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12:46 AM
Lotta rude people today, eh Smokey?
Just a bunch of mean and nasty and ugly and horrible crime-type guys sitting on the site next to us.
@Shog9 now if only someone was bored and had godlike modlike powers ;p
most useful thing I ever did here was write a bookmarklet to let me type "nuk" on my phone and delete everything associated with whatever I happen to be looking at
Sounds like an autocorrect mishap waiting to happen
But, I mean, I did add a mollyguard
so, if my phone is ever stolen...
...by someone named Molly...
...we're ok.
Well solves that problem
1:07 AM
I thought molly quit?
I come across her posts often. It inevitably results in a half second bout of indecision, then then delete
Time for the annual lamentation on Windows Phone site: Site should either die or change name?
Is MS Surface on topic at SU?
@SFTP there's a user on SU who used to be super prolific during the beta period but ended up quitting cause she disagreed with the direction SU took
@SFTP yes
1:12 AM
Hm. But Android or iOS tablets aren't?
win rt was kind of an edge case
@JourneymanGeek I'm genuinely confused:
Welcome to meta.stackexchange.com -this question isn't about the software that powers the stackexchange platform, and as such is on topic. Please have a look at the help center and tour. As an aside, code shouldn't be linked as images — Journeyman Geek 2 mins ago
There was a big discussion about it, but it ended up becoming moot because Windows RT failed
1:13 AM
Speaking of which, as I've said, I own and use an original Surface
though there's win32 on arm now
I just bought a new charging cable because the old one was fraying
and er....
wass that
It looks like WinPhone site has a hope of rebranding as Windows Mobile and including tablets.
in a sense windows 10 S mode is kinda RT like
1:14 AM
I'm sure someone will find a security vulnerability in that which allows arbitrary code execution
Whereas Windows RT is physically incapable of running standard Windows viruses
is there a windows mobile still?
Windows 10 Mobile was, for the most part, abandoned
@SonicWizard it was rare enough that no one bothered ;p
@JourneymanGeek And that's one thing that makes it secure. So few people use it that I consider it very secure.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ yes that's right
1:19 AM
@SonicWizard never confuse obscurity with security.
I think it would mean "Mobile devices running any kind of Windows" rather than a particular strain of the OS.
which is oddly specific
@JourneymanGeek I keep my Windows Defender up-to-date and running on that tablet, just in case
(also vaguely on my turf)
So there are 3001 messages with "Smokey" in this smoky tavern. I wondered where the trend began...
1:28 AM
Aug 26 '11 at 22:25, by Shog9
Mmmm, smokey expensive coffee treats.
This was the first one.
I miss George
Yeah... Except the term wasn't used for another 3 years in this room xD
Aug 20 '14 at 3:00, by tchrist
Okey dokey smokey.
Which also didn't refer to the bot.
Which disproves your point even more
1:37 AM
I didn't know I had one.
Didn't know you didn't have one
So 2017 Australian company tax return has a few additions to the form such as 'early stage venture capital limited partnership tax offset' and 'early stage investor tax offset', neither applies to me my tiny company
2:57 AM
Advance planning of the day award.
Q: Record screen on VM

user9469423Me and my wife is about to have a child and are planning to create a VM for him on the main server so he can remote access it. The VM will be hosted utilising Virtualbox. I am concern in the future he might be doing illegal things on a PC and as a responsible parents, are there anywhere I can r...

See, the thing is, the question is generally valid? I mean, not for SO, apparently... but if you remove the random "I'm planning for my infant to do illegal stuff in a VM" part, asking whether you can monitor activity on said VM seems reasonable?
> I'm actually more curious about the fact you think that either a - an infant/toddler is going to be doing illegal things on a VM or b - you're still going to be using the same server in 10-16 years when this might actually be a concern.
I miss the good old days
Yes, something like How do I record the VirtualBox screen to a file? by igorp1024 on superuser.com
Lack of air conditioning + monitor facing the door for practical reasons + trust
and I turned out ok
3:04 AM
Baby monitors are a commonly-used tool by new parents, @蕭為元. Expecting an infant to have the necessary judgement would be irresponsible; a good parent should always be listening for the tell-tale cries of colic or an errant rm -f command. Also, this may be a good question for ParentingShog9 ♦ 1 min ago
rm -rf?
I didn't have any internet access until I was 21... so somehow all of that wasn't an issue.
-f is force (no confirmation). Babies tend to have trouble gauging limitations, and may attempt to force things and become frustrated with the results.
recursion is an advanced concept; babies tend to prefer repetition
and rm -rf / dosen't really work any more
The first internet access I remember having was my friend's AOL account in ... fifth grade... I think... Back when AOL only allowed specific sites to be served, I think.
3:09 AM
text only over lynx ;)
Yes, this is why you have to read The Very Hungry Caterpillar four times before bed, sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider a dozen times before they're tired of it, or let them watch the same movie every day for three weeks.
I had some sort of weird text-based email at some point but I remember being really confused about it for a long while... and it had green text on a black screen and I had to go to the library to access it.
@SFTP Probably troll
And I only ever sent emails to one person.
@JourneymanGeek text over lynx, but I had to write a proo
@SFTP The "Console" easter egg you can get by typing that into chat on U&L.
3:12 AM
@JourneymanGeek text over lynx, but I had to write a proposal w/ cost breakdown to get it. Uphill, in the snow.
@SonicWizard Has a non-trolling post on SF
Ours was originally a teletext over modem service (teleview) that was a text over lynx program, then dialip
@Shog9 my dad's one of those odd people who adopts early and upgrades rarely. or used to be.
Hopefully changed the strategy in regard to IoT devices.
He dosen't know about them
I've been debating getting one so my parents can remotely turn off my washroom light...
That's one of the few lights we don't have on IoT.
3:15 AM
oh, there's a company called sonoff that sells a fairly cheap unit you can put inline on any light
Hacking attempt of the day:
A: How can you steal cookies from Chrome?


Messing with someone's ability to see while they're on the toilet or in the shower just isn't fair game.
more that they can go "geeeek, you forgot to turn off the light"
Andy leaves the fan on (it's on the same switch as the light) often enough that I wish it were ... because the fan is really loud and annoying...
I'm always tickled by the idea that your parents call you "Geek".:P
3:17 AM
naw ;p
My friends would
@SFTP They have two crap answers on the same post.
Actually when I was a teenager, and mad at them, I debated getting my name legally changed to geek ;p
common sense prevailed?
Probably just as well.
@JourneymanGeek there do exists wireless switches that aren't internet connected
@Shog9 range might be an issue
3:25 AM
I get about 40' off mine, line of sight
I kinda need a leeetle more range than that
and non line of sight
Alternately, $20 will get you a motion switch
so, essentially, a remote control?
(My apartment is a sort of [ shape and I kinda want it from either wassnames)
@Catija a fancy remote control
@Shog9 not as fun.
also, it feels like a terrible case of overengineering and people should just walk over go "ANYONE IN?" and switch if off if there's no reply.
Eh... That's what I wired up for the stairs here, when the wife kept complaining about leaving the light on.
3:27 AM
I don't know... half the ceiling fans that are even somewhat nice come with them now... some are wall mounted remotes and some are designed to get lost in the couch cushions.
(my bias lighting uses a 433mhz remote which is cool)
but that's 12v
I kinda like having lights that dont ever require rebooting my router to work
that's a good idea yes
@JourneymanGeek use led strips, problem solved
3:29 AM
We have the Samsung Smart system... and you can still use the manual overrides for any of them.
@Shog9 oh I do
... meaning the switches.
Of course there is a Lifehacks question about that: How can I prevent the remote control from getting lost?
I set up a relay board since I wanted to be able to turn them off selectively
Added counter lights to the kitchen a while back. Man, those LEDs have gotten nice.
Cut to size, solder some connections, done
heh, I have a few rolls, dirt cheap
@SFTP Obvious solution... you do what they do in the conference rooms... build it into the wall. Only downside is that you have to get up to change the channel or pause the movie.
That one's 5050s, mounted behind my monitor
Contemplating replacing the power hungry ceiling tubes next
3:32 AM
I had 3528s before (and have a full roll of it somewhere)
@Shog9 oh, could go with drop in replacements
That's less fun
We did it with our circular tubes
@Shog9 How did you wire them in or are they battery powered? When we remodeled, we put in tons of overhead but nothing under cabinet and I'm trying to decide if I need it and how easy it'd be. Sadly, we ended up with composite cabinets, so modifications can be problematic.
@Catija 12v
so either a wallwart or batteries.
... You know what Shog used in his kitchen?
3:34 AM
@Catija the LED strips are standard
I actually wanted to add backlight to my laptop, but since there's no surface behind it, it ended with sidelight :/
+ some double sided tape and 16ga wire I had laying around
Mine used to be powered off my PC :)
3:36 AM
That power supply is about 3x what I needed
new lights draw too much power so they have their own 12v 3A wallwart
But, room to expand
All hard wired to a wall switch next to the sink
(also, boooooring but ikea's actually not a bad place if you don't want to DIY. They even have a few battery powered options)
That power supply has about a 2 second startup delay, but there are other options if you want faster
3:38 AM
Read the spec sheets before purchasing; meanwell is pretty good (their bread and butter is sign makers), but most have them listed somewhere
I run a bunch of these (Yes, its cheap and cheerful) with dx.com/p/… as a remote
and a wallwart I pulled out of the computer boneyard ;p
Those extruded aluminum channels are a joy to work with, btw. Used em to do the stair lighting too.
Measure, cut, stick.
Looks really nice. So you didn't even screw them up, you just used the double stick tape?
@Catija most of them come with double stick tape of various qualities....
Not the channel... the channel uses screws... and really crappy ones, from reading the reviews.
3:43 AM
(assuming the LEDs)
@Catija the screws are indeed terrible - I snapped a bunch before switching to some better ones for under the counters
The brackets are fine
I just used tape on the stairs
Above the sink, I stripped the guts from an old florescent fixture, and used it as a junction box + home for the power supply, with the channel mounted on the cover with tape.
Using those for my seedlings this year.
Yeah, that's one of the major problems... having somewhere to house that stuff... the cabinets have flush bottoms, so there's nowhere to hide that sort of thing. :( And they're in two sections, so I'd either have to run a wire between the two or have two power supplies.
@Catija space above?
Nope. They're ceiling height. I'd rather have that extra space enclosed than gathering dust.
@Shog9 Our garden... we actually did one this year... is actually all sprouting and looking like a pirate ship.
@Shog9 red/blue or white light?
3:53 AM
We're growing beans, so we created a climbing frame from some bamboo and a bunch of string... it looks like the rigging on a ship with the sails stowed.
@Catija I'd say, figure out where you can get power, and pick a convenient place for a switch. Then find a place nearby to stash a power supply. They're quite small. From there, you can work out the routing; it isn't hard to hide wires within/ behind cabinets if you're patient.
ah, you can pick colour temperature.
@JourneymanGeek white. Red/blue is expensive for what you get. Those lm561s are hella efficient
3:55 AM
ah nice ;p
@Catija NICE!
that's Texas for ya... Still snow here.
We've had thunderstorms for the past 36 hours.
:D Thanks. It's always fun to see the seeds sprouting and growing.
@JourneymanGeek this guy is 12 weeks into a Burple vs. LM561 tomato test - pretty much indistinguishable
(yes, annoying video, I apologize)
these things happen ;p
tons of plans on that site for building LED-based grow lights though. Pretty solid resource.
the amount of power I usually burn this time of year on T8 and T5 florescent fixtures is depressing. Barely 12 hours of sunlight, so need something to augment it; 3 of those 288 boards draw less power than my equivalent-coverage t5 fixture, and produce substantially more light; I'll probably build another fixture by next spring and retire the florescents for good.
4:03 AM
heh, those with a diffuser in front would look cool.
heh... At 70% power, they're too bright to look at. Not a great choice for mood lighting.
LED and "mood lighting" aren't two concepts that generally go together.
depends on the mood you're going for :-P
They're getting better... don't get me wrong... but... Not that fluorescent is any better for that.
I get seriously grumpy when the days are short. Sitting near some plants under insanely bright lights is a good mood enhancer.
4:05 AM
Yes, that's true... if the mood you're looking for is "dental exam" or "interrogation room"... they're great.
a mix of color temps is helpful there
also... lots of lights
LED fixtures have the downside of generally being much more directional than incandescent bulbs
Yes. You have to do a ton of diffusing to get a nice soft light.
or... Just a lot more of them
I went with some 3000k and some 5000k in my kitchen. Spread out across the wall, the colors mixing... It's very cozy.
those little halogen or now LED spot-lights that were so popular a few years back... They look very sterile. Lots of harsh shadows.
I like not having harsh shadows when I'm working.
that's how you end up slicing off tips of fingers
I've not been unhappy with my ceiling mounts but I don't have overhead cabinets on my work counter, so there's not much shadowing to fall on it.
Ah, see... That was a huge pain for me. Cabinets overhang > half my counter space. BIG shadows.
But no more.
I've gotten spoiled; now I want to redo the range hood.
4:11 AM
Yeah, we've only ever had cabinets on one side, so I got really used to not having an overhang on my work surface and we didn't need the extra storage, so the entire stove/fridge wall of the kitchen is open.
@Catija I was awoken by thunderstorms last night...and out of curiosity I decided to check the flight tracking for ABIA. Turns out they held all flights at the origin airport until 11:45 AM, and flights that had already left had been made to circle for more than an hour...one of those flights made just one circle before diverting to DFW. Yes, it was that bad.
I posted this back in December in the Frying Pan:
I like that layout. And the copious headroom.
I do wish the spots in the hood weren't so hot. they're definitely not LEDs.
Andy's 6'5" so headroom is good for us.
I've been really happy with it. The space is very workable and there's plenty of room to have 1-2 helpers.
Considering it's not a big space.
@Catija What's that cake in the center?
4:15 AM
My ceiling is 8' ... and I have a very large rack suspended from it, putting utensils in easy reach (and just barely above my 5'10" head) - unwary guests routinely get knocked by pans or honing steel
@SonicWizard You don't recognize my hat for the Moose hat contest?
@Catija I recused myself from that post.
Yep, we've got the same low ceilings, which is the other part of why the upper cabinets we do have go to the ceiling.
@SonicWizard It's a giant gingerbread cookie.
@Catija Ah, yes.
Speaking of lighting, the kitchen in my home has can lighting that is difficult to fix, as the cover is very hard to remove
one of these years, I hope to find the time to knock out the wall separating my kitchen and ... a space that was intended as a very dreary dining area but mostly gets used for filing and drying herbs. A wall-fridge at the back and a bar-counter in the front will give me a much larger work area.
4:18 AM
...my home 1,100+ miles away from here, that is
@SonicWizard I was going to say... call the property manager ;)
When they started to stop working, my parents wanted light with a brighter color temperature...the ones that were preinstalled were 2700K. We got 5000K replacements and put them all in, but they were too bright. We then tried 3500K, and it was better. What a pain that was, since we had to do the same difficult procedure 12 times.
always bench-test.
We used to try to do the work ourselves but it'd always take forever, we never really knew what we were doing, and then when it was "done" we knew all of the stuff we'd screwed up, so it was difficult to be happy with it... so now, with even less time to do it ourselves, we've resorted to just hiring people to do it... we're getting bids to tear off a really bad addition to the back and put in a two story space with master suite upstairs and living/granny flat downstairs for visiting family.
putting the cover on before power-up mocks the hardware demons
see, I've gone the other way.
Pay someone a few grand to do something and then see all the mistakes they made... It's hard to feel good about it.
I can live with my own mistakes. And do.
4:23 AM
Which I can also understand because we were really unhappy with the people who did our kitchen... but we're hoping that it was just a really bad contractor and not par for the course.
Nothing like having to live with your flaws to motivate you to get better.
Or get really good at lying to yourself.
It's a very versatile motivator.
I don't think building a two-story addition is... a good choice for us to attempt ourselves.
speaking of which... Now fixing the 5th bone-headed error in this query, which takes about 3 minutes to run, and which I didn't test piecemeal because "it's an obvious extension of what was already there, what could go wrong?"
@Catija Did you try out the Easter egg user script?
@SonicWizard I have not.
4:30 AM
Try it
And then try the Easter eggs
They're all built in to SE; this script just makes it so you don't have to open the JS console
I guess the Easter eggs don't really have much draw for me... but thanks for pointing it out.
Did you try WoB?
Try that one at least
And 6 AM is coming soon so I'm off.
4:36 AM
@Catija Seems strange you center your life around British Summer Time
@Catija It's 5:37 AM BST
@SonicWizard ... Yeah... that's not what I mean... but I think you know that.
@Catija I just like to get confused and then pass it off as a pedantic joke
One good use of the mobile app: more easily view posts with <-7 score (<-3 on main sites)
The app's homepage doesn't omit such questions
@Shog9 Do rollbacks on one's own posts count towards the Cleanup badge?
@SonicWizard try it...
5:04 AM
@Catija and by cookie, you mean hat.
5:20 AM
What kind of nightmarish query takes 3 minutes to run
Seems excessive
@Magisch the sort that would drive lesser tilted head sto dispair?
Guess you have a bigger data set
tbh my report query to generate invoices would probably take that long if I had it list all invoices (it's a view)
thankfully it never has to do more then 1/255k at once
6:02 AM
@SmokeDetector fp-
my stomach... >_<
are you two like TCP & IP?
> This is why health centers often advise alcohol consumption with food.
This can be read in two ways.
6:33 AM
Took my mask off
@TelKitty no no. Different osi layer :p
@SmokeDetector fp-
@JourneymanGeek you mean one on top of another?? @_@
@TelKitty darn personification and my imagination...
@TelKitty TCP and IP are part of the same protocol, kind of. On the other hand, @FTP and @HTTP are two different, separate protocols. Each has its own use and is kind of independant.
@HTTPS so, in your imagination... .... who is on top?? :-P
Since you're in more common use, guess you are, but who knows... protocols are weird.... :D
6:51 AM
@ShadowWizard UDP ( ゚д゚)
@SFTP yeah, many organs got their own tag there, but somehow the most important one doesn't have. Weird.
@HTTPS the "U" isn't for "Up", you know. ;)
> UDP applications must generally be willing to accept some loss, errors or duplication
Also bad ^
Who wants to lose data?
@SFTP ohh... so what is the head considered? Just a body "part"?
7:07 AM
@TelKitty for one time use, you can just paste the following code in the browser console:
$.getScript ('//cdn-chat.sstatic.net/chat/Js/eggs.js');

function launchEEgg (zEvent) {
    var eeType = $("#yourPoison").val ();
    switch (eeType) {
        case "WoB":
            var msg = $('.message').last ().addClass ('neworedit');
            Eggs.WOB.blame (msg.parent().parent().attr('class').match(/user-(\d+)/)[1], msg);
        case "Asteroids":
            Eggs.Asteroids ('insert coin');
        case "Assistant":
            Eggs.Assistant ('I would like to start the assistant');
No need to install anything.
@Magisch Too late, election closed, can't take any screen now. But guess who was candidate #1...
@Derpy she won by like 14 votes too
So for once my vote made an actual difference (a little)
@SonicWizard it is on topic, that person got error while using the official API, and posted how he solved it.
Maybe not really an answer since it's not a bug, just misuse of parameters, but still... not off topic.
@Magisch @ShadowWizard @rene could we stick a fork in it and delvote it? Its done ;p
@ShadowWizard but meta is strange and full of terriers terrors, and not all answers are answers ;p
@JourneymanGeek kaboom
@ShadowWizard Why else would someone submit how they resolved an issue in their program while the issue is in the SE API, and it has an employee response saying it's been fixed? I really think it's just like an off-topic question. (cc @JourneymanGeek )
7:34 AM
@SonicWizard the issue was caused due to using API of SE in wrong way, by mistake. It can happen to others. The answer can be helpful and is about API, which is on topic for MSE.
@ShadowWizard It seems like you haven't carefully read the Q/A pair. The bug in question was that the SE API was throwing a 500 server error. Don't see how fixing a typo in one's own program fixes it. Clearly the answerer thinks it's a coding question, answering how to fix the error..
The question here is about a specific bug in the API itself. Sending wrong parameter values will many times result with errors, so the answer here is not answering the question. You can post a new question tagged support and api, describe what you did, then post a self answer describing how you solved it. This way others facing same problem might find it helpful. Thanks. — Shadow Wizard 20 secs ago
Can someone please read me the comment on this deleted post? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/308472/…
@HTTPS effective meta means understanding the system
7:38 AM
It seems like they responded to my canned "off-topic" comment.
oh, deleted post, not comment.
> hello sorry for that, i cannot post there some error about description on post and cannot set email notif. the error said "invalid email address"... and im new at stackexchange.
@ShadowWizard @SonicWizard only if it was explicitly deleted
@JourneymanGeek sure I know, thought he meant the comment itself is deleted.
@JourneymanGeek I misworded that; his response was based on the initial miswording
@HTTPS the problem is, kind of that if you understand the system, you're already used to it, and part of the "echo chamber"
7:42 AM
@HTTPS Tbh I had this feeling a lot when first posting on SO meta
It takes some getting used to and getting over yourself to take the plunge and find out that SE isn't very cliqueish compared to other sites
@HTTPS IPS has a unique set of problems ;p
Well, I believe that everyone isn't required to participate on meta. Those who care and curious about the site will eventually notice the existence of meta and participate on it. Heck, even I almost read meta daily (from each HNQ, glance into hot meta posts), but never post an answer.
Also for anyone who thinks meta is hard
It bloody well is ;)
@HTTPS To me, metas are an essential part of the community not the Q&A experience
7:56 AM
@JourneymanGeek show off! ;)
@ShadowWizard more that it took a long while to get meta
@SmokeDetector gone
even for an experienced user on a mature site
@JourneymanGeek looks more like you were just stalking it for few years, then decided to chime in and take part. :)
7:58 AM
@ShadowWizard there was a similar phenomenon on SU ;p
@JourneymanGeek so you take your time learning how a place works, then when you figure it out, you step in and work your magic. Sounds like good planning! :D
@ShadowWizard which is the point I was trying to make ;p
Others just barge in, head first, and gets a cold shower...
@ShadowWizard I always get this vibe from people moaning that SO is so unforgiving when asking and answering

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