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12:33 AM
@hichris123 what kind of spam even is that
no commercial content, no relation to post
@AnthonyPham dare I edit that to "Thank you, I have this hacker. It cost me 4 iPhones this year."
what language was that even from, if it was google translated it
> Thank you I have this hacker . Cost me 4 iPhones this year.
10/10 best spam ever
Wonder what country has such primitive barter-based economy... having no currency, they exchange iPhones. "That will be 3 iPhones"
Although if this is how it works, then iPhones do serve as currency, so it's not barter anymore.
are you working for apple?
android is better because 10000+ different devices type, like you have some worth $15 dollars, some worth $1500 - the same way you have 10 cents and 100 dollar notes
1:00 AM
Please hold on. Please set luggage cart brake to on.
I am triggered to remember this any time SFO is mentioned.
I'm the last of the generation of kids who heard that.
@zaq Maybe hacking the iPhone itself made him buy four different iPhones to be able to "hack" SE
Now I'm the next!
But how are old are you @bjb568
too old
What, did they get rid of inter-terminal rail system or something?
Nah, they just changed it to a more sane message.
1:05 AM
No worries, it's preserved on YouTube for generations that come after us.
I see Bart!
1:49 AM
@ShadowWizard Wait. I missed this message. Can you clarify "wet"?
@AnthonyPham Two means you can't combine any two
overflow and exchange are ok, but exchange overflow is not
@SEINC Using "How To Not Overflow the Stack" as a product name violates your trademark guidelines
There is a pretty large blog with a "column" (category) "Stack Overflow", geekdad.com/category/columns/stack-overflow
I think one may also observe that "stack overflow" is a technical term that was in existence long before SO, and from which SO takes its name.
Dear SE Lawyers: your code does not handle edgecases well. Like "Overflow Exchange".
@zaq SE trademarked an existing public domain term
"public domain" does not apply here at all, we are not talking about copyright.
2:02 AM
Trademark law vs copyright law
@zaq right after I found the wikipedia article on copyfraud en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copyfraud
> Most trademarks are adapted from words or symbols already common to the culture, as Apple, Inc. is from apple, instead of being invented by the mark owner (such as Kodak). Courts have recognized that ownership in the mark cannot prevent others from using the word or symbol in these other senses, such as if the trademark is a descriptive word or common symbol such as a pine tree.
Well, now the legal guidelines are lying.
They are preventing your legal right to use a common descriptive word!
You can use the words stack overflow just fine.
But if you make a thing, and name it "Stack Overflow", you are not just using the words.
@zaq I'm (not) going to conclude that SE Inc. is a violation of trademark law, by calling their product "Stack Overflow"
that last message was joke, to be clear
As long as a reasonable person would not assume your title 'Stack Overflow' was linked to or endorsed by SE, then you are okay
2:07 AM
@Rob The guidelines lie, though:
> Including one of the terms, "Stack" or "Exchange" or "Overflow" in your product name is generally okay.
Yes, in terms of copyright and trademark law. The above ^ clearly wouldn't hold up in court if I made a blog post 'How I solved a stack overflow error'
Why can't I call my product Exchange Overflow?

- legal lawsuit in the year of 2058
capitalization or not
Even though I used more than one of the terms
@Rob but what if you named your product PSOE, "Preventing Stack Overflow errors" a book by Rob "I don't know your last name" ID300713 from Australia
I would imagine you would be fine, but it depends on what country you're based in, of course
2:11 AM
The founding fathers may or may not have considered semi-automatic assault rifles "arms"
Generally trademarks disputes are on a case by case basis, and how likely it is an 'average person' would conflate the two products
And the government can't take my right to have bear arms
> A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
(from raw text of constitution)
@noɥʇʎԀʎzɐɹƆ You seem to be a 1800's Federalist with a loose interpretation of the Constitution :)
@AnthonyPham I recently did a project which was a debate and I was given the federalist role
I'm a psychic!
2:50 AM
It's been a while I've visited ja.SO, seems they like to answer but not voting.
And they have 2 users with over 10k rep
The 10k privilege is lowered to 4k though, so there are 17 users who have it.
(and 20k priv lowered to 5k with 12 users)
3:34 AM
They also don't like closing
Jan 13 at 23:06, by zaq
Comparison of % closed: pt.SO 21%, es.SO 20%, ru.SO 14%, SO 11%, ja.SO 4%
@AnthonyPham it was 1700s though
Did bluefeet get elected, then become community manager/employed by SE?
@SmokeDetector what email, smokedetector?
@noɥʇʎԀʎzɐɹƆ Yes. There's a chart for that: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/311059
@noɥʇʎԀʎzɐɹƆ Some solution temple thing, see metasmoke.erwaysoftware.com/post/53736 The answer's been deleted so you are redirected to the question.
That chart is out of date, I probably have the current version somewhere...
3:39 AM
How did SE reach out to an elected mod and just offer employment?
bluefeet applied for a job. A programming job, actually; but was offered a CM position. AFAIR
This is in a recent podcast: stackoverflow.blog/2016/12/…
Worth listening to.
I have the current chart as a PDF, but no obvious way to share that...
3:48 AM
I squeezed it horizontally because it was getting too wide to read.
blue = moderator, purple = SE employee
@zaq Jeremy should be there as an employee now.
Thanks, will fix. He's the only one with a gap between modship and employment.
Employment begins October 10 of last year, according to Nick, twitter.com/Nick_Craver/status/785518355637792768
4:00 AM
Is that made with LaTeX? Definitely looks like it with the font.
@hichris123 Yes, with tikz package. And I have very little idea of how tikz works, but the chart is updated now.
@JasonC You want to know?
The source is at overleaf.com/read/gvswtdjgvxtb -- this is where I edit it, compile, and download PDF.
@bjb568 I need to know.
Well, when a man and a women…
The whole women woman thing is so weird.
Just typing it made me think it sounds like worm.
wurm worm
English weird.
4:14 AM
And that was your daily show of "5-letter words that begin with w"
7:06 AM
@JasonC looks like @bjb just did that. ;-)
2 hours later…
8:43 AM
good morning!
9:39 AM
9:57 AM
I assumed that when someone is suspended for voting irregularities, all his/her accounts are merged "just to be safe". Seems this is not the case. Weird.
could be 2 different people voting on eachother
or are you certain one is a sockpuppet of the other?
10:14 AM
Having to unmerge accounts seems like such a nasty prospect that "not merging until certain" seems to be the sane approach?
@Stijn when someone has two accounts with the same avatar and name, they link each other in the profile page and one of the two is suspended until April for "voting irregularities" that doesn't really leave much space for guessing.
oh, wait... my bad. The accounts HAVE been merged.
well done then.
10:34 AM
@zaq whoa, nice! But what about Jon Skeet?
11:07 AM
@ShadowWizard he has eloped with 5kg of unicorn cashmere
11:38 AM
@Telkitty but he's stable
@JNat any idea if SO plans on coming to techorama.be in Belgium?
No idea at all, nope :\
ok, I'll keep my fingers crossed :)
Dec 23 '16 at 22:52, by zaq
Red dot is where we are now. Expect one more step down soon (how's Buzz Aldrin doing?)
And now we got it, keeping on schedule. Science! nasa.gov/astronautprofiles/cernan
11:51 AM
12:08 PM
> Check if there are smoke detectors and other precautions available
12:21 PM
this looks so wrong
12:32 PM
@Telkitty then why had you to share? It doesn't work like Lum's tooth ache, you know...
1:13 PM
@Stijn you mean developers from SO, e.g. balpha?
Check their blogs and twitters, might find some hints there. :)
@ShadowWizard whoever can give me one of those Not a Robot badges :)
Aside from that, a presentation from an SO dev would be great
@Stijn lol! Totally forgot about this badge....
everyone's favourite SQL guru will be coming, Mr. Pinal Dave, looking forward to that
1:17 PM
Didn't know about that badge... until then, we're robots to SO.
Well, since SO/SE doesn't have any office or even employees in Belgium (I think), doubt they will send anyone.
Maybe if they hire Stijn but that would still not give him the badge ...
@Stijn another blow to your hopes, that event isn't listed here. :(
@rene I'd only be one DB query away from it, though... :)
1:20 PM
@ShadowWizard yeah but it's still a few months out, so who knows... and maybe they didn't consider it yet, but now they will :)
@Stijn hehe, I'm sure they will!
@Stijn query?? pfft, badges aren't awarded via queries.... :D
Oh no ... don't tell me they went with micro-services?
@noɥʇʎԀʎzɐɹƆ You know the government can unilaterally change the constitution if enough of the legislative chambers agree, right?
@rene nope. Jobs, it's always jobs. Or tasks.
@Magisch Yes
1:35 PM
@noɥʇʎԀʎzɐɹƆ So technically all these rights you have are only such as long as the government pleases
TBH for the other amendments the US government has found ways to interpret the constitution in such a way that it's largely meaningless, too. And they can do that because they get to pick the SCOTUS judges who rule on that
US isn't a democracy
Q: if Joel Spolsky was hit by a bus tomorrow, who would replace him?
@noɥʇʎԀʎzɐɹƆ Like "Protection from unreasonable search and seizure" doesn't get you very far if Civil Forfeiture is a thing and police can just seize literally all your assets and to have a shot at getting them back you need to hire a lawyer (which you can't, without your assets) and prove that your property was obtained legally.
@Magisch may depend on the government, but ours can pass legislation to disallow constitutional changes for the next legislature. Then again, I don't know if it's legally binding or more of a strong recommendation.
1:39 PM
They're even getting readers now so they can empty prepaid debit or credit cards or gift cards
@Magisch Agreed.
One family had their house seized (literally over 400k house) under the argument that their son had supposedly been selling drugs from it. The drug selling charges didn't stick, but they never got their house back since they failed to disprove the allegations.
@ShadowWizard my faith is restored, thanks.
@rene yay!
@noɥʇʎԀʎzɐɹƆ I think that Trump being elected is a proof for such democracy.
@noɥʇʎԀʎzɐɹƆ a job or a task?
1:46 PM
@ShadowWizard I'd argue just the opposite
both clinton and trump had 50+% unfavorables
In a democracy unfavorables don't get that high. The candidates who have such unfavorables don't make it into the general election
@Stijn Huh?
I guess you didn't follow the other conversation happening here
@noɥʇʎԀʎzɐɹƆ I think he misclicked a message and meant to reply to me, no @Stijn?
choice is between beeing sprinkled with feces and drowned in them
Not much of a choice now is it
@ShadowWizard no, I tried to be funny
but seems I failed :)
1:48 PM
Who owns SE Inc., e.g. equity-wise?
probably the one who paid $40,000,000 no?
Who would the investors appoint as CEO?
Hopefully who knows how to manage communities and not some business dude
@Stijn you mean the government described here, right?
1:53 PM
@rene I'll have to watch that, bookmarked for later :)
but that's the one I was talking about, yes
Great ;)
@noɥʇʎԀʎzɐɹƆ so either Shog or Tim Post...
I hope it's not a sales or marketing VP
Literature site should launch today... Second attempt. Does anyone remember the first one?
I just committed.
1:59 PM
@noɥʇʎԀʎzɐɹƆ Any reason for asking? Something happened?
no, was curious
@noɥʇʎԀʎzɐɹƆ nope, Tim Post is the most veteran CM around, think that even more than Shog
A possible issue is that people who love to read have a lot of stuff to read that is better than SE questions.
@ShadowWizard Shog is great
@CommunityManagers: do you call Shog IRL in office "Shog" or by real name
@noɥʇʎԀʎzɐɹƆ so you'll vote for him as CEO? ;)
@noɥʇʎԀʎzɐɹƆ I don't think he's at office that much, think he mentioned working from home.
2:03 PM
he doesn't look like his avatar
26 mins ago, by noɥʇʎԀʎzɐɹƆ
Q: if Joel Spolsky was hit by a bus tomorrow, who would replace him?
what if by some magical happening, the shareholders let the community elect a new ceo
@noɥʇʎԀʎzɐɹƆ that would be the end of Stack Exchange
or the beginning of the end
If SE ever goes bankrupt, do a crowdfunding ("Rescue Stack Exchange!") ;)
@noɥʇʎԀʎzɐɹƆ all they need to do is charge per question. Even with one dollar, they will cover all their expenses easily, and people will keep using it, at least until a free alternative would rise.
2:06 PM
Breaking News: Stack Exchange closed as duplicate of Experts Exchange
@noɥʇʎԀʎzɐɹƆ well, hard to know, his eyes are not visible here
maybe better pic in the network profile
2:22 PM
TIL tea also has caffeine, it's just called theine.
@Stijn not sure it's different
Caffeine is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant of the methylxanthine class. It is the world's most widely consumed psychoactive drug. Unlike many other psychoactive substances, it is legal and unregulated in nearly all parts of the world. There are several known mechanisms of action to explain the effects of caffeine. The most prominent is that it reversibly blocks the action of adenosine on its receptor and consequently prevents the onset of drowsiness induced by adenosine. Caffeine also stimulates certain portions of the autonomic nervous system. Caffeine is a bitter, white crystalline...
> In 1827, M. Oudry isolated "théine" from tea,[194] but it was later proved by Mulder[195] and by Carl Jobst[196] that theine was actually caffeine.
So can you prove Mulder and Carl Jobst wrong? ;)
Friends still argue there is such a thing as mateine though. (note: there isn't)
> A hypotetic xanthine alkaloid found in the maté plant, similar to caffeine
@ShadowWizard that's what I meant, it's the same thing but with a different name
@Stijn oh. lol
2:29 PM
and the packaging here says theine :)
first Google result is a website claiming it's different
It's a marketing thing really.
@Bart you mean the theine vs. caffeine?
@Bart wikipedia's Talk page on mateine makes me laugh :)
The infomation listed on "mateine" is complete bunk. Mateine was made up by mate vendors to have a selling point for an awful tasting drink. I have a medical background and I have talked to doctors and non of them have heard of the substance. Awful tasting is just your personal POV. I personally think that coffee is awful tasting. That doesn't mean that I'm going to go to its talk page and use it as an argument about the commercialization of coffee. Try making your point while sticking to a neutral point of view.—WAvegetarian•CONTRIBUTIONSTALK• EMAIL•05:08, 2 February 2006 (UTC) == Mateine.... ==
Reminds me of something I saw recently, think it's called "raw cacao"
2:32 PM
@Stijn hahaha "a selling point for an awful tasting drink" :D
Granted, for some it's an acquired taste.
Our media got wave of "legit" articles explaining the wonders of raw cacao, but looks like it's all just advertisement.
@ShadowWizard yeah sounds like bollocks
> Well there is good news, with this powerful superfood that originated in the foothills of Andes known as raw cacao you can!
Wiki talk pages are great but it's hard to know where the interesting ones are. Is there a tumblr for "gems from talk pages"?
@noɥʇʎԀʎzɐɹƆ What community?
All users (unfeasible), active users (also unfeasible), meta users (massively unrepresentative)?
Now I wonder what Joel's salary is
he's certainly a multimillionaire
2:47 PM
@zaq of course there's an xkcd for that
Wikipedia's meta has some entertaining pages, but not sure for "entertaining talk pages"
3:02 PM
In those levels, salary is not relevant, it's all about shares/stocks.
e.g. he might have official salary of $100000, but he can sell shares for millions in few seconds.
I dont understand wanting such wealth
Not a lot you can do with 150M $ besides make more money with it
at some point between 100.000 - 300.000 (if you're in sanfran) you hit a salary where more money is effectively meaningless.
At that stage one may encounter the concept of "legacy".
I sat in a 130k Mercedes last weekend, at a motor show. There's lots of things you can do with 150m
I.e., money as a tool for leaving a mark after you, not just as means for personal enjoyment.
you could do like Elon Musk and try to send people to another planet
3:16 PM
If I had that kind of money I'd probably donate most of it and be done with it
@Stijn It's harder if they have to be alive when they arrive
@Magisch oh, so many things to do with it. Besides what @Stijn mentioned of buying stuff for yourself, you can also keep it for your children, or donate it to charity like Bill Gates.
No need for more then I need to live and I don't plan on having kids
And of course, there is politics.
yeah, you can become president these days when you have a bunch of money :)
3:16 PM
If I ever wanted to do politics I'd do it without money
@Magisch haha.... so naive.... :)
rule #1: No money no votes
sanders style
got 47% of the dem primary
(except maybe family and personal friends)
Also had a lot of money
at the local level good ideas is enough
none of that came from himself though
all from his voters
who were his voters before the money
3:18 PM
Hm...and look how far he got ;)
almost got the presidential nomination and has been senator for god knows how long
pretty far I'd say
Senator vs President are different things. There are different groups of people to play your strengths to.
I'd never want to be president anyways
thats a 24/7 job
Bernie has a very liberal platform. That plays well in his state, but it doesn't play well in the central US.
Look at how harshly it aged obama
You can see 8 years of near constant stress on his face
Issue by issue the US is actually far more liberal then even the democratic party
If the people's majority got their way 100% of the time the US would be a more liberal country then any country in europe
3:22 PM
He's much more liberal than Obama and had the unfortunate timing to attempt to run after 8 years of a liberal president. Historically, he'd have lasted 1 term. The same party doesn't - generally - hold the white house for more than 3 terms in a row.
Hello @Sam please don't explode here!
just realised this was the tavern sorry
@SamsungNote7Plus brews a cup of chamomile tea for @SamsungNote7Plus
@SamsungNote7Plus Well, just see the faces here... ;)
3:23 PM
@Magisch I think this is taking a very very high level view of things. There are very conservative parts of US especially on specific issues.
@SamsungNote7Plus brews coffee for @SamsungNote7Plus
!!/blame someone
@ShadowWizard It's Magisch's fault.
!!/blame @ShadowWizard
3:30 PM
@SamsungNote7Plus It's SamsungNote7Plus's fault.
smoke hates me
@SamsungNote7Plus when you'll have to see and report so much spam, you'll also hate the whole world. ;)
3:45 PM
Anyone think a roll back is needed here?
@rene not sure, personally I saw it but being old answer... not worth the efforts. Though it won't be a bad idea to rollback.
No, it's the user's opinion. They think that others have limited PoVs, and are free to say that.
Hmm, OK
You do understand I'm pretty offended by that, right?
@zaq but ranting about a post being downvoted in the post itself is just noise.
I'd let that be, too. Lest you want to also have ranting about censorship.
3:48 PM
Which would be even more noise.
Referring to meta, of course; the main site is different.
As a bonus, it will give extra downvote :)
Nah, I'm not that offended, I'm a flower
And in the mean time I rolled it back. Smiting completed
3:50 PM
I wonder if Shog devoured poor UniKitty. He's totally gone.
R.I.P Unikitty 2015 - 2016
wait. You mean that the offensive flags are still active? Looking at the star board I assumed they just forgot to remove the link from the UI...........
And he was so young...
He liked Sharmin and he knew it, even though he bleched everytime we talked about it :(
3:51 PM
@Derpy no flags now...
@ShadowWizard I flagged a comment on MSO a while ago that I found rather rude, but it was declined. Not sure how another person can decide in my place what I find rude, but I'm reserving that flag for really bad cases now.
@Stijn declined or expired?
@Stijn No one did. They didn't tell you that you used the wrong flag or that you didn't think that the post was rude. They simply declined acting over it. The message isn't necessarily "That is not rude". It could easily be "That is not bad enough to get us moving".
@ShadowWizard declined
3:55 PM
heh, answer got from -2 to -5.
@Derpy so the idea is that such a flag is only marked as 'helpful' when moderators act on it (like deleting the comment)?
@Stijn or enough other users use "red flag" too, and the post/comment is auto deleted
@Stijn no, marking something as helpful just mean that it was helpful. Is a flag alerting you of something you didn't care to know helpful? On the other side, even if you didn't act, it could be helpful if you at least had a laugh at it.
guys ... please fix icon size: stackoverflow.blog/2017/01/… .... 2.5Mb for 50x50px is tooooo much!
@alexolut icon? You mean the author avatar?
4:03 PM
@ShadowWizard yes!
@alexolut I suppose you could post this on meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/ask, not sure though
@ShadowWizard but scaled to 50x50 on the page
@alexolut by the browser only.
They didn't create thumbnail version for it.
You can also try commenting on the blog, someone'll see it there
It's likely to go unnoticed here in chat
You can also do a PR on the blog
@ShadowWizard by my browser! whatever ... if you can, please tell them :) My english is not too fast as blog poster's internet.
@rene probably this is taken from the database, no?
@ShadowWizard I don't think so, all is generated by Jekyll , so I assume all resource are in the repo
@rene the blog is open source?
The image is taken from gravatar
Wait, wrong stuff
It's from the SO business site
Hmm, we would need to know for each author where their small size image is located and then add that to the page @Bart found and then change this line: github.com/StackExchange/stack-blog/blob/master/_layouts/… to use that other image ...
Not a small PR ... and not possible to fix for us ...
Just create an issue?
"There, you fix it"
Yeah, I would say so
I saw Kasra uses imgur link though...
4:24 PM
@qwer yeah, we could check how many here have their avatar NOT on i.stack.imgur.com, then only upload to imgur for those that haven't and then use @Shadow trick
@rene some people may not like losing control over their avatar. So I'd say let them fix it.
Yeah, it is a content management issue, not a technical defect
I'll probably upload my avatar on SO when I get a chance to. Yesterday gravatar decided to give me an autogenerated one for a while, for no reason...
It's because of the face. It's distracting from the glasses.
4:30 PM
For a service that claims to solve all your avatar problems around the internet they are pretty unstable ...
Not to mention issues around your privacy, but meh ...
4:57 PM
Browsers should have a "cut to the end of the URL" keyboard shortcut.
5:11 PM
The Literature site was proposed by Hamlet. Should have been named "Words, words, words".
5:58 PM
I wonder
is shog a verb or a noun
shogging something sounds awesome
@Magisch sounds very similar to another word..
@Magisch It's sometimes used as a verb, for example: chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/2853773#2853773
6:22 PM
@rene :(
@rene heh, hardly "my" trick... used by SE for generations.... ;)
(though I was surprised to see there is a 50x50 imgur thumbnail :))
@ShadowWizard but ... Stijn wrote an issue ... you can go and PR on that ... but don't forget the advice from Bart ...
@ShadowWizard generations are we that old?
@rene "always wear glasses"?
@rene oh, even older than that
Jun 20 '16 at 15:02, by bjb568 is not a pebble
Here's how: Hey @Shoggy @Shoggiling @Shog! @Shogging thru he @Snow! There's an @Andy (one of them) here to meet you! P'haps with something you'd like to know!
@bjb568 you're not not a pebble anymore? So you're a pebble?
6:57 PM
Wasn't there a highly voted meta post "What bjb is not"?
@zaq but they deleted it
Haters gonna hate
Was there really?
@zaq Oh golly
I always wanted to read that
7:25 PM
Try replacing "SO" with "bjb" when reading.
@M.A.R. The blog only has the few top answers, see Wayback machine for the rest.
Yeah, I can see why it made sense to delete it.
What should SE do differently in 2017, if anything?
1) Finish the nav redesign. Or scrap and start over, if that it easier.
I guess this is "different" in the sense of "have a different distribution of effort between the core and the Google+ - like ambitions".
7:50 PM
> Unlike forum sites, we don't use "Thanks", or "Any help appreciated", or signatures on Stack Overflow. See "Should 'Hi', 'thanks,' taglines, and salutations be removed from posts?. BTW, it's "Thanks in advance", not "Thanks in advanced".
Posted 310 times, verbatim. With that BTW part.
I'm going through the top 10000 comments, trying to group them (so as not to reproduce SO blog's nonsense)
@zaq and much upvoted?
I didn't select the total scores... will do now.
I think 10K is too ambitious.... will stick to the 1312 comments that appear 100+ times in identical way, and try to group those.
7:59 PM
Ooh, this is more interesting than sorting by frequency.
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