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2:32 AM
> We'd like to support this, but don't yet have any ETA.
Expect that in 6-8 years
2:45 AM
Ah, importing from __future__ handles most of what I need.
I already used GoCo (or how is it supposed to be abbreviated) for three answers today.
Convenient, now that Secure Shell extension for Chrome became utterly unable to import key files, hence unable to connect to my EC2 instance.
Which means I don't have EC2 access while on a Chromebook.
^ this is neat. And then Google tries to help on their side...
2:54 AM
Gah. A super common error, and the top search result is some obscure thing that hardly anyone would encounter.
Viewed 46,555 times, mostly in vain.
Okay, people do assign to list now and then, but that is far from #1 reason for that error message.
@SmokeDetector go ahead and flag R/A, there are now two of such posts there.
Q: erm... I lost 2,134 in reputation

Mari-Lou AYes, I know. When a user is removed, or they delete their accounts their upvotes and downvotes are removed. But tonight I lost 2,134 rep. That's a lot. Seriously. This is no laughing matter. I just wish I could lose weight this easily... And, apart from anything else, I thought the down and up...

3:04 AM
Fallout from Josh's departure from ELU. But 2134 isn't all that much...
Still curious that upvotes were not preserved.
Should depend on when the votes were cast... If the posts are over a certain score and the votes are over a certain age, they should stick around.
I lost 53.
@Catija That's for post deletion (3+ score and post over 60 days old). This is user deletion.
Mari-Lou quoted the policy in her post.
Should be the same, though.
3:09 AM
Is this the first occurence of high-rep user deletion after the "new simplified user-deletion process"?... wait, does it affect high-rep user?
Depends on what you call high rep...
10k+ aka trusted user? :)
It really isn't. Either a CM will proceed normally (votes are deleted), or votes are kept undeleted. This applied to all votes by the user, a binary decision.
... But Mari deleted her IPS account and... unless she hadn't voted on anything, the votes she cast weren't undone.
so many user deletion ._.
3:13 AM
@Success It's simplified in the "requesting deletion" stage. The manual review of those cases where the votes may be worth preserving stays manual.
got it
And, as Shog writes, it's based on "Number of votes cast by the user being deleted" and
"Number of people affected significantly by those votes", not on their rep.
... I've been looking at high reputation users on ELU... Almost no one has that much lost reputation.
Yes, Mari-Lou's loss is largest, according to english.stackexchange.com/…
Unfortunately new week began just now (UTC), so one has to look at month page to see the changes, and they are offset by the gains during the month.
3:19 AM
@SmokeDetector we have a new friend, as usual
A new source of helpful flags, that is. Comments ending with a bunch of dots are one-flag deletable.
I've nuked all of those comments already, the posts still remain though.
3:40 AM
Speaking of votes: 75K votes up, 0 down
Ugh... I really, really don't understand people who don't vote down.
A request for some clarity regarding vote-preservation: Is user's reputation one of criteria for keeping their votes after account deletion?
I'm going to guess that Shog's right and the help pages are old...
3:57 AM
@Catija I rarely vote down, unless its particularly bad
and a good chunk of those get refunded
Downvoting is part of moderation.
Go check out the Frying Pan.
@Catija very little stuff is bad enough to need a DV IMO
pies? ;p
(I've been offline two days. Had a raging eye infection that made me wish I had an eyepatch)
You clearly have a much stricter reason for downvoting. I don't. Bad answers need downvotes.
Oh no! :(
3:59 AM
@Catija oh yeah
@JourneymanGeek Quiche. But, sure.
@Catija but if an answer is bad enough, it gets gone a lot of the time ;p
Not on IPS.
IPS is... kinda odd? ;p
What makes a substancial answer bad?
not the oneliners. Those should get gone.
4:02 AM
heh. Answers, not users ;)
4:31 AM
I wonder if it's possible to create rainbow in a steamy shower room with light similar to sunlight.
@Telkitty you can create them with a hose in the sunlight
@Telkitty 5.30? still cool for you?
yeah ... cool although it's such a hot day :p
I've only just woken up didn't notice
4:41 AM
if you want to reschedule I'll go back to bed
are you feeling okay?
I'm improving, but still crook. I have to go to the horses either way.
I did get my son to feed them a couple of times this week when I was worse - but he needs to get a lift to them, none of my kids drive yet O>O
5:03 AM
@Telkitty do you want to meet later?
roughly what time?
If you're worried about the heat.. it's nice in the cool there
I don't have to do much, I raked the hay in the paddock yesterday, so I just need to feed them
which means we can just relax and sit and chat about SE lol
5:10 AM
lol, ok ... if I am early I will just let myself in :p
I'll text you the code for the lock
I'm tempted to have another snooze... I've been wiped out.
Got it. Ta.
I'm working out my study plans. I'll tell you about them when we see each other
5:15 AM
interesting... :p
I'm enrollingin a grad cert for inf sys sec
will then change over to cyber sec (as it's not available straight away)
5:19 AM
finishing grad dip of IT
don't think I will do masters in it - will change to master of cyber sec - looking at it, as it's possible to complete both concurrently
@Telkitty make sure you study the degrees - I'll test you at the horses :D
5:37 AM
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5:58 AM
Not sure if completely clueless or worst troll ever. Or homework
@JourneymanGeek waffles
Pretty sure that sorta thing's not going to help.
That wouldn't help either.
it's classic of the geek who -- you know
6:04 AM
by the 'blacklisted user' on smokey I assume troll tho
of course!! hahahaha
@JourneymanGeek Win 7 keyboard printing wrong characters. Any help ?
throws @TheLittleNaruto a lifesaver
This is my Mom's laptop.
wrong keyboard layout?
your laptop is a mom?
6:09 AM
She doesn't know to use it much. she only uses Chrome for playing God related songs on YouTube.
heh definately free flags troll
^ needs more flags
6:26 AM
Looks like I'll have to try RA.
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@TheLittleNaruto heh. Or try an actual Q&A site
that's what they are for
But I think this question might attract downvotes
So I just wanted to ask on chat
which would annoy people
chat is not for asking questions - least as far as RA goes
if you're a regular, sometimes complaining about $problem gets people throwing answers at it ending up in a question
but "this question could attract downvotes, so I'd ask on chat just isn't the right way to go about things"
So I should ask the question on main site even though I am expecting downvotes ?
Make it good then
make sure you've ruled out the obvious. Ensure any essential details are there.
6:35 AM
I'll check if I missed any try
Then I'll ask.
but definately check your keyboard settings
and when you ask, say what keys are transposed
I can see "US"
Also some selector layout is appearing whenever I open chrome and hover on it anywhere
if its a laptop, is numlock on?
Not sure if it is on because laptop has no led to observe whether num lock is switched on/off
I tried checking by toggling, but number buttons never prints any numbers
6:50 AM
does it happen on all programs? not only Chrome?
just on chrome
on mozilla, it's fine.
then probably an extension
But keyboard is still not working
does it happen on all sites, or only Google? (I see a keyboard icon on that text box?)
Just on google's home page
6:54 AM
I'm really curious of that "keyboard" icon on the right of the text box. If I'm not mistaken, Google sometimes offer on-site keyboard to help input text in language without proper keyboard
I just restarted my laptop
Will check again
Like the one on Google Translate, there's an "input tool" that looks like a keyboard
After restarting, selector is not showing up.
uh... okay... yay?
But still I am not able to make my keyboard working
6:59 AM
sorry, not sure if I can help then...
@YvetteColomb start driving now, will be there in 20-30 mins ...
7:55 AM
In a merge accounts scenario between a 5 year old account and a 2 days old account, can I pick that the merge target will the newest account? I ask because of the merge suggestion I did here.
Also I need a dev to check my assumption how id's are generated.
I think it will be merged to the older/abandoned/forgotten account with existing post history, because you usually request a merge from the newer/duplicate account? Not sure though, really a pure guess.
I mean, I don't think personally I have ever heard about requesting to merge to current account.
Yeah, that seems logical. I recall that @AdamLear mentioned something about this earlier but I can't find where that was.
This now deleted answer suggests it could go either way. (image: i.sstatic.net/NPYse.png)
As you could indicate which profile to merge into the account you flagged from
Not sure if that option still exists now the process seems to be automated.
8:13 AM
Wow, that looks really old...
Anyway, I just realized the difficulty of getting "What's Meta" link with the new tob par™
or... Meta Stack Exchange [whats-meta] [what-meta] [help]
yeah, I don't know if there's a magic link to that
8:54 AM
in iOS and Android Apps, 2 days ago, by Test User
This user has 1 rep.
Wonder what @BrianNickel is testing there... ?
New features for chat?
Though posted in the iOS room.... perhaps new features for the app??
1-rep user with explicit write access on iOS room, that means...
the room will not be public anymore :(
(wrong focus)
9:20 AM
@Success well no point for the room anyway so better this way
Don't let users build their hopes too much.
Looks like the room became Brian's sandbox though. ;)
@ShadowWizard Family guy's Brian ?
@TheLittleNaruto no.
@TheLittleNaruto yup.
9:25 AM
He was hired by SE ^
10:20 AM
undefined wall of code meta.stackexchange.com/questions/302641/… @rene @JourneymanGeek (@Bart IS NOT PINGABLE!!!!!1!!!!!!1111!!!)
@ShadowWizard should be flagged as spam ?
@Bart you... are... not.... p... pi... pin... ping.... pinga.... can't even say it.
@TheLittleNaruto no no no
Just deleted.
No flags.
No need to bother the diamonds, they're not janitors.
@ShadowWizard done needful
1 hour later…
11:39 AM
@ShadowWizard now gone
sorry that it took that long
11:52 AM
@rene Apology denied
OK, now what?
12:13 PM
@rene @Sha is giving you a silence treatment
@rene If he hears that reaction, he'd probably give another silence treatment as well
12:42 PM
Proof of spam: linkedin.com/in/stacho
> Consultant. Co-Founder at SketchViewer
@M.A.R. is that bad? The silence would fit nicely in my quiet Sunday ...
noisy ping for @rene
revenge ping for @M.A.R.
@rene it's supposed to be bad
You should feel sad
Not to mention unentertained
@rene is a flower. Flowers can't be sad or lonely.
@ShadowWizard don't underestimate him
12:52 PM
I'm abovestimating him.
@M.A.R. I don't care for supposed to be bad things.
I wonder how the Tavern still didn't fall apart, with @Bart gone.
@ShadowWizard Fear not, for I am here
@rene Do you care about not caring?
@ShadowWizard is it time to send a search party?
I guess that is a party with lots of wine and beer
@rene so you did end up caring
12:59 PM
I cherry-pick my caring
1:29 PM
I care to cherry pick, cherry picking season starts November ...
Do you have trees in your garden or can find them in the wild?
there are cherry farms where I can do what, unless you are a farmer, grow fruit trees in own garden is a terrible idea for most people ...
birds and worms are guaranteed to find ripen ones before you
you have to get a net and some how cover the tree with it
1:52 PM
this plum tree has been in the backyard for nearly 10 years, it produced altogether less than 1 whole kg really edible plums so far
once a birdie finds ripen fruit on your tree, it will probably call its family & friends over and having a party there ...
2:08 PM
Talking about silence treatment, you never replied to those, @M.A.R.

Five questions for @M.A.R

Oct 9 at 20:32, 46 seconds total – 5 messages, 1 user, 0 stars

Bookmarked 27 secs ago by Shadow Wizard

20 days and waiting! :D
@ShadowWizard nothing glamorous. Was documenting meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/358097/… during bug duty.
@BrianNickel oh. But you better check with diamond-less sock, which will be only RO, and won't be able to grant access to 1 rep user to begin with. Since moderators can give access to anyone, you probably won't be able to reproduce the bug.
The bug was just even being able to send the request. Accepting was more a matter of curiosity. That’s good to know though, answers some of my questions.
2:27 PM
@BrianNickel I see. So, bug is confirmed?
Yeah, guess I should comment. Doing that now.
@ShadowWizard OH SO YOU NOTICED </grump>
3:12 PM
@BrianNickel awesome!
@M.A.R. of course
Now wear that coat when going outside, it becomes cold!
4:09 PM
If the site is already in the black list, I really doubt anyone will use it innocently. In such case it's "guilty unless proven innocent".
Flagged as spam, though being small site I doubt any mod will ever see it. Oh well.
lol, only one mod is still active on the site. One mod was last seen almost two months ago.
Really need auto script that will remove moderator that wasn't seen on the site for a month.
The mods need more caffeine...
But I doubt SE has even one small site with active moderators, i.e. all appointed mods are still active.
I assume that on all of them at least one is long gone after a while.
And nobody bothers to check, appoint new mod, etc.
Let's check... CommunityBuilding.SE
3 out of 3 still look alive
So it's usually one single moderator who is doing all the job, feeling bad about being alone, so missing lots of things.
@Success well they are special. ;)
Or maybe still new? What's the site age?
@ShadowWizard 3 years 3 months, with the lowest traffic
4:14 PM
Oh well. Theory borked. :D
Better be wrong on this, lol
Still, it's just irritating to see moderators just vanish.
If you're away for months, just ask to be removed, so that the CM's will have a chance to appoint someone else who is still active. It's trivial.
Wonder if @Desire has some script that check moderators last activity on sites, then we can find what the record is...
I won't be surprised to find moderator who was last seen/active years ago.
(and no, Jeff doesn't count. ;))
OTOH I remember that there's a page that list all moderators on SE. Now I missed it again...
Doubt it's showing their last activity though.
So page scraping is needed.
at least we can guess by "never hearing their usernames"
@ShadowWizard thanks.. looking on...
4:21 PM
Happy scraping! ;)
4:35 PM
@ShadowWizard No, I'm only scraping the list of mods to track changes to it.
Scraping user profile pages is a quick way to IP ban.
But fortunately, last access date is available via API, so it would not be hard to implement.
I tried to get helpful flag counts of all users with a Marshal, which isn't available via API or SEDE; SE refused to cooperate with the scraper really quick.
4:52 PM
@Desire I'm going to be banned, brace myself :'(
A: Make Cortana listen on Cortana-app startup

vadher AakashHii what's your meaning sex please answer me Cortana

Does Cortana now post questions it can't answer to SE?
5:12 PM
scraping with 5 seconds backoff...
5:40 PM
still scraping on usernames starting with J...
6:17 PM
SU keeps getting new "special" users.
The links are linkified on network profiles. :(
We were talking about this in chat, and my thought would just be to de-linkfiy if network combined rep is under 10, like the per-site limit. — hichris123 Oct 19 '14 at 3:51
Or if no account with >1 rep, or whatever.
@ShadowWizard someone at Startups
6:38 PM
and no meta post about that, but a new pro-tempore mod in 2016
So, it's Nick Wilde, Last seen Aug 10 '15 at 16:36
6:56 PM
@Desire only once a day or so then cache it, shouldn't trigger any ban. :)
For last access, using the API solves the problem: can get all of site's mods with one request, no need to parse HTML.
By the way, a user's age is still available through the API (but not anywhere else): for example, Ghostly Martijn is 44 years old.
Of course, it's stability / backward compatibility, API 2.2 is frozen.
API 2.2 was released on February 10, 2014
Ah, you mentioned API, not SEDE. I read it wrong...
7:01 PM
When your app is constrained by 3.5 year old API, giving it that sweet Stack Overflow name is unlikely to help.
But based on packet sniffing, the API version is 2.3
@Desire yeah his site is also 404. /cc @Success
@Desire lol.. it was on the network profile too for years after being removed from profile pages, and pretty sure still showing in Area 51.
@Success Right, and we can use 2.3 as version parameter, but nobody knows what will be different... maybe some bugs were fixed?
or some private, undocumented endpoints... but currently I can't sniff the app. Either it's due to Android security (prevent MITM), or my ISP blocking VPN
I decided to try and test Android Studio 3.0's new debug APK, and found... an interesting testing file for SE Android App Feed :/
"earned_privileges": [
    "site": "travel",
    "privilege_short_description": "post lolcat pictures",
    "privilege_long_description": "Post lolcat pictures",
    "privilege_id": 123,
    "reputation_required": 999,
    "link": "http://superuser.com/privileges/gallery-chat-rooms",
    "group_id": 1749,
    "added_date": 1370846104
Yeah, it uses 2.3. There's a stacman package dedicated for API calling with 2.3 in its URL, but I can't decypher more of those reversed-engineered codes...
8:42 PM
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8:57 PM
In today's "not sure if it's on Arqade or for real"
A: Ayin Hara - The evil eye - Hocus Pocus

Yaw AnnorYou have the tools to make yourself anti evil eye. It's easy with the holy bible

(On my list of potential NAA posts, I don't usually read the site name first)

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