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12:00 AM
Yeah, totally.
Like... Eye contact. Holy smokes, I wish I'd had someone explain the protocols there when I was a kid.
Still, these all boiil down to my favorite rant about how people suck at being people.
Oh my favorite was, uh...
Hold on lemme dig it up. It's like a case study...
This one
Q: Advisor walked in while I was complaining about her; How can I minimize the damage to our relationship?

James stanI work in a lab. This evening, thinking that my advisor had already left for the day, I started telling my peers in the lab that she has a bad attitude about a few things, and she was showing off a lot about her work last summer. Out of nowhere, she walked into the lab and was visibly upset, and ...

So much fail.
A horrific example of poor social skills, then accepted a god awful answer, went with it anyways, felt the consequences.
I have a simple philosophy. Never say something behind someone's back that you arn't ready to say to their face.
> Well... I am not an entirely mentally normal person so take my suggestion with a lot of salt.
speaking of area 51.. Weren't there several Ask Ubuntu en Español proposals @Shog9?
12:03 AM
@JourneymanGeek Yeah that's my philosophy, too. Although... it usually just manifests itself as "yell at people to their face" for me, lol.
@ɥʇǝS lessee...
heh. someone was asking SU in portugese on our meta
@JasonC I don't yell. It ruins my day.
I use "yell" figuratively.
12:04 AM
(that one wasn't "Ask Ubuntu", just "Ubuntu (in German)" - could've also been about a German version of Ubuntu I guess)
wow, I only ever saw the Spanish one(s)
none of 'em got very far
so there were not multiple Spanish proposals?
I remember Robert shutting the last one down before it had much chance..
doesn't look like it
I must have a flawed memory then.
12:06 AM
I doubt we'll be launching any other language-specific sites in the near future; still too labor-intensive
yeah, unfortunately.
We get a lot of Spanish and Portuguese questions on Ask Ubuntu :/
Lol, Workplace is coming to the realization that not only are there paperclips on the site theme, and not only are they on the wrong side of the page, but they give everybody bunny ears in the profile activity page:
It's kinda funny
clearly they can never be moved then
12:09 AM
If anything they just need to tilt the one on the right a little bit more clockwise.
Looks like hands holding up a sign
@JourneymanGeek Oh it just dawned on me that you were talking about that academia question. Yeah.
And then she tried to grovel her way out of it.
@JasonC Oh, generally
This was the original version: academia.stackexchange.com/revisions/17175/6 and their advisor ended up dropping them as a phd candidate.
12:20 AM
> which i know is load of crap
Great attitude
I'm sure you have in depth knowledge of how funding works in your organisation
And it's like, of course there are going to be people with poor interpersonal skills like that.
But seeing a barrage of it on Workplace, Academia, Parenting, etc, is somewhat unsettling.
A lot of those people are on the internet though
Yeah it's a pretty biased sample
12:22 AM
Its a "safe space" assuming you find people like you
And it's not like people who don't have issues are out asking questions / announcing their successes.
Also, while there's real folk who aren't "neurotypical" a lot of bad behaviour is normalised by people blaming on dyslexia or autism spectrum or...
I run into a lot of people like that in real life, though, I think that's kind of what bugs me about seeing it on the internet.
Like the other day a friend of mine stopped their car for a moment blocking the driveway of an apartment building. Ok, not the most polite thing to do, but he didn't leave the car.
Then some dude, maybe... 20 or so, tight jeans, clean cut, walks up to him and just blurts out "Uh... like... wtf man, can you move your car? I'm gonna need to get out of this parking lot. What's wrong with you?", total attitude.
And it's like...
Perspective is taking a deep breath and realising anyone who can get me mad either isn't worth bothering with, or is too much work ;p
This guy clearly did not know how to express irritation, or interact with other people in a smooth way, at all.
12:26 AM
I say sorry. 4 different ways
@JourneymanGeek Basically.
On the internet I tend to get pulled in to arguments rather easily.
I have sorries ranging from apologetic, to dripping with "god what is wrong with you"
On the internet... I'm oddly good at handling people
Ha. Yeah... IRL I'm really good at handling people, mediating problems, getting everybody excited about something, dealing with complaints. On the internet and in text, not so much. I've learned to just always call people instead of sending them an email when a conflict is in the air.
I guess I do OK on the internet sometimes. It depends on the situation. I'm all right when the other person is clearly just... upset or something. I mean, I did manage to get that Ramanujan guy to stop complaining about his ban and start posting cat pictures. Surely that counts for something.
Or if I had a crap day, I suck at people. Both IRL and on the internet.
If I have a crap day I don't bother with people
I just deal with it (assuming I'm working), get home, and shoot bots in the face
Probably a good idea. I can avoid real life people. What I need to learn to do is not start typing in chat rooms or opening gmail, heh.
Such as right now. When I start talking about myself a lot it's generally a sign that I should stop talking altogether. So with that in mind, I think it's Netflix time.
12:33 AM
Have fun.
12:48 AM
@JasonC there's sort of a lower barrier to everything on the 'Net. You can be "good guy copacetic peacemaker" without having to be in some total zen mood just by spending a bit of extra time thinking before you write... And you can be "fly off the handle jackass" just as easily without even having to raise your blood pressure. Heck, you can be both at once in two different conversations because there's no need to actually look anyone in the eye.
Hm, are those mountains the Rockies, by any chance?
Theory: xkcd's Black Hat is based on Shog.
1:15 AM
@Shog9 Yeah, definitely. The nature of communication on the internet vs in real life is something I always find fascinating and interesting. They're equally nuanced but in completely different ways.
In text in general, not just on the internet, although granted an email is still very different from a back and forth chat or comment session.
On a different note: God dammit. I have been lazily collecting old coffee cups on this table and I accidentally set my new coffee on that table and forgot which one it was.
Classic sad bachelor problem.
Texting. Texts are what I'm the worst at. I hate text messages. I have a very, very strict policy now that I will never get into any sort of argument about anything, no matter how minor, with anybody, ever, in text messages. I don't know what it is.
Text message fights have exactly a 0% success rate for me.
I can count the number of major, memorable battles I've gotten into with people throughout my life on one hand and 4 of those fingers started with text messages.
The fifth started with alcohol and ended with a group hug, lol. That one might not count.
@JasonC most of my texts are "K"
Yeah. That's how it should be, heh.
Dammit I can't wait until season 4 of The 100 comes out on netflix. I could just watch it live. But it's one episode per week. I don't think I could deal with the waiting.
That series got intense.
@Shog9 this is true
and its so damned easy to take a walk away from a keyboard
1:39 AM

Proposed Q&A site for hobbyist drone flyers, racers and builders (all types)

Currently in definition.

I can't see that site having enough content to make it last more than like a month tops.
Area51 is basically just a set of glorified tags.
2:07 AM
A "Gadgets" site didn't work... so it has to be something more specific to bring a group of enthusiasts together. Ebooks. Drones. Can openers. Crazy plastic straws
I'm actually suprised a consumer electronics site never worked out
@NormalHuman I half expected that to be a actual SE link
@NormalHuman More random stats: Here's the sites sorted by questions per visit: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/…
I don't know what significance it has. But it's interesting. Maybe.
How to cook, how to be a parent, how to do household chores, and how to speak/write English. The things that people look up the most.
Mi Yodeya has the most questions per user, whatever that means.
By a pretty big margin.
Stack Apps has the least which makes sense.
Freelancing has the least out of normal sites.
2:26 AM
A: android vlc libvlc - how to enable snapshot?

yanghave you solved this problem? can you help me? I`ll lose my job if I can do this! please

Damned if I can, damned if I can't.
@JourneymanGeek far, far far more passive consumers than experts or even power users. The Android problem.
@Shog9 true
Consistent CAD proposal failures are the ones that kind of surprise me.
2:30 AM
If its anything like VFX...
I think it's because there's a lot of really well established product-specific cad forums out there already.
sharing a minimum example of your problem is hard
I wonder if an Industrial Design & CAD proposal would take off.
The CAD proposals so far have always had this blurry line of design vs. animation/art.
(NDAs, and your setups are rediculously company specific)
Eh, yes and no. I mean if you look at some of the topics that come up frequently on e.g. AutoCAD forums, they lend themselves well to questions on SE sites.
2:32 AM
Things like scripting questions, how do I split a circle along a line in WhateverCAD, that kind of stuff.
eh, we had a seperate team for things like that at the VFX firm I used to work for
so, I can totally see that
Although some things I guess it's like, if you have the job or access to the tool, you probably don't have questions about it, like 5-axis milling machine programming and stuff.
Which probably puts a cap on how interesting the questions could be.
or for most things there's an internal team for that
or its a custom tool
3 hours later…
5:16 AM
Anyone know what I should do if someone is scraping my profile info (against this part of the TOS)? Contact us link, or meta?
5:29 AM
@angussidney Contact us.
5:45 AM
@JonEricson will do
3 hours later…
8:30 AM
in The Water Cooler on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 14 hours ago, by Stack Exchange
Q: I smell an elaborate troll

Mark HendersonI refer you to Hans Moleman's exceptionally exciting life! Jan 17: Gets fired by an intoxicated boss, but just went back to work anyway to find out he has a new manager Jan 26: Wasted a lot of time at work making an inappropriate video about themselves as a "joke" for their new manag...

8:49 AM
@gnat and they still won't admit the posts are fake :p
There's also the deleted law.se post about a bizarre chocolate factory accident. — Carl Veazey 15 hours ago
Now I'm curious
@JourneymanGeek a boy felt in a chocolate river?
9:08 AM
@Stijn one of my friends could post a bunch of questions like this user did - though they couldn't say it all happened to them (unless of course they wanted to troll / gain easy repz, "oh it happened to me right there and now, my whole life is at stake, need hAlp urgent"). That friend of mine is doing training courses for managers and as time passed they collected a bunch of interesting "war stories" from different training participants
@gnat oh that's glorious
9:47 AM
@Bart "Everything you can do, I can do better"
"I can do anything better than you"
1 hour later…
10:57 AM
@Derpy to see if your components fit in a case, I guess
but then it'd need lots of models for all kinds of components
@Derpy Cause foo simulators are a thing
2 hours later…
1:01 PM
Thank you both :D Hopefully this community gets better as time goes on. All we can do is hope. — ditheredtransparency 9 hours ago
LOL they didn't get the irony
1:12 PM
I edited that post ... slightly ...
@Bart Once again, you fly in with your cape and save the day
1:27 PM
Until the OP rolls it back and goes on another rant
@Bart Well, Superman has a billion sequels and remakes, so I don't see why Glassman shouldn't
2 hours later…
3:29 PM
21 messages moved to Chimney
@M.A.R. Lol, epic.
3:46 PM
@M.A.R. one could also ask himself if he was comparing @Bart to Superman or Suppaman...
@Bart Rolled back, rant expanded from SO to SE, lol.
@JasonC brilliant :D
@ShadowWizard @rene if you feel so inclined, this could be deleted imo meta.stackexchange.com/questions/292483/… But decide for yourselves
4:17 PM
@Bart I already felt so inclined ...
But I didn't down vote yet, so that is now done as well...
Nobody ever wrote an angry blog post about the Tavern. :(
That's because we're not mean, we're just stupid.
@NormalHuman not even Lazslo? I recall he wanted to include chat messages into his blog ... which wasn't his blog ... but secretly still was
4:33 PM
The onboarding at SE might go like this, too.
Hey guys! I unblocked a 3-year-old feature request: https://meta.stackexchange.com/a/292397/153134 - now what the Stack Overflow staff needs to do to make it happen is update their libraries.

Any idea how to push this case forward? I'm afraid the question is so old that no-one will ever take notice.
Should I post a new question with the same feature request but describing the current situation?
@nietaki should just get picked up next time we refresh
5:08 PM
What do you mean by refresh?
@nietaki I mean, next time we update the library
...hasn't been a release in 3+ years? Hrm.
oh well. Looks like we last updated about 9 months ago, so that doesn't matter
and the update hasn't made it to the release either, it's just in master, you need to build it yourself.
I saw some discussion on Meta about how and why SO won't change the highlighting library because of reasons: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/278141/…
@nietaki I added this to the list; might still be a while before we get to it.
5:17 PM
@nietaki yeah... highlight.js is pretty good when you control the inputs; it's been known to have problems with arbitrary code / complicated pages. Not something we'd do on a whim.
1 hour later…
6:40 PM
Dumb question: are self-deleted questions not visible in the Deleted section of the 10k tools?
@JAL yes
I just saw that on Retrocomputing and wondering if it is a bug
ah thanks
Do you know if that is documented anywhere?
ha, I'll dig around. Thank you for the quick response
Q: Why are self-undeleted posts not shown in the 10k tools?

a catI can understand not dragging self-deleted content into the spotlight. If there were problems with it, it's deleted anyway and they don't matter now, and the OP probably had their own private reasons for deleting it. Nothing wrong with self-deleting answers if you know they're bad. But why are s...

...not answered, but, does note the behavior
6:42 PM
yeah I saw that, but I didn't know if it applied since it was about self-undeletions
yeah, sorta implicit I guess
cool, thanks
Hi everyone!
come up every now and then, I don't know why the behavior was put into place but doesn't seem to matter much in practice
If I wrote a meta question "Why are self-deleted posts not shown in the 10k Tools?" do you think it would be closed as a dupe of that one?
6:44 PM
@JAL no
got it
I'm bored like hell :-/
Can chat here though :-P
That won't help.
@NormalHuman Is The Tavern a generally boring room?
thanks for the help shog
6:54 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ it's generally a brown room.
@bjb568 What's a brown room? Can you enlighten me? The furniture?
7:16 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ Not when Jason is around
@πάνταῥεῖ Hey. Welcome
@M.A.R. \o
@M.A.R. I'm particularly bored with my ban, since I used SO for brain training on my currently decaying job. SE Code Review as a fallback, isn't really satisfying me :-P
Huh, ban? That figures.
I'm probably the only person that came here first in 2015 (2016?) without having been suspended somewhere else
7:34 PM
@bjb568 Brown!
@Shog9 I pinged Oded earlier about prettify here. Can you link that to your list? Is has an MSO question linked.
The meta domain name changes take some getting used to, heh.
@Shog9 this and my doubts are in the chat comment :/
7:38 PM
@rene I cringe now every time someone uses 'doubt' as a noun, although it's prolly valid
I have doubts
@πάνταῥεῖ It depends on whether or not you think this is boring:
@rene For lunch, or for dinner?
@JasonC It's moving like a robot
beep boop
@M.A.R. dinner, but I need an extra snack before the next meal because I never have enough doubts.
7:44 PM
@M.A.R. It's totally a noun.
@JasonC Also one commonly used in annoying Indianisms
The only more annoying Indianism is 'according to me' taking up half a one-line answer.
According to me you're right.
Or left.
No doubt.
@M.A.R. Oh man, a stereotype phrase I've never heard before - travel.cnn.com/mumbai/life/10-indianisms-652344
Gotta be careful of that one, lol.
Kindly answer me pls
Regarding 'do the needful',
7:49 PM
@M.A.R. Are there any Americanisms thsat you find annoying?
@NormalHuman MacDonald
And some of the iStuff
That's marketing, not a language feature.
"Americanism" is too general for language features anyways, heh. "Bostonism", or "Pittsburghese", maybe.
Hmm, lemme think about language features
But to make what you're talking about parallel to Indianism you have to find some errors that Americans stereotypically make when speaking other languages.
7:54 PM
Like when they're imitating Aussies?
Like when they're speaking Hindi.
It's not our fault you don't speak English in Aus
The thing an American would prolly do about language that would annoy me is meaningless prescriptivism in most cases.
Like insisting that 'whom' doesn't exist
We do that when speaking English, too.
7:55 PM
Or it exists everywhere
Or that 'than me' is wrong
I don't think many Americans care much for grammar nowadays... too much twitter
Apparently using ' means hitting enter
(happy st pattys)
@TravisJ You should read more YouTube comments, lol.
omg no, they are so awful
Nothing pegs a fellow American like a "You mean 'too' not 'to', you idiot."
@JasonC I remember 38 days ago I clicked 'show more replies' once. I never clicked it after that again.
8:00 PM
I watched an espn recap of a basketball game recently, and the comments were atrocious... from a simple highlight reel. Unimaginable really.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: Could you list all stops & continuants? by domino on english.SE
@M.A.R. Lol
And my vocabulary of sexual organs increased by 3000 words.
The worst is when you make the mistake of leaving a reply to a YouTube comment, then you're forever cursed with receiving reply notifications for the rest of eternity.
You poor soul
Commenting on youtube is like having your cell number written on a bathroom stall
8:02 PM
There's one thread now where I basically said "Hey, thanks for the video! This is great." and proceeded to received hundreds of reply notifications about some other discussion that evolved about whether or not gravity was a lie.
Gravity is a lie.
It's what those stupid scientists made up 400 years ago to get some of Trump's budget.
Lesson is: Never comment on YouTube threads involving gravity, the shape of the earth, how much current it takes to kill a human, or the metric system.
Also ones about whether God exists or not
That too.
Also ones about animal facts
8:04 PM
I don't understand why facts are called lies. It is baffling.
Also ones about God facts or whether animals exist or not O.O
On the other hand, comments on threads about hydraulic presses, vacuum chambers, and industrial automation have generally proven safe.
Really, I truly cannot fathom why anyone would do that and not be joking.
That's what makes YouTube comments great. Half the people are trolling, the other half are serious, and nobody knows the difference.
'Alternate facts' is a good phrasing because it demonstrates more that it's not about facts with reminding you that word
@JasonC The third half are cursing
8:06 PM
That's true.
And the fourth half is reminding us that "mankind" is a sexist term.
Alternate facts makes it seem like there is just another side of the story when there really isn't.
Let's pick a random YouTube comment from my notification feed, just for fun.
Let's see...
Here we go
Excellent, top of the list:
> +Emmerz Rodman it's called a joke off stereotypes JC people are sensitive that they can't take jokes when it isn't ment to be racist in the slighest. IT'S A JOKE. I'm Black and i'm not offended by either because they are off stereotypes and if you don't get mad about a joke off stereotypes then good, but if you do you prob do these things such as steal shoes and eat shitloads of watermelon.
Oh, YouTube.
@M.A.R. - Side note from previous conversation, this is the primary source of US grammar: chicagomanualofstyle.org/home.html .
8:09 PM
@TravisJ It's not source . . . It's style guide
CMoS sometimes has really crappy advice
> What a bunch of noobs. amperes dont kill people. If we consider the ohm current travelling through ur body, the amperes will decrease due to the electrolytes in our body, mainly the sodium and potassium and this will degrade further once it gets absorbed by your dick cheese fuck it i dont know what im talking about thanks for reading
It is used as the source for grammar citation and technique all across the country.
Haha that comment's actually pretty awesome.
> You know absolutely nothing about physics!!!
That type of dialog is what I would expect to hear someone yelling at tree all by themselves.
8:12 PM
@TravisJ Sure, because the real stuff is academic and boring. It tells you some tips on how to write well, and it's supposed to be a level higher than a source. Sources would document grammar, without giving much care about whether an utterance with such grammar would be awkward or funny
> You have no proof that the reason the metal plane is on the ground is because of higher density. How does higher density equal something falling down? Why not up? Or sideways? Do you ask yourself these questions?? Again, logic.
I see, you literally took my use of primary source to refer to the first creation of aspects of grammar. That wasn't really my intent though.
> Remember when our little jobs board had under 100 programming jobs? Today it has more than 5,000. stackoverflow.com/jobs -- Joel Spolsky at 11:33 AM - 17 Mar 2017
(Interesting mostly because there isn't a count anywhere that I know of.)
My issue with the jobs board is that it only hires mid level.
Maybe that is just a representation of the type of user at Stack Overflow? Does everyone only make between 60k and 140k in the entire industry?
8:18 PM
@TravisJ no no, I didn't mean generative grammars. You can take a look at Longman Comprehensive Grammar of The English Language and The Cambridge Grammar of The English Language to see what I'm talking about.
CMoS is a good source, but as usual, it creates problems when people take its words to be dictations rather than advice
That's a problem with people though, really
Did you mean Language instead of Langugae?
lol sorry, j/k :P
My fat fingers ruining my showing off
Way to go, fingers
google got angry with me and I had to kibitz about it :(
@NormalHuman If anybody else posted that I'd assume they did some db query to find out, and would congratulate them on the success. But from Joel, I just immediately discount it as some made-up, self-serving babble.
@JasonC Time to rake a stand
8:22 PM
Time to take some leaves?
@JasonC Pfft, you know nothing about logic
See, that is why you aren't supposed to read youtube comments. Eventually you regurgitate them.
Do you even?
@TravisJ He regurgitates them even if he doesn't read them
That's deep.
Really though, I wish the jobs board had some premium jobs listed.
And they would shine
8:26 PM
It would be like the cooking exchange only hiring sous chefs.
@M.A.R. Haha, burn.
I can't. I already have too many oxygens
Also, that guy got unexpectedly weird in comments. I think I'll just ignore that.
@JasonC It means your question was super confusing and I disagree with the idea.
8:29 PM
Untrue. Many are accepted. At least, they used to be. I remember accepting a few in the past, before I changed my name by 'deed poll'. — Rails Kiddie 1 min ago
FAQ: Q: What do downvotes mean on meta? A: That nobody likes you.
Can someone tell them to post less and read more?
They're like a confused little kitten now
And there's a busy programmer who keeps answering stuff
He has a bug in his code, decided it's not his bug, but the fault of either jQuery, Rails, or Heroku, and then wants Stack users to help nail down and report it.
I think if you can't decide whether your client-side library, backend framework, or hosting provider is responsible, that question is Seriously Too Broad.
8:34 PM
@JeremyBanks Wait, isn't it Trump's fault?
@M.A.R. It's his fault for not issuing an EO banning jQuery on Day 1.
I'd have supported that.
The 2017 wheel of blame has an additional free option set to POTUS
I know.
That one doesn't. Separately, it is a FAQ entry.
8:37 PM
Okay, cool, wasn't quite sure how to parse the comment.
@RailsKiddie So... if you're having short term memory issues, you can refresh your memory by rereading these comments and noting that we were talking about meta.stackexchange.com/questions/47634/…. — Jason C 1 min ago
As much as I appreciate and giggle at the humor, I don't think people will appreciate it directed at a new, confused user
It isn't humor.
I wish you changed it into a less fun-sounding wording
Youtube all the things, amirite?
8:40 PM
more than that, this answer should be canonical — Rails Kiddie 1 min ago
And he's not a new user.
Q: Is https://www.languagetrainers.co.uk Legit

AmadeusI talked to someone about german lessons, and eventually decided on buying 100 hours for £3k. They eventually sent me an invoice, i signed it and pressed enter, but i hadn't chosen the amount to pay and it said "Це поле необхідно заповнити." which is ukranian for "This field is required.". Also, ...

Seriously, paying £3k for 100 hours of language tutoring? At the age of duolingo, etc.
@NormalHuman I F'd it. It isn't spam, right?
You were making an additional comment
@NormalHuman I'm too young to say this prolly, but I've learned people are very good at throwing away money
Most of them don't even regret it afterwards
It got deleted faster than I could copy the link.
8:52 PM
Based on the short amount of time it's taken you to post odd comment replies, I'd say you should spend more time reading the linked posts. Then, after that, you will be able to continue with a more constructive conversation. — Jason C 19 mins ago
Can we just move on?
It keeps getting more and more awkward
He pretty much ended the conversation anyways with "f*** off, tory scum".
I've nuked the comments, except for @JasonC's initial one pointing to the relevant FAQ section. That was getting absurd.
Is everybody happy now?
So remember when we were talking about the types of internet arguments I'm bad at avoiding? That's the type. I can put my finger on it. The entitlement. That's the one I have trouble getting sucked in to.
I don't think anybody was unhappy except the OP. I thought it was kinda funny.
8:59 PM
*tries to make everybody happy*


*takes a nap*
I was tempted to continue sniping at him myself so I removed the temptation.
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