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2:49 AM
everyday, I learn something new ... and possibly totally useless ...
3:47 AM
@Telkitty that's trivia for you...
4:03 AM
sure ... so what if you put a hungry bear in a rat infested building ...
4:35 AM
@Telkitty a happy bear ...
5:02 AM
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@Success or a demolished building and an angry bear. And homeless rats.
5:31 AM
@JourneymanGeek how can those rats be homeless when they live in a building :p
cause there won't be a building.
6:31 AM
Yo o/
6:43 AM
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7:34 AM
I'm really wondering why this get such a negative reception. It can't possible be that the OP missed the dupe offered by @gnat that only covers maybe 50% of the question asked. — rene 4 mins ago
It is a support question that isn't awful and they researched for how to gain reputation. They ask reasonable things , me thinks.
8:01 AM
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1 hour later…
@rene agreed, also upvoted, before reading your comment.
@Mithrandir why you post moderators? Is this a new game?
@ShadowWizard was responding to a claim that a 600+ rep mod was the lowest rep mod on the network
2 days ago, by Desire
His rep was 652, which means we have a new lowest-rep mod on the network now.
@Mithrandir oh. Well only the first is valid, CS50 isn't really part of SE. Maybe only in theory.
Nov 21 '16 at 15:53, by Shadow Wizard
@zaq well, cs50 isn't a real SE site... it's some weird experiment that is still ongoing somehow.
A: Protecting a question has no effect on private beta sites

Shog9This is quite intentional - private betas are supposed to be very short, and lack many of the normal protections against abuse available to public beta sites. The cs50 site is... Unusual. Still, the fix there is to raise the privilege thresholds, which can be done independent of other changes. I...

> The cs50 site is... Unusual
It is kind of ever lasting private beta, afaik.
9:18 AM
10:04 AM
@ShadowWizard html + regex? now deleted, screen?
10:18 AM
@Derpy title is forced to lower case so it doesn't reflect the horror
I see Oded also nuked the account, well done.
down voter!
I downvote crap on spot, and that one was EASY to spot.
Yeah, it was a tiny bit yelling ....
Q: When did people decide that all caps means the writer is shouting?

GGMGNowadays, writing in all caps tends to indicate that the writer is shouting. FOR EXAMPLE IF I TYPE LIKE THIS PEOPLE EQUATE THIS TO SHOUTING. My understanding from cursory googling is that letters were originally only in one case and a separate case was developed later, with most people consider...

10:47 AM
@ShadowWizard ugh... ok, I was the one asking for that...
11:07 AM
@Derpy indeed. Now eat what you cooked! ;)
11:25 AM
@ShadowWizard don't worry, I generally don't whine because I have to heat what I cooked. Yet, seems that common practice in the world is making you eat what others cooked...
11:38 AM
@Derpy and usually it tastes like something you don't really want to eat...
12:37 PM
@ShadowWizard .... someone needs to edit it to [ON HOLD]
12:53 PM
@ShadowWizard nope, self deletion there.
I guess he realised no one would help him with a code.
@JourneymanGeek doubt even @Oded can do that... ;)
You could do it with a bit of CSS magic.
just change the font to Comic Sans...
1:21 PM
@Magisch soap opera intensifies.
in The Bridge on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Oct 25 at 15:08, by Unionhawk
Kaspersky releases details of internal inv.; says it uploaded NSA files after workr got infected frm pirated softwre http://bit.ly/2yKE96D
@Derpy Yah I already read that
the funny part? even if this is totally made up, the original claim DID state that an employee copied secret tools and file on his home pc.
tl;dr someone with access to toppest secret nsa hacking tools got pwned trying to pirate word and kaspersky detected the pwn and uploaded all the files suspected of infection (including some of the nsa hacking tools detected by heuristic scans) according to the option the guy left on on
@Magisch or that's what the kgb FSB wants us to think
1:24 PM
I believe that more then the what looks like a desperate attempt of the cia/nsa to save fac
@JourneymanGeek as I said the best part isn't this counter claim that you can trust or not. The problem is that no mater who you trust both parties agree that an employee in a top secret agency copied top secret info on his home computer
so, NYT seems to imply that the files on the home machine were "stolen" because the AV is tailored to search for secret tool and classified documents. The AV vendor claims the machine got infected and the tools were uploaded because of a scan that identified them as potentially unsafe. In both scenarios those files were on an home computer, outside of an office that I always figured was somewhere under the sea.
With a pack of robot ninja sharks protecting it
A 2m concrete wall.
Automated laser drones and machine gun turrets
etc etc etc.
now they only have to tell me the employee was fat, bald and vaguely reminiscent of Homer Simpson and all my 007 dreams will be shattered forever
2:01 PM
could be a woman
There was this ex NSA staffer with an improbable name
And poof! Suddenly Paul *is* the FBI! They can't catch him now!
2:22 PM
@Dukeling probably simpler to keep track of
and they'd get whacked with a suspension or nuclear fire anyway
2:42 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: Usability of Ctrl + Enter Submitting of Forms by jordan on ux.SE
2:54 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected: Can I block my ID when making a FaceTime Call? by Asil on apple.SE
3:17 PM
@rene No, the older account will "win" regardless of the direction of the merge.
and in the meantime, I just discovered the new service Amazon has devised
Amazon Key: let our delivery boy unlock your front door so that he can safely deliver your package when you are not at home.
I hope people can see the problem with that...
3:39 PM
Fine Amazon - I have a new service offering too
> I'd like to meet the person who decided to install the "nostril cam" on the newer model @Dell XPS below the screen. Have they used a webcam? -- Dead Hauntey at 3:38 PM - 29 Oct 2017
time to create a new trend: nosefie
4:03 PM
We'll always have PDF readers. Right? Right?
@Feeds Needs a bar for Subject.stackexchange.com
Wonder where that one ends.
4:21 PM
@rene What's your assumption?
4:32 PM
@JonEricson Posted (in case you haven't seen it yet) meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/358600/…
4:56 PM
Moderator Position Open - Nominees Needed by animuson on startups.meta.stackexchange.com
Animuson rarely does this kind of thing, might actually be the first time.
Presumably, that "Last seen Aug 10 '15" mod we talked about yesterday will no longer be one.
And I didn't save the output from the scraping... there were some 2016s also...
5:18 PM
@AdamLear yeah, Animuson commented on my MSO answer with the same message.
@AdamLear my assumption is that id's (primary key fields in the database) like the Id in the users table are IDENTITY(1,1), in other words, there is no code or other functional mean that a user can change or influence the Userid that is assigned when you create a new user.
@rene That's correct.
Except possible fiddling with the db of course but that is cheating
Awesome. Then my answer on MSO is correct except for how the merge worked but I already fixed that with an edit
Edit 2: fixed the edit.
5:55 PM
Jess Pardue on October 30, 2017

Welcome to The Stack Overflow Podcast episode #120 recorded Thursday, October 26, 2017 at our Stack Overflow HQ in NYC. As a special treat (or is it a trick?) your hosts today include Fog Creek CEO Anil Slash, self-described Glitch-Witch Jenn Schiffer, podcast Executive Producer Kaitlin (head-on-a) Pike, SO Engineering Manager Matt Sherman Munster, and News Editor Ill-ana Yitzhaki.

Special thanks to this week’s sponsors: Oracle and Digital Ocean.

Stack Overflow appreciates Oracle’s support for this podcast and for our community. Learn more about all the ways Oracle supports open source, java, and developers like you at oracle.com/developers. …

1200x675.png, seriously?
What information does this convey that wasn't in the first word of the title?
Didn't we complain before about those image sizes on the blog?
6:14 PM
The dimensions aren't the problem there; image is full of gradients - JPEG compression is tons more efficient.
6:27 PM
@TylerH I saw it. It's on my list to go over before I present our current mockups. They depend in large part on the template test I hope to get started soon. We taking iterative baby steps rather than trying to create something incrementally. Lesson (hopefully) learned:
Q: Tearing Down the Structure of Documentation

Jon EricsonIf you have told us (or privately thought) Documentation isn't working: You are correct. It isn't. Yet. Since early on in the private beta of Documentation, we’ve used a simple, rigid structure: Tags => Topics => Examples + optional sections At the time, users wondered if this was the right s...

1 hour later…
7:39 PM
@rene yes, the complaint from me and others I saw was they are pointless and force us to scroll, AKA "too big"
@JonEricson Nice, thanks. Yes, best of luck with the reception of the templates
@TylerH did you rant in chat or were you so annoyed that you went to Meta?
@rene Worse, I think I left a comment under the blog
so I'm sure it was ignored :-P
Ouch ....
I think the blog posts would be far better served by making a background out of those header images
That way we both are happy - marketers and designers get the graphic and people who want the content don't have to scroll an extra 600 pixels
I mean really, I think SE can adhere a little better to 'don't put all your content below the fold' there
At the very least, duplicate the audio player at the top, above the graphic, so people don't have to scroll at all in order to find and use the point of visiting the page - the podcast itself
I stay out of fights with Marketing, Communication and sales people. I'm not at work here...
8:39 PM
Ok, 10 more discussion answers and I've a gold badge / dupe hammer for that tag as well.
By now I don't have to worry much about quality. Anything will do ...
Updated stats: 700 pages of mostly-spam SU users, which is 25,000+ in 16 days.
"Free Download What the Waters" appears to be the first one of those.
9:11 PM
Choosing 2 mods for Gamedev is not very hard...
Notable: most candidates have high % of downvotes and a low number of edits.
(Compared with elections on other sites)
@Desire Alexandre's mod score got cut off.
But knowing the kind of questions GameDev gets, I can't blame them.
9:13 PM
Right, it's 28, but that's also sort of less important here, as he only trails in rep.
Moderation badges 7/8, vs DMGregory who has 4/8 but a lot more reputation.
And Alexandre is more active on meta, which isn't visible in the circles.
"I think I'd be a good moderator, because I'm very active on the site" says a user with 52 reviews, most of them in the last two days.
9:30 PM
I think we should blame licence agreements for all our bad questions - they've been teaching people to ignore text for years now.
@Dukeling That's when people started ignoring text? I coulda sworn I was ignoring text long before I saw my first EULA.
But, it's hard to know for sure.
@JonEricson Or maybe the education system is to blame then, at least partly.
Been in a free fall since Socrates.
10:13 PM
A: How to change the file size of images without losing photo quality using Photoshop?

Hairy_DaddyI think PNG files turn me on guys. Does anyone else think this? Like i just love how big and strong those megabytes look mmmmnnnn. I'm getting hard just thinking about it.

You're missing out.
@Desire ... I just use "Save for web and devices".
I'm... ok missing out here
10:29 PM
Is anybody else super annoyed by losing this feature? How can I rename a Google Calendar event without opening an edit window?
No workarounds that I could find.
I usually create a repeating event like "Class: " at the beginning of semester, and then change the titles of individual events to "Class: Topic". :/
11:01 PM
So... I've heard there's an SEDE chat but I can't find it in a quick search of any of the three servers... anyone know where it is?
11:11 PM
Never heard of it. Here seems as good as anywhere to talk about SEDE.
11:24 PM
@JonEricson Hmmm. OK. Thanks! :D I got an answer this time but I'll ask my question next time.
11:38 PM

 SEDE - Stack Exchange Data Explorer

Discussion related to the usage of Stack Exchange's Data Explorer
Notice the bustle of activity
11:51 PM
@Desire Clearly that means that everyone's waiting for someone to help ;)
But I searched chat for sede and got nothing. Is chat search case sensitive?
... and, of course, now it comes up immediately. sigh

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