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1:01 AM
I feel so good about myself now. i just figured out how this works.
@JasonC so, if I may channel our next President: what have you got to lose?
My dignity. I'm hesitant to do anything until I can somehow scrap together a resume or at least a portfolio.
I promise I won't tell anyone if you embarrass yourself.
I don't want to not get hired somewhere solely because I didn't do the leg work going in. Fear of avoidable mistakes.
Eh, you'll only not get hired because you flubbed the interview. Or because you're a complete jackass.
1:08 AM
So I at least need to know I've done the best prep I possibly could before I apply anywhere. Also I've been in the workforce for 16 years and I've never applied for a job before, done an interview, anything, weirdly. Up to now everything has sort of fallen into my lap. So it's a little intimidating.
Reading the Workplace site doesn't help. It's like binge watching air crash documentaries before I get on a plane.
Watching those car crash films before getting a driver's license
Hmm... Do they still do those?
I bet they have high-resolution DVDs now. Lucky kids.
Of course, you just described about 95% of YouTube.
Oh you mean like, Faces of Death style? I hope so. They used to show those at like 3AM in the theater near my house.
@Shog9 Or because of some random Tavern message. Jason has 13804 regrets now.
Builds character.
1:11 AM
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
@Shog9 Who's decision was it to make the chat notification sound the same as the Star Trek door sound?
Bloody genius whoever they were
It's nice, right
Random thought: would a meta post (on Stack Overflow) on narrowing the scope of Too Broad do anything? e.g. allowing questions with more than one "correct" answer (no effort questions basically)
@JamesENL The first scene here describes my chat experience pretty accurately:
1:38 AM
@Shog9 No, I don't think they do drivers ed in high schools anymore like we did.
Oh. OH! Those videos! Now it's all clear to me.
My thoughts went in a way gorier direction. I totally remember those now.
I think catching Pokemon while driving should really be a part of the driving test now.
@JasonC What were they like? Some of the ones they show nowadays are pretty gory...
1:53 AM
I guess they were pretty gory.
I don't know my mind is mush now I'm going to look for food. Later.
I agree
"Yes, yes, James, I would."
"Something something..... contemporary politics.... something something"
4 hours later…
5:56 AM
@Jason congrats for the new room, but there is a chance that it will get auto frozen if the whole activity will be moving messages from here. Think a room needs "real" activity to stay alive, i.e. people posting actual messages in it.
Of course I might be wrong. :)
@ShadowWizard Chimney2. 3. Etc.
I'll just keep making new ones.
Interesting idea
Just to let you know ... That this so/SE chats actually work in China ... sites like YouTube doesn't
5:59 AM
13 messages moved to Chimney
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, pattern-matching website in body: they don't have sufficiently high testosterone levels. by quuylesy on superuser.com
6:18 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, blacklisted website in body, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: content fabric. This , or hydroxycitric acid, is principal by sleinzvaxer on security.stackexchange.com
@Telkitty well, SE hardly threatens China's authorities.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with a link in answer: Pasar argumentos a ejecutable.exe c# by Alifa Akter on es.stackoverflow.com
6:34 AM
> contenido no deseado
6:49 AM
So much vote fraud. Flagged 4 yesterday and another 5 today
@Magisch how you detect them?
And yeah, with reputation being so hard to get for many people, it's not surprising many try to get it in illegal ways.
@Bart you're being missed... this place is not the same without you! :D
@ShadowWizard I found this SEDE from way back when. It has some false positives, and the meta thread advises not to start a witch hunt based on it, which is why I'm going through the results by hand to find the ones who are truly socking
@Magisch You're the hero we need, not the one we deserve
7:15 AM
@JamesENL I like hunting socks
This is one of the flag texts: Looks like Sockpuppeting / Voting Fraud. On Dec1'14, Obtained 14 votes evenly spread across their answers in 3 minutes total, on Dec2'14 obtained 16 votes in batches of 2 evenly spread across their answers within 2 minutes, on Dec12'14 obtained 6 votes across different answers within 2 minutes, On Nov30'14 Obtained 12 votes evenly spread across their answers within 5 minutes.
That's impressive
3/9 total flags raised have already been marked helpful and the reputation on these users reverted, the remaining 6 are still pending. Got 4 more typed out and ready to flag, will flag these when the others clear.
I have a feeling I'll be at this for some time to come
Need another flagger? I'm not busy
@Magisch which ones have you already processed?
I sorted by vote date and started going up->down
How far back do you think it's worth going?
7:24 AM
Sometimes if someone did some obvious low socking like 3 years ago but has been normal since or has normal contributions since I don't bother and sort of let it go. Not quite sure if the mods would, but alas.
What's the name of the most recent one you're waiting to report?
I'll probably check until 2011 back or so, but the further down I go the less likely I'm to flag (unless its egregious)
Display name I mean
I'm still going through them
Well, if you need me to flag, just point me at a post and tell me when the votes were cast
7:26 AM
Don't necessarily need help, don't want to unduly swamp mods / CMS
Fair enough
Let us know how you get on then
I can flag myself, I got 100 flags on SO a day, I just want to do in batches so as to avoid dumping like 50 flags on the mods in a day that all need CM handling
Yeah I forgot the bit where those flags require Mod attention
7:50 AM
@Shog9 Do you prefer if I flag the Vote fraud I find in this batch as single-post flags (e.g flag a post for every user who'se frauding) or compile it all into a document and hand it over to a CM instead?
8:33 AM
sd 3k
9:25 AM
@ShadowWizard never fear, I'm still here
9:41 AM
@Derpy No witch hunt pls
9:52 AM
Let them burn, let them burn
Can't hold it back anymore
Let them burn, let them buuuuuuurn
Ban away and slam the door
I don't care
what they're going to say
Let the Shog rage on.
The smoke never bothered me anyway
@Magisch Can't we burn some? Just a few?
I still have my Inquisitor costume from the UO days...
10:46 AM
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11:08 AM
@Derpy No :(
11:26 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected: My daughter is having sex with her cousin by Corban on parenting.stackexchange.com
@balpha next Winterbash, you should add a witch-hunter hat for doing a flag that ends up in the burination of the flagged user.
Bonus point if it includes a pitchfork too.
@Magisch You are right, better wait for December. We need resources for getting those hats -_-'
three starred Shog messages.
A pinned one from an old middle-age pencil.
one from a giraffe (who still looks like a lion in the small avatar version)
no @Bart
Wouldn't someone think of the @Bart?
Look at him. Even his frame got thinner.
Without any star he will starve.
Or are you telling me he has started to undergo hibernation during winter like Shog bears do?
Isn't this a little too soon either way?
11:41 AM
According to my doctor, I could do with less stars. And less salt apparently. So I have given up on gaming.
11:52 AM
@Bart Stars do not contain salt! Lots of sugar, but no salt there.
Stars don't. Gaming does.
Plenty of salt there. Specifically so in Overwatch.
ops, the pencil has been summoned.
hi, @Quill
I was telling @bart the legend about your origins.
hey there
How you came to this room many moons ago when the Duck lost one of his feather and then an artisan turned it into a writing quill.
actually I think it was because I liked hats
12:03 PM
Jul 7 '15 at 5:42, by Quill
> The outlook customer feels so happy by communicate their personals
First message by @Quill here ^
to be fair, their personals were a big deal
12:23 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in answer, pattern-matching website in answer: Print selected fields from a referenced node by Sathya G on drupal.stackexchange.com
12:47 PM
This spam still needs to be finished off.
Hm. The question also has an obsolete answer, which I've already flagged for removal.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in answer, repeating words in answer: I have no cousins in Antarctica. Who am I? by millzzz on puzzling.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in link text in body, blacklisted website in body, pattern-matching website in body: what are the various filters for audio signal denosing? by schwan on sound.stackexchange.com
1:34 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with a link in answer: Pasar argumentos a ejecutable.exe c# by Alifa Akter on es.stackoverflow.com
2:03 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Shortened URL in answer: Text between two tags by margene montague on unix.stackexchange.com
@Bart OverSalt
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in body: Can't quick add products to cart or remove them from cart with Woocommerce by Maxime Lafarie on wordpress.stackexchange.com
But in the new WoW expansion, the salt knows no bounds
Its infinite salt
Haha, glad I never got into that then. For OW it seems to go well the first 2 weeks or so of the season. And then it's just abusive users, derankers, quitters, etc.
@Bart You could try to join the next LoE OSW...
2:17 PM
@Bart There are legendary items in Pve, every class has about 7-9 different ones. Only 2-3 of those are actually any good for you, but they're all decent. With the proper legendary, your characters performance raises 15-20%. Now, getting these is 100% RNG, so everyone who plays alot and didn't get one yet (most people) are consumed in an everexpanding vortex of salt. Additionally, there was a droprate bug that means people who got one had a vastly higher chance to get more, thus expanding
the salt even further.
Hey @EdCottrell
Hey Ed, I've been Sockpuppet hunting today
I found total of 19 people who did vote fraud and the script didn't catch it, yet.
@Magisch Whoa. Raise a flag and I'll take a look.
@EdCottrell I already raised 7 pending flags
3 already got marked helpful
I'm doing it in batches
I can also give you a compiled list, if you prefer that
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in answer: How to import .eml files into Mail? by Jackson Limboz on apple.stackexchange.com
2:23 PM
@Magisch Nah, the flags are fine. Thanks, though!
@EdCottrell gist.github.com/magisch/1d6c4274848f8b8ac9ef5b154d923f33 if you care regardless (cc @Shog9 I spent some time finding unreverted vote fraud, I'm pretty sure on near all of these)
Also cc @JamesENL (You wanted an update on that)
@Magisch Interesting. Will take a look. Thanks!
Now I see fire
Inside the SE halls
I see fire
Burning the accounts
And I see fire
Disappearing souls
I see fire
Bans in the breeze....
2:39 PM
@Magisch perhaps kinda sorta might not want to make that public?
Nevermind, I see the Gist is secret.
@Bart to late, I have already published the list on wiki-leaks. O_O
When the medias will discover those info, the world shall know the power of the SEDE Illuminati!
@Bart Î don't think much harm is generated from a link in here
And the gist itself is only accessible via the link
how is everyone?
2:58 PM
@Magisch yeah, I saw. No worries.
Does anyone know of a good alternative to MarkDownPad? I.e. desktop MarkDown editor with preview.
And for Windows
And hiya @Tropiks. How are you?
3:22 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted user: what are the various filters for audio signal denosing? by schwan on sound.stackexchange.com
Q: Is there a generic Stackexchange site for questions that don't fit in specific Stackexchange sites?

IvanI love the Stackexchange network and generally prefer it over Quora, Yahoo Answers and other Q&A sites. Occasionally I may have a question that won't correspond subject areas of any of the existing Stackexchange network sites. Is there a Stackexchange site for questions like that?

or is that the purpose of lifehacks?
3:42 PM
@Bart Does it have to be offline/desktop? Cause there's always stackedit.io
Yeah, I prefer desktop in this case @JasonC. I'll have a look at the others
Just annoyed with MarkDownPad not updating, and requiring a 160MB SDK to be installed to work on Windows 10
Stackedit.io is fantastic
Is it affiliated with SE somehow? I always wondered that, from the name.
It only has one of "stack", "overflow", "exchange", so it might not be endorsed by SE
@JanDvorak So you mean if i want to realize my dream homepage of "Stackingpancakesandwaffles.org" I need SE permissions? Bummer
3:52 PM
@JanDvorak starflange?
@Magisch no, but if you wanted "an overflowing stack of pancakes and waffles", you would
Or if you wanted to exchange a stack of pancakes with a stack of waffles
because that would be a puts copyright protection on stack exchange.
But the popular online breakfast trading site exchangingpancakesandwaffles.org should still be OK.
3:54 PM
Who would trade breakfast? Ain't nobody going to touch my breakfast!
Damn, toiletoverflow.com is already registered.
And so is toiletexchange.com... interesting.
how about toiletstack.com?
It's all yours.
Nah, thanks, don't want it
You could also go for toiletoverflow.sexy -- icannwiki.com/.sexy
I love that there's a TLD for porn.
3:59 PM
@Shog9 You guys better nab stackexchange.sexy before somebody else does.
Anyways ... my 5kB file is almost done loading. "It's not about the size. It's about what you do with it."
Only rule is no porn on the front page. Keep it in the help center.
This is an oldie but a goody:
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because the answers are all available in the linked paper. — gbjbaanb Feb 22 at 10:23
This is the sort of incompetent moderation that we want to avoid.
How do we get there? How do we train users to be better than that?
I think that user had more than 30k rep when he made that poorly thought-out comment.
@JasonC it's not affiliated in any way
4:11 PM
That Q&A pair looks like a "I can't access the paper"-workaround @AaronHall?
Other than that it was originally based on a version of the editor
@Bart is that a question?
Kinda sorta. Haven't read the paper yet, but why focus on understanding a paper from just the abstract rather than just reading the paper?
Maybe it's just the phrasing of the question that's awkward? I assume you've actually read it, given your answer?
I don't remember, I barely remember the abstract. I do, however, remember the question.
If I had asked the question without the paper backing up my premises, the question would have been closed as a matter of opinion and only inviting discussion.
The problem I see is indeed summarized by the comment you quote. If the questions you ask - while admitting to only reading the abstract - are answered within the paper ... just read the paper. Otherwise all you're really doing is asking people to quote/reproduce the paper.
4:21 PM
Still, I'd argue that the question is definitely downvote-worthy, but not close-worthy.
I am not up-to-date with what's on-topic on Programmers SE. So perhaps it's valid.
@JasonC why downvote worthy?
The question would be different to me if you were saying "The paper states X" or "The paper comes to conclusion Y" which you find to be wrong/up for debate/unfounded, whatever. If you want to test your interpretation, that may form a decent question.
Lack of research. Just read the paper. The answers are in it. "Here's a paper; what does it say?" is a perfectly on-topic question, but really not useful and doesn't show much effort.
4:24 PM
Even if I only read the abstract - the paper does not attempt to answer the questions I posed.
That seems to be part of the missing research then.
ok, so to ask a good question, one must read a paper?
I wonder what Spolsky would say to this nonsense.
First not all good questions require a paper to be read, so careful with those blanket questions.
If you're basing your question on the paper, I'd say so. Or at least don't make it sound like "I could only be bothered to read the abstract ... let's discuss"
Second if the paper is pretty obscure or reasonably hard to find, sure, no problem.
But if you're asking a question about a paper, yeah, you'd be expected to read it.
4:26 PM
Perhaps to provide the most excellent of answers, one should read and cogently deliver ideas from a paper, but the "best" questions our sites have are general questions that actually don't reflect a lot of research at all.
But I don't see any reason for that question to be closed, and it looks like it's open now, so I'm not sure what the problem is or why it was worth bringing up.
I didn't ask about a paper. I asked about an idea that the paper asserted was the case.
I answered my own question because the other answers it was getting were rather poor.
At least, that's my recollection.
"It appears that they are saying ..." and "After a reread of the abstract" to me gives the impression that you didn't read the paper and only read the abstract. However, that impression may well be wrong.
That impression however makes the whole read like "tell me what the paper says". I'd say that at the very least gives your question a problematic start.
Then again, just my opinion. Overall it seems to have done reasonably well
I don't see why you think a good question that references an abstract requires the author to read the entire paper.
^ Yeah that. It doesn't seem to be poorly received.
@AaronHall Here's how I think you could have improved it: If you had stated that you read the whole paper, pointed out some sections and quotes that covered some of the questions you asked, and stated why you were unclear about them / what was missing, that could have made an improvement.
4:32 PM
"It's ok to ask questions about general ideas, but as soon as you cite a paper's abstract, we require you to have read the entire paper."
But the way it reads, even if it wasn't your intent, and even if it wasn't true, is like Bart said.
@AaronHall "It appears that they are saying" <-- seems that would be contained within the body of the paper. So are they, or aren't they? Or do you mean they leave it up to interpretation in the body? "What is the "ninja performance gap?"" <-- surely that is explained in the body. And I assume the other questions would be answered there as well. But that's without reading the paper, as I said.
Did you read the abstract?
Did you read the paper?
I did provide a link to the abstract, and it is quite free.
4:34 PM
I have the paper. If you wish I can read it ... looking at it, it seems very familiar to me. I think I reviewed something similar by the same group of authors.
@AaronHall the issue with reading an abstract ... is that it's an abstract. You can only get so much information from it. You need the body for the content.
This conversation is stupid. Your question is fine, it was not poorly received, and it is open. I would have downvoted it and that's my choice. And I would not think less of you as a person. Digging deeper just goes in circles. Let's talk about cats.
Abstract cats?
And yeah I agree that guy who put that close reason was just being silly.
There were two of them.
and they got upvotes on their stupid comments as well.
Some of the upvotes are automatic from the close votes.
4:38 PM
Well I have flagged them as obsolete, but they are clearly an example of poor user moderation.
Actually as a whole it's an example of successful user moderation, since the question was reopened. You'll always have noise, and the community as a whole ultimately filters it out.
Not everybody is going to have the exact same opinion of a question. So just let silly comments exist, and have faith that it will end well.
I just got back, what did I miss?
4:55 PM
@AaronHall They decided to shut down SO. There was a huge debate in here. It all got deleted because it went out of control. They're just going to make a blog post about it instead. It only took 15 minutes, somehow.
Well that's life for you. All hands abandon ship. All hand abandon...
We should tell the gubbermint that SO is too big to fail - we need wind-down plans and cash-infusions. To protect consumers.
gets accenture on the phone "Yes, we need a team of accountants and a half-dozen MD's here stat."
I just got an image of a weird dystopian future where stackoverflow.gov exists.
1 hour later…
6:19 PM
Komrade @JasonC, just think, we'll have a union and all make fat government salaries.
7:02 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive title detected: What the fuck life TT by Nero on lifehacks.stackexchange.com
7:23 PM
@AaronHall For the Mother Stack!
@SmokeDetector Omg
We pretend to answer, they pretend to pay us. (Internet points may one day hold value - but not today.)
I wish I could pay my rent by offering bounties to my landlord.
"This account has been suspended due to a weird voting ring involving this user and his landlord."
8:17 PM
2 messages moved to Chimney
I love the room name
I know, right? But that's @JasonC's creation, not mine.
8:38 PM
If we make smokey an ro maybe it could be made to auto move its messages after some time? @hichris123 @ProgramFOX Is that possible through the chat api?
I wouldn't have a problem with bot ro
As long as that's all it could do
I think to avoid all the "moved" messages the logic could be something like: every 30 minutes, make a list of posts older than 30 minutes. If there are more than, say, 10 of them, move them all. Should keep it to a minimum. Or even 60 minutes.
Javascript's bot trashes messages with unformatted code
@JasonC We could do that, but I don't mind all that much. And I haven't been moving all of the messages, just the ones that are on my screen when I show up.
I dont mind contributing the logic if somebody writes a base move messages api for me and clues me in on the easiest way to get timestamps of smokeys past mesaages.
Yeah I dont mind either. It'd be useful if maybe it was active only during off hours though, when the message to convo ratio is high and neither of us are around.
Ah, yeah, that's true.
Oh yeah. And the archiving doesn't actually need to be a smokey feature. It could be another bot with similar functionality to that archiver.
It's name should definitely be El Archivo
And it's avatar should be a wrestling mask, possibly strongbad.
Yeah ok it's settled then.
1 hour later…
10:06 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer: Benefits of refinancing multiple rentals into a single jumbo loan? by Vincent Lance Jessy on money.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, blacklisted user: If I moved out of my house and rented it out, would I need to refinance into an investment loan? by Vincent Lance Jessy on money.stackexchange.com
hey @rene, you're not necessarily helping with comment deletions here... meta.stackexchange.com/questions/284774/…
as a general rule, do not delete comments when a moderator (or anyone, really) is actively involved in trying to diffuse the situation
I've removed the post now since it's obviously not going anywhere, but ya know
Oh, that I didn't know, sorry
Because then the mod's comments seem one-sided?
@JanDvorak That, and the user knows their comments are getting deleted so they keep getting more pissed off
Well, if they're one-flag deletable, shouldn't they be removed no matter what?
10:18 PM
Ok, I'll back-off next time when a diamond/dev is involved
I thought you meant deleting own comments.
@hichris123 Sure, but you have to consider timing and context
@hichris123 Yeah, I have increased my flag-rate ;)
If there's an active back-and-forth with one side trying to settle things and redirect the user to the right place, deleting their comments serves nothing.
Once the situation has died down, the comments can be purged indiscriminately :)
can and should, I should say
10:19 PM
Anyway, this was definitely a "uh... what even" kind of thing
@AdamLear If a diamond moderator sees rude comments and hasn't deleted them, I'd say that it's the job of a normal user to flag them and see them deleted. We don't allow rudeness, we shouldn't allow it to stay around longer.
@hichris123 We're literally talking about comments made seconds ago, with a moderator responding to them.
If a moderator sees rude comments and doesn't delete them, perhaps he wants them to stay?
Yeah, I was on that post and indeed waiting for the next comment so I see where that went wrong
@AdamLear I kinda doubt that responding to rude comments will help anything. But shrug. They're going to be mad no matter what; I don't think it's a normal user's fault for using the tools at their disposal.
10:22 PM
@hichris123 Eh, you'd be surprised. That's what CMs do all day - turn grumpy users into at least sort of content users. You do that by responding reasonably to some rude comments.
@hichris123 If anything, there was one keeping their cool ...
Granted, that doesn't always work (and I don't think it would've in this specific case), but it's not always so cut-and-dry.
Be nice is an art, I'm nowhere
Also, to be clear, I'm not blaming @rene for anything. :) Just dropping in here to chime in that I'm "on it" as it were, more out of "hey, I know you're trying to do the right thing, but just give me a minute here" sense than anything :)
@AdamLear I suppose, but there are some cases where you just have to say "let's take a step back here". e.g. in chat timeouts or short suspensions. Can't do that too easily on main, but the situation won't diffuse until time has passed since whatever occurred occurred.
10:25 PM
@Adam can you reach Hynes somehow?
A: Large badge counts produce a line break in the usercard

HynesThis issue should be corrected at this point. I have tested this within the following major desktop browsers: Chrome 47.0.2526.80 (OSX & Windows 8.1) Firefox 42.0 (OSX & Windows 8.1) IE 11.0.9600.18125 OSX Safari 9.0.1 They all looked like this:

The answer is wrong, the bug is not fixed, as numerous comments say. (plus a custom flag I raised long months ago, still pending like most of my flags.)
any way to remove the wrong status-completed tag from the bug report and put it back in some TODO list?
(not expecting a fix, just not to mislead us)
@hichris123 Yeah, that's true. All I'm saying is that if there's an active exchange (literally back-and-forth comments in this case), deleting the mad user's comments isn't going to help them be less mad and is likely going to impede any effort the mod is putting in to trying to calm them down. Especially if the mod is a dev/former CM who's pretty good at having a thick skin about this sort of thing. ;)
I'm just confused at telling a user not to flag rudeness. We don't tolerate it, we don't allow it in any form. Why should it stay up for longer than necessary? Why should users have to see rudeness for longer than necessary? Perhaps it might help in diffusing the situation, but I'd much rather have a clean comment section and a mad OP vs. a calm OP and a comment section full of rudeness.
I really want to learn that "thick skin" thing one day
@AdamLear Remember, there are other people on Meta who have to deal with those comments. It's not just you seeing it -- it's everyone.
You don't tolerate it. You just assume the mod that's engaged will handle it
10:28 PM
@hichris123 Sure, but trust me that I'm planning to delete them once I get an "Okay, I guess that's fine" or a "nope, go fuck yourself" (which is where it all landed)
Oh @hichris123 just drop it. I flagged almost the moment the new comment arrived, I even almost flagged one of @AdamLear ...
@JanDvorak yep, that
Yeah, this is getting far astray...
Point being, I'm not telling anyone to stop flagging rudeness in general :)
Good to hear that :-)
10:29 PM
@ShadowWizard I'm officially back from vacation tomorrow, so will test it out and ping Hynes or another designer.
@rene I almost brought that up, but I wasn't sure where the link to the script was...
@AdamLear thanks, you can see it happening here.
This is what I see:
(Chrome latest, exactly the same as originally reported so no point editing it)
@Adam regarding comments, as a side note, can't you lock the question in such a case, preventing both new comments and deleting of existing comments, while letting you post new comments?
@ShadowWizard Yeah, that's an option for sure. I was close to that point, tbh.
@ShadowWizard yeah, I can repro that.
@ShadowWizard In this case they should have stopped watering the flower ...
@AdamLear Cheers!
10:37 PM
I honestly came into that conversation with "oh this person is pissed off, but probably just confused". I was disabused of that notion eventually ;)
TIL "disabused"
@AdamLear so what stopped you from locking? It doesn't have any negative sides... or does it?
Lock for a short while, unlock later and see if the drama goes on...
@ShadowWizard Outside of pissing off the person you're trying to engage while you're trying to change their mind... no.
I'm generally more inclined to lock when I don't have time to monitor or when I'm not involved and other people are going at it and getting nowhere.
@AdamLear oh. Well, if you believe they're just confused/misguided there's also the option for a chat room... while not private, probably better than comments. :)
For an extended conversation, sure. In this case we're talking about like 5 comments.
10:40 PM
(and with a diamond you can give even 1 rep user permission to chat)
Context matters more than you think. Enough people are pissed off about being transferred between departments whenever they call customer service at a company that punting them to different modes of communication can create unnecessary friction.
@rene hehe, watering the flower....
Nothing you're suggesting is wrong. I just don't think any of it was necessary in this case considering that I was there actively vs "leave a comment, come back 3 hours later to see if there's a response"
@ShadowWizard I'm not promising that that [status-completed] won't be changed to [status-declined], but I'll see what I can do. :)
@AdamLear yeah, that's true. Oh well, luckily those things don't happen very often. :)
Yeah, these are all edge cases.
10:42 PM
sharp edges, yeah.
@AdamLear better than leaving it as completed, those things, even not important or vital (heck, it's just a small design issue ;)), just drive me crazy for some odd reason....
I know that feel
On that note, it's dinner time. Have a great $timeofday, y'all
@AdamLear Well, thanks anyway, and have fun in what's left from your vacation! :D
@rene you owe @Adam ~30 minutes of vacation. ;-)
nah, I'm good ;)

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