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9:11 PM
> 1. Rule number A:
You can't "number" a letter!!!
I'm pretty sure I've heard someone say that Unicode ruins everything...
@Catija It's rule number 10, expressed in hexadecimal
@Shog9 In all seriousness, I think you should edit in that such answers should be flagged, and if the breakage is such that you can't flag it, one should contact SE. Some people may have a hard time coming up with those judgments.
@SonicWizard I have it on twitter authority that he's in a meeting.
@Catija Evidence?
9:18 PM
Don't you see the headphones?
@Shog9 Ear pods.
Pod people
I just see a bunch of pixels
@Shog9 Can you please give me an objective explanation as to why you're choosing not to add my proposed text?
The more info as to why you make your decisions I have, the less likely I will be asking you to do things that you don't want.
Nobody flagged the post that started this discussion.
Well... if the page froze when they looked at the post, it would be somewhat difficult to flag? I don't know the full history of it, though and the last time I opened the edit history page, even that froze one of my browser tabs... the one for in here, actually. I had to quit the tab and open it from scratch to get it to respond.
9:31 PM
@Shog9 I actually didn't start that discussion just because of the above answer. I saw the chat discussion, and I remembered having to edit an older answer so it wouldn't break Edge.
I feel like you're trying to work towards a specific set of rules here rather than working toward a useful goal by way of rules.
don't do that.
@Shog9 No, if you read the second-to-last paragraph of my post, you'll see that what you answered is pretty much exactly what I asked for.
Once upon a time, I would walk through a field full of dandelions, and observe how the heads popped off and flew through the air as my boots struck them.
It was delightful. The warm air, the crisp sound of dandelion heads, the bitter smell of the sap...
as in, no-question deletion of a sandbox answer if someone complains. Sandbox answers are intended to be ephemeral anyway.
@SonicWizard But that paragraph doesn't relate to rules. It relates with "how do we address it when it happens"... which is what I suggested and I appreciate you adding it... but why not make that the entire question rather than looking for "rules" at all?
9:34 PM
and so I began to see how many I could behead with each step. Soon, I created a rule for myself: no dandelion heads could remain in my wake.
@Catija The "rule" was, should such answers be allowed or not. I was not asking about rules on how to differentiate such answers.
Suddenly, the walk became drudgery, and my pace slowed to a crawl.
The joy was gone.
What do you think of this?

Shog's 9 Rules of Pinging

Feb 4 at 19:49, 8 minutes total – 11 messages, 1 user, 6 stars

Bookmarked 21 hours ago by Sonic Wizard

@SonicWizard When did I say anything about differentiating the answers? I said there's no need for a list of rules for what's allowed... if something breaks the site, an edit/comment/custom mod flag should be sufficient to get it attended to... if you can't flag, let someone know in here... but why do rules matter... what's important is to know what to do in the case it ever happens.
@Catija To be honest, I kind of wanted it to be codified in policy rather than technically being just a special case every time.
9:39 PM
Your need for policy being official from staff is why I never bother answering your questions. You won't accept it. That's not how meta works.
@Shog9 Sounds like George MacDonald.
@Catija That's just part of my...tendency to want to know how exactly the SE network works.
In that regard, I'm just like @SFTP
@Shog9 (since you answered this) Have you read my edits to this? I still think the ban message should be reworded.
@SonicWizard One of the ways it works is we don't have rules for every contingency. That's why we have human moderators who sometimes are inconsistent.
The Golden Rule of Meta is Shog's Judgement Is Supreme.
Unfortunately, Shog's Judgement is contextual and cannot be described by a list of rules.
9:56 PM
In the meantime, how do I look with my mask off?
Better. Less creepy.
Yeah, it was pressing against my nose, and my eyes are shaped weird so I couldn't really see out through the mask...
Plus, who really makes a flat mask?
@JeremyBanks If you prefer creepy, I can put it back on if you want
I prefer not-creepy. :P
Is this the right place to communicate with moderators about a retag-request?
@SimonSobisch Is this about Meta Stack Exchange?
10:03 PM
The help said that tag renames should be placed in meta. Or should I visit chat.stackoverflow.com instead (is chat the correct place for contacting moderators in any case)?
@SimonSobisch You might be able to get some feedback, but there's no guarantee that any relevant moderators are in this room.
You probably want to make a post on meta.stackoverflow.com.
@SimonSobisch chat is not meta. Meta Stack Overflow is a full Q&A site.
Tag renames and similar usually need to be reviewed by the community, not just a single moderator. :)
Are you trying to retag a single question or are you trying to change how a tag is used?
10:05 PM
It is voted +7 -0 and stays there since 4 weeks.
tag rename
A synonym?
What's the tag?
ah, here is his post:
Q: Tag rename and synonyms: gnucobol <- opencobol

Simon SobischI've created the tag gnu-cobol some years ago and have chosen this spelling as it was the first package name of GnuCOBOL (formerly OpenCOBOL). As the package name was changed to gnucobol some months ago I propose to rename it by removing the hyphen. Additionally I propose making the tag with the...

both a rename and a synonym...
Jeremy was faster than me posting it
tries to remember how the confusing tag management tools work
10:07 PM
Actually a mod has to do that... users can't suggest tags that are only off based on hyphenation.
Need help?
@JeremyBanks stackoverflow.com/admin/merge-tags I think this should work?
@Catija So, merge opencobol into gnucobol, and then create a synonym. Do you know if it automatically creates a synonym after the merge?
@JeremyBanks There's a check box that will automatically add it.
well I am blind; that's right there on my screen.
Then, you'll do the same for gnu-cobol --> gnucobol
@SimonSobisch I'll take care of it. In the future, you can probably also flag your meta post with something like "+7/-0 after a few weeks, could this be done?"
10:10 PM
I actually joined this chat to find out how to best reach a moderator. Will use the flag next time.
Thank you, @Jer
@SimonSobisch You got lucky, since he is one :P
You're welcome. Thanks for your help keeping things organized. :)
Though, he was playing shy at first.
Thank you @JeremyBanks for doing the merge and @Catija for the help.
Anytime :D Glad to be able to help.
10:12 PM
I'm actually so shy that I created a second one back than ;-)
back then...
Someone needs to update the Tag Wiki Excerpt.
ahhh, crap, I may have preserved the wrong one.
Let me dig up that orphan.
...just wanted to ask about this.
10:17 PM
Should be OK?
Approved. @SimonSobisch, do you remember if there were any other changes to to the wiki description, or just the name change?
Unfortunately the tag wiki orphan index hasn't been updated yet, so I don't have the old version right now.
That's odd... my understanding was that if you merge into a non-existing tag, the excerpt and wiki should carry over... The excerpt was correct, I just rephrased it to focus on the new name.
Is it possible the wiki body was empty?
The excerpt likely had more content, but much more important the body was quite extensive...
Oh... I see what happened... there was content in the GnuCOBOL tag but that was merged second... so the content there was lost.
So, considering the tag wiki content, merging from gnu-cobol to gnucobol first would have been preferred.
10:21 PM
@SimonSobisch Sorry about that. I'll restore the previous content once it pops up in the "orphan wiki" index for me to find; I'll check that again in a couple hours (since it's not there yet).
Oooh, nice find.
The content for both is also here: webcache.googleusercontent.com/…
@SimonSobisch If you want to pop the wiki content back into the new tag I can approve it, so you retain edit/author credit. If not I will do it myself.
And earn 2 rep for having it approved!
... sorry, I'm a bit... obsessed with SO rep.
10:25 PM
He just lost a few rep from the orphaned edits, I think. :(
I'm on the way of doing so.
I've obviously placed more content in https://stackoverflow.com/tags/cobol/info than in gnu-cobol, which I consider dobule-good in this case
Cool. I'll be back in a few minutes. Thanks again for your contributions.
10:38 PM
Updated stackoverflow.com/tags/gnucobol/info - I'm off for today, thank you again (extra for the friendly tone, I may hang out more here ;-)
10:58 PM
Does anyone remember a "Triage only works at ~SO scale" post on Meta?
[for some value of "works"]
Q: Triage and Help & Improvement review queues at sites other than Stack Overflow?

gnatTL;DR Does it make sense to establish (or at least test) new review queues at sites other than Stack Overflow? As far a I understand, answer to above question is not quite straightforward: This is all pretty much tailored to the needs of Stack Overflow... Not that this precludes using it els...

Sure. :) If it helps you find it again, I just searched for "triage scale" and there were only 5-6 results.
how I feel right now

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