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1:06 AM
There's a new non-SHA-1 version of the BitTorrent protocol under development, which is pretty exciting: they're taking the opportunity to force a bunch of other protocol upgrades that had been languishing. I have my fingers crossed that the Internet Archive (and by extension our data dumps) start supporting it in fewer than five years. :]
That's cool!
Here's the proof-of-concept exploit against BitTorrent using the SHAttered block, but it's an astronomical stretch from that to anything that would affect our use.
1:42 AM
@tmslft soooo, I need to move elections, have a domain in mind? /cc @shog9
I like Adam's idea, natural.seelection.com
3:02 AM
Hello, there is option for history of message on starred message,how to get history of other messages?
@Ramanujan It'll be in the dropdown menu on chat messages that were edited.
Under "permalink". Messages that weren't edited won't have the history link.
You can also directly visit chat.meta.stackexchange.com/messages/IDNUMBER/history, substituting the message id for IDNUMBER, but it's pointless for messages that weren't edited.
3:23 AM
@JasonC got.
4:06 AM
Q: Image inserts break the editor when certain characters present in post

Jason CIn this post, attempting to insert an image with the editor does nothing. When I click the image button, enter a link, and proceed, nothing happens. After this (not shown in GIF below), the live preview stops working entirely. This seems to have something to do with the presence of Cypriot syllab...

Edge cases for the win
5:03 AM
We detected an invalid domain linked in your post. This is likely caused due to sample code not being in a code block. (this message will be automatically removed when the link is fixed) — Community ♦ May 14 '12 at 5:24
I have never seen a comment from Community before.
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5:48 AM
@JasonC Automatic link check used to run back in the days, not anymore. After 2012, Community has only two comments on Meta, both are developer jokes.
7:52 AM
And can't do without FHRC. :) — Shadow Wizard 4 mins ago
@ShadowWizard Here I made this for you:
user image
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In fact, I'm going to pin that. It's time to take a stand.
@JasonC nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! my precious FHRC....................
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in body: Best Bitcoin Generating Software by eldeeny on bitcoin.SE
OK, image upgraded:
Suck my FHGS.
8:01 AM
Is it really green? It's not pure green.
My red is pure.
255, 0, 0
It's green-ish.
The color picker on my image editor is one of those hsv blobs, I just got it in the rough area of green.
throw that editor
46, 255, 5
8:02 AM
so tainted
it's like white person with dark-ish skin
It's modern.
it's too bright
It's "hip green"
8:03 AM
it's not real green
The real greens won't accept it
It's irrelevant. It demolished your crappy circle.
it's not even containing it
Correct. It's just dominating it.
It ignores your inconsequential little circle.
Aw look, a baby.
8:05 AM
And yours isn't even a circle
It's rectangle-ish
It's a FHGS.
I thought I was clear about that.
Shape... so general
But OK I'll give you FHGR.
8:06 AM
My FHBC is better
Sure, your freehand bulls**t circle.
I crack myself up.
bulls**t is brown
brown wasn't used enough lately
Talking about circles, how's your friend doing? @Jason
Less pain?
8:19 AM
Just found out Outlook now inserts emoji's instead of their WingDings smileys, when you type :)
@Stijn 😮
@ShadowWizard He's healing. Actually I just talked to him yesterday for the first time since the accident. His speech sounds normal. He still needs dental work and it'll be a while before he can eat solid food. He said the pain is constant and dull but manageable now.
It's mind boggling that he's even still alive.
@JasonC glad to hear.... can't imagine how one can live for so long without eating solid food though. Poor guy...
Lol I should buy him a case of soylent.
Bet he lost tons of weight as well?
8:26 AM
Not sure. I'd imagine, he probably at least lost a pound or two in the hospital. I think he's been surviving on smoothies since.
I haven't seen him in person yet I just talked to him on the phone.
He said he didn't remember any of the accident, which is probably a good thing, cause if I were in his shoes I'd be afraid of my stairs for the rest of my life, lol.
@JasonC pound or two? I had bad stomach for few days last week, ate only bread for like three days and lost 4 KG, so guess he lost more. Update when you see him in person.... ;)
Oh yeah in that case probably more.
I was in the hospital on an electrolyte IV and jell-o for about 5 days a few years ago I think I only lost like 5 lbs, but my weight is weirdly stable no matter what I eat / don't eat.
@JasonC you are weird ;)
And know you don't like answering those questions but I'll ask anyway.... why were you in hospital for 5 days few years ago? @Jason :D
Heh, well
2 days bowel obstruction from an allergic reaction + 3 days that I shouldn't have been there but that hospital freakin' sucks. I eventually just pulled out my own GN tube (which I later found out was an incredibly dumb thing to do) and discharged myself.
There's a ton of hospitals in NYC but that one (Woodhull) is notoriously awful. I actually have been meaning to get one of those red allergy bracelets or cards and write "Do not, under any circumstances, take me to Woodhull" on it.
8:42 AM
@JasonC whoa.... sounds crappy. Known allergy at least, so that it won't happen again?
My brother is allergic to mango, but he won't get any obstruction eating it, he'll just die.
for some reason I always thought hospitals in the USA are all good.
Probably the "neighbour's grass is always greener" syndrome.
As most hospitals here suck.
Not verified, empirical evidence strongly points to lychee, given that it was the 3rd of 3 times in my life that I ate it and ended up in bad shape. It's a weird one, especially since I'm not allergic to anything else.
Easy to avoid.
There are tons of great hospitals here. Woodhull is not one of them.
@JasonC lychee... yeah, it makes sense. My brother is also allergic only to mango, nothing else.
He ate one when he was 16, nearly died. Doctors saved his life in the last instant.
That's scary stuff.
All I know is I am definitely not interested in testing the lychee allergy theory.
8:47 AM
My sister is allergic to like 1000 different things, but nothing really fatal.
and me... so far no allergies. :D
This girl I dated in college was deathly allergic to peanuts, and penicillin.
Those are two things that you have to try really hard to avoid.
@JasonC you can do it in monitored way, you know, in hospital
She had to wear the bracelet for the penicillin.
Screw that, lol.
@JasonC so like you
@JasonC peanuts allergy is very common, right?
And milk
Peanut allergies are common enough to warrant warnings on food labels and restaurant menus.
8:49 AM
I read that children and people in Israel are like 80% less allergic to peanuts because we all eat bamba as children here.
lol that typo
Bamba (Hebrew: בַּמְבָּה‎) is a peanut butter-flavored snack manufactured by the Osem corporation in Holon, Israel. Bamba is one of the leading snack foods produced and sold in Israel. It has been marketed since 1964 with no decline in sales. Bamba makes up 25% of the Israeli snack market. Similar products from other domestic manufacturers include "Parpar" (Telma, since 2000 a subsidiary of Unilever) and "Shush" (Strauss). Bamba is made from peanut butter-flavored puffed maize. Bamba contains no cholesterol, preservatives or food coloring, is enriched with several vitamins, and contains high amounts...
> However, a 2008 study concluded that, due to the extensive consumption of peanuts by infants in Israel, peanut allergy is rare. A control group of Jewish children in the UK had ten times higher rates of allergy; the difference is not accounted for by differences in atopy, social class, genetic background, or peanut allergenicity
I guess that makes sense though
I am glad I'm not allergic to peanuts. I freakin' love peanuts.
8:52 AM
You got Bamba at your place?
It's like Coke Cola, once you try it once you're hooked for life. :/
I've never seen it in stores but NYC has some heavy Jewish neighborhoods, I'd be willing to bet I could find it no problem.
If they even let me in.
I'd have to disguise myself in black clothes and a shtreimel.
8:53 AM
Unless you have tattoos of nazi symbols can't imagine why they won't let you. @Jason :P
I think I could get the hair curls going.
Oh new face around.... hey @Dan :)
whoa.... we really had a long chat here @Jason who will clean it up? :D
Payot, that's the word.
oh, פאות.... it's more like pe-ot
Payot (Hebrew: פֵּאָה‎‎; plural: פֵּאוֹת), also pronounced pe'ot, peyot; or payos, peyos, peyois, payois in Ashkenazi pronunciation, is the Hebrew word for sidelocks or sidecurls. Payot are worn by some men and boys in the Orthodox Jewish community based on an interpretation of the Biblical injunction against shaving the "corners" of one's head. Literally, pe'ah means "corner, side, edge". There are different styles of payot among Haredi, Yemenite, and Hasidic Jews. Yemenite Jews call their sidelocks simonim (סִימָנִים), literally "signs", because their long-curled sidelocks served as a dis...
> also pronounced pe'ot, peyot....
So you got those? @Jason
also don't forget glasses, you must have glasses if you want to mingle. ;)
I have long hair that has wavey curls naturally. It'd be a doable disguise.
I do have glasses.
8:59 AM
You'll fit just fine.
Oh... eh... you also need to be circumcised. :P
Check. /tmi
Also I feel like I need to own at least two apartment buildings.
Sure you're not Jewish already? @Jason ;)
9:01 AM
There's a company in Israel which makes genetic tests to find ancestors.
Nah I'm from a long line of Irish/Italian Catholics.
Although in reality I guess I'm classified as "weak agnostic".
@JasonC Irish.... I do love Irish Cream. ;)
Apparently so did my great grandmother.
Ba dum bum.
Did she live in USA too?
She moved here when she was in her 50's.
All of my great grandparents moved here around that time.
9:04 AM
Nice... my grandparents from mother's side (both of them) moved from Poland to Israel somewhere in the 30's (1930, they were teenagers)
I got to meet ... four of them I think. Maybe five (I don't remember I was little). Which is kinda cool.
Nice. If an user posts a wall of text (@shadow) and you try to ignore that user, the chat window will be "empty". Basically, the "ignore filter" is applied after the message "page" is loaded, which means that the more ignores you define, the emptier the page will be. I expected the number of displayed messages was fixed, instead it is the age that is fixed.
@Derpy easier that way... ;)
Ignored tags are the same, it's applied after page load.
So @Derpy you ignored me until now that you saw half empty screen? ;)
@ShadowWizard just until the picture was scrolled out.
Picture?? What picture... scrolling up
It's just his tongue, not blood
9:09 AM
@ShadowWizard the point was that you kept ping-pong posting that one, not the picture by itself.

just a tongue

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Just for future reference ;)
oh, chat still doesn't enforce https
even in images
I had no idea you guys posted those same dead horse graphics earlier.
@JasonC great minds.....
9:11 AM
@ShadowWizard will be implemented in 6-8 light years
(yep, the error is intentional)
@Derpy nah, looks like @Nick is really serious about it this time
since MSE is already fully https, guess chat won't be far away
I found a weird bug today. Check this out: meta.stackexchange.com/a/292421, click edit.
@ShadowWizard about what? the 6-8 part or the "using light years as a measure unit for time" thing?
Reported on MSE already? @Jason
meta.stackexchange.com/questions/292415/… - like the most disorganized bug report ever.
9:15 AM
@Derpy about ssl-ing everything ;)
SSL all da tingz
@ShadowWizard nah, that's a bookstore here in Switzerland
9:34 AM
@Bart hmm?
oh lol
guess they got no idea the word has meaning :D
I think it's the last name of the original founder
But I guess they're not aware of the other meaning, no :D
You have lots of Jewish people in your place? @Bart
(not just orthodox with "payot", just in general ;))
Do you plan to mingle with them as @Jason plans to? ;)
A fair amount yes. I think there are 2 synagogues in town. And near me there is an Israeli Orthodox Community
@ShadowWizard hah, no mingling plans as such, no.
9:47 AM
@Bart good! I think. :D
@Bart nice... how many people in the town? (i.e. is this a small or big town?)
"Israeli Orthodox" doesn't fit... Israeli isn't a religion. ;)
I used to live next to a matzah factory that was fun.
@JasonC lol..... why fun?
I mean... it's just a factory. No?
@ShadowWizard it's what they call themselves I think
Well, a bakery.
@ShadowWizard Geneva. So around 200k people I think (not counting suburbs and such). And doubling during workdays :D
9:50 AM
@Bart weird. Maybe they lived in Israel and left as a group or something...
The doors were always shut to us mere goys.
@Bart oh, so big city.
But on some holiday every year it was crazy, like 100's of people lined up in front, sidewalk closed, barrels of burning whatever outside.
Large-ish, yes
@JasonC lol.... as if it's a big secret...
9:51 AM
So just break in
Not possible the place had really intimidating iron doors and one of those little slots that the dude would open and peer at you through when you knocked on it.
Maybe it was factory for special matzah, the kind that costs tons of money.
it's called מצה שמורה in Hebrew, no idea in English
They are hand-made, one by one. Or so they say.
Anyway, dry matzah isn't tasty.
9:53 AM
These were hand made
Oh, this explains it. Money.
They don't want people to steal something that's worth so much.
Or know that it's made of people ... or was that Soylent Green?
Back 2 civilisation
She's alive!!!
9:56 AM
@Bart well some might get cut when making matzah and drop blood into it. Otherwise... no human parts in there. :D
@Telkitty now that's a view
Long time no see @Magi! What's up?
Got eaten alive by insects though
9:57 AM
@Telkitty :(
N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide, also called DEET (/diːt/) or diethyltoluamide, is the most common active ingredient in insect repellents. It is a slightly yellow oil intended to be applied to the skin or to clothing, and provides protection against mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, chiggers, leeches, and many biting insects. == History == DEET was developed in 1944 by Samuel Gertler of the United States Department of Agriculture for use by the United States Army, following its experience of jungle warfare during World War II. It was originally tested as a pesticide on farm fields, and entered military use...
Next time, use it @Tel ^
10:34 AM
@ShadowWizard busy @ work
1 hour later…
11:58 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Repeating words in title: Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test by user115537 on wordpress.SE
12:11 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test by user115538 on wordpress.SE
@SmokeDetector k
flagged as abusive, user trolling.
12:48 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: Point Of Sale and an integration for POS, Magento, and Quickbooks Enterprise by MageDoc on softwarerecs.SE
I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but is there a way I can contact nick craver to appeal me being blocked on his Twitter? I have no idea why he's blocking me
Even at the very least, I'd love to know why he's blocking me
@Nzall that's his personal Twitter account, and even though he posts Stack Exchange stuff on it, if you're blocked you should really respect that.
aha @ShadowWizard I thought I'd find you here, my MSE nemesis. I posted another question. I'm waiting your close vote on it. evil nemesis maniacal laughter
@Stijn I get that it's his right to block me, but isn't there also a right to know what you've done wrong, as well as a right to make amends?
As in, a right to a second chance?
@Nzall No.
That is not a right.
12:55 PM
@Nzall in fact even discussing it here may not be appropriate
@YvetteColomb Yeah, that's why I want to discuss it with him directly, and it was that which I wanted to know about
Whether appropriate or not, it's pointless. It's a personal matter. And as others have said, there is no "right" to an explanation/justification or otherwise.
Whether there's a way to contact him in a neutral environment
@Nzall, he blocked you. That probably means he doesn't want to talk to you at all.
12:57 PM
@YvetteColomb lol... I'm also in Den. ;)
@Nzall in life, many people will come and go through our lives at differing levels of closeness. When they want to quit from our lives (whether it's a passing internet user or a friend) there's nothing we can do, except accept it - as frustrating as it is. Taken me nearly half a century to figure that out ;)
@Nzall did you reply to his tweets?
@ShadowWizard I'm trying to find it O>O
@YvetteColomb find Den.... o_O
@ShadowWizard Yeah, I politely disagreed with some of his opinions on certain things
12:58 PM
@Nzall oh. So... politely accept his blocking. :)
searching for den - blind in the darkness bump ouch!
I guess he just have no will to fight people there.
@Nzall well, most SE devs/team got SE email address published on their profile.
@ShadowWizard It might also have to do with my tendency to view every disagreement as a debate rather than a discussion
Last resort would be starting a new chat room with him here on MSE chat, but don't build your hopes too high in either case.
@ShadowWizard Nick doesn't :p
1:00 PM
as in something where I try to actually win what I'm saying
@Nzall fair enough, that's your right, but others might not like it.
By the way, your avatar is really confusing @Nzall :)
now off to close @Yve's question... :D
Just accept that I'm always better and more correct than any of you, on your path to enlightenment.
@Stijn Glad you like it
1:01 PM
I recommend against pursuing this on SE. Just saying...if you start harassing a dev about a twitter interaction on SE, you stand the chance of being blocked here too.
@ShadowWizard grumble grumble grumble
lol well, too specific to be dupe of anything. Let's leave it alone. ;)
@Bart with, of course, the exception of me :D
@Bart with, of course, the exception of me :D
@ShadowWizard well have you noticed, I am so used to you jumping on my posts, that I now come and find you lol
1:04 PM
@ShadowWizard copy cat :D
You two are in for a smiting
actually I flagged both Q and A as abusive, as the user abused SE. @Yve
@Bart together? Yay!
Mutual smiting is fun
1:05 PM
That is a pic of Sha copying me!
That is a pic of Yve copying me!
@Bart haven't had a good smiting for a while, still recovering from the last one LOL
oh no! tosses @ShadowWizard at the paddle and runs
@Stijn fake smiting! You're not @Bart hence not qualified to smite. :D
1:10 PM
Well, at least I still have read access to his tweets while not logged in. I was just hoping that, even if he doesn't want to hear me at all anymore, I could politely ask him to turn it into him muting me, so I can still read his tweets, but he doesn't have to read mine. And that's the last I'm going to say on the matter
@YvetteColomb is that yours?
That's my old girl. Yes :D
she's pretty :)
1:11 PM
as a kid I was slightly scared of horses, I very much preferred the pony my grandparents had
@Stijn thank you
Penny is only small. Missy ^^ is biggish and younger
Good thing you weren't around here before @Yve, there were dead horses around. I blame @Jason ;)
@ShadowWizard NO!
Dead horses with free hand stuff on them. Horror!
1:15 PM
@ShadowWizard free hand stuff is ok
@Magisch ^^ pics
@YvetteColomb not that stuff :D
@Bart still waiting...
@ShadowWizard I mean with Paint! red free hand circles are mandatory for votes!
@YvetteColomb but @Jason used green-ish free hand rectangle
1:22 PM
we are scaring people out of the tavern :D
Nah, @Ash probably came by mistake
@ShadowWizard Oded got it ...
@rene hey rene
@rene yeah, you and Bart were too slow.... :(
If only I could see all those secret rooms... sniff
1:30 PM
@ShadowWizard I just woke-up (after I left the sales presentation with too much Enterprisy Architects)
@ShadowWizard become an employee
@Bart I can cast a flag asking for that, but.......
Only to find out they have secret secret rooms
@rene buh, not an excuse. ;)
@rene there are even users without diamonds talking there! </envy>
The only thing they do in there is have bets on how long it takes for someone they block on Twitter to show up here.
Can any of you think of a reason why an HttpWebRequest wouldn't time out when reading from the response stream, when I hard-close the server it's reading from? It seems content to just wait, ignoring timeout values I've set.
1:39 PM
JS questions are so disgusting at times... stackoverflow.com/questions/42835636/… = reputation goldmine
While it's just a simple operator precedence problem
"ha, that's funny and I understand it. Upvote"
or maybe the answer below that
there seem to be two timeout settings
@Bart as long as the client thinks the TCP connection is there the WebRequest refuses to give up? Is the http connection started with keep-alive?
@Bart yup, that pretty much sums it up
As for HttpWebRequest, probably because you hard-close the server, so it has no chance to close any connections. @Bart
The connection is still open, just nothing on the other side.
Okay, thanks. I'll have a look into all that.
@NormalHuman gone already?
2:17 PM
@ShadowWizard Yeah
2:49 PM
> Seems like a fine morning to kick 100+ domains over to enforced HTTPS, don't you think? All child metas, coming up. -- Nick Craver at 6:58 AM - 16 Mar 2017
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