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6:12 PM
IE7 is the devil...
so IE6 is ...
What's worse than the devil?
the devil's bitch ex girlfriend that is also a cousin?
6:27 PM
morning all :)
Anyone made up their minds to go to London DevDays yet? (I have, if that helps :)
Well, >= afternoon, for all of us I think.
@TimStone, me too, but it's all relative here :)
I know @jcolebrand and I are headed to D.C. DevDays. I wouldn't mind hopping across the Atlantic, but two conferences might be a bit much. ;)
@TimStone, yeah, that gets expensive. I'm hoping to meet Pekka (and @Marc of course), I'm not aware of any other meta-heads going...
maybe radp/badp?
Hmm, he's currently doing a study-abroad thing for university I think, so I don't know what his plans are.
6:33 PM
I'll go if you pay for it for me
@MichaelMrozek, I'm already paying for me, thanks :)
by the way, what is 'frequented tags'? Something new?
You could pay double! YAY!
They've all turned blue for me on french.se
@Benjol It's inferred favourite tags.
@TimStone, weird, and I can't kill them?
6:34 PM
right now it's highlighting 'traduction', which is about 70% of the questions on the home page!
They only happen if you have no interesting/ignored tags, so you can add one
Unfortunately not. You can put in a dummy favourite/ignored tag and it'll "fix" the problem.
Anyone interest here send me invitation to careers?
I still need to finish filling out my profile so that they'll give me invitations, heh.
6:36 PM
Tim are you on careers?
And could you send me one invitation?
I can't, because I don't have any.
Who do?
I'm looking now...
6:38 PM
to see if I've got any invitations
I should have, I PAYED for my profile!
Ah. Thank you very much :)
IF so, do you need my email or just my profile?
Looking right now
Rude question, but do you NEED a profile yet? (if you are the age it says you are)
In my state, yes. And yes, I'm 15
And it's not rude, fine to ask :)
You should go to university, get you head stuffed full of everything possible :)
Now isn't a good time to go looking for word anyway
6:44 PM
My whole life has been wasted on work, @Benjol speaks good advice, heh.
I'm not even away from first school
But do not think about it. I'll look around, I'll try to get some fast work, get some money and we'll see. I'm programming about a year in PHP so I think I could do something
Additionally, it's holiday now
What's this? Stale links in standards docs on w3.org? Why am I not surprised?
@genesis, I'll be completely honest with you. I do have some invitations, but I hesitate to give you one, simply because I think it's not exactly the 'expected usage', and it devalues careers for everyone if potential employers know they might find themselves trying to hire a minor.
That might come off as harsh over the internet. Add :) at will
Mr @GeorgeMarian, how goes the whiskey sir? :D
@GeorgeMarian ... :D
@Benjol I haven't had any in a while. In fact, I'm kinda worried that this bottle may be going stale.
6:50 PM
@benjol okay no worries. I will ask somewhere else. @George?
Which reminds me, that I have an order of cigars on the way that pair well with it. So, tonight I could smoke one of the few remaining of that blend which I have in my humidor.
@genesisφ Yeeeeeessssssss?
@George Don't you have some invitations left on careers?
Probably, assuming I was given some. However, I am of the same opinion as @benjol. I would need to get to know you first.
No Careers invitations on the first date, rule of thumb.
6:54 PM
Why do people think I can do nothing at 15? Or is it just because you would like to know me first?
Generally random users spamming a room for an invite to something is a bad sign
@Michael it was just first request. I just tried it, because I have no idea who could give me one. I know no friends from my location on carrers/SE
I only have a limited number, and want to give them to people I think will best use them
Okay, tell me where can I ask for invitation ?
People tend to be stingy with invites, but open when it's just a matter of "do you know this guy" and no invite token counter exists
@genesisφ if you watch Spolsky's twitter stream, he gives them out from time to time
6:56 PM
Isn't there a button that just asks for one?
@Michael it is, but I requested it before more than a month
@genesisφ Hint, read my answer...
@Benjol I have read it and I am thinking of it, but I just don't think there would be something wrong and I would use it wisely. I've got 13 k in 3 months, I am not sure how many users achieved the same
Is that pocket of open space to the top left it giving us the finger?
7:01 PM
@genesis, but careers is for getting a job, with a company. Most of them in the US. I doubt there are many (or any) in the czech republic. And none of the teleworking ones in the US are going to hire a 15 year-old. So the only logical reason for you wanting an invite is curiosity. Which I respect, but in this case, is not sufficient reason.
@Benjol okay. It'S 40% true that I was just curious.
Apparently, I'm not good enough to have an invites on careers. heh
Yeah, I don't think that you should take it as a personal criticism, or anything.
@GeorgeMarian Yeah, me either, heh.
I thought I'd get bonus points for being lazy, but it seems not.
Who would have guessed?
I wonder what I may 1 follower on Github would get me.
Okay. So what age is better to start on ?
7:06 PM
@RebeccaChernoff is following me on GitHub, doesn't that count for at least ten followers?
@genesis, like I said, work your butt off at school. If you're bored because they're not teaching you enough, ask for more. Learn as much as you can on StackOverflow. If you're bored, try a new language - or better, a new paradigm (web/sql/functional/os). If you're interested in 'real' work and real money, your best bet is freelancing for friends, family, or local companies. Write to companies near you and ask/beg for work experience. If you're good, maybe it's them who'll beg the next time.
@genesis. Start looking at university courses. If you're sold on programming, look into the different options. Don't look just near home - be ambitious, look abroad too. Start saving up, unless you've got rich parents.
Oh, and don't forget to go outside from time to time :D
And now I'll stop preaching :)
@Benjol I forget that all the time. It makes me sad. :(
@TimStone, easier if you live in a beautiful place, and if you've got kids to 'walk'...
Yeah, about that... :P
I'm outta here. regards to all, have a nice cigar @GeorgeMarian :)
7:24 PM
See ya, @Benjol :)
@TimStone mr stone
Did you want to be in the thing?
Ah, I told Cole I was going to take a pass because I wasn't sure about my availability. Good luck to you guys, though!
Ok. thats cool
If you guys are still looking for a 4th, I plan on being available this weekend and I just bought Node.JS in Action MEAP from Manning.
7:40 PM
@Benjol Heh. Thanks. See yah later.
Goodness, this cat sure is extra needy today. WTF? Does it know that I barely got any sleep last night and it's on my last nerve?
Speaking of sleep...
yawns Sadly, I'm at the office, and I haven't managed to set up a cot under my desk yet.
Yeah, you probably don't want to do that.
I like to harmonize my home-work and work-work environments. ;)
Sure, just don't make work your home. :)
Oh, I don't think we need to worry about that..
7:47 PM
When you're not sure when one day begins and the other ends, it doesn't matter much? ;)
Hahah, well....I have no retort
Yes! I win!
I've gotta say, I do see the value in having an office away from home, even as a freelancer.
Leaving the house is of at least some benefit, as it turns out.
Yeah. Having that separation between work and home. (As some have said about not working in attire that's too casual.)
Not to mention, avoiding the kids. Your own or the neighbor's.
@Fosco tbh, I really offered it to Tim as a passing thing, because he was lamenting his lack of contribution to projects not in Java, and I knew that he had (re)written a large chunk of the chatuserscripts, so I was mostly gonna put him in charge of rewriting my excellent code.
Having said that, if you know socket.io and couchdb and redis, we could probably find some work for you
or if you know the chat userscripts inside and out ;)
8:09 PM
this is me being lazy. My apologies to the spam clutter
4 secs ago, by jcolebrand
this is me being lazy. My apologies to the spam clutter
8:58 PM
Hi guys I wonder how SO resolve copyright issues for the uploaded pictures.
Let's say I uploaded a picture from BBC, which is probably copyrighted, who is the responsible of this copyright infringement?
@Comptrol They would contact SO, and SO would delete it
@Comptrol you are
so, SO can't have any legal issues for allowing such a content without checking it?
checking it beforehand*
@Comptrol How can they check?
The principle is called "safe harbor."
The term safe harbor (safe harbour) has several special usages, in an analogy with its literal meaning, that of a harbour or haven which provides safety from weather or attack. Legal definition A safe harbour is a provision of a statute or a regulation that reduces or eliminates a party's liability under the law, on the condition that the party performed its actions in good faith or in compliance with defined standards. Legislators may include safe-harbour provisions to protect legitimate or excusable violations, or to incentivise the adoption of desirable practices. An example of safe ...
9:13 PM
George, I don't think owner of the copyright would care this, would they? they might as well say "Oh, it is on your site, so you have the responsibility not to allow this!", no?
Actually, the internet would prove you wrong @Comptrol
It has been this particular way now for about ... 15 years
if you allow people to sign up accounts, and they post shit, then they are responsible
now, what you should allow for is a mechanism to remove it once asked
but some sites are set up even in such a fashion that the owner of the network can't reasonably remove them, and those are also protected.
@Comptrol However, if SEI (the parent corp that owns SO) were to place a legal response that says "everything posted on our site is immediately our property forever" then .. that would make them liable. That would never ever happen.
@jcolebrand, well SEI copies the linked pictures to his own database, but that won't prevent them from deleting these pictures once requested. So in no way, the host site could have legal issues for allowing people to upload copyrighted issues, as long as they abide by the rules to the owner of these pictures, am I right?
@Comptrol no they don't. they don't copy anything to their own servers. Those things exist on the imgur network.
and that's for upload images.
merely hotlinked images are just that, hotlinked
thanks for your detailed answers @jcolebrand and @GeorgeMarian
I was dabbling with this issue in my head :/
@Comptrol You're welcome
9:32 PM
Hey BTW. Is it legal to run scripts on SO, like login (not API), and so on?
@Benjol as I have already said, I'm now going for the last year of first school, how could I get to university?
Scripts that automatically star chat messages containing oy are not encouraged.
@genesisφ There's a site for that: userscripts.org
@genesisφ you're too young to have remembered the winter of our discontent and the spring of starring oy's
I mean PHP script, not userscript
9:37 PM
there's a site for that stackapps.com
@jcolebrand I do not want to publish it
And I know that site
you don't read much do you?
I do
9:38 PM
you obviously don't
those guys write apps for the stack API
Why do you think so ?
because you're asking these questions
I know they do
because you asked in the first place
Forget it
I just asked if I can login programmatically. If I'm allowed to do so
9:38 PM
anyways, I'm out, I have things to do and a competition to win tonight
okay, now I know I can. Thanks
@genesisφ You mean the normal way by using HTTP requests?
10:04 PM
@mootinator sure I do
like file_get_contents("http://stackoverflow.com/user/1"); or with curl
WOW. The idiots are out in force today. WTF? How did they get driver's licenses?
No matter. I'm home now and about to pair a rare cigar with an overpriced coffee.
10:25 PM
Mmmm, smokey expensive coffee treats.
I've cut back on both, but I seriously deserve it today. :)
10:48 PM
stackapps.com/questions/2177/… "Framing is not allowed..." does anybody have same problems?
11:27 PM
ok folks, this is my time. Half hour to the nodeknockout competition, be looking for us to brag in here on Saturday or Sunday sometime, and ask for help breaking things.
otherwise, if you need me urgently, I would ask that you politely ask TimStone to intervene, he has super mod cow powers, or something
11:44 PM
It's true, I do. I'm not sure what that means, but I'mma go for it.
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