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(cc @JeremyBanks the bountier)
well, that last sentence applies to a lot of things
@SFTP Nope, I believe they're DIII in all sports. (small liberal arts college)
Makes sense. My PhD is from an all-Div III school (though not very small).
Interesting how it tends to be all or nothing. Where is division II?
Let's start fresh at AQ.T (this appears to be their abbreviation for now)
12:08 AM
@Shog9 Maybe it's better if you answered it, since it's unclear to a lot of users? Also, what do you think of the other sentences?
Probably not going to see a complete redesign of this in the next 7 days
resign, redesign, why u 2 so close
And while I'm sympathetic to the whole "let users see their deleted questions if the deleted questions are banning them", in practice this rarely matters. Most folks don't get banned because of a big ol' pile of old, deleted questions. And ...few enough people are willing to go through and edit their not deleted questions; expecting them to edit, flag for undeletion, hope the question gets reopened and upvoted... Is wildly optimistic.
More confusing is resign vs re-sign (as in: for another season).
Opposite meaning dependent on the hyphen.
12:23 AM
so if a chicken accidentally flew off its coop on the roof top of a 60 story building, will it be able to survice?
12:39 AM
not sure furious fighting or passionate making out session
1:39 AM
I don't expect any action from that bounty. Just a sentiment I like to share every now and again.
@SFTP well, its by folk who think the mechanics of Q&A are toxic
stuff like votes and such
Forums work well for discussion and discourse is a pretty nice forum platform
my weird ability of walking right pass things without noticing them
and tbh, if people are unhappy with SE and want to run their own site, and it works for them - I think everyone wins?
I kind of have my reservations over some of the things related to that on twitter but shrug
Its not an argument I really want to get into
2:20 AM
> The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments.
I want to see more cat and dog fighting then making out sessions
2:34 AM
I'm glad to know what order you'd like to see those things in...
2:46 AM
yes, and need both for extra warmth, coz both fighting and making out are exercising
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad NS for domain in body, blacklisted website in body: Can I redeem EUR vouchers in any by Srn dkj on apple.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer, pattern-matching website in answer: Can I buy pressure cookers and mixer grinders in Poland? by Best Products Of India on travel.SE
@JourneymanGeek there's no sense in arguing over it. The folks arguing are mostly not interested in doing anything, so you've lost from the start: best-case, they eventually stop replying to you... Which you could achieve with less effort by not participating to begin with.
Best of luck to the folks on AQ.T. Starting a new site is hard.
But at least they're willing to try.
3:01 AM
@Shog9 exactly
I do think they have some potentially valid points, but I'd rather switch on lights than curse the darkness ;)
(and heh, there was a similar post on MSE that accuses folks of being condescending.)
I have no idea how to reply to someone who is accusing me of that because I fundamentally think we shouldn't force people to write a certain way.
And if they can start a site, keep it running and positive, and it works, its awesome for them. Its not a zero sum game.
Suspensions on SE, other than network suspension, are more like restrain orders than a prison sentence. You are not allow to go near something, but you can go anywhere else you want to.
3:21 AM
@TelKitty Well, I actually like the hockey or football analogy
We're basically telling folks, if you can't play nice, you need to leave until you can
But ideally I'd rather have folks learn from their mistakes than punish them
Is AQ.T pronounced as "a cutie"?
I wonder if that was intentional or "Oh, that's available and cheap"
or it was already set up, and that was a brilliant way to bootstrap a new site
I think most things with .tech would be available.
why does it remind me of devnoodle?
Not stackoverflow, though. But stackoverflow.network is available for $3.88/year from namecheap
3:32 AM
wouldn't really fit their needs tho
(I mean, they could have also set up a Q&A platform rather than a discussion board)
omg it's devdoodle not dev noodle
but I get the idea they feel that certain aspects of Q&A and gamification don't work for them
Which is also probably fine.
I don't know of an open source Q&A engine that is as well maintained as Discourse is.
shrug its a site for devs. That's less of an issue IMO
though that's a very valid point
3:42 AM
Osqa was one of the first "SO clones". They kinda copied the look and behavior of a first-year Stack Overflow, and... Never really caught up. Getting software from "it works, but it's annoying to use" to "it doesn't burn my fingers if I type too fast" is harder than most people - most programmers even - give it credit for.
Discourse has had... What, 4 years of polish now? And it shows.
@Shog9 I guess
and heh, what was that one I used years ago
wasn't too bad, just that I picked a time when everyone in that community was doing their own thing ;p
question2answer.org/qa It burns my eyes pretty badly 0_0
I don't remember it being that terrible
their demo page isn't as fugly
(yes, its php/mysql. I didn't run a stack that I was confident could handle anything better till last year)
@SmokeDetector true statement, but spam nonetheless
@SFTP Registered question as true positive. If you want to blacklist the poster, use trueu or tpu.
4:45 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: Chart showing percent change? by Equitymaster on money.SE
5:27 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in answer: Managing Kindle Fire with on 12.04 via Micro-USB by Shera on askubuntu.com
5:37 AM
@animuson I face a different situation. I see discussions where users post questions like "Where is this user now? He contributed well." Why "is this user not active? Is there any way to contact them?" on meta. They are also off-topic. Aren't they? — Nog Shine 3 mins ago
^ Should we deal them same as the suspension and user deletion questions on meta?
@NogShine IF someone chooses to quietly leave, or has other things to worry about... shouldn't we respect their privacy?
@JourneymanGeek Definitely.
and this feels like as much a matter of that sort of common sense, over policy
same as with more controversial things
Q: Where did Molly go?

ldigasBeing an irregular regular on Super User, I know most of the crew which are also usually the most knowledgeable ones, and the first on the scene, when it comes to answering questions. Lately, I haven't seen Molly answering any, and upon checking the user list I find her name missing. It isn't st...

Its happened before tho
5:57 AM
How did that question get such upvotes?
Cause it was a very long time ago
@JourneymanGeek Now my question "Where did Idigas go?"
No idea ;p
1 hour later…
Where did Sally go?
For lunch.
where did the egg-@nog go?
@PrincessLuna into your stomach
8:05 AM
@SmokeDetector tpu-
8:24 AM
@NogShine are you virus?
@HTTP Super Sally
@rene yannis kaboomed it
@TelKitty I think that's a name I haven't heard since the eighties
8:41 AM
are you thinking about instant noodles for dev?
Just add hot water?
I still have DevDoodle background.... /cc @bjb568 ;)
9:42 AM
@ShadowWizard gone
I have a link of a spammer account too which is on SU and SO. NSFW warning...
@JNat thanks!
@NogShine you should have added NSFW warning. o_O
@ShadowWizard oops.. added
@ShadowWizard Thought I'd reply this time, so you didn't think I didn't take care of it ;P
9:49 AM
Mine is handled too. Thanks..
I was going to ask about the SU one ;p
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with a link in answer, blacklisted website in answer: Creating fillable PDFs by John_Park on tex.SE
10:36 AM
@JNat hehe, thanks a bunch! ;)
11:08 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in answer: Is there a single UAC binary? by iMac Technical Support on superuser.com
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1:21 PM
Q: Getting rich via in-group signals

denespThere is an answer on the main site which purports to portray the sitting American president as a bit of a simpleton (which I may or may not agree with). The problem is that while doing this the answer sources a quote to the president which he did not say. While in Economics we often tell fables ...

[This comment is not visible to people in the USA]
1:57 PM
@JohnDvorak heh, that's r00d.. definitely not appropriate for the USA... ;p
2 hours later…
4:05 PM
Hm, text over the dismiss button... but it's nice that it's now automatic.
It's fitting that Juan's "Please vote" post has no votes itself. But the situation doesn't look that bad...
Zero score posts:
JaSO: 10112 / 31515 = 32%
EnSO: 16595052 / 39666155 = 42%
Maybe Juan should post on English meta.SO instead...
Restricted to questions, JaSO is even with SO. Zero-score questions:
JaSO: 6319 / 14446 = 44%
EnSO: 7196436 / 15532249 = 46%
4:15 PM
@SFTP well, Japanese people probably weren't using SO at 10pm local time... also, it's meta.
but yes, the voting system's probably alien for outside of SE regular, in addition to the rep privilege
Among the sites with 10000+ visits/day, Lifehacks stands out as having fewest questions per day: 0.4
Next one, Parenting, has 3 times more than that.
O well, it's been fun while it lasts.
Also, it looks like Augur is no longer a thing people care about. Three questions in the last 30 days.
Probably another decentralized thing took its place.
4:35 PM
Prediction market ... they predicted it wrong?
4:50 PM
Why can't I invite this user to chat?
In a Chat.SE room
@Ano is there any message? How do you know the user is not invited?
@HTTP ROs apparently are able to do so
@Ano I was not able to a ping a mod who visited the chat room for the first time. In chat.se The case is same.. I am an RO in the room.
5:06 PM
@Shog9 Why can't I invite this user to this room?
Because he is a mod?
I was able to send an invite to a moderator on a site. It worked on another site.
I can invite that user to other rooms, and I can invite (not all) other users to the linked room (on first glance, I was able to invite Jon Skeet, but not SmokeDetector)
@Ano if chat considers them already in the room, then you can't invite them there
@Shog9 But they're not
read that last sentence carefully
5:13 PM
He's not pingable there, so he can't be in that room
I feel like I explained this in detail somewhere already, but I can't find it now :-/
Smokey also can't be invited there, and it's not in that room
@Shog9 Can you please actually investigate this case, instead of just making a decision at a glance?
I'm currently involved in another conversation, eating breakfast, and making coffee. Learn patience.
You don't have to investigate the case now
that is correct
5:20 PM
I'm just saying, don't just look at it and say things that you haven't confirmed
@Shog9 if the user was already invited to the room before but didn't accept, it won't actually show up anywhere (except the db), but future invites will be blocked, IIRC
@AdamLear Can you see if that's the case here?
@AdamLear I believe that is correct - meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/357422/…
@Shog9 I was not able to ping a mod when he was there in a room. It was his first time visiting the room. Then a normal user came, I was able to ping him.
@Taryn I don't believe that's the case here, because another user (who happens to be an RO) said she could invite them
(cc @AdamLear )
5:23 PM
so, yeah, he was invited previously, about 9 days after his last message in the room. dunno off hand it that matters.
@AdamLear So why could Tinkeringbell invite him? And why not me? Is the invite still pending?
no idea
Finally, does that second bullet not apply to ROs?
@AdamLear You can't check if the invite is still pending?
Do invites expire at all?
I probably can, but I don't remember how that's stored
5:36 PM
Hello @Shadow the Hedgehog
6:02 PM
And the entire Team Dark's here: Rouge, Shadow, and Omega.
Are rejected migrations still supposed to redirect from the original site to the closed question on the migration target?
6:17 PM
Well, the one on cooking right now does. "Yom tov cooking" It's closed right now but had been migrated to Judaism but was rejected by them.
Maybe it's my browser just remembering the automatic redirect?
Guess so. When I look at it in a private browser window, it doesn't redirect.
doesn't for me
6:38 PM
Does anyone have a premade SEDE query that lists close votes by caster and question?
@Magisch the caster is anonymized, right?
from what I see in the docs it's only in the PostHistory table in a JSON array
No they're not
oh, not when they've been effective.
@rene it looks like we have a new SEDE enthusiast (disclaimer: I wrote an answer there)
xxxxxxI don't particularly fancy coaxing out stretching an arbitrary json array into a temp table with SEDE
there's an awful lot of SQL that I don't fancy
6:43 PM
@Glorfindel The problem sometimes, is when they're not effective :P
@Magisch time to update SEDE to SQL Server 2016: stackoverflow.com/a/2868725/4751173
@Glorfindel it's 2017 :P
then why doesn't parseJSON work?
Dudes... you're so behind... don't you know... it's 2018.
6:49 PM
eh ... it doesn't work because I'm reading Stack Overflow and not the official documentation. BRB...
Are you implying that content on SO is wrong???
No, I'm questioning my ability to read.
multiple posts at once, that is.
All I want is to validate or invalidate @Catija 's idea that raising privilege thresholds on IPS would prevent bad questions from getting reopened
@Magisch I haven't even validated it... and I'm not actually sure it's of any value.
The meta / chat kerfuffle is a little exhausting tbh
6:54 PM
At least, for you, it's just meta/chat. I've got conversations about it going in at least six places.
@Catija Heh
You chose mod life though
... yeah... because A&C really prepared me for this... mr "I'm running for election on SO"...
@Catija I'm not saying I wouldn't do it, I just didn't have the opportunity yet
Also, I don't think I'm gonna win the SO election tbh (I'm not even sure I'll make it through the primary)
@JourneymanGeek Back home, I met one of my old teachers from high school, who is also dyslexic. He tends to repeat many things and use too many words when speaking. Out of curiosity, is this something you find yourself doing?
I think what's important on IPS is that people are working on things... even if it's a struggle... It's going to be. But what's important is to pace yourself and that's something I'm not sure everyone's managing right now. If it took TWP two years to get there, it's probably going to take us as long, if not longer.
7:01 PM
@Magisch can you do something (read: fork) with this query?
I was talking to Ash last night, though... I have almost as much IPS meta participation as Ash does Arqade meta participation... meaning similar numbers of questions and answers... and I've been on IPS for 8 months and they've been on Arqade for nearly 7 years.
Granted, only the last 3 of that's as a mod... but that's still three years as a mod.
@Glorfindel yes, thank you
lemme boomark that
@Catija I think the mod activity isn't the problem, I think availability is
People complain that rude stuff gets left up. It never stays more then a day but thats enough for people to start moaning tbh
Maybe we could have an IPS "ask a mod" chatroom like they have on SU
@Magisch Please tell me something in the last couple of months that needed attention from a mod that the users weren't able to handle.
@Catija Just today I had this discussion with Richard U
I don't think the actuality is the problem here, but the perception
We are not magical white knights who hang around waiting for a problem to delete.
The network gives you the power to fix things yourself. You don't need us in order to delete r/a stuff.
7:07 PM
@Catija mhm, but your presence keeps people in line
Not really.
Hmm ... this suggested edit on a now-deleted post was still available for review. Is that normal?
really does though
A mod comment under a escalating comment thread on TWP stems the tide usually, as I've seen
together with liberal use of the delete comment and move to chat feature
Not 3 hours later when there's already a discussion going in the comments, but early
trying to delete a HNQ upvoted comment or answer with flags leaves you up poinless creek with no paddle
this doesn't happen all that often, but when it does, it's incredibly demotivating
@Magisch Doesn't seem to bother Mith... if the flag gets disputed, he just custom flags stuff.
Is this spam or what?
7:11 PM
14th SO candidate, Travis J. Less than an hour left for nominations.
@SFTP gone
@Glorfindel nice!
@Magisch maybe you can start with this: meta.stackexchange.com/a/234057/158100
7:31 PM
Q: Cannot edit self-deleted answers if there was a pending edit at the time of deletion

reneAfter I wrote a not so good answer I decided to delete it. At the time of deletion there was a pending edit which I didn't bother to check. Assuming I want to salvage my answer before I undelete it I desperately want to edit it to counter the unwarranted and anonymous down votes. Clicking the e...

Got an email with subject "Accidentally". That's the entire subject. Someone decided to bring an old meme back.
> Pretty much everything about @CodeNewbies is a counterexample of the worst of @StackOverflow. (I do hope we find a new way to capture the best of StackOverflow though, preserving the utility but not the culture) -- Practicing Developer at 12:05 PM - 19 Mar 2018
Eh. Kindness doesn't scale.
@Ano ok. John, SmokeDetector and one other user are all marked as "invited" users of that room. None of them can be re-invited unless/until they actually visit the room.
Those never expire?
7:45 PM
why would they?
You know, in case they chose to ignore that invitation, and then a long time later someone else wants to ping them? They can't.
The gender demographics alone should demonstrate the stack overflow dev survey is riddled with bias to the point of being meaningless... but somehow we talk about it anyway. Why?
@Shog9 So why was Tinkeringbell able to invite John?
Because she's an RO?
Invite who?
Inclusive, scalable, useful: pick two.
7:47 PM
in The Awkward Silence on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 3 hours ago, by Tinkeringbell
It's there for me. Maybe it's reputation related?
in The Awkward Silence on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 3 hours ago, by Tinkeringbell
@gparyani Apparently you're somehow not allowed that, I don't know exactly why
Did Tinkeringbell actually show that she could invite him to that room? because I can't...
I have the dropdown for him but TAS isn't on the list of rooms I can invite him to.
Ok... If y'all have been messing around with this since earlier then the state has changed and there may be a different reason that applies here.
for future reference
I'm just going to list the requirements for user A to be able to invite user B to a specific room R
@Catija No, she was confused; the button was showing for her, but she didn't actually check the dropdown.
1) A cannot be banned from inviting (this blocks all invitations to any room)
2) A must be a registered user
3) B cannot be the same user as A
@Ano So... were you in more than one room at the time? I see you're in charcoal right now ... but if you're not in a room, I don't think the dropdown shows up.
7:52 PM
4) A must have access to R
5) R must not be frozen
@Magisch Eh.
6) R must not be deleted
@Catija I wasn't in CHQ at the time I took the screenshot. I joined to test if the button starts to show up.
7) B cannot be ignoring A
8) B must have write access to R
@Ano ... and does it?
7:54 PM
So... then there's no problem.
9) B must not already be in the room or have a pending invitation
Yeah, 'cause I was wondering why Tinkeringbell initially said she's able to invite him.
9 mins ago, by Ano
You know, in case they chose to ignore that invitation, and then a long time later someone else wants to ping them? They can't.
@Shog9 Would you accept or decline an FR that uses the above rationale to argue that chat invites should expire?
Decline immediately
Why? (Good thing I didn't post an FR now.)
7:56 PM
So, ignoring everyone solves the problem of chat invites.
10) A must be in the room they want to invite B to. ?
@Shog9 ^^Isn't that true?
Must be... otherwise the list of rooms would be absurdly long.
Ok. Now, those 10 rules apply to every situation where one user might be able to send an invite to another user - that includes both the "invite" and "start a new room" functions.
When visiting the profile of another user, the following rules determine whether there's an "invite" button:
1) If the visiting user is suspended, anonymous, or looking at their own profile, no invite button
2) If the target user is banned or lacks the rep to chat, no invite button
3) If the target user is ignoring the visiting user, no invite button
4) If there are no rooms where...
- The visiting user is present but the target user is not (and not already invited)
- The target user is not kick-muted
- Any of the room restrictions in the first list
...then no invite button.
8:10 PM
Finally, for the "start room with user" function, the following rules apply for the button to appear:
1) visiting user must have permission to create a new room
@Tinkeringbell Yeah, I believe I posted the message just below it at the same time, which caused me to overlook yours.
2) target user must have permission to talk in chat
3) every non-room-specific rule in the first list
Is that it?
Someone should copy this to meta for future references...
Proposed FAQ: How do chat room invites work?
8:16 PM
@Shog9 Unrelated issue: /captcha needs to be retired, as it uses the old "V1 UNSUPPORTED" captcha
/captcha should redirect to /nocaptcha
pong @TimStone
Q: reCaptcha v1 is shutting down on March 31, but SEDE still uses it

KaiidoAccording to this post, I thought the new recaptcha API was used network-wide. Though today, when going to SEDE (which for whatever reasons never recognized me automatically), I got this message instead of a usable captcha image. V1 Unsupported Please direct siteowner to g.co/recaptcha...

@Ano It's been reported on MSE several times. Pretty sure Tim's working on it.
Hm? Oh, the SEDE captcha? Yeah, I'll put out the PR either tonight or tomorrow night, I meant to do it last week but I got busy and then it was my birthday so I was lazy 🤷
@Catija Not SEDE
8:18 PM
@TimStone procrastinator :D
(I kid, I kid)
lol ;)
@TimStone congrats! Happy 50th Birthday !
@TimStone WHOOO!! Happy Birthday!
@rene Ugh, I feel that old, which does not bode well for when I actually am
@Catija Thanks!
@TimStone Ours must be really close. Mine was Saturday.
8:27 PM
@TimStone :D
@Catija How was the cake?
@rene Delicious!
@Catija St. Patrick's day is just pregaming for mine :P
@TimStone dang you're old :P
HAHA. It's a difficult day to have a birthday. It's pretty much impossible to have a calm night out.
@Ano Hello
actually I wasn't "here", forgot to close the browser. :/
@Catija why?
8:37 PM
@ShadowWizard In the US, at least, we've sort of ... absorbed St. Patrick's Day and made it into this extreme beer and green festival that... probably has little to do with the actual saint's day. And I find it amusing that you see bagpipers everywhere, usually playing Scotland the Brave... :/
I think this can be avoided by relocating to sparsely populated territory.
Mostly inhabited by Shogs.
That makes having a night out even more difficult...
Why not, a long midnight run can be nice if the weather is suitable.
8:41 PM
Other people need not be involved.
... yeah... running and I... we don't mix.
@Taryn I know, right? ;_;
Early primary leaders (top 10). Rob : 932 // Baum mit Augen : 791 // Samuel Liew : 770 // Floern : 615 // vaultah : 558 // Stephen Rauch : 437 // Yvette Colomb : 418 // Brett DeWoody : 415 // ArtOfCode : 279 // Jean-François Fabre : 236
Vladimir is not going to make it ...
@Catija oh, reminds me of our Purim, where teenagers are making tons of noise all night long too...
@rene Vlad who?
8:55 PM
@ShadowWizard not from Moscow
@rene I know lots of people named Vlad actually, lol
Most from army
I think they're talking about the SO mod candidate who's currently in last place with a score of 0.
Wonder what @Evan's score would have been, if he would still be running.
They might have widened the score column in the database for him to fit Long.MinValue in it ....
9:02 PM
and on the opposite side, wonder what score Jon Skeet will get, if he'll run for mod... :D
Over spring break, I've been working on checking each anonymous edit made since my first one in January 2014 and my coming out in early December. After having checked all but 48 of the 413 anonymous edits made during that time period, I've counted 312 as by me, 46 as by others, and 6 as "unknown" (as in, I don't remember). While this isn't the actual count, I can definitively state that I've made 300+ anonymous edits here.
I'll report back on the 48 remaining edits later
(cc @ShadowWizard )
@Ano That's fine, you don't really have to do that.. you're already a legend. ;)
Oh, @Ano Did you get the stickers? Everyone else I've talked to has theirs.
@Catija I have not checked my mailbox yet
The 4th attempt for vaultah.
The 3rd for Rob and Travis J.
The 2nd for ArtOfCode, Baum mit Augen, Floern, Magisch, Samuel Liew, Yvette Colomb.
The 1st for Brett DeWoody, Christian Gollhardt, Jean-François Fabre, Stephen Rauch, Vladimir Kovpak.
9:08 PM
Also worth mentioning that there are overall 528 anonymous edits to MSE; most of the ones not included in the 413 above are from 2013 and earlier
> OH: "I wonder if we need another big, gigantic, like mega... spreadsheet... because I love spreadsheets." -- David Haney at 2:15 PM - 19 Mar 2018
The answer is yes, provided it's a Google spreadsheet.
There is a limit of 2 million cells per spreadsheet, but one can use importrange to link multiple spreadsheets.
9:24 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer: Prepaying a loan: Shouldn't the interest be recalculated like a shorter loan? by Judy Parker on money.SE
"My name is Dennis G Baker"... Um... No... It looks like "Judy Parker" to me...
> The song's name is called Haddocks' Eyes
The song's name is The Aged Aged Man
The song is called Ways and Means
The song is A-sitting on a Gate
It's probably something like that.
> I am Judy Parker and my name is Dennis G Baker.
9:41 PM
The worst tag idea of the day: Kill Yourself Tag by peufeu on electronics.meta.stackexchange.com
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 5 mins ago, by JAD
How indicative have primaries been compared to the actual results in the past?
1	100.00%
2	100.00%
3	66.67%
4	44.44%
5	33.33%
6	33.33%
7	22.22%
8	0.00%
9	11.11%
10	0.00%
Position in primary vs winning %, for the previous 9 elections.
9:49 PM
I'd allow the Earth to rotate 360 degrees before taking the primary counts very seriously, but the current stats (Rob : 1611, Samuel Liew : 1330, Baum mit Augen : 1310, everyone else under 1000) point to likely winners.
I think that is a fair assessment
Those stats include called-up candidates (I consider them as winners in an election re-run). For the outright winners it'd be even more top-heavy.
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