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12:44 AM
Anyone here?
Amazon shipped a book I ordered via FedEx. Fedex decided, today, the day after Amazon's expected delivery date, that it was undeliverable.
waves hands at FedEx Hello? I'm right here...
Sooo annoyed
heh that sucks man
@GeorgeMarian That book has data in it that I need to finish something for a client.
Ah, that really sucks then.
12:49 AM
Do I politely demand that they overnight it to me for free now?
@GeorgeMarian Yes it does.
I take it that it's being returned to Amazon?
@GeorgeMarian Yea, to the third party seller.
Hmm...was there an issue w/ the address?
@GeorgeMarian Not on my end. I just checked the invoice. It had everything there.
What about the tracking info?
12:53 AM
@GeorgeMarian What about it?
Doesn't that have address info? Was that correct? Was a delivery attempt made?
@GeorgeMarian Hang on, loading it.
What do they think, they're programmers?
There should be some detail for the deliver exception.
Delivery exception ?!
There is.
An exception isn't purely a programming thing...
12:58 AM
@GeorgeMarian I know, but the context is similar.
Well, there you go. There was a problem with the address.
The destination shows just City/State.
I know, but the seller made the mistake.
Sure, so call them up and demand that they fix the issue. And, politely ask that they ship it overnight because you have a serious need for it.
@GeorgeMarian I will. I need to get a phone number to reach them at though.
The invoice doesn't have that info?
1:01 AM
@GeorgeMarian No, it's Amazon selling for a third party.
Chatting with Amazon now.
Chat is being useless.
Waiting for a human on the phone.
Heh, speaking with a human. Seems like my mistake.
1:21 AM
I left off the street number.
Silly me.
Very helpful though.
Kudos to Amazone on this one.
For the record, if had been impolite, I doubt I'd have the post office numbers I need.
Well, at least you know what happened.
@GeorgeMarian For sure.
@Moshe Yup, you attract more flies with honey and all that... :)
Okay, now I have to go help clean up here. Then, I am going to try to open VS2010 on my desktop (with a dusty keyboard) and get a little client running.
Have fun. :)
1:25 AM
@GeorgeMarian Thanks.
Oh, Nippon Xtreme is on the App Store. It's free and it's waiting for your review!
Alas, I have to do it from the phone itself.
@GeorgeMarian Yep.
Whoops, seems like I need to rerelease it. Right now it requires 4.3 or later...
Hehe, yah I just found that out myself. :P
@GeorgeMarian Which is strange, because I thought it was set up for 3.0 or higher.
@GeorgeMarian You have 4.2?
Nah, 3.something. I haven't updated in a while.
I'm on a 3G, so I was rather concerned with the entire 4.x line.
1:37 AM
I did build for 3.0
shakes fist at Apple
It was set to 4.3 at the Target level, even thought the project's default was 3.0.
goes to upload new build with correct settings
Okay folks, you'll see it soon. Nippon Xtreme, coming to an App Store near your iOS 3.0 (or higher) device.
@mootinator - Hiya.
Considers installing Windows on his MacBook
@Moshe Hey.
1:52 AM
@Moshe Why not a VM like Fusion?
@YiJiang I have 2GB of RAM, I prefer a native OS. I don't mind rebooting. It's better for productivity too. Less distractions.
2:43 AM
> The setting being San Francisco, most passersby barely seemed to notice.
2:59 AM
3:58 AM
That's odd, how did chat manage to miss an entire message?
@YiJiang Hmm, I've had that happen before.
I only saw it when the global inbox alerted me to a new reply in the room, which I was in the whole time
The message was in the transcript, but it never showed up for me
I've always assumed it was some sort of obscure connectivity issue, but I really have no clue.
The network problem message never showed up
Yeah, that's true...Hmm.
4:47 AM
What happens when a WebClient can't connect to a URL?
\o/ B"h. My program reads endpoint data. Now I need to make it display the data and use it to connect to the other endpoints.
5:04 AM
Anyone here who knows C#? I'm trying to understand an answer on someone else's question:
A: C# progress bar and webclient

Bradley GraingerIf you're writing a Windows Forms client application (not a ASP.NET server-side component), showing the progress of a WebClient download can be done as follows: WebClient webClient = new WebClient(); webClient.DownloadProgressChanged += (s, e) => { progressBar.Value = e.ProgressPercentage...

What's the (s, e) bit doing there?
Oh god, the data explorer ate the query I'm writing when I tried to save it
@Moshe It's an anonymous function
@TimStone Ok, thank you.
@YiJiang Burn it!
5:07 AM
So that code is basically adding those two simple anonymous functions (specifically, lambda expressions) to the event handler list for those specific events.
@TimStone Is there a "not anonymous" way to do it? Like webclient.DownloadProgressChanged = someFunction()?
Oh, and if anyone cares:
Q: What happens when a computer is offline and a WebClient makes a request ?

MosheWhat happens when I make a request with a WebClient object when the computer is offline? Is there a way to detect that beforehand. or should I be handling some sort of exception?

@Moshe I think that you need to use delegates. There's an example of consuming events on MSDN. As far as making requests when offline goes, you should get a WebException or something I think.
unplug ethernet / disconnect wireless + run code = win.
@TimStone So would I try{...//request//}catch(WebException){...}, or is that bad practice?
@RebeccaChernoff You forgot the celebratory victory dance afterward \o/
5:19 AM
@RebeccaChernoff Yea, but then I can't nag you folks.
@Moshe Well if you want to do something meaningful when the request fails, then yeah. :P
@TimStone I was just asking if try{}catch(){} is the proper way to handle errors in .NET.
@Moshe exactly! (:
Well, I've heard the proper way is to have Jon Skeet write errorless code for you, but in lieu of that, yes. ;)
@TimStone Ok.
Can a class be its own delegate?
5:23 AM
Eh, that I'm not sure of (I'm not a .NET developer at the moment)
@TimStone Oh, thought you were. What do you work with then?
Right now, I do just about everything in Java.
Mainly, I play with Play! and write an open source project, but yeah.
Cool, looks neat.
5:39 AM
I see you're in for it now ;)
@TimStone I am indeed
Anyone know how complicated it is to call a method on a background thread?
Ideally, I'd like to populate the data on a background thread.
5:56 AM

Oy rchern

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Oy oy! Oy OY! Oy! At that
@TimStone grumbles
Interesting. Apparently, "the first dictionaries were glossaries of Homeric words, intended to help Romans read the Illiad and Odyssey as well as other Greek literature..."
Oh? Interesting indeed. Makes sense.
In case you're curious, I'm reading How to Read a Book.
6:07 AM
@GeorgeMarian For some reason I feel like that necessitates a re-read :P
@GeorgeMarian Yeah, I saw that the other day and died a little inside.
Does it mention that they also added a definition to "heart"?
Ah, yes.
@TimStone Hehe. Yeah, I'll probably have to re-read it and actually use the techniques I'm learning on it. :)
shakes head
Yah, that one really had me scratching my head.
The others, not so much; on account that the OED is about preserving a history of word usage.
3 hours later…
9:29 AM
What the hell is the tag doing on SO?
9:54 AM
Huh, Geochet isn't suspended anymore on SO: stackoverflow.com/users/5640/geoffrey-chetwood?tab=stats
Although he hasn't done anything - the activity tab is empty, and he hasn't logged in since the 23rd
10:14 AM
@YiJiang it's a gentler tag I guess
can has codez nao?
10:34 AM
@Moshe ouch...
1 hour later…
12:00 PM
Q: What is the function declaration for the Java finalize method?

PavaleshI've been searching code for the finalize for nearly 1 mon. Can u pls help me for the code. Thanks in advance.

2 hours later…
1:54 PM
There are almost 700 questions tagged "AppStore".
They are all either incorrectly tagged or off topic.
App Store

Proposed Q&A site for iOS developers who have questions about the technical aspects of submitting apps to the worlds first mobile App Store.

Currently in definition.

2:19 PM
FYI of the day: "Processed food" does not mean a Beowulf cluster decided that it's good for you to eat.
I totally cut out boxed food, even mac n cheese
2:35 PM
Hehe. @TimPost good for you. But why "even"?
@Moshe That easy mac is the 'cigarette' of boxed food, of course :P
Does Photoshop have major memory problems? Because I'm finding it difficult to justify it using up more than 1gb of RAM working on a 4mb photo
Thoughts folks?
@YiJiang - I find Adobe products to be memory hogs in general. What version are you running?
@Moshe CS5, student edition
2:41 PM
Mac or PC?
PC, on a old 3 year old desktop with only 2 gb of memory
It takes more than 2 mins to save said photo
Well... the saved file is 400 mb big
At least this crummy old computer came with a large hard disk drive
3:07 PM
@Moshe I gave you some off topic examples.
@Moshe Following it to see how it goes
1 hour later…
4:25 PM
@YiJiang There does seem to be issues with cs5 and memory leaks.
Google had an auto suggest which turns up some interesting previews.
There's a plinth industry?
An industry that produces plinths?
4:49 PM
It typically takes 30 seconds from the time I click on the Type tool button till Photoshop populates the font list and becomes responsive again
5:29 PM
I have an issue with the type tool on my Mac. Its slow.
@YiJ the type tool does take tine to start up.
@Moshe It does indeed, but one has to wonder why it takes that long, and why it has to be done on the first use of the tool, instead of sometime else
6:15 PM
@YiJiang yea. No clue. On Mac, a debugger might be able to pick up method names, not sure about Windows. In any event, that may be a clue.
2 hours later…
7:50 PM
Voting to close off topic and asking the good people of the tavern to do the same (OP crossposted on Wordpress.SE and is getting good input there).
Q: How to develop wp-child theme for wp-thesis theme

shaluI have thesis theme but for that thesis I want to create a child theme but I am not find out any help for starting. even i have search on Internet but nothing found Hey any body have any idea regard this then please help me. I am waiting for your reply Thanks

@Pekka hey.
Hi @Moshe, what's up?
I started studying German a little
I have a workbook and some podcasts but I am very busy. :-)
7:53 PM
I imagine! It's not as hard a language to learn as, say, chinese, but it's not easy either.
Also, I wish there were a way to learn languages like you learn the first one. School workbooks. Vocabulary tests.
I picked German as the first language to try because it's so closely related to English.
@Moshe Heh! Yeah. Although... I had six years of french in school, and know exactly zero french. Zilch.
Actually, there's a fellow here who speaks Chinese. He was planning on using it for business but changed his plans later.
@Moshe yeah! It is. The only other language(s) I know that are as close to english are the scandinavian ones (except finnish of course.)
I like languages. German pronunciations are tricky. Being Jewish, I can pronounce "ch", but there are two pronunciations of that apparently and it's confusing.
(we have the letter "Chet" in hebrew)
7:57 PM
@Moshe yeah, there's a hard one and a soft one. I imagine the soft one is difficult
Do you speak Hebrew?
Soft as in the front of the tounge on the front top of the mouth?
I do speak some Hebrew but my vocabulary isnt too large.
@Moshe ah, I think I know what you mean. The hard one is actually easy, "Character" and "Charakter" start the same way in both english and german.
There are two soft ones
One as in "Teich" (Pond)
One as in "Chance" (spoken like in french)
"Ich" is the one I'm talking about, unless that's pronounced several ways...
@Moshe yeah, that's the "Teich" one
It's less throaty than the Hebrew "ch"
What does Teich mean?
8:00 PM
Ah. Cool.
I've been listening to this Swiss/German guy. Stephen Weisner.
Nice-looking blog!
Anyhow. I need to learn sentence structure and grammar. I know about word gender from Hebrew but German has Die der das (did I miss any?)
That's the three of them, yup. Female, male, neutral
Du and Sie are easy. The qwertz Keyboard im das iPhone ist konfusing. (did I do that remotely right? Hehe)
Eh. Worth a shot.
Did I write any of that correctly? I'm sure it's gibberish but...
8:05 PM
Yeah, the keyboard takes some time! It's almost right, but I have so little linguistic knowledge to explain it in the right words. It has to be in dem iPhone. That's the.... thingamagic... accusative? Indicative? One of them :)
It's "in dem" for neutrals, "in der" for the feminine form (like "In der Pflanze", in the (feminine) plant),
and again "in dem" for the masculine, like "In dem Regen" (In the [masculine] rain).
Ah. in dem okay. What's the difference between im and in?
Is that a soft or hard g in Regen?
"Im" is a short form of "in dem"
(is there a soft g?)
@Moshe I don't think there is, at least not in high german
Northern german and dutch tend to turn the "g" into a soft "j", but that is very regional
So im is for masculine only then?
8:08 PM
@Moshe both masculine and neutral. "Im Haus" = In the [neutral] house. "Im Regen" = In the [m] rain.
Well I suppose USA isn't southern German per sè. :-)
@Moshe :) There is a "high German" that is standard diction which comes originally from the region around Hanover. Everything else is dialects, but standard german dominates in public life.
So feminine is only in der. In other words, it's never im der.
Yup, exactly. There is no short form for "in der"
High German is HöchDuetsch (in another spelling obviously)?
As if I know how to pronounce it.
should stopp picking @Pekka's brain and open his d--- book
8:12 PM
@Moshe exactly, that's the standard. It's written "Hochdeutsch" (Our tendency to glue together words is another perk you will be introduced to in your studies :)
Hehe. No umlaut there.
@Moshe No problem, this is kind of fun. You never think much about how your native languge works.,
@Moshe Nope :) German is relatively free from Umlauts. You should see finnish!
8:14 PM
Means "credible, sensible, believable" in finnish
I think there is a word with 5- 6 umlauts or more, but I don't know which one it is.
When you speak english and german, swedish will be easy! At least written swedish. Spoken is tougher.
Just in case you want to explore further one day :)
Good thing I have to learn Dutch instead.
Heh. Dutch is nice.
Sure hope so.
@badp May I ask why you're learning it? Planning to move there?
Kind of :)
8:18 PM
It's official: I'm going to make a terrible Erasmus student by the Vrije Universiteit.
Aah, nice!
Oh, and in the big city itself. Very nice.
Should you use the train and somehow wash ashore in Cologne on your way there with a longer stopover, let me know! We can have a beer somewhere near the station.
That is incredible.
What is?
Badp going to Holland?
I think what's incredible is the fact star abuse has grinded to a halt here
we even have a message from two days ago in the starred list!
8:26 PM
True. There isn't as much starring as there used to be.
By the way, is @Trufa around?
Maybe he'll respond later.
8:45 PM
I can't find again who linked me to this, but...
Fuck yeah Linus Torvalds.
@Pekka, the Finnish word. It was a bad pun.
Sorry slow connection on iOS.
And a phone call too.
Just heard Zürich pronounced by a native for the first time.
9:06 PM
It seems MySQL.com was compromised through SQL injection: http://bit.ly/fFUA2Z Passwords dumped: http://bit.ly/hDoTTT
Just in the off case you have a password on that site
@Pekkastrollingaccount I'm here now, whats up?
Now you are not around :)
@badpssockpuppet Ahahaha
:-D that's funny.
9:22 PM
@Moshe pun? What do you mean?
@Pekkastrollingaccount hi!
I picked it at random, no pun intended :)
@Trufa Hi Trufa, thanks for your mail!
But it was not iPad related
@Pekkastrollingaccount he no prob, ohh
I just wanted to tell you that I was messing with you the other day, when I told you that one month had already passed since I changed my name
There is a trick, but I didn't want to mention it in front of Jeff
@Pekkastrollingaccount hehe really????
9:23 PM
Because he has the terrible habit of closing loopholes when he sees people using them too openly.
@Pekkastrollingaccount you coward!
@Trufa I want to keep that loophole
You can copy your profile onto all profiles across the network
That will also transport the user name
@Pekkastrollingaccount ahaaaaa
9:24 PM
So you can change your name as many times as you have accounts
But you may be stuck with the new name on all sites across the network
@Pekkastrollingaccount ¿may?
@Trufa if you changed it on that account less than 30 days ago, you can't change it back
until the 30 days have passed on that site.
@Pekkastrollingaccount ohhh
I see what you mean!
Which is why I'm "Pekka's trolling account" on Superuser, for example.
I might mess around with it later I think
9:26 PM
Anyway, nice chatting with you. See you later!
@Pekkastrollingaccount thanks for the clarificatiion
see you too!
@Pekka you chose the Finnish word for credible, so I said that it's "incredible".
Gib Mir den vodka annuschka...
10:03 PM
I bet Jeff didn't expect me replying "I can repro with Notepad"
Q: Sidebar modules duplicated

fail badpAs you can see, the sidebar features Meta, then the ad, then the chat ad, then Meta again, then the ad again, then the chat ad again (which fails to load), then finally related questions (once): Props to GnomeSlice for noticing this first.

10:14 PM
I like @balpha's response. :)
@balpha Thanks. I blame Jeff's production browsers only policy.
Yeah, we're not gonna support Notepad 2 Beta (now with rounded corners a third entry in the "?" menu)
10:46 PM
C++0x has finally been approved, my thoughts are with the victims and their families.
yay for C++0B!

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