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Q: Is there a general rule for how to deal with your answer if you disagree with it later?

FrankSuppose I answer a question, correctly to the best of my knowledge, and it is voted up, maybe even accepted. 5 years later, learning new techniques, I may come across an old answer of mine which describes a process which I now believe to be incorrect (would the process for a partially incorrect a...

11:34 PM
@zaq as @Shadow said, could you explain why you say why?
I have been a long time contributor to Travel and as I didn't get in on Workplace I still have the available free time and capacity
@zaq Joe is a shoe-in, but there are 2 places up for grabs, and I have a much better chance there
@Magisch and it's 7 :-)
I got 32 notification at once.
Of course, they're all from documentation.
What a nuisance.
@bjb568 disable them
11:55 PM
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