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6:00 PM
Can you use a VPN? I guess not but you might request that from IT
do you have a test url for me? Maybe it doesn't like the root?
but I don't see how that's related to my SO chat not working vs SE chat working...
yeah that works
> WebSockets (Port 443, SSL)
Connected No✘ Disconnected at 13:5:50
so I don't have websockets
6:07 PM
That explains the polling
I doubt I could get them too.
and if that is enterprise wide that are a lot of hits on the HA-Proxy
if there are indeed 2000 users coming from your IP
@AaronHall the network component on the SE network where all traffic passes through
Are they mostly not signed in?
6:09 PM
That doesn't matter
would that affect chat?
Traffic is Tracffic
I don't think the HA-proxy will notice if you're logged in or not
For if you're bored nickcraver.com/blog/2016/02/17/… and want to know a bit about the network SE uses.
so does that explain my experiencing, on a daily basis, initially blocked but then unblocked ability to access SO chat a year or two back?
Or should I blame people tweaking our firewall?
Now that we're diagnosing, I went to meta.stackoverflow.com/network-login-help and got
> Messaging failed
> Your browser does not support the HTML5 postMessage feature, or it is disabled. Please make sure that you have a reasonably modern browser (e.g. IE8+, Chrome 4+, Safari 4+, FireFox 3.6+, Opera 10.61+), and that you don't have cross-document messaging disabled in your browser settings.
6:13 PM
@AaronHall You should always blame people who tweak the firewall for outgoing traffic. It is a waste of their and your time
Chrome 4 and FireFox 3.6 would be flattered to know they are still reasonably modern.
@rene IDK, sounds like a good way to get fired. I should just get data on my personal laptop and forget about it.
But I guess this is uBlock Origin's doing.
@AaronHall sure, don't complain on your own. Just make sure all high-qualified employees go on strike...
6:20 PM
yeah, why not ;)
I can probably get away with a few gentle inquiries, and I probably will try it now that I feel a little stronger grasp of the situation.
Stupid things I do: 1) post a self-answered question; 2) accept the answer; 3) discover 1.5 years later than the answer is outdated but I can't unaccept it because the account is deleted. Gah.
But self-accept doesn't pin, so at least I got that...
fix the answer.
That would be deleting all of its content.
6:24 PM
I doubt the reviewers would approve.
Gain 2K on webapps so you can do the edit?
forget about it.
You already posted a new answer
Yeah, when I realized the self-accept doesn't pin, that basically solved the problem. Downvoted outdated answer, and now it's at the bottom.
7:02 PM
Literature is in beta
7:29 PM
Why does it say "warning" for a β? Are they really that skary?
Not that private beta means anything.. everyone can sign up anyway
Everything is lies.
Explicitly about an array of objects. Hundreds of upvotes for .slice(0) answers.
even the ones that avoid that miss the "with references to each other" bits
This is a rather good example of why blindly unpinning the accepted answer when it's outranked isn't a universal good.
But the accepted answer is horrible, there is nothing to copy-paste!
8:23 PM
Make unpinning (and repinning) the next privilege at the top!
9:00 PM
@xkcdBot Is "vocal chords" in hovertext a typo or a pun I'm not getting?
9:38 PM
I tried to prove a hard number theory problem. I thought I got it, then realized what i wrote didn't work at the end. Then I found a counterexample. Then I realized I read the question wrong.
@bjb568 More details plz, or do they not fit in this narrow text box?
11:05 PM
@zaq Don't fit in the margins.
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