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12:00 AM
what do you mean by that
If bots can mail through your network, they will
I can't remember the name for it
ah alright
open relay
well right now i'm just trying to fix the things that are broken, and there are plenty of those
that's the name for it
There always are on small networks
12:00 AM
it'll be an aeon before i get around to adding functionality in this place
> That title is too long to be useful. Can you make it shorter?
what title?
Also, you said you have a possible Mac OS server, that could do VPN as well I expect
What's wrong with "Why do people play the same maps over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, and then some?"
@kivetros that may not apply to you ;)
12:01 AM
ah right
@badpssockpuppet :D
yes, i'm on the mac mini server right now actually
So you might research that as well, it might work better for you to go over the mac mini instead of the server2k3, but look, I'm talking out of my ass, I don't know what is offered there
i've been using osx for a week
so neither do i
I just know that it "supports unix stuff" so you could technically run an open source VPN server
12:03 AM
sadly i think i'd rather just set up a windows 2003 server box
But I'm talking about stuff that I don't know about, you would need to ask a targeted question on askdifferent.com to find out
than to try to compile open source code on this thing
@kivetros you say that now
@kivetros no no, not what I'm suggesting at all
"What VPN server options are there for OSX on a Mac Mini Server?" would be a great question.
very good
i'll hit google and come back here if i come back empty-handed
I would goto askdifferent.com if I didn't find anything on google for that question ;)
12:04 AM
thanks a lot man, you've been very helpful
I try. I usually make mistakes tho, so this is a great resource for people to smack my hands ;)
But as you can see, very few people really stepped in and they're definitely lurking
i see
so either you're doing well or none of them know either :D
here's a lurker or two:
@kivetros probably
prods lurkers to say something
fingers the sharp pointy stick ...
I'm far too incoherent to contribute. :p
Yeah, ok
12:08 AM
@Tim That was far too coherent for me to believe you.
@TimStone "title too long; maximum length 150"
@badpssockpuppet lol
@kivetros I'm functioning, just not on the level of critical thinking. ;)
@TimStone well fair enough then
Isn't that what you said before you troubleshot a handful of bugs earlier today?
12:09 AM
@badpssockpuppet Unacceptable! TO TEH TWITTERS!
"title too long; maximum length 150" :(
@drachenstern There's still more to assassinate
@badpssockpuppet It has been done. nods solemnly
A: simple javascript math problem.

Eli GreyI've been using this code to solve this same exact problem for years. It's never let me down. function Subtractor () { } Subtractor.prototype.set_numeric_number_value = function (numeric_number_value) { this.numeric_number_value = numeric_number_value; } Subtractor.prototype.set_subtraction...

@TimStone there's always more to assassinate tho
@drachenstern Yeah, but I forgot that I remembered earlier that there were two I wanted to assassinate tonight specifically. Plus all that work-work I've got going on. :P
@YiJiang shakes head Oh boy
12:13 AM
@TimStone psssh work work for the fail
@YiJiang I've asked a mod to:
@drachenstern Nah, I have to push hard since I'm going on vacation next month.
@TimStone No time off for you
@drachenstern I'm torn, on the one hand its really just trolling, on the other hand its far too funny
@YiJiang indeed. I lol'ed all the way to the mod room. But it's not really necessary.
Also, that's not a real question, I'm sure.
@drachenstern Yeah, I'll probably stop in to say 'ello during the downtime :P
12:15 AM
"duh, how do I align 0:800 with -400:400?"
I don't understand why we didn't migrate that question to Maths.
Ah, research: Daniel Pendergast
@coolshoos Mexico
Missionary, bassist, 16 year old, web developer, iphone developer, 3d game developer, and anything computers
i try to use #css3 / #webkit but because of the lack of browser support i'm stuck with jquery :P
I can't tell whether to weep or headdesk that this is the future of development ...
@YiJiang please tell me not all 16 year olds not in the US are this dumb?
Cos I know the ones here are absolute idiots
@drachenstern I can confirm that, as a 16 (well, 17, but I was 16 a year ago) year old not living in the US, that not all 16 year olds not living in the US are this dumb.
@YiJiang thank you. :p
12:45 AM
@YiJiang this has resolved itself. Sorta.
@Shog9 Eh?
Ah, I see. Congrats on a third (legitimate) reversal badge :P
er, I promise I click on followback links before I post :p
:582306 Well, I wouldn't say Yi is especially problematic, but a non problem?
(oh, sucks... The arrow doesn't show up for replies to deleted posts)
@Shog9 I thought you were gonna say something about :582277
@Shog9 it does if you key the number in manually
:582306 doesn't look like it.
12:49 AM
:582306 It used to tho
damnit what did @balpha break now?
What time does @balpha normally get up?
@TimStone no, it used to put the arrow
@drachenstern I'm not convinced :P
Oooh... The arrow's still there on the reply to tim! And after refreshing the page, the replies to the previously-deleted question are prefixed with stark numbers
@TimStone that's to be expected, no?
what happens on a refresh?
ok, it's official, a build changed something specific about replies to deleted messages
@Shog9 ooo, that's bad, I see that too
It works if you reply before the content is deleted, no?
12:53 AM
@YiJiang yes
@YiJiang Yeah
I hate broken links. And still love :582311
And you can't reply after the content has been deleted.
Unless you cheat (like we do).
@TimStone expound? I used the numbers and the link disappeared
@drachenstern nobody else is gonna respond to this?
@drachenstern guess not sir
@drachenstern So I started typing a response while the comment was still visible, and due to my poor posture (and hunger... and sun-spots) took too long and didn't Send 'til the deletion had occurred. Oh what a pity, oh what a shame...
12:54 AM
@drachenstern ah very well then
yer slow
it hasn't been 120 seconds
damn SO and its habit of rounding up time values!
2 minutes.
@TimStone since when? >_<
12:56 AM
Always. :P
Ok, shog delete my comment then? grr
already did
stupid propagation delays ...
ok, next time remind me it's 90 seconds
@Shog9 yup, replies still show... Well, I'm less concerned then. Especially since self-replies still work.
Breaking that would be a true shame.
1:13 AM
> There will be a short outage starting at 12:30 Eastern time as we tune the Database hardware.
It feels a little weird that the message is in EST (eh, right?) even though the entire site runs on GMT now
Hell, who am I kidding here?
The imperialist Americans, they control everything, even our time!!!!1!
1:29 AM
So much for screwing around At the office on a Friday night. Goodbye to the powe to the network cabinet :(
2:10 AM
Woo Hoo!
2:48 AM
3:38 AM
@YiJiang god that thing always gave me headaces
3:54 AM
I never had the pleasure of using a Virtual Boy.
they had them at blockbuster around here, so while my mom waited in line i played
4:32 AM
I recall excitedly playing the demo unit at Best Buy... And then walking off in disgust.
mmm :( SO down
no it isn't
i swear
@Zypher ?
Doing some performance tuning http://goo.gl/ekKpp on the #stackoverflow database
all the beer and ping pong at stackhq today musta gone to my head a bit
@Zypher hehe
@Zypher today at my college I had a math diagnosis ("surprise") test, I went out last night, one or two extra beers, went to bed 6 am, work from 9 to 5 and the test was a 9pm
oh man that sucks
I'm quite sure the results will say something like severe brain damage or smth
i've definatly been there
4:45 AM
@Zypher the last question (40th) I noticed it was wrong and was too lazy to erase
@Zypher btw do you know any python :)
that's pretty bad
I'm lost without SO
nah ... never really picked it up
yea that does tend to happen
shouldn't be too much longer
these monster servers just take so long to boot
4:46 AM
@Zypher thanks anyway
@Zypher I can image
SO is like with cellphones, once you have one, you can't remember how you lived without it
haha, yea .. I approve of that (of course i may be a bit biased)
@Zypher hehe
geeeeeeeez @Zypher hurry up with the servers already!
opens up ip ban list ... lemmie see here
Oh, I can just give you my ip. It is
4:59 AM
no no ... it's documented in there already
If you ban my ip, it means you do my work and I go on vacation, right?
yea ... no
it's back happy now?
btw is it loading slow for you right now?
nope, seems fine
hot damn
normally after a reboot there is 5 - 10 mins of slowness as the db re-caches
haha was gonna say - you didn't really need to give me back my slow performance q:
5:06 AM
@Zypher hehe
thank you
alright ... bed time for me ... nother early morning ... so happy my lease is signed only two more weeks of this commuting
ooh you found a place?
Im getting a new free laptop tomorow
:) :)
(for free)
5:21 AM
@Fosco for what?
it was just a joke, probably only funny to me... i cracked myself up. :)
@Fosco lol?
2 hours later…
7:17 AM
yawns Somehow I don't think that falling asleep and waking up at 3 am met my goal of cleaning up my room and playing with my Kinect, hmm...
7:31 AM
@drachenstern no
@drachenstern Between 7 and 8 in the week and between 8 and 10 on the weekend. This information isn't officially supported, though, so don't you file a bug if I sleep in :)
Apparently we can't anyway, we haven't complained about anything related to chat so long the Chat Feedback room is frozen. ;) You guys must be doing a good job. :P
@balpha I think we're gonna need a full schedule like we have for Jon Skeet on MSO. (:
I think I've found your next crazy office toy (OK, driving this in the office might be a bad idea, but...).
7:53 AM
> It's like something straight out of the mind of Tim "The Toolman" Taylor ... but German.
I do love that line though. (:
There appears to be a discrepancy in the article though. I don't know if I should be picturing @Zypher zooming off to the server room at 8.6 or 18.6 mph.
I did notice that. Slight difference.
Minor technical detail, I guess. ;)
eyes NewEgg Huh, I'm confused why they started selling jewelery, and why they think that I'm going to buy it on a Shell Shocker deal.
> Freshwater Multicolor Pearl Necklace - 8-9mm AA+ Quality 18" $99
2 hours later…
9:47 AM
Uh, great, Chat Feedback is now frozen
to MSO!
2 hours later…
11:40 AM
Turns out there's really no way to style something based on what follows it
@badpssockpuppet A sort of previous sibling selector? Yeah, there isn't such a thing
Yeah, curious you have + but not, erm, -
@badpssockpuppet True, I suppose it might have something to do with performance
Then again not all hope is lost in this particular use case
<full-story>While updating my pixelation mod I only now noticed that the StackExchangeâ„¢ SeriousDropdown SelfStalkerâ„¢ arrow is supposed to look different based on whether or not the popup is active, but the mod overrode that. I fixed that, then I wondered it'd have been nice to have the arrow react on hover; piece of cake, except hovering on the username counts too. Previous sibling? No can do.
The arrow is just a character.
If I hid that arrow, then messed with :before's instead...
@badpssockpuppet You can create a small userscript to go with the style
Q: Ban social networking. *twitch*

Nicholas KnightBan the tags social-network and social-networking and block submission of all posts containing the sequence of characters "social network". Please. Make the hurting stop. *twitch* *twitch* ...

I can't really tell if he's serious or not
But the original tags were very good
We should synonym and to that, me thinks
11:48 AM
Maybe they could do with a merge?
4 hours later…
3:44 PM
Looks like they finally replaced the flair based accounts tab with the one on the SE profile \o/
3:55 PM
Which is really nice, since you can actually read the site names... But, it's missing per-site username and gravatar - REMOVED FEATURES! LAAANCE!!!
@Shog9 Interesting. I'll have a look at that...
(oh, and it's also fast. Which is a fair trade-off)
Anyway, it might be more of a bug than intended
Oh, no, I'm mistaken, it only lists site names now
@Shog9 It's also sorted by reputation instead of site ID, which is much more sane
Still, its a huge improvement over the old one
Can a dev answer and this?
Q: Don't use image flairs on the profile accounts page

Yi JiangThe profile accounts page always annoys me a lot because of the huge amount of time it takes to load. The problem with the page using image flairs for each account is that for devs and active users (who have accounts on a large number of sites) the page takes forever to load, sometimes with one o...

4:23 PM
Hmm, maybe I can actually accomplish something today. Here's to hoping.
I know there's a response from one of the devs around on Meta somewhere, talking about the redesign... But my searching skills are poor this morning.
which redesign? (:
41 mins ago, by Yi Jiang
Looks like they finally replaced the flair based accounts tab with the one on the SE profile \o/
oh, found it
A: Has Area51 rep been removed from Related Accounts?

Kevin MontroseThe accounts tab is getting some love too, as part of the ongoing refinements to the user page. Step 1 was a lot of background work (making associations faster*), we're now into Step 2 which is the UI. Area 51 associations still work (you'll get the +100 bonus and all), and will be back to bein...

Oh :P
4:27 PM
"flair is still around, it just wasn't meant to be displayed in massive 4x10 arrays." as it should have been!!!
@RebeccaChernoff Have there been more?
Boo, @Shog9 ninja'd me.
<-- rarely uses Accounts page unless trying to figure out which user a new Meta account corresponds to
4:30 PM
@RebeccaChernoff @Shog9 Coordination guys, coordination...
tries to pat head and rub belly, falls over
That's OK, you can play locksmith on Chat Feedback if you want something to do with your powers @RebeccaChernoff :P
I tried to prod balpha about it last night, but apparently I was too subtle.
Its still not as silly as I and @badpssockpuppet posting meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/75342/… at the same time
he just didn't want anyone posting new bugs q:
I fully expected to hate Skeptics, but...
Q: Kindergarden drug dealers

SklivvzA common myth says that drug dealers make drug-laced candies or pills and give them off to children outside schools. For example, Examples of the drug-mixing strategy also include candy laced with marijuana and, in several states, flavored methamphetamine. In Arkansas recently, a mix of meth...

4:33 PM
I don't know how many times I've slapped myself in the vain hope of killing a mosquito that was flying close to my face
@RebeccaChernoff Well, I told him that he must be doing a good job since we hadn't complained about anything in chat so long that the room got frozen. I then corrected myself, because clearly we've complained in chat...just not about it.
@TimStone Well, we've also been complaining in chat about chat, but that's only because the correct place in chat to complain about chat is no longer chatable.
@Shog9 If I'm not mistaken, "feature parity with wave" is equivalent to "scrapped", so you're indeed correct -- we're not that far yet
started using Wave again yesterday after realizing that it still exists. Man, what an awesome service
4:36 PM
@YiJiang My mind has been blown
@balpha pshaw, you just need to avoid the whole Segwayesque introduction (It'll Replace Email! They'll Redesign Cities For It! Future Generations Will Refuse To Believe It Once Didn't Exist!)
Wait, if the room gets unfozen and no one says anything, it goes back to being frozen? Dammit. >_>
Here's a SO user with a healthy amount of self esteem :)
@Shog9 Redesigning cities because of a wave? avoids inappropriate analogy
@Pekkastrollingaccount Why do you want to make my eyes bleed? :(
4:41 PM
@balpha You still implied it.
@balpha I've got a bug - I noticed that the message on the right which appear when you join other rooms seem to be slightly out of sync
@TimStone the man has many talents.
@Pekkastrollingaccount Oh, he's excel in C++! That's pretty good - Excel is brutal in C++.
@Shog9 he has also customised Windows. :)
For example, when I got over to the frozen room just now it was showing Pekka's message while before I had moved over other messages had already appeared
4:43 PM
Hi All, Did any friends, know iphone, because , i like this question, i know then try to help that user
Q: Need help in posting a Message to my friend's profile Wall in faceBook ?

Latha VaniI had implement FaceBook in Iphone using SSO, and posted a message, successfully in my wall, but now my desire is, i want to post some message and pictures and audio to friend's wall, can anyone tell me , How to do this, i had searched the facebook documentation http://developers.facebook.com/doc...

@YiJiang not sure what you mean
@YiJiang I heard there's a room for chat bugs q:
@balpha If you pop over to another room, the messages on the sidebar are not the newest messages
@RebeccaChernoff well, someone just had to unfreeze it, didn't they?
@YiJiang Really? Hmm, I've never noticed that. Of course, I don't join rooms too often, so.
4:45 PM
@RebeccaChernoff Indeed, but as I was just saying, the inchattability of that room is forcing me to chat about chat in this inappropriate chatroom
@YiJiang It's now chattable. And in flames.
@balpha don't worry, it's all part of the plan. just gotta wait for them to go in there and then we can lock them in and grab a beer for ourselves! q:
Ugh. Stella.
4:48 PM
@balpha German and out of beer? Never!
Out of Belgian beer.
Obviously, he's intending to save the good stuff for himself...
I have an automatic dislike for Stella (:
@Shog9 I'm a little disappointed that he'd force that poor cat to drink that though.
Do cats mind the smell of cat urine? I mean, I would hope so... But there it is, in that box...
Perhaps it just thought of it as a litter box.
@Shog9 Remember cat urine is one way to mark territory
4:51 PM
Good point. Makes mental note to pour Stella around property to ward off cats
-1, not enough cats
Happy now?
@YiJiang -1 too many cats
Happy now?
4:53 PM
-1 not my kitten
It's staring into my soul o_o
@TimStone I've been staring too.
hits badp upside the head with bag 'o' not his kittens
kittens run out afraid like hell tearing Shog9 apart in their way out
catches cat-scratch fever. Buys compound bow
4:58 PM
goes on teh TWITTERS to make a donation rally for the victims of the 2011 great cat scratching, gets a couple of people to change their avatars in the progress
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