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12:13 AM
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Is there any canonical list of the privileges in Docs? e.g. what does it take for me to propose a change, what does it take for me to review a change, and how much rep do actions give me?
I don't think there's anything canonical about Docs, it's all expanded universe.
Yeah, that's what it seems like... closest I can find is the privileges page but I still can't find out how much rep every action gives/takes away.
Ah, so it's kinda sorta in stackoverflow.com/help/whats-reputation. But that doesn't show any negatives for Docs, is that the case?
Wait... what happened with your SO account, @ᴡᴏʀᴅs?
Deleted. Re-created for flagging purposes.
Jul 26 at 18:37, by Serious Human
This room was placed in timeout for 10 seconds; Folks need to calm down and treat each other like normal humans (delete their accounts periodically)
1:02 AM
@Magisch wow
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2:26 AM
and then of course insta-edit, insta-single-review-needed, insta-delete(?) for mods
2 hours ago, by hichris123
Yeah, that's what it seems like... closest I can find is the privileges page but I still can't find out how much rep every action gives/takes away.
2 hours ago, by hichris123
Ah, so it's kinda sorta in http://stackoverflow.com/help/whats-reputation. But that doesn't show any negatives for Docs, is that the case?
2:54 AM
Oh, lol
+2 for edit, +2 for topic proposal success, +5 for anyone (but you) upvoting anything you've 'substantively edited' and -10 for any downvote to one of your substantive edits
I'm not 100% on the downvote one though
No rep for downvotes
not everything is about reps
@Telkitty That's what he asked for
sometimes you just want to slap the person a little - the internet way >_<
@Quill I was talking about downvotes ... especially serial downvoting ....
3:05 AM
you got serial downvoted?
kangaroo infestation ...
@Shog9 So there's no negative rep with Docs? Wow. That seems like a strange change.
Up, up and away
3:23 AM
haha, are you the old guy from Up?
3:34 AM
It's the soundtrack of docs editing...
Q: Zalgo text invades Security.SE

MichealZalgo text (http://textozor.com/zalgo-text/) takes advantage UTF8 and rendering. Some, like the user profile below are relatively benign. Some, not so much. The user below is brand new to Security.SE. Question: Should we encourage users to remove zalgo text? Some devices may not respond well to ...

3:58 AM
@hichris123 only from deletions and vote retractions
Ah, that must be what I was thinking of
@Shog9 So... downvoting = zero rep change? Why? Seems like it rewards... contributions. Quality wouldn't matter anymore.
Quality earns upvotes
@hichris123 delete privilege is currently... 1 rep. Takes 2 approvals. Removes all rep.
4:15 AM
4:26 AM
A CM in the tavern to entertained bored regulars on a Sat night. I am touched. SE definitely is very good with customer relations. Don't you agree @Quill?
I think you're misunderstanding the role
The CMs aren't the ones doing karaoke
They're the ones begrudgingly working the bar
4:52 AM
Q: Racist and abusive moderator on Academia Stack Exchange

User001The moderator, ff524, is a racist and abusive moderator on Academia SE. There was a question posted several weeks ago, right around the time of the perceived uptick (yet again) of police brutality in the U.S. and the deaths of innocent black lives and subsequently the deaths of police officers i...

5:03 AM
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is an agency within the United States Department of the Interior that administers more than 247.3 million acres (1,001,000 km2) of public lands in the United States which constitutes one-eighth of the landmass of the country. President Harry S. Truman created the BLM in 1946 by combining two existing agencies: the General Land Office and the Grazing Service. The agency manages the federal government's nearly 700 million acres (2,800,000 km2) of subsurface mineral estate located beneath federal, state and private lands severed from their surface rights by the...
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@Shog9 Huh. But doesn't that remove the possibility for improvement? Why even downvote then?
Actually, why even vote?
Your two options are give no rep and give rep. Why have the former?
2 days ago, by hichris123
Ugh, I didn't realize that voting determined the order of examples on Docs. While that may work out eventually, it's not Q&A where there's a "best" answer. There should be some logical progression there...
 Bureau of Mars Land Management
One day ...
5:53 AM
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[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: Pokemon go account has been deleted and now I have to restart by sierrababiiee on gaming.stackexchange.com
sd rude
there's two other NAAs on that question btw
6:29 AM
@Quill heh, why not sd k?
(think it's useful even after post is deleted, no?)
something something, human-understandable feedback
@SmokeDetector tpu rude
@ShadowWizard Blacklisted user.
Done. ;)
6:59 AM
@Quill OK, hammered it re-open
@rene only one hammer on MSO? tsk tsk. ;)
I'm working on Support ... but Documentation came up, and I want a gold badge for c# ... so I have to quit my day job to get more time ....
afk travelling to the north ...
@rene this north?
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7:19 AM
This is so totally off-topic, can we close it or something
@Quill no. It is on topic. I totally disagree with the OP's attitude and name throwing and downvoted, but those things are valid discussions. People have full right to ask why they were suspended, and ask to lift it.
If we'll close any question we don't like, SO would have 99% of its questons closed.
(probably more, just rounding down.)
meh, it's not that a dislike it, it's just a blatant place for the OP to ask for new contendents to step up into the ring
@Quill well, he has the right to. It's a silly move, but it's a valid one.
(in my opinion)
7:39 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website in answer, blacklisted user: MMS images do not work in Google Messenger by asialipi8 on android.stackexchange.com (@Portal)
8:19 AM
what's up with this twitter account:
@realjoelspolsky, New York, NY
Founder of Fog Creek Software, Stack Exchange, and Trello. Author of Joel on Software. I have three passports bitch.
6 tweets, 48 followers, following 71 users
whoa, weird
1 tweets, 32 followers, following 0 users
It screams parody account, and it's even being followed by Joel
hmm.... maybe it's really Joel, using sock puppets?
3 passports bitch, wot kind of b!tch is that?
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8:34 AM
patents ... parents ...
I just got a spam email in spanish asking if I'd solved a 'browser sync' problem
Do you know spanish or did you use some sort of translation service?
Google Translate
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9:47 AM
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[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of answer: What are the best chess blogs? by cranium on chess.stackexchange.com
10:01 AM
sd 2k
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[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer: What precautions should I take when lending money to a friend? by Steven Penny on money.stackexchange.com
sd 2k
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[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of body: Who is the richest celeb ever? by Suzanne Davis on patents.stackexchange.com
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11:04 AM
@ShadowWizard Nah, this north ... on the west side of the country I can't get much more north without needing a boat...
11:31 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Shortened URL in body: Solving The Riemann Hypothesis by Trikorn on mathoverflow.net
sd k
12:09 PM
> I'm having the same problem .. I have almost Ark MAP You do not know how he used with Q-GES
12:20 PM
I find barbie cakes disturbing - eating one is like undressing a really hot woman
like ... you cut down her dress
for breakfast tomorrow ...
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2:38 PM
I swear Duolingo has a scary hidden political agenda....
2:55 PM
I finally ordered the parts for my new rig, and PayPal have locked my account due to "weird spending habits"
3:20 PM
yeah... that academia thing was quite a mess. but objectively, starting on the premise that attack really is a verb used to describe a way to solve a difficult problem, I really can't understand why this question (google cache) warrants a deletion.
It seem to have been the first one, presents as much of a link to reality as black nodes thing, is not inflamatory.
That's the first version, there's was two much worse edits after that
yeah, the other google cached versions?
they were posted the day after, possibly because the first one was deleted
my concern is, if really that first question was deleted in the state we can read in the google cached version, it's not exactly legitimate
and I would totally understand a user losing their shit about the moderation
3:47 PM
@FélixGagnon-Grenier as a disclosure I am a mod on academia.se. That question was not deleted by moderators, but rather by users who felt it was absuvie. Presumably, they felt it followed a pattern of a persistent troll that we have. As the OP deleted his account immediately after asking the question and there were no flags raised to undelete the question, there did not seem to be an issue.
Oh no, I see @StrongBad people here.
Tavern seems to be doing as usual.
Except @BJB is playing with . . . @rene's family?
@StrongBad Thanks for the clarification! I effectively thought it had been deleted by said moderator. This changes the score and settles the matter in my head. Of course users with deletion powers should not vote based on who is asking but that is starting to be far fetched, and I won't pursue that further.
4:06 PM
@FélixGagnon-Grenier "who is asking" isn't off limits, though. Someone had an opinion about what should and shouldn't be allowed, and instead of discussing on meta and mentioning hypothetical questions there to try to make their point, they posted them on the main site asking for them to be taken seriously.
Seems like pretty clear misuse of the site to me. The fact that someone else might've someday legitimately asked a similar question doesn't change the fact that the OP was asking it to provoke a reaction and continue a meta debate.
Another way to look at it: they shouldn't delete purely based on who asked (personal vendettas aren't cool), but they should delete based on the intent and validity of the question, and it's fair to use all the available knowledge to determine that.
Hmmm. sensible
I must say I normally would prefer if there was no influence whatsoever of who is asking, but indeed repeating offenders must be taken into consideration.
It's not even necessarily repetition, just... asking a question you know is fake, based on who asked it.
I'm struggling with that. It sounds perfectly right, but I can't help but remember that whole "vote on content, not users" thing.
I'm not sure how to reconcile those two ideas.
> they should delete based on the intent and validity of the question
seems helpful
yeah, an obviously fake question is indeed not the same as a legitimate one, even if both seem to be equivalent on other regards
I think "vote on content, not users" might be best seen as an overarching philosophy, not a hard and fast rule?
indeed. otherwise I get cognitive dissonance ;)
4:20 PM
It also probably makes a little more sense on up/down votes.
Retaliatory downvoting is relatively common; retaliatory close-voting less so.
But I can imagine even skewing up/down votes based on knowledge of a user - if someone with clearly established expertise on a topic says something surprising without citing sources, I might ask for clarification but not downvote, but if someone with a history of just being blatantly wrong about the topic does it, I might be less forgiving.
Well, we're also humans after all. I don't think it's even possible to not let our psyche infer with our decisions
@FélixGagnon-Grenier The problem is these rules are taken as generalizations when they're not.
Q: It’s time to retire the term “rep-whore”

JaydlesGoing forward, “rep-whore” (and its derivatives) will be treated like any other term that’s inconsistent with the community’s “be nice” policy: it will be removed. It’s totally okay if you’ve used it in the past. Nobody’s judging the many users who’ve used it. And users will NOT start being s...

How exactly?
@FélixGagnon-Grenier True enough - as with a lot of kinds of potential bias, the important thing is to be aware of it and do your best to make fair decisions anyway.
Since when was it even established outside SO and a bunch of other big nasty sites?
Once again, @Quill didn't tell me the whole story.
Although maybe that doesn't count as drama-ic in his dictionary.
Hullo @Hic \o
2 hours later…
6:55 PM
4 messages moved to Sandbox
thanks for the ping on the PR @hichris123
:) Sorry it was merged before you could see it though.
7:11 PM
Yeah, nvm. I trust gunr
with a name like that, how not to trust them
4 hours later…
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11:28 PM
@TIPS I didn't tell you any of the story

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