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3:43 PM
> Dear Amazon, what are you doing, showing me a "customer also bought" ads for some Soul Gems?
Trying to make me sign a contract?
So, anyone buying one of those? Can be useful... ;)
Did Smokey delete that itself there?
If so it's working properly: that post was up for 6 minutes (so it got posted here, but then should have had time to be deleted)
@quartata it wasn't deleted by me
You can see the history
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in body: Cambiar el nombre de atributos a lowerCamelCase con Hibernate Tools by Omar Medrano on es.stackoverflow.com
3:53 PM
!!/unnotify~- 89 askubuntu
sd del
Yes, deletion watch works now.
mm that post up there was marked FP after it was posted here
so I'll keep an eye out
I think I fixed it though
@quartata Be wary though. You wouldn't want your eye to cross the view of another trainer.
Too late
Give me 20
@Shadow Just to be clear here, it is policy to close questions as dupes if the info was later edited into the FAQ, right? I've been applying this policy and it has been met with some skepticism.
@SmokeDetector tpu-
@SmokeDetector delete
4:01 PM
@Ano there isn't a real policy set in stone. So people can think in a different way, and it's legit. But yes, I do agree with your view, and usually will also close in those cases.
Ah, thanks.
4:16 PM
@Derpy haha
4:54 PM
(Even if it's not a dupe, it's off-topic, so )
@rene Would you be able to upload the data if I send you some SFTP credentials? :) At your convenience, no rush. I can email the credentials to you if you give me an address.
@ArtOfCode I just sent you those credentials too.
@JeremyBanks I'll send you an email
Sounds good!
@JeremyBanks you have mail
5:03 PM
@rene Thanks, returned. :)
5:20 PM
# BigQuery Public Datasets Query:
# Stack Overflow questions scoring 25+ deleted between March and December of 2017.

  q.score as score,

    "https://stackoverflow.com/questions/", string(q.id), "/",
    rtrim(ltrim(regexp_replace(lower(q.title), r'[^0-9a-z]+', '-'), '-'), '-')
  ) as url,

  if(q_june.id is null, "201703March - 201706June", if(
      q_september.id is null, "201706June - 201709Sep", "201709Sep - 201712Dec"))
  as deletion_window

  [fh-bigquery:stackoverflow_archive.201703_posts_questions] q
@Shog9 To sate your curiosity. :)
It turns out that BigQuery hasn't just been replacing the data dump each time it's updated, they've been keeping the archived old versions up too.
(Reminder that this is Stack Overflow main only, no metas or other sites.)
It may be possible to get some or all of the old dumps in there too, to allow analysis across the eras of the site.
@FTP Why did you delete your answer on Hinduism meta? That was also good.
5:25 PM
So we can see how silly the most popular tags in 2009 were, without only seeing the ones that have survived the next 8 years.
@JeremyBanks SFTP? I feel outdated.
@JeremyBanks I'm a bit juggling with space on my end but the first files are transfered
This would also finally satisfy my long desire to have a semi-permanent home for the old posts that were deleted from Stack Overflow. It's not browsable, so it's not polluting the internet, but any one who wants to recover a specific post or do analysis across versions can do so, and the Free Tier (no credit card required) should be adequate for light users like that.
This isn't a sure thing yet, but it's a good reason to finally build that perfect complete data dump archive and justify the ongoing costs of safely storing it to me, since I hope to be able to offload most of that before long.
Until next "spring cleaning" by Google, at least.
5:29 PM
Was there one this year already?
@FTP Yeah; I hesitate to say "permanent" unreservedly because I don't think they've made any such commitment and many would be skeptical even if they did.
@rene Thanks!
I think there's a plot to flatter people by showing them jobs wildly out of their league
That or the inherent sorting algo is really bad
according to my inbox I'm a failure for not taking these totally easy totally in my wheelhouse $450K jobs.
I'd probably get lost on my way to the interview if I actually tried.
5:39 PM
> I've demonstrated that I don't like to risk losing useful content. Help me save more of it. I make a particular promise: if elected, I will monitor the deletion log, undeletion vote log, and edits to recently-deleted questions [...]
I may finally satisfy the most-genuine part of my election nomination: content preservation.
@JeremyBanks Meanwhile there's the job in frankfurt (ridiculously high COL area) that pays 50k and wants a masters or PHD in computer science with years of additional experience
I mean you can try but nobody with that profile is going to do that
If they did, I'd want to check their background very carefully.
5:55 PM
sd 3k
1 hour later…
7:08 PM
@JeremyBanks FTP ain't great for me, but here's a Drive link: drive.google.com/open?id=1415Xi7Z6g4x5jH0ck-KKQstlb9Xrd_Md
@ArtOfCode Even easier! Thanks, got the data. :)
infinite storage space is awesome
I love it.
7:26 PM
Infinite storage space means I'm here in your storage space. Ticklish?
I'm not sure I agree with that logic. :P
I suppose it could have infinite capacity and also be infinitely small ...
Phenomenal cosmic powers; itty bitty living space.
It's like the question Steven Wright asked. "You can't have everything. Where would you put it?"
Zeros as far as the eye can see.
7:32 PM
@JeremyBanks Oh my god, it's full of 0.
Oh my god, it's full of 🥚
Also, I have no clue if that actually posted anything. :/
@Catija it did ...
Did it post a little egg?
7:48 PM
Yes ...
I guess you're lucky
I copied a box and pasted it and hoped that it was what I hoped it was.
Worst that could happen is that your account got suspended for posting inappropriate content ....
Well, that'd kill my attempt to take over SO.
@Catija :D ... be my guest !
8:09 PM
@ArtOfCode huh? What you got against @FTP? ;)
@rene I think that's your job, anyway.
@Catija taking over SO? I rather watch how its done for now. Might lurk a bit at the other non-tech sites.
9:11 PM
Slack is getting mentioned more often on Twitter in recent weeks, looks like internal chat is migrating in that direction.
there are a handful of teams that only communicate on Slack. That's been the case for a couple of years now.
The Survey stuff involves two of them.
9:26 PM
Teams have Slack integration built in as well.
9:58 PM
If Teams have Slack integration, then Teams team is surely on Slack. Got it.
They're not entirely on Slack though. Like, I see them around, talking to each other, in chatrooms. Not sure how they split.
Stack Overflow for Teams (as far as I'm aware) doesn't have Slack integration?
@Catija look in the right-hand sidebar
All I see are tags.
ah. Must be off then
Tell Art to go spelunking in the admin settings
10:04 PM
So individual teams can turn it on and off if they like?
Yeah, he's apparently aware of it.
Ah! I found that.
10:26 PM
So, Adam fixed this: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/302054/… Which also fixed this bug report of mine: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/306915/… So this is status-completed, I guess?
10:44 PM
A candidate that uses smileys? Blasphemy
Hey, @Shog9 I don't suppose you can look into an odd set of posts I'm seeing on cooking? Random semi-cooking related posts, either questions or answers, that all have about a sentence of text and then include two random photos. Examples:L cooking.stackexchange.com/a/88384/33128 cooking.stackexchange.com/questions/88241/… (see edit history).
I think they're happening other places on the network... Maybe Chemistry?
If I was voting today, it'd be Baum, Rob, and vaultah in some order (alphabetical here)
Q: Why wont Microsoft let me use Chrome?

Dodger99I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question but every time I try to use Chrome, Microsoft says that I have to ask an adult in my Microsoft family for permission even though I'm 18 and I'm not part of a Microsoft family.

? "ask an adult in my Microsoft family"
@SFTP mhm
10:58 PM
Unlicensed version of Microsoft?
Is that one of those parental guidance stuff?
Sounds like it.
I only use Windows at work, so I don't know.
I never turn on that stuff, so I don't know either
What's so adult about chrome though?
Even I'm using it
Have you heard the Avenue Q song "The Internet is for Porn"?
It seems they built some filter into Edge, so Edge by itself is allowed, but other browsers are not.
11:01 PM
@SFTP that is . . . probably disingenuous
I liked "I'm not part of a Microsoft family."
@Catija I did now
Microsoft is all like "please oh please use Edge, we suck less. Chrome is for losers. You could try Chrome or Firefox, but your soul will forever be trapped in Edge"
It's multimillion dollar pettiness
> Gonna try out this streaming while coding thing this weekend, what should I code? -- Nick Larsen at 3:52 PM - 15 Mar 2018
I should try out "streaming while grading", or "streaming while drinking coffee"
4 out of 11 proposals currently in commitment are blockchain. area51.stackexchange.com
11:12 PM
Only four?
11:31 PM
Four only?
For ounly?
11:47 PM
Final four?
SFTP University is still in the NCAA tournament'
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