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9:23 PM
@aaronchall what's the url
So you get a response from Joel on Twitter but not on meta...
May 24 at 14:52, by hichris123
On Twitter you get responses. On Meta you get crickets.
Meta is Heyer's job. PR is Joel's. My job is to leverage the platform for great good.
It seems chat zooms in on iOS 10
Q: disable viewport zooming iOS 10 safari?

Sam SuI've update my iPhone6 Plus to iOS 10 beta version and just found that in mobile safari, you can zoom any webpages by double tapping or pinching IGNORING the user-scalable=no code in the meta tag. I don't know whether it's a bug or feature. If it's considered as a feature, how do we disable viewp...

@AaronHall Well, Jeff did used to participate on Meta a lot. I don't think Joel ever did as much.
9:26 PM
My question is how do you disable the disabled zoom?
@hichris123 when you've got to hire a Chief of Staff just to get productivity up, you probably don't have time to Meta
On a side note, the new chat doesn't support custom keyboards for iOS
10:18 PM
@Quill Maybe that Chief of Staff can participate in Joel's name...
Q: Android SE app crashing when opening a question with too many answers

SEJPMI recently opened a question on PPCG's meta with the android app and because I made the mistake to scroll to aggressively, the android SE app crashed. Platform: LG / Google Nexus 5 on Android 6 (latest security release) Steps to reproduce: Open a question with a lot of answers (multiple hundr...

meta.stackexchange.com/questions/263334/… has been there for a while. I encounter that one every single time I try to vote.
10:35 PM
you know Java and Android, right @hichris123? We should get them to open source the app and then you can work on it ;)
@Quill I think that was actually proposed a while back.
Q: Open sourcing Stack Exchange Android App

LynobThere are many feature requests for the Android app. I asked for like 4 features and others have asked for more features that aren't added yet. I know that the developers team might be busy fixing bugs, polishing the app and working on major improvements. But what about open sourcing the app? Ev...

It uses the API right?
maybe those devs would just be out of a job in that case?
No one really works on the Android app much.
Kasra was the main dev, but he's on to "the next big things".
Brian mostly worked on the iOS app, not sure what he's doing now.
Oh, apparently he's still working on the iOS app.
10:46 PM
!!/blame you
@John It's KutuluMike's fault.
11:21 PM
Who else is doing all SVGs these days? Considering dropping our PNG fallbacks to cut bandwidth and complexity across the board.
aren't there some images that have to stay as PNG? Like that apple-touch-icon meta tag for Home screen bookmarks
Well, yeah. But I assume Nick is talking about the SVG-ified stuff - there must be PNG fallbacks of all of the SVGs.
@michaelpryor You'll have to pry the #00007 from my cold hands.
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