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12:07 AM
I have a great idea for next April fools! Or winter bash ...
A web job searching browser called 'firedFox' - to list all the lowly paid job ads a fired talent might need! Search from 'Executive Janitor' to 'Software developer for high frequency trading bakery', from a 'Shed Technician' to 'VP of Problem Wrangler'.
because future = possibility! (for a fired fox)
It's never too early to teach kids programming! Start counting at zero.
12:24 AM
FR: mobile Twitter links should onebox the same way as ordinary ones. Just ignore mobile. part.
Jun 20 at 4:28, by soup
Sad reality: there is no Uncle's Day.
kids == (niece || nephew)?
Aug 23 at 10:06, by Telkitty
anything you have ever said on the internet might be used against you at anytime least convenient to you
1:47 AM
@zaq I switch between reading FR as "feature request" and "for real". They both seem to work in most cases.
2:06 AM
@zaq Okay, well, let me know if you find anything...
3 hours later…
4:58 AM
Log of Meta Posts stopped logging several hours ago, no idea why.
@rene heya! :D
1 hour later…
6:17 AM
self driving car might be years away, but self driving carts have been with us for centuries ... today's A.I. still can't compete against a dumb ass
Also, I am an attention camel. Starving will not work on me ...
I <3 u donkey 💖 🐴 💕
8:12 AM
@maveň ola!
Someone gave up ;)
> I just never log in anymore; haven't for years. Captchas are less annoying.
I watch/read a lot of stuff on the internet without logging in
yeah, but this in the context of SEDE. If you want your queries to be part of your profile I prefer being logged in.
Otherwise I'm pretty sure I'll never be able to find anything again ...
8:38 AM
Has reputation anything to do with community moderator?
> Reputation is a rough measurement of how much the community trusts you
> the more reputation you earn, the more privileges you gain.
I mean do above points affect the community moderator?
Community in the general sense. As in "all of us", not the Community User.
9:27 AM
@rene tanks for that comment :D
2 hours later…
11:40 AM
24 messages moved to Chimney
11:56 AM
@Pandya what you mean by "community moderator"? Moderator on a site, or the Community user?
heh, no onebox
I wonder
If there is a user -1 and a user 1, who is user 0?
@Magisch same as why there is no 0 reputation: they didn't want to insult anyone. ;)
12:10 PM
0 = null;
so it's kind of void, like nothingness :p
12:26 PM
Welcome the void
It is part of all of us
2 hours later…
2:52 PM
It's snowing on the east coast? We're hiring in San Diego.
So. Tempting.
The how we make money blog post didn't mention 3rd source of revenue: affiliate Amazon links. Wonder how much they make off them, maybe as high as 3 digits?
teststackoverflow.com is nice but to be with the trend, it should be stackoverflow.test
Sadly, it won't ever happen.
The name test is reserved by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in RFC 2606 (June 1999) as a domain name that is not intended to be installed as a top-level domain (TLD) in the global Domain Name System (DNS) of the Internet for production use. == Reserved DNS names == In 1999, the Internet Engineering Task Force reserved the DNS labels example, invalid, localhost, and test so that they may not be installed into the root zone of the Domain Name System. The reason for reservation of these top-level domain names is to reduce the likelihood of conflict and confusion. This allows the use of...
3:07 PM
Q: Need a recommendation: WHAT IS THE BEST SOURCE to learn the concepts/approaches for MOBILE APPLICATIONS [android world]?

lisawebsI'm a senior old fashion programmer. 4gl experience, beginner in C and PHP. I need to catch up with the new approach/concepts for mobile applications. I realized that after trying a sample code in Android studio and couldnt understand several terms/concepts as "notifications"... I need something...

Not sure how to parse "senior old fashion programmer".
3:28 PM
25570 voters in SO election so far.
@zaq middle age bloke, still wearing an houtje-touwtjejas ...
and wrt order of rooms: @sha did dig up this so we might have to recreate the meta feeds room to start as an invite room @zaq
@rene if you want it to appear after all other rooms, yup that's the way.
The list shows it well after other things like Chimney, so not really an issue imo... chat.meta.stackexchange.com
I'm more concerned that the feed seems broken, randomly stopping to post for hours. :(
3:34 PM
@zaq only because last real activity was 19 hours ago, feeds are not real activity.
It's the feed from this filter, but there are several items there that are not in the room.
And without real activity for 14 days, room will get frozen.
Jon unfreeze his room many times.
The newest 17 meta posts aren't in the room, for example.
@zaq caching?
3:36 PM
@ShadowWizard I set a reminder to myself to post something on every other weekend.
The Web Apps tradition is to post "."
Although there is a fraction of users who favor ","
No, not caching (or broken caching that causes posts to never appear at all)
Earlier there was a 17 hour gap between feed messages.
weird... bug report?
@zaq reminds me of the famous "?" WhatsApp messages... infecting usually the younger generations. Wonder if @James is a "?" WhatsApp type? ;)
3:39 PM
I'd like to observe it for a bit more to figure out what goes on. Maybe some Unicode issue... Back in the days, I fed pretty much all metas into Normal Chatroom and it worked fine.
@zaq easy! That would be "@Bart".
Sad thing, someone posted an answer to that question.
@ShadowWizard playing with fire there young Sir
3:48 PM
@Bart I'm immune to fire! :D
@ShadowWizard site.stackexchange.com/users?tab=moderators
@Pandya well, reputation is not tied directly with moderators, but it's tied indirectly.
In theory, moderator can have 1 reputation and still have all powers, but that will never happen in practice.
both pro-term and elected moderators are always chosen from active users who, among other things, got lots of reputation.
@ShadowWizard except site.stackexchange.com/users/-1/community!
3:52 PM
@Pandya this isn't a moderator.
@Pandya Shadow asked you if you mean "Moderator on a site, or the Community user?" These are different things entirely.
Moderators are listed on that page you linked. Community isn't there.
@zaq well, cs50 isn't a real SE site... it's some weird experiment that is still ongoing somehow.
@zaq It's cleared : I mean moderator on site.
It's not listed any where, so my above assumption affects all "real" sites, listed in stackexchange.com :)
3:53 PM
@Pandya Then there is no point in mentioning Community user.
4 mins ago, by Shadow Wizard
In theory, moderator can have 1 reputation and still have all powers, but that will never happen in practice.
@ShadowWizard Though it says:
It also says other things in the profile, which make it perfectly clear what it is.
@Pandya yeah, it's just a technical matter.
3:59 PM
Q: Take the diamond away from Community ♦

Ilmari KaronenThe diamond in the name of the Community ♦ user is confusing new (and some not-so-new) users, making them think that it's a real ♦ mod or some kind of shared mod account: "thanks, I have been starting to think that whoever drives Community diamond is nuts. Thinking back, it has always been pr...

@Pandya ^
@rene yeah, but it doesn't mention the diamond (which appears to be the issue for @Pandya)
@ShadowWizard Hmm...
Technically it is a mod, given their powerz
@rene syntactic sugar... it has no real meaning. :)
4:02 PM
Technically, not completely. Users can undelete Community-deleted posts, which can't be done with real mod-deletions.
this cause for starting new discussion among currently active users!
Yeah, we are really scraping the bottom of the barrel with discussion topics.
@zaq that's a hack, added only years later.
I know. It was added shortly after someone roomba'd hundreds of posts on Mathematics. Coincidence?
4:06 PM
@Pandya anything can start a discussion. Let's see... @Bart you want a cookie?
"Stay up to date with everything that's happening inside Stack Overflow", they say. Great, how? Bookmarking the page and visiting it? Okay. And then, click each of 6 buttons to see if there is anything new under it?
How is that even a question @ShadowWizard?
@zaq wait.. sure about that? Looks like ordinary users still can't undelete posts deleted by Community:
Q: How can a question deleted by community be undeleted?

user31782On Dec 23, 2013 I edited two of my questions on Physics.SE: http://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/82673/aether-isnt-connected-to-earth http://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/82453/are-fields-truely-continues Then I flagged them because one was marked duplicate and other as closed. ...

hands over stroopwafels
@ShadowWizard Predates the change.
4:09 PM
oh wait... answer is edited.
A: Should questions removed automatically for inactivity really be non-undeletable?

HaneyThanks for suggesting this feature change. I've modified the code so that posts which have been deleted by the Community user can be voted for undeletion. Note that all other moderator-deleted posts will still behave as they do today: you will not be able to vote to undelete them. This will be li...

@Bart of course, you can always say "no".... :D
For example, there is a new blog post by Nick Larsen (SO dev), The Developer Cover Letter which isn't as bad as the rest of that blog...
@Bart because the shadow of it's Den reaches upto Tavern!
@rene oooooh, yay! Man, when I go to NL for Christmas I know I'll stock up on stroopwafels and drop.
4:14 PM
Although for some reason he is starting with an example of recruiter->developer letter, while the rest of the post is about developer->company.
@Pandya careful, @Bart doesn't like the Den - sometimes he falls in there by mistake. :P
@Bart you travel by lorry?
@rene Surely the KLM will understand I need their luggage space for myself
@Pandya you mean "Evil ping space"
in Shadow's Den, Jun 24 '15 at 7:43, by Shadow Wizard
hey now we have @bar @ber
4:50 PM
FR: link the community user profile to the criteria for bumping.
6:43 PM
@hichris123 I propose to unpin the youtube link now that it's broken...
Internet of Things reached 100% commitment.
6:54 PM
@zaq Apparently already done.
Another YT link in compensation. ;)
Including screens of some internal tools like bs.stackexchange.com
What, we can't have BS Exchange site now?
And code samples like select count(*) from UserStory where RealName...
7:05 PM
I heard bad things about count(*), and sometimes got different results from count(*) and count(Id) in SEDE. Maybe count(1) is the way to go...
@zaq Now where would bullshit enthusiasts go? :(
Or Physics, on occasions.
Oh well, you're not wrong
7:12 PM
One of my questions unluckily for me didn't have a solution(atleast according to whoever read it). It was classified as too broad and closed. I am not sure how I could improve it further.
Sometimes people ask on the meta of the site where you posted it. Communities differ in what they see as too broad.
On SO, it can mean "I want this question closed but not sure why".
@hyades Link please
Q: Improve distinct query performance using indexes

hyadesI have documents with the schema { "Year": String, "Month: String } I want to run distinct queries like db.col.distinct('Month', {Year: '2016'}) I have a compound index on {'Year': 1, 'Month': 1}. I have millions of documents in a (year, month) combination. The query performance is rea...

Blakes Seven raised a number of points in the comments. Editing a question on Stack Overflow does not mean appending "Update" at the end. You should actually edit the content so that the criticism in comments doesn't apply anymore.
7:23 PM
@zaq sure will keep that in mind. Blakes Seven had asked for the specific use case of my problem, which I added to the update. However, the original question which was pretty generic went unanswered due to a divergence in the discussion.
posted on November 21, 2016 by Jess Pardue

Welcome to the Stack Overflow Podcast #95 recorded Thursday, November 17, 2016 at Stack Overflow HQ in NYC. Our sponsor today is double-entry bookkeeping. Invented in 1494 in Milan by Leonardo da Vinci's lover, probably. Conveniently enough, that's Jay's new title!

8:02 PM
Speaking of blogs...
If BO had only a few problems, and/or they were very minor bugs (such as this one), that would be better, @Robert. Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We've known for years that to succeed blogs would have to be integrated into the system as a first-class content type (like questions and answers), but haven't figured out a good way to do that (it's more socially challenging than technically problematic; how do you vet articles the way you vet answers? But of course, there's an engineering cost as well.) Meanwhile, simply maintaining WordPress has become expensive and scary. — Shog9 ♦ 45 mins ago
Some sites manage to vet articles quite well. A notable example (in Russian) is habrahabr.ru
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer: How can I keep my cat from climbing on my desk? by tina on pets.stackexchange.com
@zaq Weird name. What does it mean?
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer: My text messages are received by my wife's iPhone and iPad by Alex on apple.stackexchange.com
8:18 PM
@M.A.R. Nothing afaik. Could be something from an inside joke.
@hyades I'm one of the close voters there and I still think it is broad. If you address the issue identified by @Zaq you might also ask in the SOCVR room but do so after you addressed the issue and then ask for advice if anything else can be done to have the question successful re-opened
I didn't identify any issues, actually...
Other than that the edit didn't fully address the objections by Blakes.
it is an issue, isn't it?
there, fixed ;)
A meta-issue, I guess.
8:20 PM
address all issues before requesting a re-open
sure would do so thanks.
8:40 PM
Question: should there be a new @xkcdBot if @AstroCB isn't going to fix his?
@zaq I would have no problem with that
Maybe @bjb568's botling can be repurposed for that...
9:00 PM
@zaq got it: require cyrillic.
Yes, that helps. Some of the articles (not the majority) are translations, which is a quality filter by itself.
Smokey's gone down.
Who can bring it back online?
Excluding translations, a decent example of a recent article is about migrating from React to Phoenix
9:14 PM
Phoenix? Is that a framework now and not just a city and a bird?
@hichris123 Phoenix phramework, as I inevitably find myself typing...
> Phoenix brings back the simplicity and joy in writing modern web applications by mixing tried and true technologies with a fresh breeze of functional ideas.
So basically "we're doing what everyone else is, just a little differently, and you'll abandon your old framework soon enough anyway"?
That is what I said when they came up with Java, while COBOL was still not dead...
React is up to the 5th place by GitHub stars, overtaking Angular. Although stars don't really measure much in this context...
9:21 PM
@rene Just how old of a flower are you? :o
In the end you're still moving bytes around ...
It would be interesting to see what Leo Kouwenhoven is going to create with the money Microsoft invests in his lab and idea's
@zaq You really want that?
Depends on the meaning of "that". Having fresh xkcd posted here automatically would be a plus.
I recall that bjbotling required a prompt for that, however.
But if you still had the backend for it and could modify it to post on release...
9:29 PM
You mean the bot that said :( all the time?
the only bot worth having:


Feb 18 '14 at 2:29, 25 minutes total – 197 messages, 10 users, 9 stars

Bookmarked Feb 18 '14 at 2:54 by Doorknob

Goodbye, cruel world
PSA: The !!/blacklist command is broken and is crashing the bot. Don't use it until it's fixed.
From way back when jmac was visible.
9:37 PM
Way back when jmac didn't understand SQL.
9:51 PM
> We will be putting out another edition of this in approximately two months (or somewhere around July 2016). discuss.area51.stackexchange.com/questions/20987/…
@zaq Eh, that'd require work.
10:07 PM
@hichris123 are you saying he understands it now?
10:29 PM
@Shog9 this, and blueberry pancakes...

Pancake Porn

Jun 20 '11 at 18:57, 4 minutes total – 21 messages, 4 users, 0 stars

Bookmarked Jun 20 '11 at 19:03 by Michael Mrozek

mmm... pancakes...
I just realized that because of credit transferring, in about a month I'll be a Junior at both my high school and my decently-ranked college that I take dual enrollment classes at. I could get an undergrad degree in math there in 1 semester after graduating early. It's absolutely insane how dumb other people are to set the bar so low.
Hey, collecting tuition from more people isn't dumb.
But these students…
I'm at the 135th best college in the US. And people are doing things 8 times slower that I can while I'm half their age. That reflects quite poorly on the rest of the students at even worse universities.
@bjb568 the people of USA elected Trump. So you expect them to be good students?
10:39 PM
Good. :)
@bjb568 Would you have fulfilled their College Core requirements, though?
AP tests have those covered.
I am sure that if a cat (actual cat) would have run for the elections instead of Trump, it would have won as well. People just hate Clinton with all their heart.
10:40 PM
I got literally 2/3 of a semester of credit just from three hours of Physics C exam. The exam had breaks.
Trump did not win. Clinton lost, and everything she represents. (that is, the standard, politically correct, government.)
Oo dear, Trump card is going to be used to remind things that some people don't want to remember ...
@bjb568 Some of them must be taken at the specific college, like the Humanities requirement
Transfer / AP credit isn't always accepted as a substitute.
good card ^
I played the actual game as teenager... Guess @Derpy played it too?
10:43 PM
@zaq There's still a lot of transfer and AP credit, which can all be done now. Still, I can easily take a double or 2.5x course load if I wanted to get it all done in a semester.
if we can't be as prosperous as 'em, we will bring 'em down to our level
Lemme tally it up…
also a strategy for equality
Also, according to UC a student must be matriculated for at least a year before graduation. So if you're now taking classes as a non-matriculated student, the one-semester thing wouldn't work.
10:47 PM
Ok, well that's just a party-pooper rule.
They want the tuition money, so...
Beyond APs, I'd need to take: Intermediate English, History, Intro to Analysis (easy, probably transfer), Number Theory (hopefully will take it next semester), another math elective, 2x capstone
So basically I'd need to take a year for the capstone thing anyway, but besides that, I have 5 classes left to take there at worst.
@zaq UC, university of california?
I was going to say that I studied 2 quarters in the university of california, mexico san diego campus
11:03 PM
@ShadowWizard Seems like the star count doesn't auto-update.

Pancake Porn

Jun 20 '11 at 18:57, 4 minutes total – 21 messages, 4 users, 0 stars

Bookmarked Jun 20 '11 at 19:03 by Michael Mrozek

Still didn't.
Seriously, you kids should go on exchange while studying in uni. If you are already in one top uni, then go on exchange in another top uni in some other country, you will learn so much more.
@bjb568 yup, it's the count of stars in the time of bookmarking, it's static.
There will also be a lot of catching up to do, because of different universities will have different teaching syllables, but it's worth it. No pain, no gain
@Telkitty Yeah, I definitely want to do that.
My brother was in such a thing, loooooong time ago.
11:11 PM
@bluefeet He knows at least some more... not sure how much that is though.
who needs understanding, when you can just beat it into submission?
Except SEDE isn't too forgiving with timeouts...
jmac is nothing if not persistent
It's still more forgiving than a production site with millions of visitors expecting their page to load, like, now.
In all seriousness, @jmac's been head-down in SQL trying to analyze non-English visitors to SO for a while now; that suggests a reasonable working knowledge.
11:19 PM
This non-English visitor is annoyed by seeing ads for ru.SO all.the.time. I know it exists. Maybe stop them after N imprints?
Also it's irritating to be reminded that a site can spy on my language config.
@zaq "spy on my language config"? It's just another detail the browser sends the server, no different than IP and user agent string...
@Shog9 Or that one has no clue what they're doing and is just copying & pasting SO answers. ;)
Stackoverflow heavily depends on google. So unless people who already know the site, in foreign countries where google is banned, stackoverflow is probably not getting as many visitors
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected: BCD repair for windows 10 encountering difficulty by mike2545 on superuser.com
11:33 PM
Fun fact: I raised 24 comment flags under that post.
Hoping they are marked helpful when the post is nuked. (Well, one two of them is are auto-helpful because of a keyword)
Why isn't bitch enough for auto-nuking a comment with one flag?
\o/ post nuked, +29 helpful comment flags.
flag spammer! flag spammer ahoy!
flag spamming party, the saddest party on the internet :'(
11:44 PM

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