after the market went down around 2008. Switching to Google Voice really helped my stress levels.
11:33 PM
... I hear random chat pings... often.
@YvetteColomb what business were you in?
@AaronHall building - high quality extensions and renovations. My late husband was a carpenter/builder
@YvetteColomb ah, did you help with the carpentry?
@AaronHall wow that's amazing, we're so similar
@AaronHall I did all the bookwork, officework, financial side of things, legalities, insurances etc. We would discuss all quotes and estimates. I did the firing as well
11:37 PM
I used to fantasize about my wife helping me by running papers all over town for clients to sign... I never had enough business though.
we did well. The business got too big for us to manage
he committed suicide, so sometimes it's better to ... I dunno
I'm sorry, I didn't know that.
@YvetteColomb Sorry to hear
Looong time ago. A lot of builders have done the same over here. High pressured game.
11:40 PM
@SonicWizard it was in 2003.
@YvetteColomb Still, sorry to hear
thanks :) yeh it's a life changer
I feel sorry for our kids
mind you they're all big now, so it's a moot point these days
aw gawd, way to finish a conversation Yvette. runs off to find cat pic
11:47 PM
Anyways, worst-case scenario would have been for me to have been marginally successful as a financial advisor and to stay at it, always on and barely surviving.
Are you an academic?
35 mins ago, by Aaron Hall
@Magisch I also work full-time in a financial services firm (Python, all day long!) so I try to get as much... synergy out of my activities as I can.
@AaronHall why did I think you were a uni lecturer hm
@YvetteColomb because I am?
@AaronHall yep just reading your site lol
11:49 PM
@YvetteColomb I need to update it, I got sidetracked with a polyglot project and haven't updated it...
My aim is to lecture at uni
At least in the US, it's easier if you have graduate level credits in a relevant field, but I have a friend who lectured Python at Columbia with just an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering.
We're both coorganizers of a meetup that helps people learn Python, though...
I have two post grad qualifications and about to finish third
classes or degrees?
11:53 PM
the uni loves me, and offered me work, but I was still studying there
grad cert, grad dip and nearly masters
will go into research later this year. All coursework
1 masters degree should be more than enough, I would think. What subject is your masters in?
IT - software design and dev + some security
yeh the grad cert would have been enough - but I was still enrolled with them
11:55 PM
anyway I', going to my horses early today, so will pop off. It's been really nice to get to know you :) I'll bbl
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