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12:03 AM
Also money only works in human society, once I hiked one of the best walks in the country - it's mostly remote in the bushes/forest. In the course of 6 days, I spent $3.5 - I only encountered one small shop, from which I bought a cold lemonade.
@SFTP Do you know if Ano raised an issue on SE about the captcha being v1?
Just received this warning: i.imgur.com/JIjaf87.png about it. Just over a week left before the version is shut down
I found no such issue, but if the page is not used, why bother?
Oh, my bad. I misread it as the captcha being on everywhere for the last three years, rather than nocaptcha being on
Still too early for me
2 hours later…
2:11 AM
A: How To Get Chess Titans on Windows 8/10

Rafael V.THow do I love thee? Let me count the ways

Poetic NAA of the day.
... of yesterday, actually.
@TelKitty let me know when you're around
I wouldn't red flag
I don't onebox stuff for entertainment purposes if it's meant to be red-flagged.
2:25 AM
@Rob No
@YvetteColomb I am here, but have a few things to take care of today
will be on and off a bit
2:42 AM
@TelKitty ah ok
3:07 AM
@Shog9 I really hope they keep it. It's the coolest site design
3:20 AM
@bjb568 still applying the math?
Samuel pulled away from Baum. The candidates are in three groups: 3 likely winners, 5 long shots, 6 can forget it.
Election monitor (Charcoal)
Eh, I don't know if the primary scores mean that much... apparently Jeremy was pretty low in the primaries when he won in the sixth election?
Yes. But on the other hand, #1 and #2 in primaries have 100% record of being elected. chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/6787499#6787499
3:34 AM
Out of 27 candidates that placed outside of top 7, one has won.
Huh. I wonder what happened in between the primary and election to make such a huge change for Jeremy, then...
Nov 22 '16 at 19:54, by Shog9
Jeremy "fixed" the ballots anyway
@JohnDvorak That alt text is prophetic.
3:36 AM
For the 2016 election, I mean.
4:26 AM
@Catija Just checked the mailbox. Haven't received the stickers yet. Also, it's not in my packages (otherwise I would have been emailed every day).
5:00 AM
@YvetteColomb my chooks are scared by a large blue tongue skink in the backyard
^ cc: @ShadowWizard @JourneymanGeek @rene
already delete voted both ;p
7:00 AM
Patrick for the win
7:11 AM
Also flagged for mod attention requesting the one user who posted both be suspended (as the ban filter is much more lenient here on Meta) (cc @rene @Glorfindel )
(can't RC flag as dupe since I already flagged it as off-topic)
I need some people prepare delete votes on MSO here
ah not me then ;)
12 hours ago, by Ano
@JourneymanGeek Back home, I met one of my old teachers from high school, who is also dyslexic. He tends to repeat many things and use too many words when speaking. Out of curiosity, is this something you find yourself doing?
@Ano eh, no?
7:20 AM
I do fillers, but I kinda trained myself to pay attention to what I say cause social anxiety.
I suspect that I have an autistic chicken
the chooks that I had varied in intelligence, but this one, is autistic
That's probably not the best usage of the term @TelKitty
> I'm just a normal human
someone is impersonating there ...
typing with his normal human hands?
7:27 AM
oops, busted...
@Ano also, verbal oddities of the sort you're talking about sounds like...
well one of the things with dyslexia is basically your brain is processing stuff all the time
Its overclocked, in a sense but... inefficient at many things
so, he might just be distracted ;p
(this is a gross simplification but folks handle things differently)
nuked? self-deleted?
oh right, their bot self-deleted the post because it's VLQ...
the guy deleted and re-posted. Flagged for a mod
TBH, I'm bored waiting my code compiling...
screenshot? ;p
7:34 AM
Use a scripting language, they don't need compiling ....
they blow-up in the face of your users ...
no no, they provide realtime feedback of unplanned facial conflagations....
The OP didn't reply me, I'm unloved :(
@AndrewT. yes, but i wont stop till people realize the purpose of themselves. ps. now put your ego to your bag, then write again. — Nevermore 2 mins ago
shrug flag it? ;p
@JourneymanGeek For mod attention asking they be suspended
31 mins ago, by Ano
Also flagged for mod attention requesting the one user who posted both be suspended (as the ban filter is much more lenient here on Meta) (cc @rene @Glorfindel )
7:43 AM
is that a question?
or just R/A flags ;p
I should "recommend" the OP to also put that "ego" reason on the post to "convince" us
Moderation burnout's a bit of a thing tho
Sure thing... even for full-privilege-non-mod like me sometimes feeling that...
Well, its not a job
I've literally gone "eh, the others can handle the flags"
and there's a handful of lovely people who can handle meta posts
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 10 mins ago, by JAD
I modflagged the post because of the reposting though. I don't think the post itself at face-value warrants a r/a flag.
7:47 AM
@JourneymanGeek Or you could suspend everyone for a day? I'm suspending you because I want a day off
A mod induced read-only mode
I'm pretty sure quitting would be less stressful
okay, I don't really understand what the last comment was trying to say.... something about... cosmos?
it is delete voteable now ...
let's stop feeding the troll
why even feed the troll? ;p
I don't feel like feeding the troll... I feel like the OP is feeding me...
perhaps I'll get a mod message either :/
7:53 AM
smacks @HTTP in the mandibles with a rolled up newspaper
There you go
Thanks, my code finished compiling, but I just realized there's a one-off bug :(
oh, and btw, the post was undeleted
@HTTP Mod flags survive deletion
8:14 AM
A mod deleted the troll MSO post
flag helpful
8:53 AM
@TelKitty aw - it shouldn't hurt them. Blue tongue lizards are awesome
Is that one called Bill?
Blue tongue... blue feet...
9:09 AM
Are you accusing Bill of being a skink?
9:34 AM
I guess he had been thrown more offensive stuff at him ...
10:27 AM
Troll? Where?
@ShadowWizard The robot cosmos on here
@ShadowWizard or me, depending from whose POV
10:41 AM
stir up some discussion ... yes it did but you weren't much part of it ...
A high-quality 22 karat downvote!
@rene not to mention, site metas... there's no real concequence
@HTTP isn't it just 19?
I was told by some brokers that it'd be 22-karat in the future...
10:56 AM
It's actually increased in value! 23 karats
@JourneymanGeek was the snarky comment related to... radiation?
11:18 AM
Jokes aside, I am thinking of posting a meta post asking to clarify once and for all a common staff supported view on what "Not an answer" actually means.
@HTTP some token ring jokes too
there are multiple posts discussing the same problem, but no one ends up in any form of official statement.
The closest thing I could found is a somehow vague explanation from Shog.
Would be anyone interested?
@Ano it's just a letter. Wouldn't be with packages.
11:38 AM
@Derpy Your castle...
well, I guess that's as the official-est as it can be
beyond that is subject to each mod
@HTTP I already know of that post, and to my understanding it either does not cover borderline cases of "MU" answers or people are simply ignoring Shog guidelines
That's why I was thinking to post a "part 2" question in an attempt to clear up that specific situation.
12:18 PM
is the metasmoke site down?
@PrincessLuna looks like it.
14 messages moved to Chimney
@YvetteColomb my chook had gotten bitten by something at night before, it's either a blue tongue or a possum, neither has chicken in their diet
@TelKitty chicken
@rene blue tongue is a cross between bill and blue beet? @HTTP :x
12:33 PM
@Magisch and?
@Magisch Aussie slang, better get used to it ...
@TelKitty do you have chickens?
yes, I have 3
miniature velociraptors of death
12:52 PM
I think we better delete this answer, see in its revisions, it was used to game the system. (give rep to bot account by approving crappy edits, just for the sake of rep). What you think? @rene @Bart @JourneymanGeek
This is not better than upvoting our own posts.
(gaining easy rep with 0 gain for the site.)
@ShadowWizard delete vote incoming
Thanks. I've also flagged, but being MSE... don't expect it will do anything.
Maybe someone will decline it in 6-8 months, but likely my flag will just sit there forever.
@ShadowWizard roll back the edits
@PrincessLuna what for? Just another useless revision.
Rollback doesn't invalidate the previous edits. (i.e. rep from suggested edits will be preserved)
Doesn't it remove the rep gained? Or was that just if the edit is approved and the OP then rejects it?
1:05 PM
@PrincessLuna only OP has that power, it's quite new... and it's per-edit.
(it's not a rollback)
@SFTP I suppose.
1:17 PM
@ShadowWizard probably should let a mod cm know too
> A wild dog appeared!
> What will Meowth @bjb568 do?
@JourneymanGeek nah, not that critical... deleting the answer will drop the bot back to 1, the comment I made will hopefully prevent him from doing it again. If it won't, I'll ping someone here.
@ShadowWizard I don't think tha behaviour is cricket, and I do think that if it happened on SU, I'd be handing out a suspension.
1:34 PM
@JourneymanGeek suspension might be too harsh for the first time doing it... especially with a long time user who is otherwise good and helpful. but if doing it again, totally agree.
@ShadowWizard The fact that its a long time user kinda makes it worse IMO
They should know better
hmm... might be true. :)
(there's a bit of precident for acceptable and unacceptable ways to get rep for a bot)
stuff like bounties are not cool - so accepting your own edits is kind of out of line too
@JourneymanGeek yeah, it's double offense, since the main account gain something from this too. (badges for reviewing)
1:50 PM
Is this a voting bug on the election page: meta.stackoverflow.com/q/364860/578411 and how is that supposed to work?
huh? the OP has a voting problem on Q&A, but not election?
either the title is misleading, or OP miswrote somewhere
@rene bug
@HTTP code is different
They copied some code over, but forgot to either change something or add something else, which they added later only in Q&A
> Why does Moderator Election vote does ask me to Sign in or Sign up?
> But it does not show me the same popup in the Electoral link
I hope I just misunderstood that the OP faced a popup that's different than the usual "not enough rep to vote"
@HTTP OP used sock with 1 rep
(I reproduced with Guest mode in browser, same bug.)
2:38 PM
One of the computers at office is making a cricket noise.... It's really as if a cricket is inside it... o_O
@ShadowWizard That is such a great idea for April 1.
Once upon a time, I remember reading a tale about a Mozzarella cheese package that was forgot in a server room.
left there, the bag started going bad
then fermenting
then inflating
.... and then going BANG!
2:44 PM
Result: one morning the workers in the office heard a loud explosion from the server room.
When they entered, they were greeted by rancid milk / cheese smell and mozzarella grenade bomb pieces all around the place....
2:57 PM
It must end with BANG!
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer: How do I download different blocks of bitcoins blockchain by Diego Lucas on bitcoin.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported question: Bitcoin Mining ETH sales by Diego Lucas on bitcoin.SE
3:22 PM
@MetaEd omg, it is!
buying bag of crickets
@MetaEd Another great prank is buy cheap seafood and put it under the floor or in the roof or in a rarely used pipe
@Derpy cheese... exploding??
the place will start to smell until you remove it and it's really hard to find
same with eggs...
tis' balpha
3:24 PM
@Magisch That's not so much my style
@Magisch had left some mussels in the pocket of a jacket I don't often use. My mother searched for the increasing smell for a couple of days ....
@rene flowers use jackets?
pictures a flower sized jacket with little pockets and arms for stems
to prevent being blown of the dyke, yes
^ asked for ID request on Anime.SE
3:45 PM
@MetaEd Just one question. WHY.
@Derpy Because I can.
@MetaEd I therefore assume you also gave free internet access to your living room lights switches :P
I had to derust my JS chops. Having fun.
@Derpy 0:
3:52 PM
I just realised vivaldi used SO as an example for their web panels feature
@JourneymanGeek they link to the http version, not https
Which reminds me... @HTTP is still not @HTTPS as he should be!
calling Nick to help him add secure layer
just 1 day... 1 day more... or 6-8 d... <connection lost>
oh, 30 days limit?
You changed name in February 20
So, you are hence being forgiven. :P
...and @SFTP did it again... name changed to FTP in February 18, and changed again to SFTP in March 15. Name change rate limit busted.
Luckily he's responsible enough (or smart enough? ;)) to not abuse it too much. :)
Anyway, I expect you to find out how he's doing that, and apply same method, so you can keep up with name changes. @HTT. ;)
4:19 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: Recover unfinished mp4 file by RCPlayland on superuser.com
@ShadowWizard that reminds me I have 5 or 6 days left till I can change again :D dunno if I'm going to though, being lazy and all... :D
5:19 PM
Generative Adversarial Network trained on an anime dataset?
@PrincessLuna Yes.
And not mine. I just added the animation layer.
Still cool
5:25 PM
There are lots more knobs I could turn. The AI has controls for hair color and style, eye color, and a bunch more.
5:44 PM
@ShadowWizard As it always was, at least for me. I just went to Quantum Computing and changed the name there.
But @HTTP can't do the same because his name changes are local to MSE.
6:01 PM
Any thoughts on self-promotion in comments? It is self-deleted but it might have value, in which case we need to undelete it ....
If a link is to a blog post that sort of answers the question, then it's not really a promotion, I think.
I posted a few of those on Math, nobody seemed to complain.
Looks like the line is a blog post or my blog post
Jon Skeet posts links to his blog, I think. Maybe even in comments, though I didn't check.
I don't see a problem if it addresses the question.
6:09 PM
I think the line should be at: has a link at hand, runs a search for keywords, posts under matching questions.
As opposed to: sees a question, recalls writing a blog post, adds a link.
@SFTP yes he does: stackoverflow.com/questions/49027631/… not often though ...
I don't think that's optimal. Is looking for questions to an answer OK if said answer doesn't contain a link?
7:00 PM
"This account is temporarily suspended for asking programming questions on meta"
7:15 PM
@TelKitty that's not good :[ I hope she wasn't hurt too badly
Weird how 4-8 converged in the primary: primaries.charcoal-se.org/vote_counts/graph
@Shog9 If two or more users are tied for 10th place in the primaries, how is the tie broken?
The election is cancelled and we start all over again
Q: What math decides who is eliminated during election primaries?

CalebDuring the primary phase of SE elections the candidate pool is narrowed to 10 nominations based on a free-form up/down voting system much like answers. However the vote math system has some funky stuff that we'd probably be better off without like showing the vote tallies as: floor ( upvotes - d...

found by searching for the cryptic phrase tie primary
Is this still the case, now that we have candidate scores?
7:28 PM
As far as I know, candidate score is just a decoration, not used by anything.
Interesting how SF had elections in 2011, 12, 13, 14, 15... and stopped.
@SFTP It's all academic, really, because there are only three moderator positions.
Mods got into the groove, or the traffic dropped, or both.
Most of SF moderation is by diamonds.
7:31 PM
Excluding possible removed mods (who are removed from the election pages), 37 mods have ever been appointed on SO. Of those, 8 are no longer mods, and 4 are users who became employees and now hold diamonds as a result of employment, not by community power. One additional user used to fall into the latter boat, but is no longer an employee, so their diamond is once again community-powered.
So we have more than a thousand mod flags a day, and only 25 mods to handle them.
animuson is in the unique position of initially holding mod powers on MSE as an SO mod back when it was called MSO, then having them revoked after the meta split, and then subsequently reinstated after becoming hired at SE.
@SFTP so you say changing on private beta and saving on all sites bypass the 30 days limit?
@PrincessLuna nah, think this name fits you well. :)
Yes, that's how I do it.
@Ano There aren't removed ones, but the concept of SO mods precedes the election page. There have been 43 mods so far: normalhuman.github.io/moderator-chart.pdf
7:47 PM
Early elections happened on Jeff's blog.
@SFTP nice chart! Wonder if we will ever have a former moderator run for mod again, so far from your chart it never happened, or if it did, that mod wasn't elected again.
Guess that "enough is enough", in case of SO moderation.
@SFTP you mean Bill and Marc were elected via blog comments?
If they're looking for three mods, I wonder if any of the current mods are stepping down.
I thought Jeff simply chose the first mods, without any form of elections.
@Catija probably, but SO can always use more mods.
@ShadowWizard Nominations were via comments. Elections were on some SO page that Jeff made up for the occasion. stackoverflow.blog/2009/05/19/welcome-new-community-moderators
@ShadowWizard Never happened. However Jeremy has two mod terms, as he got his diamond back after leaving the company.
7:55 PM
Which I thought was unusual because he resigned prior to being hired. But mods have the option of turning in the diamond and then getting it back, in case of prolonged inactivity.
So after this election there will be 46, which is 1 more than the number of presidents in the U.S. history.
However, U.S. had Grover Cleveland with two non-consecutive elected terms, with no parallel in SO history.
Why is it recommend deletion reviews don't show up in the review tab?
A: Recommending Deletion not showing up in user's reviews

animusonOne major component of the review activity tab on your profile that you must understand is that deleted posts are never shown there. No matter what queue the review happened in, if the parent post ends up being deleted, the review task will also disappear from your list shortly after. In that sen...

Recommend close and recommend delete are a majority of my reviews :(
8:07 PM
Recommend close is not that common, it's only possible between 2K and 3K.
Academia election is done:
Q: 2018 Community Moderator Election Results

Jon EricsonAcademia's second moderator election has come to a close, the votes have been tallied, and the moderator is: They'll be joining the existing crew shortly — please thank them for volunteering, and share your assistance and advice with them as they learn the ropes! For details on how the voting...

Close reviews are shown there.
Otherwise it is just straight to close vote?
@Catija shocked by the result :)
I like how neatly he did it! exactly the right number of votes for the threshold. Nothing extra.
8:08 PM
Nice, 50.2%
So, my grinding rep on Academia had this minor consequence.
You were able to give the necessary vote?
It's not that I don't know about the subject matter... but I'd rather not post there.
Yes, I voted for W there
@TravisJ Otherwise it's a close type of review (which includes a close vote), and those are shown on the review tab.
8:11 PM
@SFTP Do they contribute to the close votes count in the votes tab?
Yes, it's both a Close review and a Close vote.
@SFTP maybe we will, e.g. if @Will will run again.... ;)
Similarly, after you have 20K (and delete votes to use), your Delete action in LQP is both a Delete review and a Delete vote.
@SFTP Nah, I the delete review doesn't show except in the review count for a badge. It isn't in the review list in my actions tab.
@SFTP Which is funny, because the only thing that shows from the LQP review in my review tab is audits.
It does show in the delete vote tab though.
@TelKitty went out this morning at 5.45 to let Tuppence (the pregnant girl) out of the cattle yard, as there was a lighting storm
8:21 PM
not comfortable walking into a paddock during a lightning storm and she was next to a lone tree in the paddock which is why I was worried about her
I had a pair of thongs on and my feet were in puddles of water - so they wouldn't have done mcu, I'd have made a good earth
8:34 PM
Can't decide what to do with this edit
@Ano Approve
yep approve
that whole tag is ... I dunno ... smells like bitcoin.se
Meh, legit use, tag has been around for 8½ years
Just rarely used, money isn't exactly a hot topic most of the time
On MSE though, I guess there are no hot topics. Except for getting s-s-s-sidebarred.
8:58 PM
@Shog9 - So, close vote stuff came up again with regards to the SO election, and I was curious what you thought about expanding some of the gold tag badge functionality. What if: We expand the gold tag badge privilege to one click closure for users who have a gold tag badge in close review as well as a relevant tag?.
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