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1:21 AM
@AaronHall I get this reference! I took English 10! I'm so cultured!
Someone realised that the Aviation small icon looked like a moustache. It's been changed
3:03 AM
Hi all!
Q: All-lowercase questions are 50 times more common than all-caps questions, and are often low-quality questions. Let's block them.​

unforgettableidFirst, someone proposed blocking all-caps questions. This was declined. The decliner seemed to feel that the problem was too rare to bother with. Well, all-lowercase questions are 50 times more common than all-caps questions. Stack Overflow gets only about 100 all-uppercase questions per year...

The yellow banner at the top of my new proposal claims that it's an exact duplicate of my Aug. '15 proposal.
No. My new proposal is similar, but not an exact duplicate. My new proposal includes major new information.
My new proposal mentions that all-lowercase points are 50 times more common than all-uppercase posts. My Aug. '15 proposal omitted that important statistic. That one statistic might be enough to change people's mind.
(I tried inviting random here to discuss, but he doesn't seem to have yet seen my chat invitation.)
If the yellow banner uses the words "exact duplicate", shouldn't it be removed?
@unforgettableid You can edit the question you know...
And using meta answers as polling is strongly discouraged.
@hichris123 Regarding editing:
True, I could definitely edit my old Aug. '15 proposal.
But it already has multiple comments which say that it's a duplicate of Matthew Read's Feb. '12 proposal. In truth, the Aug. '15 proposal is not a duplicate of the Feb. '12 proposal; but the comments might trick readers into mistakenly thinking that it is.
So I simply posted a brand-new proposal (including new information about the 50-times-more-common statistic) today. This fits well with the spirit of WP:IAR, which says that every rule (such as "duplicate proposals are not allowed") has exceptions.
We aren't Wikipedia
for a start A) if it's only about 100 questions a year, then it's unnecessary work to go to
@Quill: A) 5,000 questions per year just on Stack Overflow.
3:16 AM
B) presenting "new information" doesn't make your post somehow different to last
and C) using meta answers as polling is strongly discouraged
This ain't a brexit vote, this is a Shogtatorship
imagine they implement this feature... we'd only get more questions typed like thiS
@Quill I like that word.
Also, 5000 questions per year? That's a drop in the ocean
it's so small microbiologists only dream about discovering it
@Quill A) If you count questions off of Stack Overflow, the number is even higher.
@Quill B) Is my new proposal an exact duplicate like the banner says?
3:19 AM
Q: Change wording of "Exact Duplicate"?

CoffeeRainI like the UI and the cleanliness of the Stack Exchange sites, but one thing that bugs me is the wording of the notification that something is a duplicate. I have had many questions closed because they are duplicates, but often, they aren't a true duplicate or an exact duplicate. I'm not complai...

The irony in this question
@Quill @hichris123 You wrote "using meta answers as polling is strongly discouraged". I'm far from an expert meta user, and am unfamiliar with this idea. Could you please link me to an explanation, or could you please elaborate?
A poll is finding and ranking opinion, answering like "strongly disagree" is a ranking of opinion
Meta isn't about polling. Meta is about discussion. You've presented an idea. The votes are your poll. Tons of downvotes? People disagree with your idea.
I didn't write "Strongly Disagree". Dawny33 did.
I only wrote "Agree" after Dawny33 wrote "Strongly Disagree".
Still, it was me who wrote "Agree? Disagree? Thoughts?" in the question body.
Was it a mistake for me to write this?
3:23 AM
@JamesENL Oh. :( I've now edited the question body and removed those three words.
Anyway, thank you for your feedback, folks! Have a good night. (Or day.)
3:38 AM
Well that was annoying
4:21 AM
sd k
so it begins
sd k
How about showing your that avatar in chat-room which you've in the site related to that chat-room?
I know that our chat-profile have parent site and the avatar from that site is displayed throughout SE chat network, But is it possible that I've discussed above?
sd k
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in answer, pattern-matching website in answer: Can't boot past initramfs. Don't know what happened, please help by user565167 on askubuntu.com (@kos)
sd k
4:43 AM
sd k
4:56 AM
@JamesENL It's Pandya's fault.
5:15 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: What is Herbal Alchemist CBD? by Billovillo on superuser.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of body, link following arrow in body, pattern-matching website in body: how can Max Gain Xtreme Works? by freyenjense on askubuntu.com (@kos)
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, link at end of body, link following arrow in body, pattern-matching website in body: Muscle Mass Building Workouts? by Cawthondr on askubuntu.com (@kos)
sd 3k
5:49 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website in body, link at end of body, link following arrow in body, pattern-matching website in body: Teeth Whitening Method Considerations by thamasoctaylr on askubuntu.com (@kos)
sd k
6:24 AM
sd k
[ SmokeDetector ] Pattern-matching website in answer: How can I recover a deleted file on Android? by a deleted user on android.stackexchange.com (@meatball)
I'm not touching that one unless someone else says that those links are definitely bad. I'm not clicking through to them after what happened last week
sd k
@JamesENL with your PC or with declined spam flags?
@SmokeDetector one link is legit, the other is dodgy
@rene I usually (99%) do spamflagging at work. Last week I clicked a link and hardcore hentai popped up on screen. Happened to @Quill too
oh boy ...
I'm luckily working from home but would still feel awkward if that would happen...
6:35 AM
Was not fun at all
Luckily no one saw anything (No one's said anything at any rate)
Q: Allow people to follow a person, and their activities?

user2277550Many a times, a certain user on Mathematics SE maybe interesting to another person, maybe because both are in the same point of their educational careers, or because they are preparing for the same test. SE could provide a feature for users to follow other users and their public activities. The i...

@rene Yes
Look at the last answer
Q: Feature-request- Some user-selectable categories for better filter, as-well stack-overflow

Always ConfusedMany of the posts accumulated in this-site, are-of very transient-requirement for individual users; just after troubleshooting, the post lose its importance. In-contrast, some-of the questions are basic. They adds up the knowledge to future. But since in this website, the user cannot select som...

Charcoal must be quiet today
@Quill left a comment
and that link will bring in more votes on my wizard page design....
7:24 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: The Proven Basics Of Muscle Building by user565212 on askubuntu.com (@kos)
sd 2k
Dammit, accidentally hit leave open on a question I wanted to close
Q: Can we "question ban" a particular user instead of suspending him altogether?

Tom AuI am posting this here at the suggestion of a History SE Moderator, following an exchange between us on the History Meta. There is a particular user on the site who has asked a large number of questions on what I would characterize as a particularly sensitive (World War II-based) topic (the Holo...

Side note, Tom is one of the language learning mods. Never been in chat or the mod chat either
Q: Job search is very poor

OverCoderI've been searching recently for PHP jobs So, I went to /jobs, and searched for php, all I got is like.. around... 10 jobs with the remote flag set, or around 30 if the remote flag is unset However, if I go the Search companies tab, and search for PHP, I get hundreds of companies with jobs with ...

7:44 AM
I wonder how many famous question badges have been given to non-mods on meta sites
Oh man. space.stackexchange.com/questions/16977/… Understatement of the year
@JamesENL data.stackexchange.com/meta.stackoverflow/query/508402 but SEDE doesn't have info on who is a mod. And this is only for Meta.SO. Ask a question on MSE and I'm happy to provide the multidatabase query (or let Gorfindel create that)
Lol, I wasn't expecting anyone to do anything
Github squash merging borks with everything o_0
@JamesENL XD
7:59 AM
@bjb568 I'd say they committed a library or something
Stuhpid copy-pasted coders.
One just admitted he copied verbatim a piece of code from Stack Overflow. How gauche!
I'm just shocked you used the word gauche correctly
Main gauche.
@JamesENL he took English 10 before...
Yup. It was a vocab word :p
Not that I don't have the best words anyway.
8:18 AM
sd k
aaaaaaaand I'm playing Pokemon GO
Is it already released?
In Australia it is
wait wat
I did not know these things
It's all over Facebook @Quill
I've just started playing due to peer pressure. I thought having one ARG addiction in Ingress wasn't enough
Facebook is nearly as bad as YouTube comments
8:24 AM
Ehhhh, it can be pretty bad, but it's not that bad
Except YouTube comments don't induce self-loathing
@JamesENL pfff, peer pressure doesn't get to me. What is that? One more Overwatch game because you are almost a new rank? Sure, they are short anyway. Ah, a loss. Well, we can't end on a loss can we?
@Bart I just need to get the Sysadmin to add a whitelist exception so I can PokeGO on WiFi. He plays too so maybe I can swing it
Ingress works on WiFi
Gamedev company here ... I can pretend it's for work. :D
8:30 AM
I searched "Pokemon GO" in Play Store, got Ingress. Nice, Google...
apparently it's released in Japan & Aussie/NZ first
@meatball I don't think it's in the Play store, you have to download it off a website. I'm iOS so I don't actually know for sure
wouldn't a whitelist exception be a blacklisting?
my phone is updating so I can't download it right now :(
@Quill bah, exception to the whitelist
in The Nineteenth Byte on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 4 hours ago, by Quill
I love getting emails in my inbox from colleagues titled "expertise... needed"
8:38 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer: Why is my 14 yr old listed as adult with my name on our account family sharing by Crystal Crystal on apple.stackexchange.com
sd k
wut, apple doesn't even let me use family sharing under 18.... o_O
wtf AR doesn't even work
9:18 AM
@Quill Your first mistake was buying apple products
9:36 AM
goat growing tree
@Telkitty how they drink and eat?
Anyway, I think this tree is cooler. No need to feed those on it:
10:05 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Manually reported answer: Deliberately reducing the rank of certain pages in my website by soumitasen on webmasters.stackexchange.com
1 hour later…
11:13 AM
@Quill Why'd you tell them your real age? o_0
11:29 AM
”In internet, everyone is above legal age"
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: So you also have obtained one's woman's fancy by user116772 on security.stackexchange.com
@ShadowWizard drink rain water eat leaves/small branches of course
when they mature, they will fall down the tree
@ShadowWizard I find that a bit disturbing... can we scroll this out of sight?
11:48 AM
user image
Scroll-friendly comic, but possibly also disturbing.
Looking through the different evolved species on this planet, not a single one has a "reply" organ. — Oded ♦ 22 mins ago
Wonders if that ^ still holds in 1000 years ...
Maybe we all have a thumbs-up ....
@Bookend yes, but thanks
sd k
@rene don't look! :D
@rene yeah, but up where?
In the reply organ?
11:55 AM
@rene is it internal or external organ?
I dunno, ask Oded, he is the creationist ...
[ SmokeDetector ] Manually reported answer: Calculation of the G-force by buk lau on physics.stackexchange.com
@rene I somehow feel like he would object to that notion
whistles and walks away
12:05 PM
Paging @Oded ... ^
You ... use that smiting stick on yourself ....
@rene was that tongue and cheek or is that actually true?
@Bookend Yep, disturbing, 2 guys sitting so closely side by side at the pool. To get it out of your mind, you need to think about a really fat lady on a bench.
Cause I've never heard of a creationist not living in the (usually deep southern) US
Someone thinks I'm serious. Can I have the points now?
12:12 PM
@rene Sometimes you engage in Official Flower Business
And yes, I've been waiting for weeks for an opportunity to use that gif again
12:24 PM
Still needs flags, a day later: windowsphone.stackexchange.com/a/13595
Obvious spam pitching Android software on Windows phone site
@Bookend done.
Some sites are just small, with totally innocent users who got no idea how to flag.
(and of course, without any active moderators.)
small site doesn't mean users are innocent :p
Yeah, I also have three pending NAAs on that site.
I can't blame mods for not wanting to spend time on the site, given its subject.
12:37 PM
Who even moderates that site
Who even contributes to that site
@Bookend yup. Two out of the three mods didn't visit for over a week, the one mod who did, visited yesterday, probably just for a minute and left. IMO elections are due...
(otherwise it will just turn into a spam ghost site)
Another pearl of wisdom there...
@ShadowWizard Maybe we should raise that on meta.SE
their meta is as dead as the site moderation is
[ SmokeDetector ] Manually reported answer: I can't delete all photos at once from one drive. by fcukedoff on windowsphone.stackexchange.com
The last post on their meta was 24 days ago
@ShadowWizard Do you have any objections if I raise this on meta.SE?
Or would that be considered personal attacks against the moderators in question
I don't recommend it. Would be migrated to meta.WP.
12:54 PM
@Magisch nah, better email the team if you care enough.
@Magisch I won't downvote it, but also don't think it's good idea, kind of shaming the moderators out in the open.
1:11 PM
First time paying parking ticket online. So easy.....
Bye bye 250 NIS
@ShadowWizard It's Bookend's fault.
needs del votes
Oh, and I'll help U @ShadowWizard
bleh, milking info from the user is tiresome.
Surely milking a cow is easier.
Leave it to Bart, he is good at it ... getting info that is ...
haha. @Bart ^
He better move fast, because I'm hovering over the delete link
Boooo @ShadowWizard Boooooo
1:37 PM
shame, it is gone ...
Well, I gave a final goodbye message....
Not that it will help, just so that he'll think I'm being nice. :D
Hey @Oded isn't pingable here anymore, can't bug him with bugs..... crying
I saw @bluefeet Lurking in SOCVR yesterday
Leaving Cyan footprints on things
@Magisch but she's no dev.... she's helpless in front of those big bad bugs.
CM's fix people. Developers fix bugs. :P
I wonder what kind of education one needs for fixing people
don't let her near a database though ...
1:42 PM
Seems like something I'd enjoy doing while having no idea what actually is needed for it. Maybe a MBA in communications?
@Magisch the knowledge can be transferred only in person, CM to CM.
@ShadowWizard But how do people actually get hired for that? Many companies employ CM's, surely these don't hire just anybody?
We are currently troubleshooting some issues on http://stackoverflow.com - please bear with us if you get a service unavailable message.
@Magisch if you need to get educated in communicating something else is wrong ...
Well in a year and a half I'll be done with my apprenticeship
And most jobs on any given market not near or at minimum wage have fairly specific requirements as for what you need to do - for instance people hiring developers with Bachlors or Masters in Information Technology, etc.
I wonder if there is something comparable for community management, something that hiring managers won't look at your app until you have it kind of thing
1:53 PM
@Magisch to be CM you have to prove you're good with people, and have tons of patience. Other than that, not much as far as I can tell.
That must be a nightmare to interview for, then
But I believe developers are paid better than CM's.... though just a wild guess.
I'm not basing my career strictly on pay
@Magisch that's why SE is usually taking existing users, after viewing their history on the site(s).
With my current living circumstances I could easily live on minimum wage and have a quite comfortable cushion over
Except that an apprenticeship pays only like a third of minimum wage :/
1:55 PM
@Magisch yup, nice trick for companies to pay less.
@ShadowWizard Yep, and then they have you work full time as a dev from day 1
Even though you're supposed to start an apprenticeship knowing nothing at all, most companies won't hire you now for one unless you can already code. Its basicly a form of getting someone for under minimum wage for a couple years in exchange for not being entirely hopeless (the vast majority of companies in germany will not hire you for any dev position without official certificates)
Although, without at least a Bachlors in Computer Science you earn a lifetime average of over 60% less as a developer then someone with one
@bjb568 I thought the halting problem was proven to be unsolvable under current circumstances?
Talking about money, I found a new and better use for my SO mug:
It's too big for coffee, 0.5L coffee is too much.
On the other hand, it can contain lots of money! :D
2:12 PM
You're going to be rich!
Just ask your kids to help fill it. Once full you buy me an ice cream.
I do hope you learned them that helping you is a good thing....
@Magisch I lurk everywhere
@rene Well, they're still too young for money... and what I have there at the moment is enough for one ice cream cone with 3 flavors. ;)
(or buying 1.3L ice cream pack in the supermarket ;))
e.g. this costs around 14 NIS which is what I have now...
That will do, thanks
@bluefeet did you happen to lurk close enough to the database to turn it blue? :P
2:19 PM
@bluefeet Maybe thats too personal a question, but when you applied for CM, are there any "Non starter" qualifications like not having a MBA in communications or something similar?
@ShadowWizard ... no it's not
Not just SE needs CM's, and I wonder if there is some industry standard boilerplate college degree you have to get to not have your resume thrown directly into the bin
@Bart for me it is... can't finish so much coffee. :(
(I do drink 5 cups per day, but each cup is about 200ml ;))
@Magisch well duh
@ShadowWizard I discovered the "2 cups" option of our coffee machine fits in 1 of my cups ... not sure if that was a good discovery
2:21 PM
@Bart lolz... you bankrupt your company! (unless it's not free? ;))
It is free. :) But we're in a co-working space, so my company will be fine
Free coffe grumbles into his 1.3 euro water bottle
I never liked machine coffee. Not 20 years ago, and not these days. Only thing that can still be "good" is plain espresso.
@Magisch come check out the other prices here in Switzerland. I deserve for 1 thing to be free
It's a really good machine @ShadowWizard. Coffee from beans and all that
@Bart My company recently decided that they'd only allow water as drink during work time now
2:24 PM
@Bart let's compare eggs! (price, that is)
Coffee is now only allowed during lunch
Here 12 eggs cost about 12 NIS, i.e. 1 NIS per egg, or $0.25
@Bart of course, but when it's coming to adding sugar and milk.... blech ;)
@Magisch modern slavery!
About double that over here @ShadowWizard
@Bart omg
@ShadowWizard my coffee is black
2:26 PM
and people here cry out that prices here are high...
The government is going to make a huge change in way the eggs market work, causing thousands of people to lose their job, just to reduce the price per egg in about 0.1 NIS.
(e.g. 12 eggs will cost 10 instead of 12)
@ShadowWizard problem here is market protection. You can protect the Swiss farmers from import, but that also means you're going to drive prices up
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword with a link in answer, link at end of answer: What is the full list of emoticons on Facebook Chat? by Ham Hap on webapps.stackexchange.com
@Bart here it's the total opposite, the old time farmers are being kicked out, in favor of big companies.
And the market is open for import for long time already.
@ShadowWizard shhh, don't tell
2:39 PM
@Magisch well not that I recall, but my path to being a CM was a bit unusual because I didn't really apply for a CM role
what did you apply? or were you invited?
@Telkitty something something Shog9 something something gunpoint.
@Telkitty Initially I put in for an Ops role on the community team but they said I was too far along in my career for that. But since I had a developer background they wanted to consider me for a dev role, even though I knew I couldn't do that. I was right, I couldn't be a dev so they said 'would you want to be a CM?" which was really what I wanted all along.
I had a round about way into my position
what's Ops
similar to what JNat and animuson do
2:55 PM
@Telkitty Operations Specialist.
@bluefeet So its one of those "Unless they talk to you, no way" kind of things
@Magisch No not necessarily. CM positions have been open to apply for.
@bluefeet Haven't seen one yet. So not currently I suppose
@Magisch No open positions at this time.
3:00 PM
@bluefeet Meanwhile, the existing CMs were wondering why we hadn't just hired you already.
@JonEricson shucks thanks Jon :)
Seriously, it was bizarre.
Abby T. Miller on April 22, 2015
The Community Team's first and most important job is to help you, the users. Every day, we hang out on meta sites and in chat, watching to make sure that someone is working on your problems. Until very recently, community managers also fielded each and every request that came through our support ticketing system.
github.com/schemaorg/schemaorg This is a horrific branch naming scheme.
Its like a blue garden here
suddenly the blues come out of the woodwork :p
@bjb568 what is the scheme to begin with
3:10 PM
Ghost buster names.
What if you run out of names?
you can't run out of names, you just need to have longer and longer names ...
I'm not going to argue about that. I'll probably lose...
3:27 PM
@ShadowWizard you can't 'fix' people, you can only try to keep all those feral ones out for a little while :p
@Magisch Don't expect mods to be necromancers of site activity. If there's no site activity of course they're not gonna be that active
@Quill the site seems to be decently active
a couple questions a day
the best way to hire CMs at the moment is just pick the ones with the most diamonds or the most messages in TL ;-)
4:00 PM
Today's xkcd comic (Juno):
having more then one diamond seems somewhat counterintuitive to me
I'm sure there is enough to spend time moderating on in one community. Maybe only on SO. I haven't been a moderator for SE at any point so I don't know.
Some sites are quiet. On a typical month on Earth Science, our flag load is ~50.
SO's traffic is much, much more than every other site
Q: Congratulations, Law is now graduated!

Grace NoteIt's a big day, and this was announced a bit earlier. It's taken a bit longer than intended to get the switches rolling (in part because some fellow whose name happens to match the author of this post got wrapped up in too many election snoobles), but we've thrown up all the switches that occur f...

Q: Congratulations, Philosophy is graduating!

Grace NoteIt's a big day. You've been cleared for graduation by the Stack Exchange Community Team! Philosophy met our threshold for graduation-worthy sites and after a review, the Community Team determined that you're good to go. Reaching 'mature community' status is a big milestone, and you should be very...

I really didn't expect philosophy to be next.
4:48 PM
Q: Site analytics legends display partly in Cyrillic (Russian?)

ChrisThis morning I earned the Access to Site Analytics privilege. Naturally, I headed over to the analytics page (only accessible if you have 25K or greater reputation) only to find that some of the legend labels are in Cyrillic: Google Translate detects the language as Russian. The behaviour ap...

5:37 PM
@hichris123 On Soviet Overflow, site posts bug to you!
5:58 PM
@Bookend huh? What happened to @Grace's avatar??
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