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12:28 AM
12:58 AM
2:43 AM
I was rejected from UChicago.
Only CMU left. cc @JasonC
guess it's much harder going to top universities in the U.S. because population = 10x of that of Australia
3:04 AM
@bjb568 That and Taco Bell.
3:36 AM
@ShadowWizard No
There are hard deadlines for this project involving a lot of organizations and coordination.
@bjb568 That's what I'm talkin about
4:12 AM
Now fixing 1 property & 2 apps
Because everything needs maintenance
After 2-3 years low/no maintenance honeymoon, things start to falling apart
No excuse when you own them
4:32 AM
Built a tiny ramp 4 cars because erosion near driveway makes it hard for cars to park in the front yard
Fixed decking ... old tenants fault
decks rot; it is their lot in life. Now, if you rot out the siding due to bad flashing, that's a bigger problem.
The rest of the decking is solid - and it's under cover
4:43 AM
that sounds suspiciously like a porch
Search for 'Australian deck' in google image
4:59 AM
Pretty sure it's a result of fighting involved some blunt weaponry - possibly due to creditor of old tenant wants his money back. I on the other hand, didn't bother to ask for the thousands rent owed. Now the old tenant has peacefully moved out, I can fixed the place & find a more reliable tenant since there isn't a construction site right next door.
5:11 AM
Coming in a close 3rd, 4th, and 5th is slot machines, coin dozer, and whatever that game is with the elves with big boobs.
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@JasonC but match 3 games are so beautifully easy to code
5:52 AM
This spammer found out my real name after 5 years & is spamming me addressing my real name.
Maybe I am suffering from Stockholm syndrome after all - this feeling of intimacy after getting mistreated for long enough ...
The keyboard shortcut G-P (go to profile page) doesn't work for me on SO (works on other sites). Repro?
I don't really care about black vs white, but I do want consistency between SO and other sites. Have hidden all the topbars and navbars, replacing them by custom navigation links and occasionally by keyboard shortcuts.
6:26 AM
@zaq Is the shortened version just one of the colors?
It's the one without the music-less weirdness and excessive crotch grabbing for a few minutes.
7:32 AM
Always good to know the glasses are looking after us:
Definitely a conspiracy for evil. Tinfoil hat time people. — Bart 1 hour ago
@JasonC I see. So you're the PM now, technically?
i guess
4 messages moved to Chimney
That means you have power! Coffee anyone?
@zaq What a 90's cast, I totally forgot macaulay culkin was in that.
I always have power.
7:54 AM
Except when there's a power outage
@rene @Cai can you please reopen this one‌​? The bug has returned, the original report is wrongly marked as completed.
off-topic programming and now answered meta.stackexchange.com/questions/291105/… @ShadowWizard @bart
@ShadowWizard done
@M.A.R. you didn't vote to close it... ;)
(i.e. it wasn't a general call to reopen, just getting attention of those who closed :))
@M.A.R. just open your bondings
8:35 AM
9:01 AM
Q: Suitable real world critters for a causing mayhem (disabling comm and defense systems) via catapult?

JamesSo I have a concept in mind for a future dystopian world. The world: Technology exists on par with modern technology. This technology is not widespread; in fact, it is quite rare. Most humans do not know how to create the tech that exists and are only occasionally aware with how to fix things....

It looked like a boring title until "via catapult". And I love that the top answer is squirrels.
9:33 AM
@SmokeDetector F
meta.stackexchange.com/questions/291109/… -- @Rene @Sha ''I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because your armpit is off-topic here''
I close voted the armpit
And I caught my screenshot
and gone.
Well on hold anyway
I find it hard to believe that a random teenager found MSE, signed up and posted that question instead of asking a parent, friend or doctor.
prolly trolling ;p
poor deluded fools. SE users are heartless after all ;)
9:45 AM
Yeah, but they're a really bad and boring troll then
Trolling is a art, after all
Don't blame me for the general guidance on which browsers SE claims to support @balpha ;) I'm totally fine with dropping support but in that case the MSE post should be updated ...
I'm working on nailing down our browser support policy right now, we've always been kinda vague about it
Yeah, maybe run it along the standards/features you expect to support, like css3, html5 ?
or a test page? ;p
9:52 AM
not another one :)
"These browsers will certainly work, but if you're a poor deluded fool running haiku....
@balpha please explicitly state support for Edge on W10M, so I can either keep reporting bugs, or have closure
... people run windows phones?
your phone-ism has no place here!
@Stijn I literally know of 2 people who use winphones ;p
9:55 AM
@JourneymanGeek yes, but only for 15 minutes as by then the battery has drained
Man, that burns like a galaxy note 7....
most of my friends used to have a Lumia
but they've all switched to iPhones and Androids
I call them traitors ever since
and rightfully so
I'm still on a Nokia N900 ... nothing runs on that ...
Every smartphone I've owned is android
Currently on a oneplus 3, which I love to bits
10:29 AM
I usually try to stay on Google's line of phones, so at least I get the Android updates.
I need want a new phone soon
but ... if I upgrade one, I should upgrade all three
to make things simple, I will just upgrade nothing
Just get yourself a Samsung S6, S7, and soon S8. And then play our game on all 3 :p
10:47 AM
@M.A.R. that was smelly. Need @Bart for a final delete vote. ;)
@balpha you mean basic support like asking and answering? Or full support?
@ShadowWizard nope, you needed me ...
A: New navigation bar layout is completely broken in IE 10

balphaAll recent browsers (in particular, all browsers that we support, which excludes IE10) support flexbox. Making the new top bar work correctly in non-flexbox would be a significant amount of extra work that we're not willing to do for the very few people stuck on those old browsers. That said, I ...

@rene huh!
@balpha oh, nice. Thought you meant browser support in general though, i.e. this.
I did
those are two different things
@balpha so you'll update the answer there as well?
10:55 AM
Not sure how exactly I'll do it yet.
Just delegate?
if you put that Bart glasses on balpha ...
@Tel you lost weight, are you feeling well?
@Tel My instinct told me not to reverse search that image
> invite all developers to "join" the company page
@JNat isn't it about Jobs? ^
11:12 AM
@ShadowWizard They're describing their particular use-case, which does relate to jobs. But they're asking for a general feature that enables users to associate multiple emails with their profiles.
@JNat but don't they mean their employer/company profile?
i.e. who controls a company page?
@ShadowWizard So they're describing what they had to do as a company page's admin, yeah. There's this thing that shows you "who you'll work with," which grabs info from "regular" (as in non employers) profiles. They're asking for the regular profiles to be able to have more than one address, so that an admin doesn't have to guess which particular one (between their work or personal one, I mean) the employee has associated with their "regular" SO profile.
@JNat oh, I see. Thanks!
12:04 PM
Hey JNat
We cut time to deletion for obvious spam by 70% since 2 days ago
12:33 PM
@ShadowWizard not too well, it's very warm here ... kind of hot, as you can see, too hot to wear a lot
@qwer It's very safe I think, I have already done a reverse search on the image - nothing showed up
apparently my Google Search did.. something biased
Not supporting IE10 anymore is ... unwise imo
Sites as big as this one should provide at least 10-15 years backwards compatibility with all major browsers.
treading on the border line is always very exciting
12:38 PM
@Magisch why should sites bend over backwards for companies who are still developing for specific IE versions?
@Magisch I think most big sites don't even support IE11
Because that represents are not insignificant share of their userbase
Imo anything that came with windows XP and later should still be 100% supported, and as good as possible for stuff before that
I bet microsoft.com itself looks horrible in IE.
@Magisch that puts us back on the IE4/5 era?
@rene under DOS.
12:39 PM
I think it's long overdue that stubborn companies should be the ones bending over backwards to move into the modern world of browsers
You know that wont happen
"Never change a running system" is too strong and makes too much business sense
Not without incentive, no
not if everyone keeps saying "ok, we'll support that browser"
If your site is as big as SO, you can't afford to drop customers because their company can't update
@Magisch on the contrary. They can because they're big.
No need to lure people to join.
12:41 PM
I'm fine with legacy crap but not if it takes a dependency that prevents the rest of the world to move on...
Windows couldn't even fully drop win xp support because people whinged so hard
business reality trumps what should be, though
So not supporting IE10 is very unwise
In fact, not supporting IE9,8,7,6 is also unwise
@Magisch have you personally had to support those IE versions, as a developer?
In a very limited scope yes
I can tell you it was a nighmare even 4-5 years ago to support IE8
Since we're still using IE6 and somesuch in my company
12:43 PM
what the fuck
no Firefox or Chrome allowed either?
Our internal website and new web based database solution needs to work on any browser up to and including the IE that came with windows 95
try and get FF / Chrome onto win 95, I dare you
@Magisch who exactly will pay for the 10000 developers SE will have to hire? You want them to start asking people to pay to post?
The Dutch government paid M$ for extended support on XP because they coudn't get rid of the current contracts signed 10 years ago or so without the ability to sue those suppliers for not keeping their crap up to date.
@Magisch you're not running a Win95 system, are you? :p
@Stijn On the PC I'm typing on? No. This is win7 with firefox 45 or so
12:45 PM
Probably the real question is... will it deliver? (looking to another )
We have win95 pcs still in use however, and they will be for at least 10 more years
And they can't be upgraded
a bit like those critical airport systems still running on Win 3.11 then
they're inside machines that cost 7 figures a pop
Vending machines....
@Stijn a tannery we did some work for had their whole infrastructure based on an early DOS version still. It worked for them and upgrades would cost millions in equipment, not to mention the retraining of staff that had been there for decades.
12:51 PM
@Magisch yes they can, it's all about money and lazy managers who don't want to work hard.
@Bart what will they do when hardware starts to fail and finding replacement parts becomes a very difficult task?
@ShadowWizard Proprietary systems inside proprietary high precision machinery that's very expensive and has proprietary machine drivers written that only work with this exact hardware config, for which no drivers for newer OS's exist. Do you still think we can just pop the PC out and upgrade it?
Fun story. One of their more modern machines had some equipment attached with software which used the MAC address for license purposes. The company had disappeared long ago, so they had gotten into the habit of changing the MAC address for their machines whenever it failed and they needed to reinstall on another system.
@Magisch so demand drivers for new OS, tell the vendor you won't buy from them anymore if they won't try harder.
Sure we could try and tell them to buy new machines but "Hey we really dont want to support this OS anymore so do us a favor and buy maybe 25m eur worth of new machines now" is a weak argument.
@ShadowWizard lel as if the vendor cares. We haven't bought from them in 15 years
12:55 PM
@Magisch so when all will fall apart and you'll lose 2B dollars, you'll know why you had to upgrade.
@qwer like ... best guess is 'female'
@ShadowWizard Not my job and way above my pay grade
they pay me a little less then half minimum wage, remember.
@Magisch sure, not talking about you in person :)
@Magisch yup, modern slavery.
@ShadowWizard meh, it's an apprenticeship
I could have avoided it if I hadn't failed the work/uni program
@ShadowWizard to big to fail Corporate IT is like Banks. However, when the Banks failed the tax-payer money went into the rescue funds. When Corporate IT fails the customers have to replenish the rescue funds. Wait ... something is screwed here ...
1:01 PM
at least its not a 400eu job
legal means of undercutting the minimum wage by 2/3 for unskilled labor
@Magisch how does it work exactly? I also started out with some kind of apprenticeship, but it was something like this: company pays me 1/3 of minimum wage, government pays me 2/3 of minimum wage, and I got an additional bonus by the government given to certain "low wage" incomes. They also had to offer me a contract of at least the same duration as the apprenticeship afterwards.
@Stijn good government vs. bad government.
@Stijn How it works is I sign an apprenticeship contract and it says how much they pay, outside of otherwise government help I get nothing extra. There is no minimum on how much they pay, and I don't qualify for additional assistance since my father still has too many assets and would in theory be legally required to support me, but that doesn't quite work like that because to actually get that money I'd have to sue my father which I can neither afford nor want to do
So I'm a tad hosed atm
that does sound like a bit of a crappy situation to be in
1:08 PM
they also dont have to offer me a job afterwards
Anything that requires a lawyer to get money is probably a lost case, except for the lawyer ...
basicly the social safety net doesn't cover me right now because my father has too much money and will give me none of it
he even still gets the 400 some a month you get as parents for having a kid until the kid finishes secondary education, but you don't actually have to give that to your kid and can legally just keep it to yourself
1:34 PM
Why was there no 5 minute grace period for my edits here?
@Stijn someone commented?
@qwer oh, didn't know that was taken into account, thanks
2:04 PM
A: Reset question grace period once an answer has been posted

Shog9Jarrod whipped this up this past week, and the behavior should now be live. Edits will be rolled into the previous revision if the previous revision was created by the same author and none of the following conditions are present: The previous revision was created 5 minutes or more in the past A...

I made a bug report about text croping on the ruSO.meta about 7 months ago. How do you think, do I need to translate it and post on MSE?
@alexolut if it's specific to that site then no, better leave it there.
Someone thinks SE owns GitHub.... meta.stackexchange.com/questions/291120/… sigh
@ShadowWizard I'm not sure is it specific or not, since I saw it only once (and still reproducible) on specific suggested edit. But I suppose it could occurs on any SE site.
Someone with a sticky top bar here? If you go to meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/ask and click the "upload picture" button, does the top bar remain unaffected by the grey modal background?
@Stijn unaffected for me. seems the header is "always on top"
2:17 PM
@qwer ok, thanks
@alexolut don't have high-hopes to get that fixed. The sided-by-side view is shown within an html table with by the looks of it all kind of balanced fixed-widths settings. When I fiddled with a few of them things got worse, not better ... :(
I guess it'll be intentional
@alexolut hmm... well, saw it now, it's really minor. Unless someone will dig up the actual cause, I doubt a dev will spend time on this.
@Stijn maybe @bjb568 ended up with a sticky top bar.
(i.e. maybe he love to puke ;))
hmm... @Stijn I just tried it myself (for science! ;)) and while @qwer is correct and the header is on top, clicking any of the menus (achievements, reputation, etc) cause the image upload dialog to close, and if you put anything there before, it's lost.
@rene @ShadowWizard ok ... I'll leave it untranslated.
@alexolut cheers! :)
2:24 PM
that ^
@Stijn well, it's an edge case, and pretty minor. But yeah, worth a shot.
Actually, clicking in the backdrop also closes the dialog
@Stijn backdrop?
the grey semi transparent overlay
@Stijn you mean anywhere outside the dialog? True, but still, sticky top bar should also mean it won't have such effect. I think.
Not UI/UX expert.
2:26 PM
I was mostly asking because mine isn't sticky, so wanted to know whether the behaviour was limited to that
oh I see.
Wonder if @Bart's top bar is sticky.
Or if @Shog can come with a query to show how many users disable stickiness. ;)
@Bart but... you said you don't like it to be sticky? No?
@ShadowWizard Pinging shog is serious business
@Magisch I know, but we have a history regarding this topic. :)
2:28 PM
@Stijn yes, unaffected
@ShadowWizard Don't snog the shog?
@Magisch never snogging! That would lead to insta-kick
Ask @ber
Right, @ber?
full disclosure I have no idea what the verb "to snog" means and I'm too lazy to dictionary it right now
@ShadowWizard I like my top bars smitingsticky
2:30 PM
@Magisch you better not knowing
@Magisch "kiss and cuddle amorously."
noooooo why did you tell him? :(
The first person I have ever had chat with had the nickname "snuggles". I'll never forget.
Turned out it's a middle-aged woman with tons of problems. :/
(and no, it wasn't @Yve, she was like 30 back then. I think. ;))
@ThiefMaster you're also affected by Gravatar bugs:
(the 18px thumbnail is borked)
@Stijn I'm utterly confused by your comment: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/344005/… do I need to do something?
2:36 PM
@rene nah. I had voted to close as a duplicate of that question, but then retracted it after reading Martijn's answer, thinking I voted incorrectly.
Basically my brain went haywire for a minute there :p
OK, I'm not voting to duplicate it as I find the answer from Adam a bit incomplete
@rene but Martijn already closed it...
oh, Martijn and Stijn - similar names!! :D
Mods ...
@Stijn is mod?! oh you meant the closure, lol
@ShadowWizard not a mod and I intend to keep it that way :p
2:41 PM
Can Belgians be mods anyway?
@Stijn know what you mean.... ;)
@Bart I'm thinking of a good comeback
(someone help me out here)
"something something kaaskop something"
that'll do :)
MSO is really active today
normally you can still see yesterday's questions on the front page
3:02 PM
@Stijn really?? Thought that there are tons of "Why is my question closed?!" every day... anyway, it's probably due to the new top bar
@ShadowWizard those get downvoted to -8 and below, and drop off the front page ;)
heh, lol
Anyhow, I just had a look today at the coffee closet in my company. turns out we have LOTS of coffee.
/cc @Bart @rene I know you also like coffee.... ;)
4 different brands of instant coffee, one black coffee.
Don't you roast your own raw beans and then grind them?
@rene nope, had such a machine only at amdocs, and honestly is wasn't really good.
Prefer to choose what brand I want, add sugar and milk as much as I want. :)
And instant coffee isn't made from just grinded raw beans, it's going through some deep freeze process.
3:25 PM
> Tl;dr: I'm leaving Stack Overflow tomorrow, it's been an amazing fun ride! Onwards and upwards! -- Marco Cecconi at 6:34 AM - 16 Feb 2017
(aka sklivvz)
Does this mean he goes back to being a regular mod on Skeptics?
@ShadowWizard sigh ... sugar and milk ...
@zaq I suppose so, since he was elected
Sklivvz' top MSE post is Let’s improve our site navigation, March 2015. So it makes sense for him to leave after the navigation went in the opposite direction.
3:36 PM
I don't think being an employee means you need to quit modding
Can't think of any other case of "elected mod -> employee -> not employee" trajectory. But Chris Jester-Young indeed went back to PPCG moderatorship after leaving the company. He was a pro-tem mod, and didn't run in the election that happened shortly afterwards; I've no idea of how active he was as a mod in that period.
What happened to CJY anyway? He wasn't an employee for all that long
There are a bunch of tag merge requests waiting for a moderator to help out, but this one is merged by a moderator within 10 minutes of being asked...
My best guess is that he couldn't stand the QWERTY-dominated work environment.
> QWERTY is like IE6: dominant only because it's installed by default. Any QWERTY-lovers you see are purely created from Stockholm syndrome. -- Chris Jester-Young at 3:26 PM - 21 Oct 2016
@zaq yes, once a mod always a mod
3:51 PM
@Stijn yeah, the puppy got excited ;)
4:21 PM
@zaq probably, looks like that site is integral part of him... :)
@Stijn not something good, don't have details though.
@Bart of course, how you drink instant coffee?
I don't
Real coffee. Black
My ratio is 3:2 instant/black
@ShadowWizard what are those vague markings on the site and on top of the tabs? Is that their design?
4:26 PM
@rene Skeptics? Yup.
Q: Site design updates are on the way!

Kurtis BeaversMy name is Kurtis and I'm a product designer at Stack Exchange. Recently, as we prepared to convert the Skeptics site to a new LESS framework, we conducted a design review based on all of your feedback and concluded that there are ways we can make the design better and more representative of th...

According to this it's 'official documentation' concept
@JourneymanGeek of course, but when you're employee and say something, it sounds as you're talking on behalf of SE itself which might get tricky.
4:56 PM
Folks, have we got a canonical thread for "StachExchange prefers long answers" ?
@ShadowWizard I assume you have the pending edit on that answer with broken images?
@NickAlexeev I doubt we have that as I don't think that is true?
We prefer quality answers?
@rene That we do. I'm trying to explain to one of the members that 1-line 2-sentence handwavy answer is low quality. So far, I'm having a hard time getting the point across. (Discussion here.)
@NickAlexeev maybe this suits your needs: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/32716/… and here is FAQ on the same topic
OK, I see what you're dealing with. Let me find a better post
5:20 PM
@NickAlexeev FTFY
5:35 PM
@NickAlexeev I've skimmed over a number of meta posts but I can't really find one that is applicable. The best I can offer now is the Help Center How to answer maybe supported by this post.
Or use the comment @M.A.R. left ;)
WUT I DIDN'T DO ANY . . . Oh it's you ಠ_ಠ
internal struct KnobContext
Digging through Unity's internals can be fun sometimes
5:59 PM
@SmokeDetector K
6:16 PM
@Nick you there?
In the timeline of that EE.SE post being questioned in meta, is the now-deleted answer posted sooner than the other answers, or later?
@rene hmm? Nope, no pending edit from me.
@Bart sounds very solid
6:47 PM
@M.A.R. I was the 3rd and last answer posted. It was posted later than the accepted answer got accepter.
Does your meta like memes?
Can metas not like memes?
@bjb568 I dunno, can they?
But they can not-like Nicholas Cage's bird hair
But this works too @Nick:
7:32 PM
@ShadowWizard 1141
Roughly 0.14% of users who've accessed the site since it was generally-available on February 14th have disabled the sticky bar.
14 whole parts out of 10000
Yup. Clearly the design is a crushing failure, time to pack it in.
Learn a bit from all the other sites on the internet.
Don't design ugly in the future
(I actually have no idea why Shadow wanted this, since I didn't bother reading the context. But in all seriousness, this proves nothing; as a rule, folks don't change default options)
@Shog9 But the fact that the number isn't overwhelmingly high is an indication that the vocal few are just that. Vocal few.
7:39 PM
@Magisch I don't think it's actually possible for us to make the lives of IE10 users worse
Is that a design goal?
@rene sure, right up there with "boil the ocean" and "eradicate all disease"
That is all doable in 6 to 8 weeks ....
Combine the two: Throw all the diseases into the ocean, then boil it.
Great. Now the ocean has a fever.
7:46 PM
As long as it doesn't sneeze ...
Pretty sure that's the anthropomorphization of hurricanes.
8:12 PM
@Shog9 See when I go on a green tea fueled side rant in the tavern you show up :P
Travel election is pretty active. Mixed-case Joe is a shoo-in; he would have won last time if Mark Mayo didn't come out of retirement. Rory is wasting his and others' time as usual.
8:32 PM
@zaq Heh, he's got 4 diamonds
So he must be doing something right
The topic of Design-Independent Graduation was revisited internally recently, and we're evaluating some options that might further decouple the various moving parts involved. More updates to come as we make progress on this ;) — JNat ♦ 1 hour ago
Is there a specific reason this got migrated to MSE? There is so much site specific going on in that Q/A, mainly voting culture/traffic. What is the network wide benefit of having it here?
It looks like it will be closed anyway, leading to a rejected migration?
I retracted my cv for now/ever
9:01 PM
@rene I'm fine with it being here
OK, I take your word for it
Ukrainian Language is shaping up as the most "native"-oriented of the language sites (except Русский язык, which is a special case). Meta discussion is Ukrainian-heavy, in particular. (Quotes around "native" because many of the participants may have been taught Russian before Ukrainian back in the days.)
@rene Yuck, stop being nice
It makes me twitch
The favicon could be better... /
9:23 PM
Q: Comprehensive quality blocks now enabled everywhere

Shog9Questions are the lifeblood of any Stack Exchange site. But asking good questions can be difficult, and while most people start off doing it poorly, some never get better. For years now, when sites reached traffic levels that made manual review and filtering of questions burdensome for the good f...

So, the q-blocked users are invited to
> Experiment for yourself in the formatting sandbox
which is protected...
not that experiments would get them out of the ban
> if you see an egregiously sloppy, no-effort-expended question that you feel was asked in bad faith … vote it down.
9:37 PM
No effort, egregiously sloppy, and asked in bad faith... hm.
Way out of sync with reality.
anyone who thinks this is OK? Most of it is good enough but in a few places it touches intent I think?
I'll downvote pretty much any "plz a script to send me an email when the content of cell B14 of my google spreadsheet changes". Faith or not.
@Shog9 heh, just curiosity... And it is 1142, I enabled stickiness earlier to test something and forgot to disable it again. :-)
9:42 PM
George Michael's most lasting contribution to US society
@zaq Rory? Why?
10:04 PM
@rene well, OP approved...
10:22 PM
@ShadowWizard yeah, I saw, well, fine with me then ;)
10:33 PM
Is this some kind of weird spam?
@Stijn yup
10:53 PM
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