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7:00 PM
That or hot sort.
like, we need 2 hot sorts, one that only considers votes made in the past 30 days, one for the past year.
I wonder how many people actually knowingly use non-default sort options
whoa, let's hold off on changing defaults, you're like a bull in a china shop, man...
so reckless...
Shadow Wizards ears were burning, so he decided to check the likeliest spot...
looking left
looking right
That reminds me of this annoyance: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/223880/… although it seems somewhat mitigated now.
7:05 PM
Hey, if Shadow Wizard can ping me from the Den, I can ping him here ...
@Bart surely very very very few...
@AaronHall hehe, I'm afraid only @bluefeet can tell...
attempts pinging a Master Lich, but the evil unded resists the call of the land of cartoons and kitties
Lich.... wow so much time since I fought one. :D
/me ignores all the pings
@Aaron can a cleric turn a Lich? At level 20? I can't remember.... :(
@bluefeet oh hey, something different for you, if you got a second.... can you see with your magic tools if there is a deleted upvote on this deleted answer?
Its author claims the reputation was not affected by the deletion, but it makes sense only with score of 3.
7:17 PM
@bluefeet btw could u add that sort thing?
hey don't overload her! :P
It's an easy edit! :)
I'm sure it's all built out, they just need to uncomment the tab...
awaiting some blue feets to kick users ....
...or some blue beaks to poke some users...
picks a daisy
7:23 PM
leave my cousin alone...
What's that bird in Bluefeet's avatar?
hums kumbaya
@JanDvorak It's a blue-footed booby. (heh heh booby)
Ah, thanks. They look like waterfowl (which they are)
^ NSFW, if you're Bluefeet.
@JasonC yeah, totally
7:47 PM
@bjb568 Have you also considered CMU?
^^^ I went to CMU
@bjb568 The campus is great and Pittsburgh kicks ass.
Wholeheartedly support.
8:38 PM
It's on my secondary list. I'll apply to it next year if I don't get in to MIT, Caltech, or Stanford this year.
8:48 PM
8:59 PM
how be you?
hello @MadScientist!
I'm fine, catting along as usual.
catch any good questions?
9:23 PM
No, but I got some fish.
nom nom nom
looking for a question to answer
10:09 PM
3 hours ago, by Aaron Hall
The quality of posts is highly subjective. We want objective, but that's elusive.
good point
So I said that, but I think a strong objective signal is when a new answer surrounded by old cruft begins to slowly rise above the cruft.
And if you agree with that, you'll also agree that we need a hotness sort. Not necessarily by default, but at least optional. That's what I would sort on.
@AaronHall absolutely
You're the most agreeable person I've met here in the Tavern. gtg!
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer: Hacking Question: Hiring a developer to run bitcoin core to process bitcoin payments on site by lauren on bitcoin.stackexchange.com
10:15 PM
@AaronHall only when there is something i agree on - your point makes sense
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